A 16-year-old Swedish girl organized a protest at the United Nations gate

Nearly 1,000 teenage protestors gathered outside the United Nations Headquarters in New York on August 30 to call for more action on climate change.
Among them, 16-year-old Swedish girl and young climate activist Greta Thunberg is undoubtedly the most dazzling existence. Sandberg arrived in New York from Britain in 15 days ago on a Zero Emission Yacht and will attend the United Nations Climate Summit on September 23.
Greta Sandberg traveled to the United States on a zero-emission yacht.
Later on Friday, U. N. General Assembly President Espinosa welcomed Sandberg at United Nations Headquarters, Reuters reported. “This summit must be a breakthrough point and a trigger point to make people really aware of the changes that are taking place,” Sandberg told Espinosa.
Sandberg has been on strike every Friday since a year ago, calling on the Swedish government to take action on climate change. Her actions have affected many people. Since then, many teenagers and students in many countries have followed her example and started to strike in protest, demanding that the government take more measures on climate and environmental issues. Sandberg’s influence has also gradually expanded, and has become a representative figure of Youth Climate protests.
For the first time, many American teenagers took part in a strike to protest.
It is reported that the symbolic strike at the gate of the United Nations Headquarters was organized by 14-year-old New York girl Alexandria Villasenor. She has followed Sandberg’s example since December last year and has held a strike outside United Nations Headquarters every Friday.
Most of the people who participated in the protest were teenagers. Some people hold up the words “Help! My home is on fire, “If you don’t act like adults, we will act” and “Science is not silence” are the signs calling on governments to step up their efforts to tackle climate change.
According to the Guardian, some teenagers took part in the climate change strike for the first time, while others mentioned that they were influenced by Sandberg and began to pay attention to climate change.
Greta Sandberg.
Bianca Pilcher, 11, and Lila Sabag, 10, wearing campaign shirts with the words “We Trust Greta,” said they were holding strike protests in the hope of sending a message to global leaders: Start! “I hope to have a long life, I hope that the world I live in is healthy, and I hope that future generations will not make such a call as’What have you done?'” Pilcher said. Sabag said she hoped to “reduce the use of disposable plastics or fossil fuels to help save the planet”.
Dana Henao, 16, was the first to take part in the climate protests. She said, “The government has not taken enough action to protect the environment. They are only concerned about economic interests.” Young people are the only ones who take action, and we want to attract people’s attention. “Greta is very popular, she is the representative of the movement,” she said.


CSRC Updates List of Enterprises Ceasing IPO Examination

Millet Group announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that the company is focusing on business development and has sufficient capital. After careful consideration, the company decided to terminate the issuance of the motherboard depository receipts.
On August 30, the SFC updated the list of enterprises applying for termination of examination of initial public offerings. The list shows that Millet Group, Nantong Guosheng Intelligent Technology Group and Hangzhou Kangji Medical Devices were terminated on August 26.
Millet Group also announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that at present the company concentrates on business development and has sufficient capital. After careful consideration, the company decided to terminate the issuance of the motherboard depository receipts.
According to the announcement made by the SFC in June last year, millet group decided to implement the listing plan of Hong Kong shares and China Depository Receipt (CDR) step by step, issuing Hong Kong shares first, then issuing Chinese Depository Receipts in China at the selected opportunity, and applying for postponing the issuance of the hearing time. Therefore, the SFC cancelled the examination of the issuing declaration documents of the company at the meeting of the issuing and examining committee.


