Fairy Princess

Annie of the Green Gables is a Book I read very early. Annie, a red-haired girl named “Immortal Alice”, impresses me deeply and is one of my favorite children’s images.
Annie lost her parents at an early age, lived in an orphanage with her teachers and friends, lived in several families, took care of twins, and was adopted by Kathbert’s brothers and sisters at the age of 11. Her greatest feature is that she has a thick red hair, a lot of freckles on her face, a pair of big eyes, a very thin body. She had been laughed at by her partners for her ugly appearance, and she had felt inferior and sad, but after a long time of getting along, her kind and frank personality gradually moved everyone, and finally won the recognition and love of her classmates and fellow countrymen. Despite her hard life, she is still like most children, open and naive, imaginative, and likes to argue with adults. She loves fantasy, because she is not willing to mediocre life, she pursues good things, which is the source of her positive efforts. She was smart and diligent. With her unremitting efforts, she successfully passed the Queen’s College. She not only got the first-class teacher certificate, but also got the University scholarship. But later, she could not bear to leave home and Marilla, who brought her up, and gave up the chance to go to college.
Annie is an ordinary little girl, but the simple natural beauty embodied in her deeply touched me. She pays her heart to life and everyone around her, and draws pleasure from her plain life. She will live a different life.
Matthew Casterbert was the owner of the Green Gables and the person who brought Annie back from the railway station. Matthew was a rather introverted, silent man. His strange appearance and exotic dress made him look the same at the age of twenty as he is now sixty, but his hair lacked a little grey. Matthew can be said to be the backbone of his family. He is the sole farmer in his family. He is also a very kind person. He has made great contributions to Annie’s stay. He loves Annie very much. In a word, I think he is a good old man.
Marilla Casterbert is Matthew’s sister, but she is quite different from Matthew’s temper. At first, the brothers and sisters wanted to adopt a boy, because the boy could help the family do farm work, so when they learned that it was a girl, Marilla was shocked and didn’t want to keep her at first. After a period of time together, Marilla found that the little girl’s body was strong and her work was quick, and she could see from her eyes that she longed to be left behind, and her heart grew tender. Finally, she and Matthew consulted and decided to let her stay. Marilla is a typical knife-mouthed tofu-hearted person. She is usually strict with Anne. Sometimes she is even harsh. But after Anne left home to go to school, Marilla quietly buried her head in the pillow and cried. It can be seen that she really loves Anne and is one of the most important people in Anne’s life.
Mrs. Rachel Lind is Anne’s neighbor. Mrs. Lind is a great housewife, but she is very enthusiastic in the village. She can not only arrange her family affairs smoothly, but also handle other people’s affairs properly. She is a very traditional British woman, so she pays great attention to traditional etiquette, if she sees you do not pay attention to etiquette or decency, then you must not escape her sharp eyes. At first, she had a lot of unhappiness with Annie because of her straightforward and open-mouthed character, but later they let go.
Diana Barry is Anne’s best friend. She was the daughter of a friend of Marilla’s. She had black eyes and hair, a ruddy face, and a lively expression. As soon as she and Anne saw each other, they made a vow in Barry’s garden. When Diana was sad and sad, they were accompanied by Anne. They were almost inseparable. The friendship between Diana and Anne is enviable. In my opinion, not many friends are enough for a lifetime or two.
Gilbert Bryce was once a nuisance to Anne. When she was a child, she jokingly called Anne “carrot” and had a dispute. Anne did not like her red hair very much, and she also cared about other people’s evaluation of it. So she laughed at her hair very hard, and she vowed to hate him all her life. But as they grew up, their relationship gradually improved. Gilbert seemed to have changed from a naughty, impolite, stinky boy to a restrained, responsible person. He also gave Annie the opportunity of Vocational school.
This fantasy-loving and chattering girl is a beautiful memory of my childhood. She has taught me how to love life and nature. She has taught me fantasy. She has taught me that fantasy sometimes adds luster to our dull life. Fantasy sometimes is a source of motivation for our hard work, as long as we take seriously what we love with a pious heart. We can appreciate the joy of life and truly feel the truth, goodness and beauty of life.
The girl’s hands tightened, and then spread out, black smoke and lotus disappeared. The girl closed her hand and went to Suhe who was frightened and said, “Thank you for taking care of me this year. As you can see, I am a fairy rabbit princess, who came to the world to experience under his father’s orders, but did not want to meet the monster’s pursuit. His camouflage skills were so high that he had fought me both ways. Fortunately, he couldn’t touch me at that time. If it hadn’t been for you, I would have lost my life. In order to repay you, a little thanks is not respectful.” With that, he took out a cloth bag from his arms and handed it to Suhe. Su Hu immediately slowed down the god, his hands took over the upside and downs, and found that there were still many, unconsciously laughed out. Nor did I find out when Princess Fairy Rabbit was flying away in the wind, stepping on a cloud.

