Stepping into the door of junior high school

In the daily study and life, it is inevitable that something will happen, making you happy, happy, gratified or sad, depressed, disappointed, regret… In my “memoirs” of the soul, there is one thing that makes me feel very happy, it is also A turning point in my life.

叮 铃 铃 – The bell rang, the last exam in elementary school was over, and I should wave goodbye to my childhood. I went back to the classroom, and the classroom was very noisy. Perhaps it was the summer vacation after the students thought of the graduation exam. I am very happy. But I can’t be happy either, because my beloved teacher, the classmates who lived together, the classrooms, the campus, the playground that accompanied me for six years… all of this has to say goodbye to me. I have a saying in my heart. The feeling of coming out. The class teacher called some classmates to send us some seeds and jelly, as a graduation celebration. Then the teacher asked the classmates to calm down and read a tearful farewell testimony. Listening and listening, I found that several female students were crying with their heads down, the class teacher also cried, and my tears flowed involuntarily. How much I can’t bear it all! But I know that the road to life is exactly like this: life is a rare gathering, only parting!

After a sad feeling, it is necessary to pay tribute to the new junior high school life. After entering junior high school, everything is different from the learning life of elementary school. There are more subjects, more difficult, more stressful, more friends, and more lifelong learning… The learning life in junior high school is refreshing.

On the day of the graduation exam, the teacher’s parting speech made me very moved: When you still have tears and no children, the teacher’s appearance is as gentle as your mother. Time flies so fast, a blink of an eye, six years have passed, you have become a sunny, lively, cheerful, strong teenager. And you are about to meet the learning life of junior high school. Junior high school is not like elementary school, the teacher will not be in charge of you all the time, and the difficulty of learning is also increased. However, junior high school life is not as bad as imagined, it also has its fun, which requires your patience, explore it yourself!

I am very pleased to hear this passage. I am no longer afraid of junior high school life. I am even more jealous of it and look forward to my other life.

On the first day of junior high school life, on the day of school, a highly respected teacher became my class teacher. Hey and kindly junior class teacher educates us: junior high school students must rely on their own conscious, independent learning, reasonable arrangements for the time of study, to listen carefully in class, carefully prepare before class, carefully review after class, still have to do a “entry room Junior high school students who are quiet and take a seat. The new class teacher introduced us to many learning methods and the basic principles of being a human being. After listening to it, I felt that I should re-engineer a better and more effective learning method and learning plan. The teacher’s words have benefited me a lot. It’s really “listening to the monarch and winning ten years of books”!

The first semester of junior high school has passed, and my achievements have never reached the ideal goal. I have also summed up many lessons of failure. I know that carelessness is my enemy. I must defeat it. To this end, I have improved my learning methods and strive to achieve my ideal results in the second semester.

Things are not satisfactory! The second semester’s mid-term exam passed. My biggest problem is partiality. The main subject is not bad. It is the deputy subject. I will continue to do so. What should I do with my senior high school entrance examination? Think of a few words that parents and teachers often say – “Our hopes are pinned on you.” “Achievement is the most important thing. Don’t let me down on what I expect from you.” My pressure is even greater.

The driving force of my advancement is for my bright future, and there will be motivation if there is pressure. I have to learn all the eight subjects and learn to be strong. Starting from now, remember every knowledge point, carefully preview, review, and listen carefully in class. I believe that I will always correct my shortcomings and defeat my biggest enemy!

Mother love is like a song

I dreamt about my mother last night. My mother still wore a plain and clean floral dress. Her face was still a kind smile. Standing at the door of the house, I saw my mother far away, so I shouted and shouted at my mother… I woke up. There seems to be a song in the ear that echoes “Mom’s kiss, sweet kiss…” At this point, I have already burst into tears.

Mother love is like a song. My mother’s deep love, long distance makes me miss it today! Mother love is the word of encouragement. Once, my math didn’t test well. When I was shocked and ran home with my transcript, my father gave me a slap in the face. My mother looked at my tears and said with affection: “Children Don’t be discouraged, take a good test next time.” At night, when I was reviewing my homework, my mother sat with my fan and sat next to me. After watching my homework silently, I reached out and touched my head, saying with distress: Child, tired, take a break!”