“Yang Liu” or landing in Hainan Guangdong today

Typhoon Yangliu, the 12th typhoon of this year, is expected to land on the southeastern coast of Hainan Province between the afternoon and night of 29th with tropical storm or severe tropical storm. Affected by it, the sea surface wind in the central and western parts of Guangdong Province will gradually increase to 6-8 levels, and the sea surface wind in the Beibu Gulf will gradually increase to 7-9 levels. There will be moderate to heavy rainstorms in the southern coastal cities and counties.
At 17:00 on the 28th, the Guangdong Provincial Defense Office and the Provincial Emergency Management Department organized a video dispatching meeting in Zhuhai, Jiangmen, Zhanjiang, Maoming and Yangjiang to further analyze and judge the situation, deploy defense and rescue work, and issue major weather announcements and defense response announcements to the relevant municipalities. Guangdong Provincial Three Defense Offices and Provincial Emergency Management Office stressed that the relevant areas should overcome paralysis and not be lax because of the small wind, so as to achieve the goal of “preferring ten defenses to nine empty ones and not failing to take precautions”.
In addition, the reporter learned that in response to typhoon “Yangliu”, the National Defense General launched an emergency response against typhoon level IV on 28, and sent three working groups to Hainan, Guangdong and Guangxi to guide and assist the local authorities in their work.
Trains in and out of Qiongzhou Strait are out of service
Affected by typhoon Yangliu, the wind in the Qiongzhou Strait will increase to level 9-10 and gust 11 from midnight on the 28th. Haikou Maritime Bureau issued a notice that the entire route of Qiongzhou Strait was suspended from 18:00 on the 28th. All Ro-Ro passenger ships return to harbour for shelter. Passenger trains in and out of the Qiongzhou Strait have been suspended.
Guangdong Maritime Department reminded that typhoon “Yangliu” may have an impact on the coastal areas of Guangdong. Ships should pay close attention to typhoon dynamics and related early warning information, and do a good job in preventing and resisting various measures.


Countdown to the World Artificial Intelligence Congress 2019

Liu Cixin once described a beautiful world in which children can easily learn, engage in diplomatic activities and even maintain social functioning with the help of artificial intelligence. The world is called the “supernova era”.
When the time pointer pointed to 2019, A.I. has quietly enabled numerous industries to take root in Shanghai, blossom and bear fruit. A.I. +Education, A.I. +Justice, A.I. +Medical, A.I. +Consumers… As Liu Qingfeng, chairman of the board of science and technology university, said, “2019 is the first year of large-scale application of artificial intelligence. In 2019, we will “see the future” in Magic City.
This feast focusing on the most influential scientists and entrepreneurs in the field of global intelligence is about to begin in Shanghai, the World AI Congress 2019. With this wave of artificial intelligence, let’s take a tour of the real version of the “Supernova Era”, and experience how the artificial intelligence technology of CTU Xunfei can enable Shanghai to be a dynamic and innovative city.
No.1 Use A.I. to let children win under the same blue sky
Talent cultivation is the top priority. How do children receive quality education in their daily lives? The answer given by Shanghai Yangjing Juyuan Experimental School is that students’basic knowledge of artificial intelligence is a necessary condition for qualified citizens in present and future society and the basis for students’ lifelong development. On this basis, the school has created the first A I Innovation Laboratory for children and offered courses related to AI, hoping to train them to “measure” the world with A.I. eyes.
The delegation of King Edward VI School is experiencing AI courses.
At this point, the same goes for the children of the Supernova Age. The children living here can experience firsthand the high-tech products such as Alpha Egg, Super Brain Magic Box and the lively and interesting courses of AI features.
More and more applications and products in the “Supernova Era” are also spreading in this magic… Now Shanghai Xianxia Senior High School and other schools have begun to introduce the smart campus system of Xunfei University of Science and Technology.
Due to the limitation of teachers’resources, it has been the pain point of traditional education that we can’t adjust the teaching progress according to the differences of children. Artificial intelligence education makes it possible to teach students in accordance with their aptitude by accurately analyzing the weak points of each child’s knowledge with big data and using all data to speak. Statistical data can be used to illustrate the effectiveness of AI application. This is one of the “three standards of AI large-scale application” mentioned by Liu Qingfeng, chairman of Science and Technology University’s Xunfei.
No.2 To uphold justice, we are never late or absent.
It is very important to maintain the social operation in the “supernova era” through a perfect political and legal system.
What can you think of when we talk about the “Court of Wisdom”?
In your mind, whether there will be such a picture: police officers under the guidance of a system to regulate the input of information such as investigation, forensics, transcripts, judges in the court through this system to obtain sentencing reference in similar cases in the past so as to achieve a fair judgment.
Nowadays, CTU Xunfei has made this picture come true through artificial intelligence technology, not just in fantasy. In Shanghai, the Intelligent Court Trial System named “206 System” has been put into use. The on-site Intelligent Court Trial System of Xunfei provides transcription function, simplifies hands, is more standardized, and judges are fairer. This is a real, visible and tangible case of AI application.