The breath of autumn

Autumn rain hit their faces. A pile of dark grey clouds, low on the ground. It was late autumn, and the endless trees in the forest were bare. The old trees stood gloomily, letting the brown moss cover their wrinkles. The ruthless autumn stripped them of their beautiful clothes, and they had to stand there bald.
Autumn comes with the sound of falling leaves, and the morning is as fresh as dew. The sky shines softly, clear and dim, making people want to hear the song of a flying lark, just as they want to see a white sail in the blue sea. The setting sun is the wings of time, when it flies away, there is a moment of extremely brilliant development. So dusk.
The clear sky at the end of late autumn is like an endless blue sea; the intense white light is pulsating in the air, like the microwave on the sea; the sorghum patches at the foot of the hill are always waving like fluctuating red water; and the faded leaves give the field a fading color.
What a beautiful autumn day! It’s no longer scorched earth or ashes. It’s a thriving land with tens of millions of mountain breezes and red carpets. The Pinus koraiensis covered with marbles is still alive, standing proudly on the high rocks, the whistle in the valley is jubilant, and the white hope is slowly flying in the paddy fields.
When the steep westerly wind brushes the sky higher and higher, when the children on the street look at the last Southern geese, when the boundless grass in the vast wilderness is swaying withered and yellow, when it is autumn, it is the season of deciduous trees.
Later in the night after autumn, when the moon went down, the sun had not yet risen, leaving only a dark blue sky; everything except for the night trips fell asleep.
The evening of late autumn always comes very quickly, and before the water vaporized by the sun dissipates on the hills, the sun falls into the western mountains. So the wind in the valley drives the white mist downhill with a strong sense of coolness, and the shadow of the mountain tops down on the village more and more quickly. The shadow is getting thicker and thicker, gradually mixing with the night, but soon it is silver-gray again by the moon candle.
The moon, which is not yet round, rises to a higher altitude gradually. A transparent grey cloud, a light cover of the moonlight, the field above, as if caged up a light smoke, stocks off, as if falling into a dream. After the evening clouds drifted by, the smoke disappeared in the fields, and the water-like light washed down the soft autumn night.
On autumn night, the sky is high and luxuriant. A crescent moon hangs quietly in the southwest sky. The cold moonlight is so gloomy that the stars of the Milky Way are more and more brilliant. In the dense and boundless fields of sorghum, corn and millet, this song echoes the chirping sound of autumn insects, and the scorpion accidentally adds several accompaniments, blowing the earthworm like a cold eggplant intermittently. Willows hang quietly by the roadside, and shadows cover winding paths of weeds.
… The moon came up, but let the clouds cover up half, hiding far away in the cracks of trees, like a country girl, shy. Previous people said, “Call a thousand times and come out, still holding the Pipa and half covering the face.” It’s a little bit! The clouds are getting thicker and thicker. Let him alone. He is too lazy to take care of them. But think, if it’s an autumn night, it’s better to have a westerly wind. Although it is not a true pine tree, the surging sound of “waves” should also be heard.
The westerly wind will not come naturally. At bedtime, we light two or three waxes in the middle of the hall. The timid flame kept the roof under pressure and could not breathe. We looked at each other through the candlelight, like a layer of smoke. Outside it was black and sea-like. Only a few barks can teach us that we are still alive.
Blue sky. In late autumn, it is spotless and transparent. Douduoxia clouds are reflected on the clear Jialing River; the microwave of fish scales and the green river water add colour to the floating clouds, which is particularly gorgeous.
On a cool and clear autumn night, bright and red Mars adds a lot of luster and interest to us in the sky. Lately, after eight o’clock every night, Mars rises from the southeastern horizon. It’s brighter than any star in the nearby sky. It’s easy to find no matter where you are.
What a tragic and solemn atmosphere the fallen leaves of North China have created! The deciduous leaves are dyed golden or vermilion. Maybe it was just two pieces, like two golden butterflies with broken souls. But then there was a thunderous golden shower. Then a golden carpet was laid under the tree. On this carpet, iron casting is also similar, standing bare and sparse trunks and branches, straight into the high blue sky and light clouds.
Fruit trees in the north, coming in autumn, are also a wonder. The first is the jujube tree, which will grow up one by one in the corner, on the wall, beside the thatched house and at the kitchen door. The jujubes, like olives and pigeon eggs, are at the peak of autumn when they show pale green and yellowish color in the middle of small oval leaves. When the leaves of jujubes fall and the jujubes are red, the northwest wind will rise.
The locust tree in the north is also an ornament reminiscent of autumn. If you get up in the morning, it will spread all over the ground. When you step on it, there is no sound or smell, but only a tiny soft touch.
The feeble cries of the cicadas are the specialty of the North. Because there are trees everywhere in Peiping and the houses are low, their singing can be heard everywhere. In the south, you don’t have to go to the countryside or the mountains to hear it. The hoarse of this autumn cicada, like crickets and mice in Peiping, is just like a household insect that every household keeps at home.

Nini’s Story

Once upon a time, in a vast forest, there lived a little monkey Nini and his mother. One day, Nini’s mother said to him, “Nini, you haven’t seen your uncle since you were born. So, today’s weather is fine. Let’s go to visit your uncle’s house. Okay?”
Nini listened and scratched her ears naughtily. She asked, “It’s good. I don’t know where my uncle lives?”
“Ah! Your uncle’s family lives far away. In a particularly prosperous county town, that county town is called Peach Blossom City. The mother monkey said.
“Peach Blossom City?” As soon as Nini listened, she was in a good mood and said to herself, “Since the county town is called Peach Blossom City, there must be many peach trees in the city, and where there are peach trees, there will be many peaches.”
When Nini thought of it, she jumped up happily and shouted, “Mom, I love to go to my uncle’s house in Peach Blossom City. Please take me with you. