First breastfeeding regulation


Guangzhou publishes the first local regulation to promote breastfeeding in China
Mother and baby room should be built in class VI public places
If we want to insist on breastfeeding, it is not enough to only have the will of mothers, but also need the care of family members, the security of employers and the full support of social software and hardware. Yesterday morning, the regulations of Guangzhou Municipality on the promotion of breastfeeding was voted and adopted at the 28th meeting of the 15th Standing Committee of Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress, which will be formally implemented after being reviewed and approved by the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress. This is the first local regulation to promote breastfeeding in China.
The law case was jointly proposed by 74 Municipal People’s congress deputies at the fourth session of the 15th Municipal People’s Congress held in January this year, and passed by vote after two deliberation by the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress. According to the Legislative Work Committee of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, there are 27 regulations in total, aiming to provide necessary conditions and guarantee for breastfeeding by promoting the government and its departments, medical institutions, public places, employers, social organizations and other main bodies.
Article / Yang Yang, all media reporter of Guangzhou Daily
Working mothers enjoy one hour of breastfeeding every day
Article 5 of the Regulations stipulates that exclusive breastfeeding shall be carried out in the first six months after the birth of a baby, except for those who do not have the conditions for breastfeeding. For infants and young children between six and 24 months old, mothers are encouraged to continue breastfeeding while providing them with other foods. No unit or individual may interfere with or discriminate against mothers in breastfeeding.
For mothers returning to work, what they are most worried about is that they can’t insist on breastfeeding at work. How can enterprises guarantee and support breastfeeding? According to the regulations, the employing unit shall arrange one hour of lactation time for female employees who breast-feed their babies under one year of age within the working hours of each day. If a female employee has multiple births, one hour of lactation time shall be increased for each additional baby. The employing unit shall regard the lactation time of female employees as normal working time and pay wages for normal working time. In addition, if the maternity leave of female employees is full and there are real difficulties, they can apply for breast-feeding leave until the baby is one year old upon their own application and approval of the employer. The salary and treatment during the breastfeeding leave shall be decided by both parties through consultation.
The maximum penalty for not building a mother and baby room is 50000 yuan
To promote breastfeeding means to provide necessary conditions and guarantee for breastfeeding. It is most urgent to build a mother and baby room to meet the breastfeeding needs of mothers, which is specified in the regulations.
As can be seen from the regulations adopted by the vote, if the following public places have a building area of more than 10000 square meters or a daily flow of more than 10000 people, a mother and child room shall be built:
(1) medical institutions;
(2) public transport places such as railway stations, rail transit transfer stations, long-distance passenger transport stations, expressway service areas, airports, etc.
(3) libraries, museums, cultural centers, art galleries, workers’ cultural palaces, youth palaces, civic activity centers, women’s and children’s activity centers, stadiums, book purchasing centers and other public cultural and sports service places;
(4) government affairs service center, convenience service center and other public service institutions;
(5) comprehensive parks, special parks, tourist attractions and other tourist and leisure places;
(6) business premises.
Medical institutions engaged in midwifery technical services and pediatric specialized hospitals shall build maternity and infant rooms.
For the newly-built medical institutions and public transport places, the mother and child room shall be delivered for use at the same time as the main works. Where a public place has been built but a mother and child room have not been built, it shall be supplemented. The regulations also point out in particular that employers with more female employees shall, in accordance with the needs of female employees, build nursing rooms and provide breast milk storage facilities. Encourage the construction of lactation rooms in office buildings, industrial parks and other places.
There are also specific requirements for the construction of mother and infant rooms in public places, including that they should be set up independently to meet the requirements of ventilation and lighting. Special nursing chair, baby care table, baby safety protection chair and other facilities shall be equipped. Necessary privacy protection measures shall be taken in lactation areas. Use materials with energy conservation, environmental protection and safety protection functions. The indication signs shall be standardized, complete, clear and eye-catching, and shall not show the patterns, words or propaganda contents of breast milk substitutes.
The regulations also stipulate that if a construction unit of a public place fails to construct a mother and child room in accordance with the regulations, the relevant administrative department shall order it to make corrections within a time limit and impose a warning. If it fails to make corrections within the time limit, it shall be fined not less than 20000 yuan but not more than 50000 yuan.
Financial funds will subsidize the construction of breast milk bank
Liu Xihong, head of the breast milk bank of Guangzhou women and children’s Medical Center, said that breast milk is food and food for normal infants, and medicine for treatment and rescue for sick children, without any side effects. Liu Xihong said that since the establishment of the breast milk bank of Guangzhou Women’s and children’s center, nearly 450 premature and severe infants have received “breast milk nutrition treatment”, and the youngest one has only been born three days. As of August, a total of 25 mother milk warehouses have been established in China, two of which are in Guangzhou.
In the regulations adopted this time, it also encourages and supports medical institutions with conditions and needs to set up breast milk banks to collect breast milk from the society for clinical treatment and scientific research for the use of preterm and seriously ill children in need. To encourage qualified lactating women to donate breast milk to the breast milk bank. Medical institutions shall provide free health examination, safe, hygienic and convenient donation conditions for breast milk donors, and may issue certain nutritional subsidies. City and District People