Maternal love is the happy smile. When I was playing with my mother, I used my little hands to hold my mother’s neck tightly. The childish voice screamed sweetly: “Mom,” then kissed the mother’s ruddy face, and the mother was happy. Hold me with my hands, caress my little face with my hands, kindly and happy motherly love is the fascinating milk in the memory. I was in the warm and powerful embrace of my mother, smelling the milk from my mother. Fragrant, greedily sucking the mother’s sweet milk, listening to the mother gently licking the melodious lullaby, and then sweetly sleeping my toddler’s hands. My mother’s powerful hands always lifted me up when I fell, and she helped me step by step, until I could independently take the most solid first step in my life.

Maternal love is the tough figure. I remember the unexpectedly cold that winter. I came home from school and saw my mother sitting on the balcony, bending over, and the red-hot hands were rubbing clothes on the washboard. The big drops of sweat on my forehead rolled down. Come, I cried and cried: “Mom-“. Teardrops quickly filled my eyes. Maternal love is the warm cotton socks in the snow. That day, I was in class in the classroom. I had a big snow on the outside. I felt cold and biting on my feet. I suddenly saw my mother looking outside the classroom. I went out and saw my mother’s face flushed with red, and the body was covered with snowflakes. The mother said: “Know that you are the most afraid of cold, so give you a pair of socks, put on.” When I took the cotton socks in my mother’s hands, I still remember that she still had her body temperature.

Maternal love is the deliciousness of the New Year. Whenever the New Year is over, the mother gets up and wraps in the morning. When we wake up, the buns are premature, one by one, and the steamer is full. The best thing to do is to count fried candy. In the evening, the family sat around the fire, the mother burned a pot of oil, and then put a strip of glutinous rice flour into the oil pan to fry. At this time, I secretly pinched a rabbit, a puppy, or something. The pot was fried together, and when it was fried to golden brown, it was fished out. I always grab one to eat first. The mother saw it and said, “Be careful!”

When I grow up, that thick mother love makes me never forget. When I joined the army, I cut off my long hair, dressed in olive green uniform, and came to the mother’s grave. My heart silently said to my mother: Mother, daughter will leave you today, I hope you will treasure it! On the day of joining the army, when I was about to board the bus, I looked back at the opposite mountain—the mother stayed there forever. Mother, if you know under Jiuquan, you can see that the daughter is dressed in an armor and wearing a big red flower on her chest. In the sound of the drums and joys, with the affection of the villagers, I firmly set foot on this military. road. Mother, if you are still alive today, how happy you are to see your daughter!

That summer night

I like to look up at the sky in the summer evening and see the beautiful starry sky. The sky is dark and black, and the millennium black pearls have been played. I looked at it quietly, just as Rose looked down at the sea on the Titanic and felt like she would fly. And I feel that I have invested in this black sky, flying freely in its vast boundless embrace, alone in one piece, enjoying the fun of loneliness. Gradually, the stars sparkled, came out, smiled at me, in the air, quietly accompanied me. I looked at the sky again, and I suddenly had a lot of thoughts. I remembered when I first really liked the stars, it was in the summer. It was the summer vacation of 2003, and I finished the fifth grade. And waiting for me, but is about to get along with the partners who have been together for nearly five years, go to Zhejiang with my parents, that is, the current home.

That night, I and two good partners were lying on the lawn that was usually playing and looking up at the sky. The lights are getting less and less, and the sky is getting brighter. At that age, the most important thing in each other’s heart is friendship. Separation is like cutting a piece of things together in a living knife. We are snuggling together. After a long time, one of the partners spoke. “Do you really want to go?” I trembled in my heart. Turning around, I saw her eyes shining in the light of the stars. So, my eyes can’t help but start to worry. I can’t bear to say, just nodded alone and stayed at the sky.

This evening, we are planning to wait for the meteor together, and then make a wish together, I hope that friendship will continue to live in this world forever, and grow up later, have the opportunity to meet again. But that night, we didn’t see a meteor, but now it is the most beautiful memory of each other’s memories. Because that night, our hearts are connected. It was also from that night that we really realized the friendship and liked the stars. After a few days, my family and I suddenly learned that my grandfather was ill and was not very ill. So I went back to Anhui to see my grandfather who could not afford to be sick. Grandpa was lying in the hospital bed, saw us coming, and smiled. Listening to my grandmother, when Grandpa was in a coma, he always called my name, the name of his favorite granddaughter! Tears rushed up and took up the entire eye. I quickly raised my hand and dried it. I grew up from grandfather and grandmother, until I was seven years old, I went to Fujian with my father and mother. I was very happy that day. When I left, I forgot to say a word to my grandfather!

