Messenger suffered a claim of 20 million yuan

Recently, the media reported that on September 23, Huawei sued Shenzhen Propaganda Holdings Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Propaganda Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Taihengnuo Technology Co., Ltd., Huizhou Everton Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Zhixun Technology Co., Ltd., Chongqing Propaganda Technology Co., Ltd. for copyright ownership and infringement disputes. The case has been filed.
On September 29th, the staff of the secretarial Office of Huawei Holdings confirmed that Huawei had indeed been sued for alleged infringement of copyright by Huawei. Huawei’s claim amounted to $20 million. “We have seen media reports that the case has been filed, but we have not yet received the official documents of the court.”
It is reported that the main reason for Huawei’s lawsuit is that Huawei’s screen is used in the boot-up pictures of some models.
In 2017, the company’s sales amounted to 20 billion yuan, with 129 million mobile phones exported, ranking first in the country, and its market share in Africa reached 45.9%. Microphone Holdings will be officially launched on Sept. 30. The above-mentioned staff said that it is normal for the company to face lawsuits and will not affect the listing of Microphone Holdings on Sept. 30.
The company’s prospectus shows that it and its subsidiaries have obtained 630 patents owned by the State Intellectual Property Office in China, including 97 invention patents, 385 utility model patents and 148 design patents. Up to now, Huawei has 100,000 patents, OPPO has more than 38000 + patents worldwide and more than 12,000 + patents have been authorized. Vivo also has 10,000 + patents.
Huawei officials have not yet responded to the lawsuit.


All-round Education Terminates Acquisition

Quantong education’s purchase of Chin Jiuling company, a well-known financial writer Wu Xiaobo, has stalled.
On the evening of September 27, Quantom Education Group (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. (Quantom Education, 300359) issued a notice on the termination of the planning of major asset restructuring. On the same day, the company held a board meeting and decided to terminate the planning of this major asset restructuring.
Quantom Education said that since the planning of this major asset reorganization, the company and relevant parties have repeatedly discussed and communicated to actively promote the relevant work of this major asset reorganization. Affected by the macroeconomic environment, the operation of listed companies and underlying assets, the change of restructuring policies and the fluctuation of secondary market prices, the two sides failed to reach a final consensus on the elements of transaction pricing, performance commitment and compensation arrangements involved in the restructuring plan.
Quantom Education said that in order to safeguard the interests of all shareholders and the company, after careful study and friendly negotiation with the counterparty, the company decided to terminate the planning of this major asset reorganization and signed the relevant termination agreement. The termination of major asset reorganization planning will not adversely affect the company’s development strategy and business planning. In the future, the company will continue to carry out all kinds of management work in an orderly manner around the established strategic objectives, actively seek more development opportunities through the combination of endogenous and extrapolative development at the right time and conditions, continuously improve the company’s operating performance, and earnestly safeguard the interests of the majority of shareholders.
On March 18 this year, Quantom Education announced that it planned to purchase 96% of Hangzhou Bajiuling Cultural Creative Co., Ltd. by issuing shares, and to raise supporting funds.
The legal representative of Bajiuling Culture is Wu Xiaobo with a registered capital of 75 million yuan. Wu Xiaobo and his wife Shao Bingbing hold 12.81% of Bajiuling directly, and they are the actual controllers of Bajiuling. Bajiuling Culture Company operates Wechat public numbers such as Wu Xiaobo Channel. Wu Xiaobo is a well-known writer of Finance and economics. He writes The Great Loss, The Thirty Years of Rising, The One Hundred Years of Rising, The Two Thousand Years of Rising, and so on.
On March 31, a detailed transaction plan for the acquisition was launched. According to the announcement at that time, 96% of Bajiuling’s equity trading was tentatively set at 1.5 billion yuan, and the trading method was Quantom Education to issue shares.
Because of Wu Xiaobo’s high popularity and high dependence on Wu Xiaobo’s IP, the transaction has aroused widespread concern. Shenzhen Stock Exchange has issued inquiries to inquire about the details of the transaction plan.
On April 8, Quantom Education issued a response to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange inquiry letter and disclosed Wu Xiaobo’s proposed performance commitment. According to the instructions issued by Wu Xiaobo and Shao Bingbing, the actual controllers of Bajiuling, the net profit of Bajiuling in 2019, 2020 and 2021 (excluding the impact of equity incentives and investment interest on trust in 2019) is not less than 360 million yuan.
Since then, Quantom Education has issued several announcements to disclose the progress of the asset restructuring, but the progress has been slow. On September 23, Quantom Education announced that the two sides had not reached a final consensus on the core terms.