Shandong green onion price


Zhangqiu’s price of scallion has fallen sharply, hardcover gift scallion has made profits. When the price of scallion is high, the growers expand the planting area, which leads to surplus supply of scallion. The price of scallion has fallen sharply. It seems that it is difficult for agricultural products to get out of this strange circle. Facing this situation, what are the Countermeasures for the growers? Wang Chao has planted 50 mu of scallion this year. Facing this year’s market, Wang Chao is not eager to sell them all. He chose a big and good scallion to make a gift box, which guaranteed the planting profit. Wang Chao, scallion grower, Xiuhui street, Zhangqiu District, Jinan City, Shandong Province: if we go like this, our price will not be greatly affected by the market. Two to three pieces per Jin, less than three pieces, more than two pieces. Like Wang Chao, more and more growers are working hard on the deep processing of scallion. The local government also actively guided the growers to increase the diversification of products and the added value of scallion.
Hu Yanping, director of the office of Welsh onion of Zhangqiu agricultural and rural Bureau of Jinan City, Shandong Province: our product packaging form has changed. We may draw a vacuum packaging, about one or two Jin each. We will go back to the refrigerator clean and eat it at any time and take it at any time, and use diversified products to go to the market. For this year’s Welsh Onion market, Zhangqiu district government will continue to implement the policy of government funded insurance for growers and farmers’ zero payment participation in Welsh Onion price insurance to protect the enthusiasm of Welsh Onion growers.

iPad will support mouse


Apple analysts said that in order to improve access performance, Apple introduced mouse support in the iPadOS this fall, and in the near future, Apple is likely to introduce comprehensive mouse support for iPadOS, making the iPad and the MacBook become a veritable Productivity and gaming platform. Jobs wants to do everything possible to get rid of the mouse and keyboard, and now it has changed back?

Cliff believes that adding full mouse support will allow more games in the App Store. “When the iPad has a mouse function and a powerful chip, users can play computer games on the iPad.

This may be Apple’s first foray into the hardcore game field. According to foreign media reports, Apple will hold another conference on October 30 this year to release four new products. These four products include MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, iPad Pro and AirPods Pro. The product has been previously exposed in the iOS 13 beta.

From the new system icon, the new MacBook Pro will have a narrower border, positioning high-end products, the foreign media said the price will start at 22,000 yuan. Also expensive is the new Mac Pro, which will be available in a new design and will cost about $42,000.

The appearance of the iPad Pro is not surprising, the main upgrade is the addition of the A13X processor and the “Yuba” lens. Finally, AirPods Pro is very popular, this time AirPods Pro will use in-ear design, the price will be about 500 yuan more expensive than the current AirPods2.

Netease chooses CEO to leave


On October 28, Netease group human resources released an email to announce major personnel changes, including the resignation of Liu Xiaogang, general manager of Netease, and Liang Jun, a member of Netease’s start-up team. In addition, the e-mail business department incubated by Netease yanxuan also has significant adjustment, which is divided into two parts. The business of enterprise e-mail is incorporated into the smart enterprise business department of Hang Research Institute, which is in the charge of Ruan Liang; the business of individual e-mail is in the charge of Mo Zirui, and both of them report to Chen Gang, President of Hang Research Institute.