Guoyu Fallen World Championship Tournament

The 2019 World Badminton Championship ended this morning in Switzerland, where the national badminton team won only one mixed doubles championship, the worst result since 1983. The Japanese team gained 2 gold, 2 silver and up to 6 top four seats, surpassing Guoyu in an all-round way. With less than a year to go before the Tokyo Olympics, compared with the host team, China has no advantage in the other four individual events except mixed doubles.
The IELTS combination won the championship.
Mixed doubles
The advantage of IELTS combination is obvious.
In the first semi-final of mixed doubles, world No. 1 Zheng Shi/Huang Yaqiong took only 37 minutes to win Japan’s No. 1 combination Yongda Watanabe/Yasha Dongno. According to Japanese media reports, “Dongdu” portfolio asked reporters in an interview, “What do you say?” To be frank, “This competition let us see (them) a strong strength, to be taught.”
At present, it seems that the advantages of IELTS combination in mixed doubles are hard to shake, and only themselves can defeat them. This is also the only advantage that Guoyu has left in the Sino-Japanese confrontation.
After the promotion of IELTS, Wang Yilu/Huang Dongping, a teammate who has not yet appeared, shouted “Waiting for you in the finals”, but the latter failed to overcome the Thai combination Dechabo/Shacili. Despite the psychological advantages of the previous three successive victories, Wang Yilu/Huang Dongping has been thoroughly studied by his opponents. The Thai combination of “confining Huang Dongping to the backcourt + mobilizing Wang Yilu from a wide angle” has played an effective role. “Yellow Duck” is the runner-up of the last World Championship, but through this year’s performance, the stability of the competition still needs to be improved.
Mixed doubles is the traditional advantage of Guoyu. In the past two Olympic cycles, Zhang Nan/Zhao Yunlei and Xu Chen/Ma Jin have been among the world’s top performers for a long time. Guoyu wants to consolidate the advantages of mixed doubles in Tokyo Olympic Games, and “double insurance” must be reassuring.
Lindane was out in the second round.
Men’s singles
Stop Taotian by Shi Yuqi?
Because the Cenozoic is hard to achieve, Lindan, Jianlong and Shi Yuqi will not change the pattern of men’s singles qualification in the Olympic Games. However, from the current World Championship, Lin Dan, 35 years old, made his worst performance in the second round; Jianlong had no chance to be in the top 8 and showed no signs of recovery this year; Shi Yuqi, who underwent ankle surgery at the end of last month, needed at least two months to recover. His most urgent task is to recover the feeling of the game as soon as possible and catch up with the progress and score.
This World Championship, Taotian Xiandou 5 games all 2 sets to solve the battle, the final is to let the opponent only 11 points strong performance to defend the championship. Japanese media have begun to shout: “35-year-old Lindan stopped the second round of the World Championship, Li Zongwei retired in June this year, and 24-year-old Taotian is a step closer to the legend.”
For Guoyu, the most needed answer is who can stop the peach fields. Lindane lost all three wars last year. Jianlong won only one of the four battles last year, although he was slightly superior in the total 5-3. Shi Yuqi is 2-4 against him, but this year’s three-game reversal in the final of the Soviet Cup is undoubtedly a shot in the arm and a reason for the outside world to bet on him. Shi Yuqi did begin to reveal the potential of Guoyu’s new leader in men’s singles, but after this injury, how fast he can recover is still unknown.
Chen Yufei’s sustained combat capability should be strengthened.
Women’s singles
Chen Yufei is hard to beat the small steel gun
At the Beijing and London Olympic Games, the Chinese team won both gold and silver medals in women’s singles. However, since the Rio cycle, women’s singles have actually begun to “eat the old stuff”, and the new generation has not succeeded. When Wang Yihan and Wang Shixian retired, Li Xueli recovered from serious injuries and her competitiveness ceased. Guoyu women’s singles appeared in the Tokyo cycle.
In this year’s World Championships, four women singles were born after 1997. The performances of “Xiaohua” are not enough to win the contest, including Chen Yufei, who is currently the best performer. Singles team coach Xia Yongze pointed out that her ability to continue fighting still needs to be strengthened. Chen Yufei was defeated by India’s Sindu in the semi-finals of this year’s World Championships and the 2012 World Championships. The latter, after winning two runners-ups, finally reached the top this year, becoming a new force in women’s singles, and also regarded as a hot spot in next year’s Olympic Games.
In addition, the strength of the host women’s singles is equally good. Yamaguchi is out of the first round of this year because of her waist injury, but she is the first in the world. Aoyuan hopes to be the champion of the 2017 World Championship and now ranks third in the world. Japan’s Shuangshu, which is no more than 1.6 meters tall, always releases tremendous energy. Chen Yufei’s record against them is 6-10 and 3-4, respectively, and they are all in the downwind.
Coupled with Dai Ziying who missed the World Championship due to injury, Chen Yufei was not favored in next year’s Olympic Championship sequence. She and Aoyuan hoped that they would undoubtedly have more advantages.
Men’s Doubles
“Twin Towers” is still the national feather facade
In the third round of the World Championship, the top seed Gideon/Sukamoyo was eliminated by Cui Shuigui/Xu Chengzai of Korea, while Yongdao Watanabe/Tadao Fujita were “frozen” by a pair of German players in the first battle. Japanese team’s three pairs of Bao Mu Zhuo Lang/Kobayashi Youwu became the biggest black horse, successively defeating No. 3 seed Jiacun Jianshi/Yamada Enlightenment and defending champion Li Junhui/Liu Yuchen in the quarter finals and semi-finals, and finally winning the championship is retired and double-resurrected father combination Ashan/Seytiawan, which fully illustrates the current situation of male pair’s group male disputes. And it’s likely to last until the Tokyo Olympics.
The latest men’s doubles ranking of the World Badminton Federation, Indonesia has three pairs of combinations in the top ten and the top two; Guoyu “Shuangta” and Han Chengkai/Zhou Haodong are ranked 3 and 6, Ho Jiting/Tan Qiang is ranked 11; Japan also has two pairs of players in the top ten, Bao Muzhuolang/Xiao.

The Truth of the Guarantee of No Housing

On August 3, a 51-year-old judge of the Yongzhou Intermediate Court of Hunan, Qu Zhongya, fell into a huge whirlpool of public opinion because of a “no housing” guarantee. This security certificate from the screenshot of the circle of friends said that for the sake of his wife’s health, Qu Zhongya resolutely “severed the unfair relationship between men and women” and five other women, such as Huang Moumou, and “no longer opened a room with them” and so on.
Online “no room” guarantee.
The content of the guarantee and the storm of public opinion caused by it made the parties feel embarrassed, ashamed and self-reproached.
On August 6, the second day after the “Guarantee” was reported by the media, he was declared to be suspended from the post of President of the Second Court of Penalty of Yongzhou Intermediate Court for investigation.
On the 22nd, according to Yongzhou Intermediate People’s Court, there is no evidence to prove that Qu Zhongya has an unfair relationship with Tang Mouyan, Shen Mouyan, Yang Mouzhang and Deng Mouzhen in the “Guarantee”. In addition, Huang Mouxiang has not yet been investigated for working outside.
After interviewing the Quzhongya couple and their colleagues, neighbours, and several women mentioned, the reporter came up with a completely different situation from the content of the guarantee.
Four of the five women mentioned in the pledge said that they had no unfair relationship with Qu Zhongya. They felt “very angry” and “very unjust” about it. They hoped to clarify the facts and return their innocence through journalists.
At the same time, they have the right to be accountable for the impact of the incident on their family life.
In fact, before five women were stigmatized by the bond, three of them had been repeatedly questioned and entangled by Qu’s Central Asian wife He Yongmei (alias).
He Yongmei’s Family Members in Psychiatric Hospital
He Yongmei’s Disease Diagnosis Situation Surging News Reporter Tan Juntu
On August 12, the reporter learned from Zhishan Hospital in Yongzhou City that He Yongmei had been diagnosed as a “paranoid state” (one of paranoid mental disorders) and treated in the hospital. “The typical feature of this disease is delusion. In her world, there is a delusion of the existence of a fact, which is firmly believed, but suffering from the lack of evidence. Only drugs and professional psychotherapy can shake her delusion. The doctor of Zhishan Hospital said.
“Today, I think carefully about what I have done before, which has affected the health of my family and wife. Out of the responsibility of the family, I am wrong to say sorry to my wife He Mou-mou. I hereby pledge and swear that I will resolutely break off all unfair male-female relations with Huang, Yang, Shen, Tang and Deng. Guarantee to do so, no longer with their phone, QQ, Wechat, SMS, room opening and all other contacts, no longer with any women in the future have an unfair relationship. I hope my wife believes in my determination this time. Quzhong Asia. On 20 July.”
The guarantee appeared online on August 3. The person named Yafu in the screenshot is Quzhongya, the 51-year-old president of the Second Court of Criminal Justice of Yongzhou Intermediate Court. More than a month ago, he was appointed to the post by the Yongzhou People’s Congress. Previously, he served as director of the Bureau of Letters and Visits of the Court for many years. During his tenure, the petition work of Yongzhou Intermediate Court rose from the penultimate ranking of the provincial Intermediate Court to the forefront of the province.
The “no room” guarantee is like a bomb, which is reprinted crazily in the social media. But the Yongzhou Intermediate Court in the center of the whirlpool is another view.
Zhang Hui, a longtime colleague of Qu Zhongya and judge of the Environment and Resources Court of Yongzhou Intermediate Court, said that his first reaction when he saw the post was, “It’s a joke,” because “Lao Qu can’t have such a thing for so many years as our colleagues. Others are relatively simple. He is not polite to other women at ordinary times, and he has been very kind to his wife. Love, walking hand in hand.” As more and more posts were forwarded, Zhang Hui thought, “Is there anyone who deliberately smeared judges and attacked retaliation?”
As a party to the incident, Qu Zhongya received a telephone call from the hospital on the afternoon of August 3, and only then learned that he had become the focus of public opinion.
Quzhongya shows his wife with a machete before she writes a pledge. Pengchao journalist Tan Juntu
“At that time, the whole people were confused.” Quzhongya recalled to reporters. He said there was a reason for the aforementioned guarantees – it was July 20, 12 days ago, during a fierce quarrel, when his wife pressed each other with a knife, and he wrote exactly what she meant, “She read a sentence, I write a sentence.”
“You know she’ll get online, and I won’t write if she kills me.” Quzhongya said he apparently overestimated his wife’s emotional self-control.
Quzhongya’s wife He Yongmei (a pseudonym) is 48 years old. She worked in a mine health office in Dongan, Yongzhou. In 2008 or so, she gave up her job and went home to teach her husband and son.
In the opinion of many colleagues in Quzhong Asia, the couple in Quzhong Asia are very emotional. Quzhong Asia seldom goes to the court canteen, but eats at home every meal. My colleagues who have joined Quo Zhongyaweixin have found that most of the content published by Quo Zhongyaweixin’s circle of friends is a happy scene of couples holding hands with each other.
He Yongmei said that after the couple lived together, their husband cooked three meals a day carefully by himself, and they tacitly understood the degree of “when he put his chopsticks away, I knew I would take a paper towel, sweep his eyes, and I immediately handed the water cup”.
But Qu Zhongya felt that in recent years, his wife has become more and more jealous. When he receives any phone call at home, she will listen to her ears. When she hears the voice of a woman, she will be very nervous. She will “interrogate” carefully afterwards.

