Hometown has changed

I remember my first trip to Hangzhou 20 years ago, when I was overwhelmed by the charming scenery, beautiful landscapes and tall buildings, which made me stay for more than a month and keep me going back and forth.
One day, my colleague from Tianjin asked me where my colleague was. When I first came into the world, I was shy when facing the questions from the big city people. So I answered in a low voice: Taizhou, Jiangsu Province. Where? Taizhou, Jiangsu, I repeat, the other side shook his head and said: I don’t know where.
Yeah, Taizhou is too small. I was like a frog jumping in the mouth of a well, knowing that the world is too big to describe, while Taizhou is too small, as small as the palm of the palm. I remember that there is a smooth passage among the people – a street, two buildings, a few monkeys in a park. There are few pedestrians from south to north, and one policeman is in charge of both ends. It’s not too bad to describe Taizhou as small and backward.
The impression of childhood, Taizhou is only Hailing North-South Road, and the North Road was called Pozi Street, also known as Caiyi Street. It was only six or seven meters wide. The length of the road was the place where all walks of life, traders and hawkers gathered at that time. There are scissors, shovels, bowls, pots, fortune tellers. Residents along the street are still living in front of the coal stove every day, banana fans stir up a stir, the street is full of smoke extremely ordinary life. Holidays are also bustling crowds, which is lively. Fortunately, the traffic was not as developed as it is now. Otherwise, the road will be congested every day.
People’s dining and entertainment only lie in the people’s theatre at the gate of the city and Fuchun Hotel at Xibakou. Whenever my father is happy, he rides me on his shoulder, goes to Fuchun Hotel for breakfast tea, and then goes to the theatre to see a movie, which is quite satisfying at that time.
With the deepening of reform and opening up, great changes have taken place in Taizhou’s urban construction and people’s cultural and living standards. Large and medium-sized enterprises led by Chunlan and Lin Hai groups are driving Taizhou’s economy. It has leaped to a new level. Spring orchid air conditioning has entered thousands of households, into the Central South China Sea, into the world, but also to improve the popularity of Taizhou.
With the birth of prefecture-level Taizhou City, the emergence of politicians and people, and the emergence of Pepsi, urban infrastructure is imminent, starting with the reconstruction project of People’s East Road and Youth North-South Road, the curtain of urban construction has been opened.
The newly enlarged People’s Road is built along the South Bank of the East-West City. There are many tall buildings along the street. The scenery of the Chenghe River is beautiful, just like that of a metropolis. The central Yuecheng Square is like a night pearl embedded between the East and West Chenghe River, playing a key role. Every summer night, the soft light of the high pole lamp, the novel and unique music fountain and the soft green lawn all give the cool visitors a feeling of relaxation and joy.
The newly opened Youth North-South Road, which lasts more than ten years, crosses the city and goes directly to Gaogang, a major riverside town, has become one of the important traffic arteries in Taizhou. The rows of stretching street lights, like welcoming tourists from all directions, have shaded the green islands on both sides, and become the provincial standard green demonstration street.
In order to improve the living standard of the people, we have successively built more than a dozen residential districts, including Dongjin, Jingguang, Nanyuan and other residential districts, especially the Lotus District under construction. Its scale is unprecedented, equivalent to the area of the Old Hailing City, with a residential population of about 100,000. Such urban construction has been enumerated in our city.
While building material civilization, people do not forget the construction of spiritual civilization. The successive completion of Confucian Temple, Mei Lanfang Memorial Hall and Municipal Library has greatly enriched the amateur cultural life of the people and marked that the construction of spiritual civilization in our city has been raised to a new level.
Mei Lanfang Memorial Hall is particularly prominent. It is located on the beautiful Dongcheng River. It is historically known as Fenghuangdun. It imitates ancient Ming and Qing Dynasty buildings. Its environment is elegant and its winding paths are quiet. It is one of the important tourist attractions in Taizhou. The ancient Hailing Tomb has a reputation as Phoenix City, where the Phoenix is not lost. Although this is people’s yearning for a better life, she has raised a large number of patriots like Mei Lanfang and Liu Jingting. Mei Lanfang’s ambitious feat is admired by the world. Mei Shiguan has now become a national patriotic education. Base, come to visit, study, tourists endless stream.
Home changes are not clearly depicted in a moment and a half, such as the first tower in central Jiangsu (Taizhou TV Tower), the city sculpture in the West Square, the Dongchenghe Scenic Area and so on. Every Taizhou people are proud of it. She is the symbol of our Taizhou! It is the pride of Hailing people!
Looking back on the dialogue with Tianjin people in those days, if it happened today, I would tell him loudly that my hometown is Taizhou, the hometown of Master Mei, the birthplace of Chunlan and the place where General Secretary Jiang has been twice!