In the evening, I was lying alone on the bamboo bed in the yard, staring at the sky, and there were many stars flashing in the sky. I remembered when I was a child, my grandfather and I were lying on this bamboo bed. ** With him, raise your hand, squat in your mouth, count the stars in the sky, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5…” gradually fall asleep. At this time, a star is golden yellow, very large, and draws an arc from the front of my eyes. Is it a meteor? I made a wish and hoped that my grandfather would get better soon. Later, Grandpa really recovered and we left. I left my grandfather and left Fujian.

Come on in 2005, we suddenly learned that one night, Grandpa passed away! My mother cried and died, almost fainted, and I was full of tears. So I took a vacation to the teacher that night and went back to my mother the next morning. There was a scene of bleak and seriousness in the room: white cloth, white flowers, a coffin in the living room, and when my grandmother saw us, the tears came out. The grandfather’s photo was hung in front of the coffin and smiled slightly. The coffin door was opened, I touched the face of Grandpa, wrapped in bones, cold and cold, but there was still a smile on his face. Grandma told me that since I left, Grandpa often took photos of my hours and stroked me. When I was very sick, I still called me.

In the evening, I passed the yard and couldn’t help but raise my head. It was a star of the sky, flashing and flashing. Since the winter, I have never seen the stars again. If there is a meteor now, will you still fulfill my wish as I did last time? I bowed my head and a tear fell on the ground. I and my grandfather stepped on tens of thousands of times. Grandpa’s photo is now in my bedroom, facing the bed. Every night, the faint starlight came through the window and came in. Grandpa looked at me with a smile, and I looked at my grandfather with a smile.

I like the starry sky. What is it because of what it contains? I don’t know it myself. It’s just a deep feeling that it is attracting me with a powerful force. The testimony of the friendship, the memories of childhood, the deep affection, the broad black mind, the magical and beautiful meteor, and the lonely happiness, the pain of missing.

Morning dance

In the morning, I came to the yard, wow! ! ! A beautiful sight! I thought to myself: It’s hard to play once a day, isn’t it fun to have fun?

So, my father and mother didn’t pay attention to walking alone to the fitness area and found the children in our college. He said, “Hey sister, let’s go play the parallel bars?” I hesitated: Mom should not worry, I must know that I am going to play! Then agreed. He played a special joy, and from time to time to his grandmother to take a seat belt, but no, his grandmother promised, because the seat belt is for the elderly, his grandmother said: “Oh, Ying Ying, this seat belt you do not need, I have to use my own to buy a child-only one.” However, Ying Ying has no choice but to go underground. I said to him, “Oh, yes! I told my mother, she was afraid that I would lose it!” “Let’s do it, we will see you in the Tai Chi Circle!” Ying Ying is a cheerful little boy, he likes Tai Chi, I only Can promise. I ran to my mother and said to my mother, “Mom! Mom! Mom, I am going to the Taiji Circle!” Mom curiously asked: “What fun is there in the Taiji Circle?” “Oh, Yingying is there! I am looking for him.” Play!” I began to ask my mother. Mom is most afraid of this, can’t help but can only agree.

In the Taiji Circle, Yingying has bought three tickets, one old ticket and two children’s tickets. He said to me: “Before the Taiji Circle, you can go in to see Tai Chi or learn Tai Chi because you don’t have money, because there is Tai Chi competition today. “Taiji competition?” I have not heard of this yet! He frowned and said, “Yeah, it’s not worth it.” “It’s not worthwhile! What is the good thing about Taiji competition?” I think this Taiji circle should not cost money. However, Yingying doesn’t think so. He said seriously: “Hey sister, you still don’t understand. The Taiji teacher here is good. I still have three meals in the morning, midnight and evening! It is enough! I have eaten here. I have a meal.” I was a little curious: “Is this Tai Chi still a meal?” “Yeah, look, my grandma is still playing here! Hey.” Really, the grandmother of Yingying is really there! Her Tai Chi must be good! This is really a look. I think so.