Employee Zheng Wenjie was released after his detention

Shenzhen Luohu Public Security Bureau issued a circular on August 24. Zheng Wenjie, an employee of the British Consulate General in Hong Kong, was sentenced to 15 days’administrative detention by Shenzhen Luohu Public Security Bureau for violating the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Administrative Penalties for Public Security. On 24 August, his administrative detention expired and he was released on schedule. During the period of administrative detention, the public security organs safeguarded Zheng Wenjie’s legitimate rights and interests according to law. Zheng Wenjie confessed to his illegal facts. _

Emperor’s Island

Today, we are going to the picturesque Emperor’s Island by speedboat. As soon as she sat down, the tour guide introduced herself. Her name was MiKi, not MOENKY, which made everyone laugh.
Because today is cloudy and the sea is rough, the first thing we can do is to swing the pirate boat from side to side. 广州桑拿 The speedboat was bumping up and down with the waves. The waves lifted the speedboat up and down sharply. My heart was thumping and jumping with the speed boat’s bumping process. It was so exciting. At this time, many people on the speedboat were a little uncomfortable, especially my sister was so dizzy that she even vomited. My mother let me see the distance, so it would be more comfortable.
After more than half an hour of suffering, we finally arrived at the destination of Emperor Island. After a delicious buffet dinner, we took a tractor to a surfing beach, looking at the sea water from light blue to dark blue, like the paint I used to paint. I rushed quickly into the sea. The water of the Emperor’s Island was clear and bottomless. I had never seen such a clear water without any pollution. 桑拿佛山 I was startled to see it. The sand on the seashore was very soft. It was so comfortable to step on it without any footrest.
My mother and my second aunt rented two surfboards. My father said, “There is a small rope on the surfboard. The hand should be put on it, and then the wave will push you forward.” I put on my life jacket, put a rope on my hand, hold both sides of the board tightly, and lie on the board. I must pay attention to my posture and keep the balance of the board. Otherwise, the board will tilt left and right, and if it is serious, it will fall into the sea. My father shouted, “Wen, the waves are coming, hold on!” I was so nervous that I was afraid I would roll into the sea. Then I felt a strong force pushing me behind my back. I closed my eyes and screamed. When I opened my eyes, I found that I was pushed onto the beach. It was so cool! I stood up and dragged. Surfing boards continue to play in the sea.
After surfing for a while, my sister and I went to tread on the sea water. When a row of white waves came towards us, we jumped hard. With good luck, we could tread on the rolling waves. It was fun! So we were treading on the sea water all the time. My sister suddenly said, “My face is a little sad.” I immediately said, “Sister, let’s show Mom soon.” Coming to the beach chair rented by my mother and my second aunt, we told my mother what had happened. After listening, my second aunt and my mother looked at my sister’s face. Sure enough, the face and nose were all sunburned by the hot sun. My sister said it still hurt a little. Mother said, “It must have been in the sun for too long, sunburn, I will buy you a bottle of ice water to apply it.” Mother quickly bought back a bottle of ice water and let her sister put it on her face for a while. She said that she was much more comfortable and did not hurt much. We were relieved. My 深圳桑拿网 second aunt let my sister rest under the umbrella, and I had to play. My mother put on another layer of sunscreen for me, and I rushed towards the boundless sea like a lively bird flying.