Wang Junkai’s New English Song

Wang Junkai’s 20-year-old single “Ain” t Got No Love was launched on the line. For the first time, he tried all English songs and tried different music styles. He also showed more possibilities. The new songs are bright and the high-pitched parts are amazing!

Wang Junkai’s new songs show a very strong professionalism. From lyrics, composition and composition to producers, the producers are all produced by well-known foreign musicians. Moreover, Wang Junkai’s English songs were highly praised by many parties, and they only rose to the top in the music list when they went online. The fans exclaimed: It’s so nice!

However, this lyric is quite embarrassing, attracting fans to be jealous, mostly lyrics such as “girl” and “love you”, but although it looks like a love song, it actually contains a very important meaning. The story is not strong, but the emotions expressed are very strong. The main explanation is an attitude of reconciliation with oneself. In contemporary society, we hate being different, we are tired of being dominated, and we are doing our best for life, only to be able to restore ourselves to the maximum.

In fact, this also reflects the status quo of the star Wang Junkai. He is in a complicated entertainment circle. He has too many involuntary things. He also uses songs to express his attitude indirectly. “It is relatively inferior to change attitudes and Self-reconciliation, after falling into a dead end, while turning around, you will find that everything is fine, with family members and friends meeting, these are full of warmth. In life, we should also be like this, learn to get along with ourselves, reconcile, learn to turn and embrace the sun.

However, while marveling at the new song “Ain” t Got No Love, the fans also paid attention to the song title and lyrics, lamented: confirmed eyes, but also a song that could not be learned. It is estimated that when Xiao Kai sang on the stage, Fans can only be “ahah” below!

Stunning! Wang Junkai English New Song Is such a nice and strange style determined to be Xiaokai singing?

Since the debut, Wang Junkai’s singles are not many, but each capital records his progress and development in music. On the eve of the 20th birthday, Wang Junkai prepared a single, “Growth” for the growth, gratitude and companionship for the fans. Although the style of the song is very simple, it only expresses the inner feelings in a way of telling, but the voice is gentle. The feeling of coming slowly leads to empathy.

On the eve of his 19th birthday, Wang Junkai issued two new songs, “My” and “Wake Up”. It is worth mentioning that the two songs are very different in style, one is lively and cheerful, and the other is quiet and lyrical. “My” is like a confession with a loved one. The whole style is full of romance and sweet taste, and Wang Junkai’s gentle tone adds a sweetness.

“Wake Up” is a song that Wang Junkai himself likes very much, because it tells the psychological activities of Wang Junkai when he can’t sleep at night. In fact, everyone will have more or less insomnia nights. During this time, they will talk to themselves and reflect on themselves. Whether they are words or songs, the listeners will feel the resonance.

Prior to this, Wang Junkai and Jay Chou were used as the lyricist Fang Wenshan’s “I am in the Immortals”, and Li Ronghao’s “Little Mink”, which was composed by Li Ronghao, is a very unexpected collaboration in the music industry! Wang Junkai has his own opinions on music. He collects records, learns vocal knowledge with his teachers, and learns and works on his own. Although he is an idol, Wang Junkai has been running on the road of music. This is his initial heart.

The singer Wang Junkai is expected to be in the future, and he is looking forward to the new singles after Wang Junkai.


Zhao Liying has a beautiful shape

Zhao Liying is an actor that many people like very much. Her popularity is very high, and she is also very popular with everyone. The quality of TV plays is also very good. Zhao Liying can now be said that the popularity is basically stable, and there will not be a big fluctuation in the future, but such popularity in the entertainment industry is also very high, for Zhao Liying, a steady step by step female star can be said to be very high. In the following years of Flowers and Bones, Zhao Liying can be said to have made a lot of TV plays, but in recent years, Zhao Liying has been pursuing quality, and receiving TV plays is less frequent.
Auxiliary Zhao Liying starred in the TV play Youyi. Now her partner is Wang Yibo, who is popular. Although many people are not very optimistic about the cooperation between the two people, the age difference is very big, and the direction they are going now is also very different. Wang Yibo is an idol. Many female fans really care about this, but Zhao Liying, as a married mother, should not worry about it at all.
Recently, the latest Reuters of Youyi came out. The shape of Youyi is exactly the same as that of Chuqiao, but it can only be said that. Zhao Liying looks very online. Even though the pictures are not clear, it can be seen that Zhao Liying’s face is still very high. Moreover, Zhao Liying’s clothes are more suitable. This time, there is no way for Wang Yibo to thank you. Many people are very sorry. Some people say that Zhao Liying is not interested in this TV play, but from the photos, Zhao Liying still loves it very much. Actors love acting, not many people say that it is beneficial.