Time passed by, and the Taiji game was over. I said, “Cough, Yingying, time is not too late, I should go home. My mother and they all left.” However, Yingying has not played enough. He also took me to the “Arsenal” and introduced me seriously: “This is the famous ‘Arsenal’, I have been there for hundreds of times!” “Is it? I have never been there again.” I say. Ying Ying bought a ticket, Ying Ying grandma led the way, his grandmother said to me: “Baby, do you want this hat? A piece of money, there are several tops, let him give you a top!” Just discuss with the fluorescein. “Well! You will go to my house in a while, I will give you the hat I just bought yesterday.” I originally wanted to say “I don’t want it”, but his grandmother saw me as if he wanted to speak. He said, “Baby, nothing. , a small child, a pair of yuan children will take it! Ying Ying gave you.”

We came to another place, and the idea was: “Sister, I haven’t played the splayer yet! It’s a two-player game, let’s play!” I didn’t object, of course I promised. When I arrived at the splayed gun site, Ying Ying picked up the smallest horned gun and said, “We use the smallest gun!” “When you do, then your attention, I am not the master.” I am impatient. . Fluorescent rented a foot turntable, I stepped on it carefully, and Ying Ying boldly stepped on. At this time, a staff member came over and asked us: “Children, which model do you want to experience?” Ying Ying grabs The gun said: “Of course it is the flight mode! The next time the rotation mode, my mother came and said.” “Okay, take off!” After that, the iron steel that drives the turntable will “fly”! Ying Ying said: “Fast, my sister, we are shooting eight characters, eight characters are equal to the target, shooting one for a small gift!” I heard, happy. So, I helped Ying Ying tie the belt to the waist. At the same time, I also tied my line and only heard the sound of “荻”, wow! ! ! Shot it! Fluorescent is excited! I almost forgot to vote for “shooting the coin” to receive the gift! After the end of the eight-word gun game, Yingying happily held the gift. He was tired of playing, said to his grandmother: “Grandma, let’s go!” Of course, his grandmother has long wanted to go home, I am also awkward, but Yingying is still playing! Now he is finally tired. We should go home.

Ying Ying holding a gift – flannel bear happily glaring at the “Little Step Dance” … “Morning Dance” is over! Looking forward to tomorrow, I will come to this yard, look at the fitness area, watch the Taiji Circle, watch the arsenal… Of course, I will watch the Yingying, see the cheerful, lively and lovely smile on Yingying… Let’s look forward to: Morning Steps of Tomorrow Dance music is about to be more exciting!

Skates are also crazy

The summer vacation is coming, the snails are in the past, and I am at home, from the former “family nameless” house girl to the “female name” house girl.

When the summer vacation came, other parents took the children to report such a cram school, but my parents did not. They always followed my own opinions and did not give me the remedial classes. But I like them like other parents, so my summer vacation will be very fulfilling, and not every day “home” at home.

However, there are occasional classmates who ask me to go out, but only Prometheus cares about me, let me hit the outside to save, so that I can get sick at home. But Prometheus did not have the magic of Zeus. He gave me a little bit. He often came to my house. He was only four years younger than me. Although the knowledge of learning is not rich, the knowledge of playing is far. Higher than me.

The first thing he did when he came to my house was to find something that would inspire him to play with sex. On that day, he accidentally saw that my home was dirty but went to my home less than three months of skates. I said to me, “Small, you take my bike and take me home, take something.” I don’t want to be 100,000. But with his temper, without him, he can make me eternal. Therefore, I can only carry him back home, take skates and knee pads, and sway him back to my house.

He put on skates and let me change. I changed helplessly. I just slipped two times and slammed and fell. He still wants to help me, I firmly refused, one person who is eleven, and let the eight-year-old support, this slippery age (time to play skates) is too low.

It may be because I haven’t played for a long time, some are unfamiliar, after a while, I gradually let go of myself and can stretch freely. I am free to slide on the ground, as if I forgot everything, everything is my only respect, but I am the center.

The scorpion looked at the side of the glimpse, and from time to time, patted the palm of my hand. My heart was full of pride. I used to practice at home. We are going to practice in a garden close to home.

On the road, people who find “likes” are everywhere. There is a compatriot who is super-bovine and jumps on the road. Although not far away, but because of the roller skates, the road is very rough, so it is so rough. After living all the way to life and death, I finally arrived at my ideal ice rink.