Tread in Spring

March in Yangchun is a good time to go out to search for spring. Teachers seem to understand our minds, organized the sixth grade students spring outing, to explore the footsteps of spring in nature.
Early in the morning, the students came to the school ahead of schedule and discussed the topic of “spring outing” in the classroom. Some students took out their cameras to take pictures in the East and take pictures in the west; some students poured their snacks on their desks to carry out “elimination activities” early; some students even forgot all about their early self-study time and took out poker cards to fight with their desks.
After breakfast, under the guidance of the teacher, the students carried their backpacks and hurried downstairs to the front of the car. The “belly” of this giant is not spacious, but you let me, I let you, one by one, get on the car in an orderly way. The bus started! The long motorcade traveled along the street, and our hearts were galloping along with it. In the carriage, the excited students took pictures of teachers, classmates and scenery with their cameras. At this time, I do not know which boy began to sing a song we are familiar with, so everyone responded, along the way floating our happy songs. Just as we were able to sing vigorously, the teacher suggested that we review the ancient poems we had learnt before so as to prepare for the poetry recitation contest. The ancient poems depict spring in so many colors that “Juju”, “Peach Blossom in Dalin Temple” and “Searching for Flowers by the Riverside” make the breath of spring more strong. Suddenly, a female student got sick, and all the students reached out to help. “Quick! Keep this mint candy in your mouth and you won’t get sick!” “Come on, take my medicine for carsickness! Make sure you’re ready soon!” “You face out the window! Breathe the fresh air out of the window!” Under everyone’s enthusiastic “service”, carsickness effect God. Strangely slipped away. What a false alarm!
I was enjoying the scenery outside the window when I suddenly felt a flash of light in front of me. I rubbed my eyes and fixed my eyes on a vast field of rapeseed flowers. The sun shined on the petals, and they became more and more dazzling and charming, like spring girls’brocade clothes woven for the earth. The beautiful golden color makes Mother Earth look much younger.
An hour later, we finally reached our destination, Sanhe Reservoir. When we got out of the car, we were like a group of newly emerged sparrows flying around curiously. The teacher had no difficulty in bringing us together. The distant mountains seem to be shouting to us: Children, welcome to nature! In a twinkling of an eye, we entered a forest. On one side are magnificent cliffs and rocky rocks. The mysterious caves witness the vicissitudes of the years it has experienced. At the foot of the mountain, there are thick reeds growing in clumps. The slender green leaves seem to show off to us: Look! How beautiful I am! There is also a trickle of springs, clear and incomparable, but they do not know where they come from. On the other side were innumerable trees, tall and straight, with the majesty of a general, standing beside the path in the woods. The teacher told us that the name of the tree was Metasequoia. Soon, we came to the dam. Green grass grew on the sloping dam. As soon as our toes touched their soft bodies, we were all energetic. We climbed up desperately in order to win the first place in the climbing competition. However, I just climbed half of the exhaustion, collapsed on the lawn, can only watch your classmates catch up with me, scrambling to catch up. Several male classmates won the championship, standing on the top of the dam cheering, the voice echoed between the mountains for a long time. I simply lay on the dam, looking at this wonderful spring scenery, is so pleasant.
Next, a poetry recitation contest was held among the sixth grade classes. Every class is arranged in a neat square array. Everyone is full of passion, describing ancient poems in spring one after another. The voice of reciting ancient poems is higher than one wave, and the call of spring is echoed between heaven and earth. Many students have come forward to use cameras to capture this happy time, fixed the happy moment.
Roaming in the natural embrace of the end of the journey, the students brought back a good mood. Goodbye! Rapeseed Flowers in Yanhe Field! Goodbye! Mountains in Sanhe Reservoir! Goodbye, Search for a Happy Journey in Spring!