In the afternoon, when I returned to the hotel by speedboat, my mother looked at me and said, “Wen, you are crazy to have a good time today. Grandpa Sun has filled up the calcium for you, but your face has also been sunburned a circle.” The second aunt said, “Wen, tell your mother that your hair is tanned.” My mother and I laughed so hard that we couldn’t close our mouths.
With laughter and laughter, we concluded our trip to the Emperor’s Island today. I hope I will have a chance to play here in the future.

First Summer Life

I had a very rich and happy summer vacation.
My father and I went to the Pudong Library, where I borrowed three books I liked, especially one of the Stories of Primary School Students, which I liked very much. I also read many 广州桑拿 copies of Charles IX, and I like to help you.
In July, I attended ESL Summer Camp in Fukuyama. I found that most of the students in the classroom were classes 4. I am so happy to see them in the summer vacation. Every day we can see the original English animation, learn a lot of English dialogue, hot weather can also eat cold drinks, I like the “odd” ice cream. Also participated in the ESL summer camp extracurricular activities “Eighth Town”, I was the first time to go, used to go to Coobella, the town has doctors, police, TV presenters, journalists, actors and so on. Our ESL campers spent three weeks together in a pleasant summer camp.
Under the arrangement of my parents, I went to Zhaojialou, an ancient town, where I carried a lot of corn home, went to Shanghai Film Museum, and saw the history of film development.
In the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, I visited the Rainbow Paradise, watched four-dimensional movies “Dragon Fish Warrior” and “Swordtooth Dynasty”, “Wolf” and “Winning in Brain” in the ball theater, and my favorite was “Wolf”;
Zhengda Square’s “Building Block Fantasy Season” is all built of colorful LEGO blocks. There is a Jurassic 深圳桑拿网 Park and a huge Tyrannosaurus Dragon, which is lifelike.
I also went to the Shanghai Museum. My father said that the Shanghai Museum is made up of a cube base and a dome, which symbolizes the cosmic view of the sky. My favorite is the fourth floor, where there are currencies of different dynasties. It’s interesting.
During the summer vacation, I also went to the Moon Boat, the Saudi Pavilion of the World Expo. There was a “Treasure Cinema” in it. It was a giant screen cinema. We could see the charming pictures of Saudi Arabia. It was like the real thing. There was also a roof garden. There were many dates and coconuts on the roof. It was very beautiful. The Italian Pavilion, where there are many statues and blankets, and a Ferrari Auto Museum, I like the red Ferrari, like the McQueen on my clothes. Of course, I also went to the Chocolate Paradise, where there are many sculptures and flowers, as well as jewelry made of various chocolates. There, I spent 100 yuan to make a box of hand-made chocolates. I couldn’t bear to eat them. I put them in the refrigerator when my parents came home. I gave them two pieces to try. They all said they were delicious. I want to explain that the 100 yuan was my own money, which was earned 桑拿佛山 from my paid housework during the summer vacation.
In August, I also participated in swimming learning. My favorite time is at noon, soaking in cool water for two hours. Although I haven’t learned it yet, I already feel that it’s a little dark. My father said that men’s black spots are nothing.
During the summer vacation, I also participated in four community activities, such as safety lectures, intelligence competitions and so on. It was very interesting. Of course, during the summer vacation, I finished my homework and Practice on time. My mother also asked me to review the first grade knowledge again. Fortunately, my mother reminded me that some words would almost be forgotten.
I will soon become a second grade pupil, I will continue to maintain the attitude of learning before the new school year, develop good learning habits and living habits.