Chinese Women’s Basketball Team to New Zealand

September 24, 2019 Asian Women’s Basketball Cup will begin in Bangalore, India. On the first match day, Chinese women’s basketball team will welcome the first opponent of the group competition, New Zealand women’s basketball team. Tencent Sports will be broadcast live from 20:15. Here are the prospects of Tencent Sports for you.——
The Asian Cup of Women’s Basketball 2019 will be held in Bangalore, India, from September 24 to September 29. Eight teams will compete in Class A of the Asian Cup. Eight teams will be divided into two groups. The Chinese women’s basketball team is in the same group as Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. According to the competition system, the two teams who won the first place in the group will go directly to the semi-finals, while the second and third teams in the two groups will compete for the remaining two semi-finals. Another team includes Japan, South Korea, India and Taipei, China.
The lowest team in the Asian Cup A-level competition will be relegated to the B-level competition, while the other seven teams will join the B-level champion in the Asia-Pacific preliminary competition of the Olympic Games. Since Chinese women’s basketball team can hardly rank eighth in the competition, they will certainly appear in the Olympic preliminary contest, and any place in this Asian Cup will not affect the qualifications of the Olympic Games.
The Chinese women’s basketball team has just released the list of 12 players for the Asian Cup, namely Han Xu, Yang Liwei, Li Yuan, Wang Siyu, Liu Jiacen, Wu Tongtong, Shao Ting, Gao Song, Guo Ziqian, Li Yueru, Chen Mingying and Shi Xiaoye. Han Xu and veteran Shao Ting, who play in the WNBA, will be the core figures of the Chinese women’s basketball team. Li Yueru, who is known as “O’Neill for Women”, and Yang Liwei, who has strong impact, will also be the key players for the Chinese women’s basketball team.
It is worth mentioning that Li Meng and Sun Mengrun, the main players of Chinese women’s basketball team, were absent from the Asian Cup because they were preparing for the 7th World Military Games in late October. Huang Sijing and Zhang Ru were not included in the list of 12 Chinese women’s basketball players because of their injuries.
Review of confrontation
Since their first appearance in the Asian Cup in 1976 (formerly the Asian Championship), they have won 11 championships, but their last top in the Asian Cup goes back to 2011. 2017 is the first time that the Asian Women’s Basketball Championship has been converted into the Asian Cup. China’s women’s basketball team lost to Japan in the semi-finals, and finally won the third place.
In the Olympic women’s basketball competition, the Chinese women’s basketball team and New Zealand had two confrontations. At the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, the Chinese women’s basketball team lost 77-79 to New Zealand. At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Chinese women’s basketball team won 80-63 over New Zealand. In the history of the Women’s Basketball World Cup (formerly the World Championship), the two teams have never had a record of confrontation.
New Zealand women’s basketball team has played in the Asian Cup since 2017. In the last match, Chinese women’s basketball team met New Zealand in the group match and won a big victory with 77-48.
Prewar deduction
China’s women’s basketball team has a high advantage in the interior. Han Xu and Li Yueru, the “two-tower combination”, will bring a lot of pressure to New Zealand’s defense. Han Xu is undoubtedly the most anticipated player by Chinese fans. Last season she played for the New York Liberals in the WNBA league. Although she did not play much time, her level has also improved. Whether she can play a dominant role in the Asian Cup remains to be seen.


Indonesia’s air pollution is serious

Recently, media reports have reported that Indonesia’s sky is seriously polluted, and the whole sky has become blood red. The scene is really scary as if it is the end of the world. What’s the matter? 1 (Source: Video screenshot) On September 21, there was a “vision” of blood red sky somewhere in Indonesia’s Zhanbei Province, let Dang Dang. The local people were stunned and bewildered. It is reported that the sky was orange in the morning, and then gradually turned into a strange red, even to the horror of day and night. What’s wrong with this strange phenomenon? It turns out that the main culprit behind the demon is air pollution! Relevant departments say that this situation occurs because the air is densely covered with particles with a diameter of 0.7 microns, whose diameter is similar to the red wavelength of the sun, and the sky appears red after scattering.
Two cities on the Indonesian island of Borneo are also experiencing serious air pollution. Local people cut down and burn forests and banana trees, generating a lot of smoke and the situation is slowly out of control. Since September 13, the air quality in this area has been in a “dangerous” state. Reported that it is unlikely to expect rain in the near future, and because of serious pollution, artificial rainfall is not very effective, can only look forward to October when the “rescue rain”.


Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team Meets America

Beijing time September 23 news, 2019 Women’s Volleyball World Cup China team against the United States women’s volleyball team. At present, both Chinese and American teams have maintained six consecutive victories, so this match is also considered as a “championship war”. Interestingly, both teams went through five games last night. The Chinese women’s volleyball team beat the Japanese women’s volleyball team 3-2 in the afternoon, while the American women’s volleyball team beat the Japanese women’s volleyball team in five games.
The starting lists of both sides in this match are available:
China Women’s Volleyball Team Starting List:
Main attack: Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning
Vice-offenders: Yuan Xinyue and Yanni
Response: Gong Xiangyu
Erzhuan: Ding Xia
Freeman: Wang Mengjie
Starting List of American Women’s Volleyball Team:
Main attack: Larson, Robinson
Off-offense: Washington, Ogbergu
Respond: Druis
Set Two: Bolt
Freeman: Courtney


If Wind Makes a Will

“Little Two” ushered in the big ending last night. Ruofeng and Xiaoqi left the most impression on you because they are the most special. First, they are not in the entertainment circle, strictly speaking, they belong to the electronic competition circle. Other couples are loving and can feel the happiness of the couple, but the couple are doing it to death. 。 If the wind doesn’t need to say, it’s slaggy and stingy, because he has been in love with his little relatives for many years, and then he empathizes with other people. Later, he follows the girl to the other side’s city. After being dumped by the girl, he comes back to ask Xiaoqi to marry him. This marriage seems to be not for love, but for gambling.
He said that he was stingy because he married Xiaoqi, but they also wanted AA system. If Wind bought a house, he also secretly wrote his name, and threatened to buy the house for his own money before marriage. Even a dressing table would not be willing to buy for his wife, and the daily expenses would be paid separately. At the beginning, the audience felt more sympathy for him. After all, growing up in a single-parent family, she was very insecure and insecure, but the more she saw her behind, the more she “made” and even some pretentious feelings.
In the period of going to the mother-in-law’s house, we can see that she did not have enough respect for her mother-in-law. On the first day, she let her mother-in-law wait for them to eat until the afternoon. On the second day, Xiaoqi changed her mind and refused to go directly. After dinner, she also lay on the sofa directly without initiative to help. She thought that she was going back to her hometown to see her husband-in-law, but she turned over the old debts. Even during her pregnancy, her mother-in-law gave her mother money, and she felt greatly wronged. People who don’t know think that mother-in-law is so mean to her. In fact, she has nothing to do with her. She can’t even look down on Tai. She says that when she meets Xiao Qi’s daughter-in-law who is so “doing”, her mother-in-law is too difficult and threatens to revenge her mother-in-law. For the selfish and self-centered way of getting along, the Internet is also full of abuse. Ruofeng is supposed to save the public image and express some feelings since receiving the program in a long article on Weibo. When he called himself recording this program, he happened to be the most confused period in his life. His career met with bottlenecks. At the same time, he also said a lot of good words to Xiaoqi.
Maybe he was afraid of scolding. In the last program, if Feng came to a lawyer to make a will and gave Xiaoqi 60% of the property allocation, his netizens criticized him for being too fake, even said he was acting, which was the last straw he proved himself not to be stingy. But in fact, they are so young, if there is still a chance to change their will after the wind, choosing to make a will at this time is just a show for the audience. If Wind makes a will to give 60% of Xiaoqi’s property distribution netizens but approves too false if Wind makes a will to Xiaoqi’s 60% property distribution netizens but approves too false Xiaoqi, clearly cares about money, opens and closes the mouth is the house and money, but also pretends not to care. If Wind rents a big house and signs the contract, he says he likes a small house and walks in 10 seconds. In the end, she nagged every day that the house did not add her name. As a result, if the wind took the house cost and asked her to add her name together, she said that she did not want a house, but love, which was from beginning to end.