My mother

Childhood – Nanny
“Wow, it’s fragrant!” When I came home from school, I smelled a smell of fried chicken. Sure enough, there was a bowl of yellow, crisp and fragrant fried chicken wings on the table. I could not help running over, stretching out the Wuzhishan, pinching up a chicken wing and eating it. My mom came out of the kitchen and was so angry and funny to see me with such a greedy mouth. I was asked to wash my hands. When she saw that my fingernails were very old, she could not help but blame me me, “When I was ten years old, I didn’t pay attention to hygiene, so I cut off my nails!” After dinner, I stretched out a long loaf, sat on the sofa and stretched out my hand and asked, “Mom, you cut my nails.” My mother reluctantly counted me on her mouth, but in action she had already sat down and started cutting my nails. “Mom, sharpen my nails once more.” Having just solved the “hands-on project”, I put my foot on her leg again. I can’t help it. I’ve solved these stinky feet together, boy! I secretly laughed at the mouth of the knife in my heart, and the mother of tofu heart certainly muttered in her heart.
Oh, mother – my dear nanny, it’s really comfortable to be with you!
On Earth – Friends
“Sister, don’t move! Money or death?” I wear a towel, a bath towel, a submachine gun on my shoulder, and a “AK-47” rifle on my mother’s arm. Who knows my mother wants money to kill her? She would rather put it on the muzzle of my gun than pull out a penny! How can I get it? I have to lose, depressed! One day, I will leave my hair for many days and put on some gel, hair gel or something to make an explosion. In front of my mother, squinting small eyes and humming “Chrysanthemum is disabled, full of wounds –” I feel very “Jay Chou”. But my mother looked at me coldly for a long time, rewarded me with a punch and threw a sentence: “Brother, you went to the wrong door, this is not Zhou Fu, I am not Jay Chou’s mother!” I can’t help spraying food!
Alas, alas, alas, Mom – my lovely friend, it’s so happy to be with you!
My University – Teacher
“A, look at the Happy Dictionary!” I was thinking about the six sides of the Rubik’s Cube in my room, and my mother called me in the living room. She’s going to test me as a “scholar”. On TV, Wang Xiaoya’s topic is really strange, such as “Where does the Yangtze River originate – Kunlun Mountain and Tanggula Mountain?” I grabbed the first chance, Tanggula Mountain! My mother is expressionless: “The energy below is non-renewable – water, wind, oil?” I said lightly, “Oil!” With some laughter on the corner, I became more and more proud, but this question: “Who said the phrase:” Looking at the past sages and homes, thrift and luxury are the reasons for frugality?”- Zhang Ji, Zhang Jian, Sima Qian, Sima Guang.”I will not. I look at my mother with the remaining light of the corner of my eye. She has already given the answer with success: “Sima Guang”. The old man on TV chose Sima Qian, but she was very anxious. Fortunately, Wang Xiaoya let the water go, the old man passed the customs, and my mother gave her a sigh. Ah, ah, mama, my dear teacher, with you, I can really learn knowledge!
Mom, I really like to be with you. You accompany me in this life and I accompany you.

An unforgettable charity sale

I have participated in many charity sales, but only this charity sale is unforgettable to me. Because of this sale, I became a salesman who I didn’t even dare to think of.
At 12 o’clock, I arrived at the square on time, ready to replace a group of students. Looking at the counter, I can’t catch a glimpse of all kinds of goods, such as croissants, tiger shoes, pendants and Christmas candles.
I put on a yellow horse clip, took out some empty space, and shivered with my cold hand from the bag with what I wanted to sell: bracelets, stars, dolls… I carefully put my half month’s “painstaking efforts” on the booth. At that moment, I vaguely heard a whisper in front of the booth: “Is that the elder sister who is leading aerobics?” “Oh, it seems.” I looked up and saw two lovely little girls standing in front of me. I welcomed my first customers with my beating heart. “Sister, how much is this one?” The tender voice of a child came into my ear, and it was the younger child who spoke. “One for a dollar, three for you.” I tried to be more natural. “Sister, how much is a bracelet?” The older child also spoke. “This one is 15 yuan. I made it up by myself.” To force, to force, too much to force, the sisters bought something, and the 18 yuan in my hand gave me confidence. In the distance, another little girl came to me…
“Fifty yuan for each painting, fifty yuan for each painting!” Mr. Lou urged. “Okay, I see!” I answered, nodding my head vigorously. As soon as Mr. Lou had been walking for more than ten seconds, an uncle came to see the painting. “Oh, this is beautiful, how much is it?” At this moment, my heart is like the sea of turbulence: the painting is very beautiful, but the price is too high? I dare not say a little, but looking at the customer’s looking forward to, I had to squeeze out a few words from the teeth: “Fifty yuan one.” Unexpectedly, my uncle agreed with me at once. He “brushed” a hundred-dollar bill from his wallet and handed it to me. I put the money in the box and tried to find fifty dollars for the uncle, but the big money had just been taken away by Mr. Lou. I just turned around and smiled awkwardly at my uncle and said, “Uncle, I only have 40 yuan, can I help you to collect something to 60 yuan?” The uncle generously agreed. I packed a bottle of lucky stars and paintings in a bag and handed them to the customer with the change. I was grateful.
Hey? Why are they here again? They’ve all come five times since they broke their fingers and counted them. “Why have you been here so many times?” I asked doubtfully. “Because you are the leader’s sister, usually very good to us, so we come here to buy!” The voice of the sisters like a silver bell, watery eyes like a crystal clear grapes. What naive children! What magical answers! They light my heart like the warm winter sun.
The cold wind whistled in my ear, but I was not cold at all, because there was a red flame in my heart that warmed my heart.
Participating in this charity sale, I realized that the world is like a big family of love, there are many people around us who have love. This is an unforgettable charity sale! It will be a beautiful scenery in my childhood memory.