Ke Jie responds to discrimination against women.


With the gradual improvement of women’s status in China, the corresponding issue of women’s rights has also caused widespread social controversy. Many stars and public figures have expressed some objective views on the Internet, and there are not a few things that have been criticized by the public, including the chess player Ke Jie.
Everyone’s understanding of COE Jie basically comes from his go match with the alpha dog. He represented the most powerful go force in China, and finally he was defeated. Although the game lost. However, people have more understanding of Ke Jie, who has made great contribution to the promotion of Chinese go, although he is still proud of his failure.
However, in her post on related social platforms, Ke Jie was criticized by feminists on the Internet because of the words “most of the young girls are ignorant”. Ke Jie’s microblog, which had not attracted much attention, has recently been ranked first in the hot search list. Under the pressure of public opinion, Ke Jie made a statement on the relevant social platforms to apologize.
The content of the article is probably that I don’t have a professional team to help me design the copywriting. It’s not like those stars are cautious in their words and deeds. And as a chess player, I have achieved little in the industry, so sometimes I don’t pay attention to the details when I speak. In the relevant articles published at that time, the ignorance of little girls is just a casual talk, with no special metaphor or hint.
Don’t put on some strange hats. It can be seen from the relevant responses that although Ke Jie apologized, she still did not understand the online violence on Weibo. The related statement was issued and received many responses from netizens. At present, netizens are still in intense discussion.

Loess collapse disaster in Shaanxi Province


According to the website of Jiaxian people’s government, at about 7:00 on October 26, a sudden loess collapse occurred in gaolijiagou village, Muyu Town, Jiaxian county. According to the preliminary identification, the disaster event is a sudden loess collapse, with a volume of about 500 cubic meters, 4 collapsed houses and 3 trapped people. After using 2 forklifts, 1 excavator and dozens of people for rescue, 3 persons under pressure were rescued and sent to hospital for rescue, but 3 persons under pressure died successively after invalid rescue.
Up to now, the on-site search and rescue work has been completed, and the accident investigation and rehabilitation work are in progress.

Kaiwei Liu and Jiaxing

Recently, the contract between Hawick Lau and Jiaxing has expired, and the official studio account has also become the studio of Hawick Lau. The name of Jiaxing has been removed, which is said to have nothing to do with Yang Mi.
Recently, Hawick Lau’s studio changed its social account name and was accused of terminating the contract with Jiaxing. In fact, the main reason is that the contract expired. After the expiration, Hawick Lau chose not to renew the contract, but established his own exclusive studio, Hawick Lau’s studio, and officially separated from Yang Mi.
no renewal of the contract between Hawick Liu and Jiaxing] on the 25th, Netizens found that the official social media account of Hawick Liu studio changed from “Jiaxing Liu Kaiwei studio” to “Liu Kaiwei studio”, which triggered speculation about the expiration of the contract. Media confirmed that Jiaxing staff, the other side said: “the studio cancelled Jiaxing certification really because of the expiry of the brokerage contract between Kaiwei and the company. We cherish this time of cooperation very much. Although there is no renewal at work, we will always be good friends and sincerely wish him all the best in the future. “
In terms of Jiaxing media, on the 13th of this month, he was still doing publicity for Hawick Liu. It can be seen that although the contract expires, both parties still try their best to break up peacefully.
What’s the matter with the termination of the contract between Hawick Liu and Jiaxing? Hawick Liu doesn’t renew the contract when it expires, and Yang Mi officially divides his family!
Hawick Lau’s contract with Jiaxing media expires, and Yang Mi is completely separated
In fact, as early as when Yang Mi and Liu Kaiwei divorced, there was news that Liu Kaiwei would leave Jiaxing. The predecessor of Jiaxing media is the studio that carries out activities around Yang Mi. Later, with the expansion, Jiaxing media was directly established. Later, Yang Mi signed a large number of artists, including delireba, Gao Weiguang, etc. In 2013, Hawick Lau set up his studio, which is also located under Jiaxing media. At that time, he was even “Jiaxing first brother”. But later, as the number of works decreased, new people gradually came to the top.
After Liu Kaiwei decided not to renew his contract and terminate it with Jiaxing, most of the netizens were supporting Liu Kaiwei. They said that in those days, Liu Kaiwei signed Jiaxing because of Yang idempotent. Now back to the beginning, it’s good for everyone, and they don’t have to worry about anything. They can start all over again.
Yang Mi and Liu Kaiwei have been divorced for more than a year. They have not met each other in any scene, and they also live their own lives. Yang Mi mainly focuses on his career, while Liu Kaiwei mainly focuses on his daughter. However, there are not many rumors related to Liu Kaiwei. It was said that he was in contact with Tang Luowen before. However, when Liu Dan, the father of Lau Kaiwei, attended the event, he responded to the media about his son’s love affair with Tang Luowen. Liu Dan said that this was a fabrication. Liu Dan said he wanted to let his son fall in love as soon as possible.
Some time ago, according to Hong Kong media, it was revealed that Lau and Tang Luowen were suspected of secret communication, and they were suspected of getting together at the birthday party of their friend Lin Xiawei. Later, Lau made a clarification soon. Tang Luowen also made a response on this matter. When she attended the publicity activity of TVB’s new play “24 hours of memory loss”, she said: “no! We’ve only met a few times. I’m an ordinary friend. I’m single now. I haven’t been to that birthday party. That story is not true. “
Since the divorce of Liu Kaiwei and Yang Mi, the public has also been very concerned about their emotional life. The online love between Yang Mi and Wei daxun is also widely spread, but also exposed a lot of “real hammers”.
Netizens have said that since the two have been divorced, even if there is a real love object is nothing, their own safety, do not disturb each other. I also hope that they can find their own happiness as soon as possible.