Ma Rong Denies Pregnancy

Ma Rong wrote late at night denying that she was pregnant, had no ins account, and was not an insider.
On the evening of September 20, Ma Rong wrote on Weibo that she was angry about some pregnancy rumors and said angrily, “Wow! What’s a good day today?” Let’s get together to make false news and make rumors? Is there nowhere to spend the publicity money this year? I hereby clarify: I have no ins account, I am not pregnant, I am not in the circle, do not speak out, refuse to tie up consumption, do not accept rumors.
I will safeguard my legitimate rights and interests through legal channels in illegal places outside the network.
I report online in real name, help @National Network Information Office Reporting Center to crack down on the network evil forces, pull its behind-the-scenes black hands, severe punishment!
What the hell is going on?
Recently, there was a netizen named “super jenny-m-rong” in INS, who sent a message to pregnant mother to welcome the new life. Many netizens have lamented that Ma Rong is pregnant.
Have the courage to be pregnant and dare to be so blatant, and don’t know how to avoid suspicion at all?
Many netizens’Sanguan has been attacked once again, and some people are curious about who is the father of the triplets.
Why did you use this account as Ma Rong?
Because looking at the picture of Ma Rong and her two children, Ma Rong in the picture was kissed by the children, and the content before looking through the account was also commented on diss Wang Baoqiang many times, saying that Wang Baoqiang’s new girlfriend often went to the nightclub, she had never been there. Anyway, she divorced Wang Baoqiang, who Wang Baoqiang wanted to marry? Whoever waits, all kinds of fighting for Ma Rong’s tone.
So no wonder netizens regard this account as Ma Rong. The key is that it has been so long. This account is diss Wang Baoqiang. Ma Rong has never denied that it is not her own account. In addition, this account uses the curiosity of netizens to fish in troubled waters.
I think so. Ma Rong’s divorce got so much property. He ate delicious food and traveled everywhere. He was also very happy. There was no rumor of love.
Although several men seem to have unusual relationships with Ma Rong before, for example, when Ma Rong was hospitalized, who was the man who ran away with Ma Rong on his back, the netizens have not been clear.
And who is Xiaoxiao’s pen that has been washing Ma Rong’s white on the internet? And Ma Rong Weibo trumpet mentions the man who made an appointment, who is it? Anyway, these people have a good relationship with Ma Rong.
Although Ma Rong is not very impressed in most netizens’hearts, if he really wants to marry, there must be no lack of objects, but Ma Rong does not seem to be so anxious, and even if he talks about marriage, there seems to be no such high-profile new love, is it not obvious to look for abuse?
However, the owner of this ins account is really disgusting. He has repeatedly rubbed hot under the name of Ma Rong. Although he has been scolded, he has also increased many fans and maliciously stirred up the relationship between Ma Rong and Wang Baoqiang. Before that, someone pretended to be Ma Rong’s micro-blog and sent a series of things, saying how Wang Baoqiang Ma Rong did it, and finally did it. A big oolong is no more…
Although netizens hate Ma Rong, it seems that those who pretend to be someone else’s rumor maker are no better than Ma Rong.


Korea LG and Samsung Mutual Black

After competing to show 8K TV at the consumer electronics show in Berlin earlier this month, LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics of South Korea recently held media conferences in Seoul, South Korea, respectively, on the same day to disparage each other’s TV products on the basis of “protecting consumers’ right to know”.
Wen Cann, CCTV Financial and Economic Special Reporter: Just two days ago, LG Electronics held an “8K technical presentation” in the LG headquarters building behind me. Although nominally speaking, it is actually a demonstration and comparison of 8K TV products, advocating that other companies’technology is inferior to their own.
At the presentation meeting, the reporter saw the QLED 8K quantum TV made by Samsung Electronics. The head of LG Electronics Technology Department said that in 2018 Samsung Electronics 8K TV, the light-to-dark contrast value of the panel had reached 90%, but in this year’s products, this value has dropped to 12%, mainly because Samsung Electronics pasted special film to improve the viewing angle of the TV, which led to the decline of the relevant value.
LG Electronics said that Samsung’s electronic TV viewing angle is not as good as its own, which is no longer a secret.
Lee Zhengxi, executive director of LG electronic marketing department in Korea: With the development of technology, it is sometimes difficult for consumers to understand the actual situation, and they need a measurement standard to be able to buy with confidence.
On the same afternoon, Samsung Electronics also held an “8K picture quality presentation” in Seoul, which responded to LG Electronics’s statement.
Samsung Electronics emphasizes that the concept of contrast between light and shade was proposed in 1927. More than 90 years later, this indicator is no longer suitable for today’s high-pixel displays. What’s more, the picture quality of TV needs comprehensive evaluation from the number of pixels, image processing technology and other aspects. It is meaningless to discuss only one index.
Samsung Electronics also pointed out the shortcomings of LG Electronics 8KQ LED TV, indicating that when the TV broadcasts images and videos captured by 8K camera, the picture will appear Karton.
Long Xiyu, executive director of Samsung Electronics and Video Display Business, Korea: Now with the introduction of 8K TV, the market should also have new standards, and in terms of picture quality, a good indicator does not represent the overall good.
There have been many criticisms in the Korean television industry about the derogatory behavior of the two electronic giants.
Relevant people pointed out that under the circumstances of Japan’s restrictions on exports to Korea and the deterioration of the international trade environment leading to the difficulties of Korea’s electronics industry, Korean enterprises should stop the internal friction debate and make joint efforts to expand the 8K market.