Sharpening training

On the morning of May 26, the weather was very clear, and I was very happy and excited, because today we are going to Yinpingshan Youth Outward Bound Training Base in the Oriental Sunshine for a three-day military training.
After two hours’journey, we arrived at our destination and divided our luggage into dormitories. We each brought our luggage to our rooms. “Wow!” Apart from mosquito nets, the dormitory also had air conditioning, which made me very happy for fear of mosquitoes. After simply managing the internal affairs, the opening ceremony was held. The instructor said that in these three days we will encounter a lot of tests and challenges, as well as a lot of gains. This makes me nervous and expecting, not only worried that I can not stand the high-intensity training, but also hope to test my ability comprehensively. After lunch, a nap, and an energetic start to the afternoon activities, the first experience is “work together in the same boat”, two people in a team, one of them blindfolded and supported by another small partner, to complete the game, we must have full trust in the partner. Wan Ziyi and I were in a group, thinking that we would understand each other very well from kindergarten, but when we were in the dark, the fear made us constantly ask each other if there was any obstacle in the way ahead. Finally, we finished the game satisfactorily. I watched the documentary “Light of the Cave” in the evening. Because I was tired and sleepy, I had no deep feeling. Back to the dormitory after a simple wash and then fall asleep, sleep in the end of a day of military training.
Another morning came quietly, and somebody called out “Get up” in his sleep. I sat up abruptly. “What time is it?” “5:40.” “Damn it. So early, the horn will wake us up.” I fell back into bed again, but I couldn’t fall asleep. The horn sounded in a confusion. Everyone was chattering about getting up and combing. After breakfast, we began quality training. With the instructor’s command, “squat, stand up, rest, stand up,” we did countless times, sweating, backache, leg pain, fortunately, the hard work did not waste, our team won the final victory. Next is to exercise our “family harmony” of unity, hand in hand, shoulder in shoulder, shouting “our family”, “our one heart”, “we fight together”, “we must win”, in the deafening slogan, we feel the collective strength. During lunch, there was an episode. An unexpected visitor spider came to our table to grab food. Zhang Huan, a talented woman, could not help sighing, “The food is never fragrant. Spiders must be dirty, unthinkable and unthinkable.” And let me start thinking about the delicious dishes at home. In the afternoon, it is “soldier assault” training, which is actually a big step, but requires the pace to be consistent. At the beginning of the training, it was terrible. After the strict instruction of the instructor, we made some progress. Unfortunately, we were too nervous in the competition. We played badly and lost. But that’s OK. I believe we can do it next time.
Time flies so fast that it comes to the last “flood decisive battle” on the third day. It is a game for us to understand life. The scene is virtual, but the emotion is real. Because of the flooding, the water has already been in the house, the situation is urgent, we must use sandbags to plug the gap. Who will carry the 30-kilogram sandbags? After a difficult screening, the heavy responsibility falls on Peng Jun and He Baikai, who are trying to carry the sandbags in order to save everyone’s lives. Unfortunately, the floods rage, and they have paid a valuable “life”. We shed touching tears. Water has overflowed the house, we must move to the roof, but the load on the roof is limited, there are five people to stay, leaving means death. Who to stay for? We are faced with difficult choices. Tearful people are watching the passing of five “lives”. Finally, we waited for the lifeboat, but it was too small to sit on five people, which meant that only five people could survive. Others could only be drowned in the flood. Once again, we were faced with the choice of life and death. None of us stepped on the lifeboat. Everyone was crying and crying, which became our only catharsis. Teacher Ling came at a critical moment. She saved us all. Wipe away your tears and start over. Everyone feels the value of life and the fragility of life. Finally, a sentence from Mr. Song touched me a lot – “Don’t let those who love you suffer any more.” This sentence reminds me of my mother, who loves me, how many times I have trouble with my mother, how many times I complain to my mother about the bad food? All this is for the big things of sesame mung beans, if life is real. For such a short time, I believe I will never let those who love me suffer any more.
After the unforgettable training, I was rated as “excellent youth”, but I think the title is not the most important, what is important is what we have gained through this activity.