I was quite proud of myself. I found that Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and a master like a cloud made me feel awkward. But I still can’t help but throw aside the scorpion. I was playing, and my nephew suddenly pulled my clothes. I was shocked and returned to reality. The blind man was pointing at a car on the road, one person, let me see.

What was originally thought to be a big event, isn’t it just a person behind the car? I couldn’t help but feel lost, but I fixed my eyes and found a man wearing skates. On the big road, I took the back of an electric tricycle and slid freely.

The blind man looked at his eyes and the masters stopped to watch the show. The electric tricycle was running very slowly. We all watched their performances on both sides of the road. And I secretly worried about this person: Do not know how dangerous it is? In case of an emergency brake, the car behind it hits, what do you do?

The man did not have any concerns about himself, as if he was proud, proudly said: “Look, how high is my technology?” Sure enough, I didn’t expect that the electric tricycle saw a guest in front, and suddenly accelerated, he jerked one Hit, did not grasp the rear of the tricycle, did not control their actions, and suddenly fell.

We have been watching, but no one is going to save him, comfort him, I want to save, but although he doesn’t look old, but he is a big man, can I save it? I don’t have a mobile phone, and I don’t have the money to make a public phone. The person next to him ignored him. I asked him: “Is there anything?” He said that I was nosy. I really don’t understand that there is such a kind of person in the world, and he is kind enough to help him but he is blind.

With such a living example, I am not only sighed: Who is responsible for my summer vacation safety? Is it you, is he, or me? In fact, you, me, him, this society is responsible, our responsibility is not to run around the road, pay attention to traffic safety and so on. Your responsibility with them is that when we have an accident, we can’t ignore it, help us, and send it to the hospital quickly.

Skating shoes are fun, but there is a certain danger. In the future, we can’t play for the limelight, and the performance “skating shoes are crazy”.

First time stealing computer games

In my memory, my parents criticized me the most severe one was the first time I stole a computer game.

It was a Sunday afternoon. After I finished my homework, I went online to check the information used on Monday. My mom seems to be asleep, and I can’t control myself. Listen to the classmates who said what the game is talking about. I was so envious, so I started stealing games for the first time.

I was very excited to hold the mouse, clicked into a large game site, and immediately appeared a colorful picture and a lot of text on the screen. Can not help but be shocked: wow! There are a lot of games! I immediately screened in layers and finally selected an action game. I am very afraid that my mom will come out and read the jingle in my mouth: “Heavenly spirits, spirits, and blessing my mother, don’t wake up…” read and read, all of them have goose bumps. I hesitated in my heart: play or not? When I play, my mother found out that she would be “dead.” Still playing, playing for a little while, I don’t know, ghosts are not discovered. So, I played the game with confidence. When I saw the dazzling picture in the game, my hanging heart fell to the ground. Immediately move the characters back and forth, complete a lot of tasks on the screen, and upgrade quickly.

Suddenly, I suddenly returned to the real world from the game. It turned out that the “agent” that I had cultivated heard the sound of the quilt and the sheets from the house. I couldn’t help but make a nap: Is the mother awake? I am not playing, right? No, I can play for a while, wait until my mother comes to close the game page, but it takes less than half an hour before the computer. I worked as a “special agent”, but I accidentally got rid of the language documents on the ground. My ears immediately alert one level at a time. Listen carefully: It’s so good, my mother didn’t come, and I started to “work” with the tension.

Suddenly, there was a voice coming from the house: “Son, are you still there? Help me to pour a glass of water, okay?” I was immediately shocked: if I pour water, I will let my mom know that I am still there. It’s been more than an hour since I’ve been outside, and I’ve checked a little bit of information and I’m not picking up what to do. I immediately took the book and prepared to go. Who knows that there was a mistake in the busy, and suddenly I touched the mouse, and immediately “squeaked” a crisp voice to sell me, I had to go to the mother to pour water. As soon as I stepped into the bedroom, I saw my mom coming from behind me and looking at the computer. I tried my best to encourage myself, but I was still discovered by my mother: “How did you check so little? What have you done for such a long time? It is wrong to lie, and all of them have been told to me.” I am not guilty. I had to recruit them all. Mom didn’t say anything, immediately went back to the room to watch TV and ignored me.