Black Monday

Summer hot and humid summer wind has not yet blown out, along with the continuous autumn rain, the new semester has quietly arrived.
When school began, the students carried their familiar schoolbags and set foot on a new starting point. This semester we have changed a new campus. Although it is not as good as our campus last year, it is clean, beautiful and well equipped, but more human. Walking into the campus, you can see a black statue. It turned out to be Tao Xingzhi, a great educator. There is a big pool in the campus. It’s deep and big. There is a huge rockery in the middle. There are four big characters on a rock of the rockery: harmony but difference. There are also dozens of red goldfish, white carp and big eye fish in the pool, which attracted many students to watch. In addition, many flowers and plants and many towering trees are planted on the campus.
Our classroom is located on the third floor. It’s an old teaching building. The paint on the doors and 广州桑拿 corridors has fallen off, the windows of the classroom can’t be closed, and the blackboard can’t be wiped clean. When we came to the classroom the first day, we were shocked: there were some desks, chairs and benches scattered in the classroom, but fortunately the school changed them into new ones. The ground was covered with floating earth and newspapers, and some people complained directly that it was like a slum! It took us a lot of effort to clean it up.
The expected first day of school, after cleaning the classroom and distributing textbooks, finally arrived. The old class told us that our math teacher, geography teacher and biology teacher had changed this semester. At the same time, we added a physics class and an additional physics teacher. So it made the students feel very fresh and guessed each other about the new teacher. The most interesting thing is the physics teacher, for this new curriculum, we all have different feelings, perhaps excitement, expectation, fear, and fear. Finally, the physics teacher walked into our classroom after the bell rang.
This is a female teacher. She looks 深圳桑拿网 very young. She is over thirty years old. But when she spoke, we were shocked. The teacher waited for the students to calm down, then began to speak: “Hello, everyone, from today on, we will learn a new course, that is physics. And let me be your physics teacher. First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My surname is Chen. My teaching age is 30 years. That is to say, I have taught for thirty years…”
There was an uproar below. Unexpectedly, the teacher looks very young, but has taught for 30 years. Is Mr. Chen at least fifty years old? I heard the girl at the same table and behind whisper, “What secret formula does she use to keep her face?”
After everyone had calmed down, Mr. Chen began to speak in a leisurely manner. Sure enough, she is a high-level teacher. Teacher Chen once brought out the gold medal winner of the National Physics Competition. Her students also became doctoral tutors. It’s a world full of peaches and plums, and each one is better than the other. This makes us respectful: such a teacher who has rich experience and has brought out high-level students, follow her, right!
Then, Mr. Chen returned to the truth and formally began our first physics class. Mr. Chen first hit the nail on the head, asked us what physics is, and then made a few experiments for us: for example, boiling water bottles will boil again after pouring cold water; table tennis balls will be put in funnels, and then blow into funnels, table tennis ball will not fall down; an empty test tube will be placed a little bigger than 桑拿佛山 it (just can). Install) in the test tube filled with water, and then stand upside down. We see that with the discharge of water, the empty test tube keeps rising… This series of magical phenomena fascinated us and led us to the magical physical world. At this time, Mr. Chen smiled and gave the answer: Physics is the science of force, electricity, sound, light, heat and other phenomena. At the same time, he gave several examples.
Then Mr. Chen asked us what is the key to learn physics well. In fact, the answer lies in our textbooks, which also becomes the learning purpose we should remember: good at observation, willing to start, diligent in thinking, focusing on understanding, integrating with reality, and connecting with society.
Soon, the physics class was over, and we still felt uneasy. The bell rang after class.
After a day’s study, we carried our schoolbags out of the school gate. That was the end of the first day of school. This is not just a simple day, but the beginning of the new term, a new starting point, a new runway waiting for us. Come on! Students, let’s embrace the new semester with enthusiasm!