A military training

On the morning of May 26, we got on the bus with excitement and prepared to go to Yinpingshan Base in Dongying for a three-day training.
After more than two hours, we arrived at the training base. When I got out of the car, I looked up and exclaimed, “Wow.” The mountains here are so heavy that they seem to be covered with a thin white veil. It really feels like I don’t know the true face of Lushan Mountain. But time waits for no one, and the instructor waits for no one. If I look at the scenery for a while, I’m afraid my buttocks will be uncomfortable. So I quickly put on my military uniform, packed my luggage and went to the rostrum for the opening ceremony at a crisp pace.
After lunch and nap, the first activity was carried out: “Aladdin Lamp”. The instructor first told us the story of Aladdin’s lamp. Then he wrote all the names on the paper. Then he drew lots one by one. Whom you drew is your master. You have to do three meaningful things for him. My master is Yang Jiaming, and I have done three meaningful things for him. Therefore, my heart is full of sweetness.
The first day of training was soon over. I went back to my dormitory, played with my classmates for a while, and soon fell asleep.
The next day, with the sound of a horn, I slowly got up, arranged the sheets, and after breakfast, we began quality training. “Stand up!” “Slightly rest!” “Stand up!” “Crouch down!” “Stand up!” After countless quality training, we all sweat, backache and pain, complaining for days, alas, who told us not to exercise at ordinary times? It’s really a gain! In the afternoon, we launched a “soldier raid” campaign. In training, our class is lazy and idle, and we still want to be the first, but in the end, we really got a first, but it’s only the reciprocal, but I learned a truth from this score: if we want to get the first, it’s not just wishing, we must continue to train, otherwise, the number will always be empty the next day! _ I feel a lot, a day like this does not know not feel the past.
Finally, on the third day, today is both happy and sad. Why is it so contradictory?
I’m happy because today I can finally finish my training and go back to my warm home. And sad, want to know? Then look down!
Flood decisive battle began, this is a training for us to feel life, although the scene is virtual, but the emotion is real. There was a group of children in a mountainous area. One night, when the flood suddenly came, the teacher went out. The children didn’t know what to do. The situation was urgent. The children had to block the water with sandbags. Who could move the 30-kilogram sandbags? At first, the students all scrambled to say it, but we had to screen out two brave ones. Team members, in the end, the arduous task fell on the shoulders of two dare-to-die players, Peng Junhe and Ho Bokai. They ran thirty times with sand belts, and by the time the water was stopped, the two of them had bravely “sacrificed”. Teachers took off their hats and let them go where we could not see them. At that time, we all shed tears and looked back. Even Lin Jiahao, the “troublemaker” in our class, was quietly wiping his tears in private. It was really “farewell three days, treat each other with eyes.” The water, rising higher and higher, there was no other way, boy. The children had to climb up to the roof, but the house was made of bamboo. They couldn’t bear the weight of the children. They had to jump into the water. This meant that they might face death. Finally, five more children died. We wept again. Finally, the lifeguards came, but the lifeboat had only five seats and only five children could survive! After selection, five lucky people survived. Well, wipe your tears, start all over again, no matter what you did wrong before, now everything starts all over again! “Don’t let the people who love you suffer any more!” I used to think that parents were too nagging, now I know how precious the original nagging is, how much parents love you! Life is so precious! Quarrel over trifles, because others love you!
Although this military training is very tired, but I think it is very valuable, because I learned a lot of things, and these things are not learned in the classroom, is the so-called “life is like a play, want to perform this play well, the key is to see the director of the play – yourself!”