In the evening, my father and mother called me in front of them. Dad immediately asked: “Are you playing computer games today?” Mom is more powerful, her mouth is like a machine gun. Every word is like a bullet, every bullet. I am in the middle of my heart: “You don’t look at us. I haven’t played computer games since I was young. Is the game really so fun? Why don’t you use this time to review it? If you play, you can play it out. It’s not a good idea to go to school. It’s really impossible for me to help you drop out of school. How long does it take to play at home? How long does it take to play?” After a storm, I immediately changed my attitude: “I will never do anything in the future. Like today, sneaky, man, what must be done in a bright and upright manner, don’t make such a thing, otherwise you will not be able to stand on the top of society.” After listening, I seem to understand and nod, nod. It’s over, it’s been beaten as usual, but Dad didn’t move at all, didn’t mean to hit me, saying, “You go back to your own room, think about our own. There is no value, have to measure it. “Night, I lay in bed, how could not sleep, my mind all my father, my mother’s words, I think over and over again in my head.

I realized that there is something to guide you to the wrong way, but as long as you believe in yourself and do not bow to temptation, you must be the winner.

I cried

Whenever I saw the pink little envelope, my tears could not help but blur my eyes. The small envelope that was placed in the most prominent position on the shelf, took me into the whirlpool of memories again and again, punishing me. A soul that carries too much regret.

If time can go backwards, if everything can be reversed, please let me go back to the summer of that year – the hottest, hardest, but sad summer, the summer that filled me with memories –

Your name is summer, summer summer, summer day, remember that when you just turned around, you introduced yourself, a hair and a waist, you are not at all with this passionate summer. This is me. First impression of you. In the face of the classmates laughing, you seem so uneasy, tears in the big eyes of tenderness are spinning. I really couldn’t stand it anymore. I was helpless and stunned the short hair. I stood up and shouted loudly: “Summer classmates, your name is very beautiful. You are welcome to be a member of the class. Everyone applauds!” I am almost I robbed the teacher’s and the squad’s lines, and I don’t know where it’s the courage. Maybe for such a weak, helpless little girl, anyone with a sense of justice will protect it! I’m sure she was Then think. Since then, she has been entangled in me, and the two of us began to know each other, knowing each other to understand, and half a friend.

However, I am not as good as you think, as good as yourself. My inferiority began to be exposed – like spoofing, like messing up, like to tease people, like jokes of all sizes, although not everyone, but you are my favorite one. The old tricks that can’t be done, the tricks that others can see at a glance, are absolutely useful in you, a small caterpillar can scare you, even though you are already familiar with them, every time I still cry red eyes, just don’t call, because the prankster is me, the fake kid who protects you on the first day of school, you are afraid that I will be criticized by the teacher, I am afraid that I will be jealous, of course, these are Later, you told me in the letter.

The day you left, suddenly, my nose was sour, but it was not sour to my heart, not to tears, and when you said goodbye to the class, the tears of the beans were one, not The money goes down, I know, it is because of me. This time, the nose was sour enough, the tear gland was closed for several years, and for the first time, there was an urge to release water. You ran over and handed me the little pink envelope with the letter that made my heart suffocate –

The delicate plum blossoms show your aura, like your people, beautiful and flawless. In the letter, you said in a half-joking half-naughty tone that every time I had a mischief, she always wanted to retaliate back. I smiled and was broken by me. However, the following content, but my tears can not stop, like a rainstorm on the letter paper, you do not have a sentence is to say my shortcomings, the sentence is a good word that I usually can not think of, you did not blame me Three days and a big time, two days and a small prank, my waywardness and hate are so beautiful in your pen. Your departure must have something to do with me, although that may not be your wish.

Your departure, let me understand that there will never be a friend like you in the world, and there will be no more tolerance and forgiveness for you. Your tolerance once and for all represents my mistakes again and again. This makes me so sad.

If I can meet you again, I will hold you tight, and I want you to say the sentence that I didn’t have time to say before you left. The pink envelope didn’t know when I was in my hand, it was covered again, and I was soaked in tears many times.

Face life with a smile

I once retreated in the face of difficulties. I felt self-pity when I was not satisfied. At that time, I always felt that there was nothing in life that could be passed smoothly. It can be said that very negative emotions filled my whole brain. But a word of one changed me – to face life with a smile.