Google achieves quantum hegemony

According to foreign media reports, in a paper published in Nature recently, Google researchers claimed to have obtained the “quantum advantage” for the first time (also known as “quantum hegemony”). Their 53-bit quantum computer (named Sycamore) took 200 seconds to complete a computing task. According to Google, the computing task will cost the world’s fastest supercomputer for 10,000 years. (Part of this paper was disclosed and reported online last month)

This time the calculation has almost no practical use – it spits out a random number. It was chosen just to show that Sycamore can indeed work like a quantum computer. Quantum computers with practical uses have been around for many years, and the technical barriers are huge. Even so, they may only beat traditional computers on certain tasks.

However, Google’s research is still an important milestone – Google CEO Pachai compared it to the Wright brothers’ first flight in 12 seconds.

For a project that may take 10 years or more to get a return, the outside world wants to know why Google has spent 13 years.

The following is an interview with a foreign media.

Media: You have a quantum computer to accomplish a very narrow, special task. What do you need to demonstrate quantum advantages more broadly?

Pichai: You need to build a fault-tolerant quantum computer with more qubits, so you can apply it in a wider range and perform computational tasks for longer, allowing you to run more complex algorithms. But you know, if you want to make a breakthrough in any field, you need to start somewhere. Borrow a metaphor – the Wright brothers. The first aircraft only flew for 12 seconds, no practical application, but it shows the possibility of the aircraft being able to fly.

Media: Many companies have quantum computers. For example, IBM has a lot of such facilities online that people can use in the cloud. Why can’t their machines be done like Google?

Pichhai: The main thing I want to comment on is why the Google team can do this. This requires a lot of system engineering – working together on multiple aspects of the task.

From a system engineering point of view, this is very complicated. You actually start with a wafer, and a team actually etches the gates, makes the gates, and then processes the stacks together so that artificial intelligence can be used to simulate and understand the best results.

Media: The last sentence of Google’s research paper says, “We are only a creative algorithm out of a valuable recent application.” What does this application mean?

Pichhai: The real excitement of quantum is that the universe works fundamentally in a quantum way, so you will be able to understand nature better. It’s still too early, but the highlight of quantum mechanics is the ability to simulate molecular and molecular processes, which I think is the strongest place. Drug invention is a good example. Or fertilizer production – the Haber process produces 2% of the world’s carbon emissions. In nature, essentially the same process is done more efficiently.

Media: So, how far do you think an application like the Haber process can be improved?

Pichhai: I think ten years later. It will take us a few more years to extend and build quantum computers with good enough performance. Other potential applications for this technology may include designing better batteries. Anyway, you are dealing with chemical issues. A better understanding of this technology is also the direction of our investment.