Fishing广州洗浴中心收费标准 record

It’s so hot and hot that people naturally like to go to places with water and trees to cool down. Of course, we are young and no exception. Who knows that we inadvertently enjoy the cool, unexpectedly made a surprising discovery: the artificial lake in the深圳洗浴中心最开放的服务 community actually lives wild fish! Therefore, a “fishing war” is inevitable.
The appointed time is up, and we are all armed to our destination. Huh! Look, it’s quite well equipped, ranging from a small fishing net to a mini flashlight. When we got to the lake, we saw that many people had started fishing there. Dense fishing nets have become a unique landscape in the community. “Well, we’re still late.” The sentimental Xiaocheng lamented. “Never mind, the latter is in the first place!” I comforted him, but I could hardly wait for him.
We went to a deserted place and did a carpet search. “There’s one!” cried Jurid, with a sharp eye, in surprise. Xiaocheng and I immediately joined up. The little fish was sitting quietly between the two stones at the moment, unaware that it had become someone else’s goal, still foolishly motionless. Xiaocheng and I each held a fishing net to block the fish’s exit. At this time, the little fish may feel bad and can only escape from the front, but it seems that it does not notice the fluctuation of the water surface, because Jured has been there “waiting for rabbits”. Xiao Zhu quickly blocked the front of the stone crack with a small net. At this moment, the little fish seemed to understand that it had become a turtle in the urn, and returned to the original road at a fast speed, rushing towards the direction of the small guard. Unfortunately, it’s too late, Xiaocheng said, this dizzy fish has become our “first battle product”.
Influenced by this “open door red”, we have great morale and high personality. We are anxious to fish all the small fish in the lake. It really took no effort. Just then another little fish came into our sight. We immediately implemented the capture plan. This little fish seems to be much smarter than the one just now. Just as soon as our fishing net touched the lake, it seemed to feel bad and fled immediately. I was deeply disappointed. At this time, Xiao Cheng suddenly said, “Who said the fish ran away, it’s in my net!” Originally, when the small fish fled, it was in Xiao Cheng’s pocket. “What a coincidence! It’s not a book!” we sighed one after another.
Time passed silently, and we kept fishing. But after a period of time, no fish was seen. We sighed and lost our hearts. Even Xiao Zhu, who is usually the most patient, is a little impatient. The flashlight in his hand flashed and seemed to be restless. Suddenly, Xiao Zhu shouted, “Red goldfish!” This simple three-word, like a time bomb suddenly pushed us to the climax. “Where is it?” I asked Xiaocheng in unison. We looked in the direction of Xiao Zhu’s finger. It was true that a red goldfish was swimming happily in the water. “Boy, this time you met this fishing expert and you’ve been mouldy for eight years. See where you’re going? Take your life!” Xiao Cheng cried excitedly. He was caught with a fishing net in his pocket in the water. We were thrilled by this great achievement.
In the next time, we caught several small fish one after another. Although the fish is very small, it is the result of our solidarity and cooperation, and we are very proud of it.

Perceptions in Life

After reading the book “Building New China”, I fell into deep thinking: over the past 60 years since the founding of New China, great progress has been made in national construction, military strength, international status and people’s lives. Over the 11th Five-Year Plan and into the 12th Five-Year Plan, the motherland is developing like a high-speed train. Whether urban or rural residents, life has greatly improved. No, I’ll tell you.
On the morning of the 30th lunar year, we put up Spring Festival couplets and went to Grandma’s house for lunch. Although it was less than 100 meters away from Grandma’s house, Dad also drove there because there were too many things for Grandma and Grandpa during the Spring Festival. I could not carry them with my parents. There were boxes of white wine, beer, drinks and new clothes for Grandma and Grandpa.
Before entering Grandma’s house, she smelled a pungent fragrance. Opening the door, a full table of dishes broke into my sight. There were roast chicken, roast meat, sauced beef, squid, knife fish, fried squid, roast sausage, jelly, fried shrimp, mushrooms, cauliflower, fried garlic, all twelve dishes. Grandma was still busy in the kitchen.
To tell you the truth, usually fish and meat eat a lot. Today, such a big table, grandparents, parents and five of us how to eat, are full and a little tired. Grandma also brought me vegetables to eat. When everybody put down their chopsticks, I hastened to join the ranks of cleaning the table. Looking at so many leftovers, Grandma shook her head with joy and said, “In the past, I never dreamed of so many delicious dishes.”
Talking about the changes in life, Grandma always talked endlessly: “In the past, poor living conditions, low family income. Children wear small clothes for older children, and older children wear ragged clothes for adults. When the clothes are broken, they can be mended and repaired. A single dress can be worn for two generations. Grandpa also quickly interrupted: “My pants when I married your grandma are still borrowed!” Grandma pulled back a handful of Grandpa continued: “The natural disasters of 1959-1962 in three years, the wild vegetable on the mountain were all digged up, and even some bark were picked up and eaten, which can not eat steamed bread, the New Year also had to spend money to buy meat. 。 In the past, there was no telephone, and even letters were not common, let alone e-mail. If relatives went to a distant place, they would not contact each other for a long time. Your grandfather married a house and owes more than 800 yuan debt. Your grandfather worked in a factory for 33 yuan, 5 months and a month, earning more than ten years. Pigs fed fat and hurriedly sold money to pay their debts. Every day he got up and worked in the mountains every day. When your father and you were so old, the electricity was on in the village…
Grandma stopped, and suddenly said with a big smile: “You see how good it is now, society is progressing, dumplings and other things have become a regular meal, clothes are also changed. If you want to make a phone call, your grandfather bought a bicycle when he went to work, and your father bought a motorcycle when he went to work. When you were two years old, our family bought a car. What a great change!
Indeed, in the 63 years since the founding of New China, earth-shaking changes have taken place. For example, transportation, bicycles, which used to be very few, are now very common, and even cars have entered the homes of ordinary people. In the city, the highways, the complicated viaducts, the colorful neon lights at night and the dazzling commodities in the supermarket are all in sight. China has also made great breakthroughs in science and technology: Yuan Longping’s hybrid rice, manned space flight, space walk, nuclear power plant, lunar exploration project, Jiaolong.. People’s living standards have been greatly improved. They live in reinforced concrete houses and enjoy the medical security provided by the state. The Internet, mobile phones, computers and 3D TV have entered the homes of ordinary people. People’s cultural level has also been greatly improved. The nine-year compulsory education implemented by the state has given many poor students valuable opportunities to learn cultural knowledge. The state also provides economic assistance to the poor and affordable housing for the people who do not have housing. Military power has also been greatly enhanced. What a huge leap from a small country without a voice to a permanent member of the United Nations!
Looking at the ever-changing motherland, I feel how important the mission of our generation is. The prosperity and strength of our motherland is shouldered by our generation. We are the hope and future of our motherland. Therefore, I will work hard to learn scientific and cultural knowledge and contribute to the motherland in the future. Today, we are proud of our motherland. Tomorrow, let our motherland be proud of us.