It was a cold winter, and a thick cotton coat wrapped me, but I still couldn’t feel the warmth. I only felt the biting cold wind plunged into my heart like ice. Because my performance fell into a new low that day, it can be said that it was a step backwards. When I got the transcript, I was burying myself why I didn’t review it carefully. Why can’t I be serious when I was in class? Why can’t I find a solution when I encounter a problem? I always bury my life like this. Just then a figure slid over my shoulder and ran over. As a result, I stepped on my foot, a slap, a fall, and two people entangled on the ground at the same time. This behavior is simply pouring oil on the fire, making me originally The sorrow was a bit more serious, so I screamed at her and said, “What happened to you, walking without looking at the road, eyes are going up?” At this time, the female student kept squatting. Apologize to me.

I took a closer look and found that she was my classmate and sat behind me, but because I usually have a bad temper, I rarely get close to my classmates. She also recognized me. Her eyes were very big, and she turned to the hand where I grabbed the test paper. I subconsciously want to hide behind me, as if this is my biggest secret, she does not mind smiling. Later, she became more and more aware in my eyes, and the emotions in her heart were also subtly changing. When she walked away, she said to me, “I am going to transfer. Can you be a friend?” I was taken aback and looked at her often smiling face. I nodded softly. So in the weeks when she was friends with her, she could be said to be a cosmetic surgeon who had reborn me.

Her enthusiasm, her sunshine, her bit by bit eroded my life. Later, she left and left. She didn’t tell me, and she didn’t tell everyone in the class. Just like Xu Zhimo’s “Farewell to Cambridge”, “I walked gently, just like I gently.” Come, wave your sleeves and not take a cloud.” But her scent seems to be with me until now, and it also infects me. I still don’t forget the sentence that I left on my notebook. The answer to the paper I held is on the yellowed paper. I was red-eyed and covered with tears. It turned out that she was so concerned about me. She had been silently supporting me behind her. She was my back table! I have never realized that you are standing on the bridge to see the scenery and see the scenery. People look at you upstairs.” The meaning of this sentence. The cold wind is still blowing, I am wearing thin clothes, but I didn’t feel that I was cold that day, even if the cold wind blew, I felt the warmth of the sun.

I didn’t cry at the end, I didn’t bury it, I didn’t have self-pity, because I had to start again and change myself. “Let’s face life with a smile.” We didn’t contact us. I heard that my classmates had a good time at the new school. And yes, she is such a beautiful person, she must be liked everywhere, her new life has already begun, then me? It should be started too! I think that should be a good start, because I used to have A “good classmate” she told me to face life with a smile.

Sigh once again

As a student, writing homework is essential. Although I have written six years of homework, I can’t say that I like it, even a little annoying.

Like our current age, the score is the only standard to measure us. The scores are good. If you speak in class, you will be distracted, and the teacher will not see it. If the grades are not good, there will be no special treatment.

During the May Day holiday, three days off, but the school was ingeniously putting the courses on Monday and Tuesday ahead of schedule, and the actual leave was only the day of May Day. (This incident was occasionally talked about on the eve of our room.) I can’t help but admire the wisdom of the principal and the teachers.

It’s hard to have a holiday. The so-called holiday is just a change of place to write homework. I am not a diligent student, and I will not finish my homework on the first day of my vacation. I only look at a piece of paper and the content that needs to be memorized, and I sigh.

In the sixth grade, the science that was not the main class was added at once, and we were caught unprepared, but it was our students. It was a miserable thing to pick up this hot mountain. The school was vigorous and vigorous, and the physical education class was handed over to the science teacher. The intention was obvious, but the teachers also showed their tossing thirty-six.

Our science teacher, in general, people are very good. Physical education class, the upper part of the class. It’s not as hard as I imagined. However, my memory is not good, this is a bit strange. When listening to the songs I like, I listened to the songs three or four times, and the lyrics were almost the same, but when I read the texts, it is hard to be as good as the sky, and I have more than enough power!

I immediately graduated from the exam, and this week is also the mid-term exam. Our papers, information, and all of them have come over. I will not mention the homework assigned by the teacher. I mentioned it earlier. I am not a diligent student. Therefore, some of the materials I bought have also fallen, and I have not learned the place.

My task is also a bit heavier. But fortunately, as long as I use my heart, the speed is also a lever. In less than a day, all the papers that I have dropped are filled. I have to do my homework now.