Media: Some people say that quantum computers may be like nuclear fusion: there may be a breakthrough in the next 50 years. This seems to be an esoteric research project. Why is Google CEO so excited about this?

Pichhai: If it weren’t for the development we’ve seen in computing for years, Google won’t be here today. Moore’s Law enables us to expand our computing power to serve billions of users of a wide range of products.

So in essence, we consider ourselves to be a deep computer science company. At the end of its cycle, quantum computing is one of the many factors we will continue to make in the computing arena.

Another reason we are excited about this technology is that, with a simple molecule, caffeine (with 24 atoms) has countless atomic states. We know that we can’t even use classical calculations to understand the basic structure of molecules. So when I look at climate change, when I look at drugs, that’s why I believe that one day quantum computing will advance those areas.

Media: In 2012, when you saw an artificial intelligence learning the picture of a cat alone, you described in a certain media that you have a “premonition”. “This thing will magnify and may reveal how the universe works. It is the most important thing we do as human beings. Is quantum computing feeling equally important?

Pichhai: That’s right. Being able to actually manipulate the qubits in the lab and put them in a superimposed state is also a big moment for me, because in my previous opinion, this is how nature works. It opens up a whole new range of possibilities that existed until today.

Media: It may take a long time to reach a quantum system that can do something serious. How do you manage patience in a company that is used to rapid development?

Pichay: You know, I am with Hartmut Nevin, who leads the quantum team with chief hardware scientist John Martini. I mentioned that I quit my studies in materials science. I used to study high temperature superconductors. This is 26 years ago, I was sitting in the lab, I thought, “Wow, it takes a lot of patience to complete.” I don’t think I have that kind of patience. I respect the people in the team who have long adhered to this journey. But almost all of the fundamental breakthroughs work like this, and you need that long-term vision to build it.

The reason I am excited about such a milestone is that although things take a long time, it is these milestones that have contributed to this area of ​​progress. When the “Deep Blue” supercomputer defeated Gary Kasparov, it was 1997. Time to fast forward to 2016, Alpha dog defeated Li Shishi in the Go game, you can look at it and say, “Wow, time is really long.” But every milestone rewards those who do this work and attracts a new generation. People enter this field. Human beings are progressing like this.

As far as my previous system engineering point of view is concerned, we are advancing on many layers of the vector sub-computation stack. Therefore, we are pushing for progress, which will be used in many different ways. For example, we built our own data center, which allowed us to build a TPU (tensor processing unit, which is a dedicated chip for the Google Deep Learning Framework TensorFlow), which made our algorithm run faster. So this is a virtuous circle.

One of the great benefits of working on innovative technology research is that you are valuable even if you fail, and even mid-term milestones have other applications. So yes, you are right, we must have patience. But there is a lot of real satisfaction along the way.

Media: How much do you currently invest in quantum computing?

Pichai: This is a relatively small team. But it builds on all the investments we’ve made over the years at all levels of Google. It builds on the company’s many years of research and the application work we do on this basis.

Media: Can you talk about the difference in methods between Google and IBM? First, IBM has a bunch of quantum machines that are placed in the cloud for people to program, and you do it as an internal research project.

Pichai: IBM offers it as a cloud device, which is very good and attracts other developers. I think we as a team are always working to make sure we prove to ourselves and the community that you can cross this important milestone in quantum dominance.

Media: IBM also said that the term “quantum advantage” is misleading because it means that quantum computers will eventually do better than traditional computers, and in fact they must work together on different aspects of the problem. They accuse Google of exaggerating the word.

Pichhai: My answer to this is that this is a technical term for art. People in the technology circle fully understand the significance of this milestone.

Media: But the focus of the debate is that the public may think that this is a sign that quantum computers have defeated traditional computers.

Pichhai: I mean, this is no different from celebrating artificial intelligence. Some people confuse it with ordinary artificial intelligence. That’s why I think it’s important to publish a paper on quantum dominance.

It is important that those who explain these things help the public understand where we are and how you will apply traditional computing to most of the problems you need in the world. Using a traditional computer will still be a reality in the future.