Tour to France

As the saying goes, “A hundred things are better than one thing at a time.” I have long heard of the spectacular and green France, the world-famous Eiffel Tower, the magnificent Arc de Triomphe and the beautiful environment there make me yearn. Hope, hope. Finally, God has given me a golden opportunity. So I traveled a long way to France.
When I arrived in France, the first thing I saw was a green ocean. In the green ocean, a young pine tree is green and green, and the pavilion is up; a willow tree is like a bride, hanging a string of Green Pearls on its head, fluttering in the wind, flying willow catkins all over the sky, like white butterflies in groups, swimming in willow branches. In France, there are pines and cypresses everywhere, with beautiful flowers and scattered trees, which make the whole country fragrant.
With the lush trees and the fragrance of flowers, we unconsciously came to Champs Elysees Street. Champs Elysees is the longest, busiest and busiest street in France in the centre of the capital Paris. It is world-famous, because the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, Louvre and other famous attractions are located in the Champs Elysees Street. We walked along this street and finally came to the Eiffel Tower Square, which I had longed for for a long time. At this time, I was so excited that I couldn’t control my mood any more. I was cheering, jumping and dancing. I saw it! I saw it! I saw it! I saw it standing in the centre of Paris, on the South Bank of Senna, the landmark building of France; I saw the Eiffel Tower that people all over the world yearned for all day and night! Ah, it had held my dream, it had tied my feelings! At this moment, the dream came true! This moment, let me cheer! This moment, will be in my life! Write down a glorious page in it.
The Eiffel Tower is the first steel tower in the world. It weighs 10,000 tons and is 320 meters high. It is regarded as the symbol of Paris. Built in 1889, named after designer Eiffel. The tower was then a landmark building for the International Fair held in Paris in 1889. The bottom area is 10,000 square meters. The tower is divided into three layers of viewing platform. There are luxury restaurants and shops on the first floor, coffee shops on the second floor and visitors on the third floor. The viewing platform on the tower overlooks the panorama of Paris. We went up to the third floor and looked out at the magnificent Paris. “Ah, it’s true that everyone yearns for Paris, marvels at Paris and praises Paris.” I couldn’t help sighing. Yeah, it’s so beautiful, so grand, so spectacular. Gentle spring breeze came slowly, just like cotton ball rubbing gently on the face. See only one high-rise buildings standing on both sides of the city center, like a powerful soldier defending the city.
Time is running. Two hours later, we come to the Arc de Triomphe, the “brother” of the Eiffel Tower. The Arc de Triomphe is as famous as the Eiffel Tower in the world, and it is also a famous scenic spot in France. In the long run, the Arc de Triomphe is not very high, not very large. In the near future, it was discovered that the Arc de Triomphe was so tall, so magnificent and so magnificent. In the past, as long as the European countries win the war, they will build a huge door from which the victorious team will enter the city, which means triumphant return, hence the name “triumphal arch”. However, unlike other triumphs, this unique triumphal arch was built in the Napoleonic era and was built on July 29, 1836, in the center of Charles de Gaulle Square in the city centre. It was ordered by Napoleon in February 1806 to commemorate his defeat of the Austrian-Russian coalition in the Battle of Austerlitz. 。 It is the largest of more than 100 triumphs in Europe. The Arc de Triomphe in Paris is about 80 meters high, 45 meters wide and 22 meters thick. There is one on each side. There are many exquisite carvings on the door. Standing under these magnificent sculptures, looking left and right, I was stunned by the magnificent sight before me. Ah! Arc de Triomphe, the magnificent Arc de Triomphe, you are no less than the Eiffel Tower. You are the same as the Eiffel Tower. You are a wonder of France. You make visitors praise endlessly, you amaze them, you make them startle. Suddenly, I inadvertently found that there were not only exquisite carvings on the door, but also various carvings on the ground, on the wall and on the top of the head. They are displayed in different styles for visitors to enjoy.
Time passed by minute by minute. Gradually, the sun went down and we had to rush to the hotel reluctantly.
Ah! This wonderful day, this magical day, this happy day. You gave me a glimpse of the tall Eiffel Tower and the magnificence of the Arc de Triomphe. I will never forget this day.