Not only written, but also back. It’s okay to write, memorize, I’m broken. For example, just one thing in the last second, the next second, I also forgot about it. Even worse, even if I have passed it, I will forget it every few days, just in vain to make a bamboo basket to fetch water.

For this reason, I have forgotten my back, and it is finally remembered. Next is the paper, look at a plain and plain paper, you have to look carefully: look at this font size, look at the gap left in this question, look at this super-level topic, I Can not help but burst into a big head. The mathematics papers are not so smooth, awkward, but still finished. I thought that I was regressing. I asked my classmates on QQ to know that everyone is the same. Some students even don’t do those additional questions.

In the face of the upcoming midterm exam, I have some fears, just because I have recently felt that I have regressed, and the test scores have actually dropped to below 115 points. Of course, I can’t go down to 110. Silently prayed that the exam can be tested.

Looked at the homework, sighed, these days of vacation, doing homework, backing information, going to the dance class, going to the English class, don’t say go out to play, just staying at home for a while I am content.

Get up and continue to face the confused future. Come on, work hard for your dreams, I always believe that as long as there is a pay, there will be gains!

Shocking the soul

When I saw my cousin again, it was a weekend at the end of May. He was wearing a crumpled T-shirt with a big bag on his shoulder and a big black plastic bag in his hand. The dust was so full that I could hardly recognize him.

My cousin is one year younger than me and lives in a town in Mianzhu. During the summer vacation, my father often took me to my uncle for a while. The cousin, his classmate, Mao Zi and me, our three people often take the name of reviewing their homework, ran to the quiet of Berlin, sitting on the wide lawn and pretending to wow, and then throwing the book to heaven, 掏The poker that was hidden in the trouser pockets began to fall into poker. Berlin is really quiet, tired of playing, when we are lying on the lawn, we can hear the sound of the wind passing through Berlin. After dinner, we often go to the Mianshui River to rest cool, the river dam is very big, we barefoot into the cold water, chasing each other, the mountain wind blowing from the foot of the Longmen Mountain, blowing our clothes and hair.

The cousin was very cheerful at that time. His performance was not as good as his hair. His aunt often criticized him and compared him with Mao. Whenever he was, he glared at me. So when I saw the hairy boy the next day, I used yesterday’s criticism to ask the man to buy him a box of ice cream. The hairs will spread their hands and pains. It’s also a crime, and then they are helpless. Each person loses an “Ilizi”.

That was almost the happiest time of my summer vacation.

But I haven’t seen my cousin for two years. Because of the senior high school entrance examination, the summer vacation of the second day, at the request of my father, I began to shuttle in various tutoring classes, and the shadow of my cousin was gradually forgotten by the heavy learning pressure.

The “May 12” earthquake, Mianzhu was the hardest hit. At the beginning, the phone was unable to beat. Our family was very anxious. Later, they finally got in touch with their uncle and learned that their family had no staff except the house collapsed. It’s a big problem, it’s just a matter of letting go. Uncle and aunt are going to participate in the earthquake relief, and they have no time to take care of their cousin. The cousin’s school has also collapsed. Therefore, the cousin must take a bus to Chengdu and hope that his father can arrange his cousin to be temporarily in Chengdu.

My father didn’t have to work hard, and soon I contacted my cousin in a school near my home, and my cousin lived in my room. When I go home from boarding school every weekend, I often see my cousin sitting under the lamp. I told him how our school donated money for the disaster area. He only responded faintly, but his eyes looked blurred. On the weekend, I took him to the amusement park, went to KFC, and sat in the spacious and bright hall of KFC. I saw him go over the TV show that broadcasted the news of the disaster area.

I think there must be something deeply pressed into the cousin’s heart. At that weekend, we went back late. When I passed the Funan River, he suddenly asked me: “Brother, do you still remember Maozi?” I certainly remember that the hairs of Mao’s head are always combing and he That silly smile. “Brother, do you know? Maozi is dead!” I suddenly shook there. “He had already rushed to the stairs, and suddenly ran back. I knew he was looking for me, but he didn’t know me. I have already rushed to him. When Mao Zi went in, he never came back…” I stood there, I couldn’t hear the words behind my cousin, I just felt that the night wind of Funan River was very cold. Very cold.

In mid-June, my cousin will go back to Mianzhu. I have already told him well. When I finish the exam, I will go to see him with him.