Media: Artificial intelligence creates business for Google on many levels, and it enters services such as machine translation and web search. You provide artificial intelligence tools to people through your cloud. You provide an artificial intelligence framework, TensorFlow, which allows people to build their own tools. You also provide specialized chips that people can use to run their tools. Do you think quantum computing will eventually spread to Google’s business?

Pichai: Certainly. If you take a step back, we invest in artificial intelligence and develop artificial intelligence, but then we will know that it is useful for all of our businesses.

Finally, in all the practical applications you talked about, we not only use artificial intelligence technology for ourselves, we provide it to customers around the world, we care about the popularity of artificial intelligence technology, and so does quantum computing.

Media: What do you think quantum computing means for artificial intelligence itself? For example, if you combine quantum computing with artificial intelligence, can it help us solve the obstacles of artificial intelligence?

Pichhai: I think this will be a very powerful symbiosis. Both fields are in the early stages of research. Artificial intelligence has exciting research topics in building larger models, more generalized models, and what computing resources are needed. I think artificial intelligence can speed up quantum computing, and quantum computing can speed up artificial intelligence. I think this is what we need and ultimately solve some of the toughest problems we face, such as climate change.

Media: You mentioned the popularization of new technologies. Google has encountered some ethical controversy about artificial intelligence – who should use these tools and how to use them. What have you learned from dealing with these issues, how does it affect your thinking about quantum technology?

Pichhai: It is very important to publish papers and contacts with academia at these stages. We work hard to get involved. We have published our comprehensive principles of artificial intelligence. If you take the field of artificial intelligence bias, I think we have published more than 75 research papers in the past few years. Therefore, we will rationalize our ethics and actively participate in research.

I think that regulation in some areas may make sense. We want to engage constructively and help develop the right regulations. Finally, there is a process of external participation and feedback. These are technologies that affect society. No company can figure out what is right. There is no magic bullet, but it is still too early. In the next 10 years, we must work together on all these issues.

Media: On the one hand, it is said that you will not develop artificial intelligence technology for certain purposes based on the principle of artificial intelligence. On the other hand, is there a contradiction in creating a platform for people to use artificial intelligence for any purpose they want?

Pichay: Artificial intelligence security is one of our most important ethical principles. You want to build and test a security system. This is inherent in our development process. If you are concerned that quantum systems will destroy cryptography over time, you need to develop better quantum cryptography. In the past, when we built search engines, we had to solve the spam problem.

The risks of these new technologies are clearly higher, but on the one hand the technical approach you adopt and on the other hand global governance and ethical agreements. You will need to reach a global framework to produce the results we want. We are committed to doing our best to help develop this technology, not only to be responsible, but also to use it to ensure safety. We will do this with other agencies.

Media: Are there other technologies that you are also very interested in now?

Pichhai: For me personally, there is a lot of potential for a better way to produce clean renewable energy. But I am very excited about the combination of all these technologies and how we actually apply them. In terms of health care, I think that in the next decade or so, we will be on the verge of breakthrough, which will be far-reaching. But I also want to say that artificial intelligence itself – the next generation of artificial intelligence breakthroughs, new algorithms, better generalized models, transfer learning, etc., is equally exciting for me.


Tu youyo won another award.

UNESCO, headquartered in Paris, France, announced the list of winners of the 2019 UNESCO Equatorial Guinea International Life Science Research Award on Tuesday, with three winners, including Tu youyou from China.
The purpose of the award is to reward outstanding life science research that improves the quality of human life. The research subjects can be individuals or institutions. This year is the fifth of the awards.
Tu Youyou, a professor at the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine and winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, won the prize for his research on parasitic diseases, UNESCO said in a statement. Artemisinin, a new antimalarial drug she discovered, cured many Chinese patients in the 1980s. The World Health Organization recommends artemisinin based combination therapy as a first-line anti malarial treatment program, which has saved millions of lives, reducing the death rate of malaria in Africa by 66%, and the death rate of malaria in children under five years old by 71%.
According to the announcement, Professor Kato lorenson from the United States won awards for his innovative work in clinical application of biomaterial regeneration engineering and stem cell science. Another winner is Professor Kevin McGuigan from Ireland, who developed solar disinfection technology to help people in Africa and Asia get clean drinking water.
The awarding ceremony will be held at the headquarters of the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in February 2020.