My lost pet

So far, I still remember the little gray rabbit, the pet gray rabbit that was very cute, but finally lost by me.
The little gray rabbit was caught by Grandpa when he was weeding in the wheat field. When Grandpa saw it, he was eating the wheat in the field with relish. Grandpa saw that it was lovely, so he took it home and cut a handful of green wheat to make food for it.
The little grey rabbit’s eyes were red as if I had cried; its tail was short, I checked, and it did not break the wound, so it should be born; its ears were long, like two tall saplings; its hair was gray and soft, and it could be used as a hand warmer in winter.
The first time I saw it, I liked it very much and begged Grandpa to let me take it home. Grandpa not only agreed, but also made a warm home for Little Grey Rabbit with small cardboard boxes. And repeatedly told me that we must treat the little gray rabbit kindly. If I do not want to raise it, I must take it back to my grandfather’s home, and then let it go back to the embrace of nature.
I happily brought the little gray rabbit home and bought carrots and vegetables from the supermarket. I decided to treat it as my pet and named it Ash Tuan.
Ash dump is very good. Every day after eating carrots, he squats in the cardboard box house and thinks about things. He doesn’t jump around or run around. Maybe he feels a little lonely and homesick. So I contributed my favorite Plush Puppy doll and put it in the dusty house as a companion.
One day when I came home from school, I smelled green pepper and beef in the corridor, which was my mother’s specialty. I opened the door and ran to the kitchen before I could change my shoes. After I had eaten a full meal, I remembered the hungry dumplings. I rushed to the dumplings house and reached for it. But there was only my Plush Puppy doll in the house. The dumplings were gone. I’m in a hurry. I’m looking all over the house. Under the bed, on the balcony and in the cabinet, there was no dust mass. I looked back and found the open door. It must be that I came back in a hurry to eat and forgot to close it. The ash mass ran out. I regret so much that I shouldn’t be greedy.
But where will it go? It’s more than sixty kilometers away from Grandpa’s wheat field. Does it want to travel long distances back to its hometown? I heard that the little tortoise raised by the neighbor Xiaoming’s brother has disappeared. Are they going to have another tortoise-rabbit race? They want to rewrite history? Or did the duster see the little white-haired dog doll I was looking for, and think the white hair of the doll is more beautiful than its own. Did he go to the barber’s and dye it? Or did he see me come back and leave home angrily, ignoring my meal? Alas, it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have eaten when I came back and forgot to close the door.
I never dared to tell Grandpa about this. I was afraid that Grandpa would never trust me to keep his lovely pet after he knew it. I was also afraid that Grandpa would blame himself for bringing back the ashes from the wheat fields.
Now, I can only pray that this pet dump that I have lost will find a suitable environment for its survival. The best place is a rich vegetable garden, with its favorite carrots and vegetables, as well as the little white rabbit that can become good friends with it, and the little turtle that can run with it. I hope my pet dump will have a good life!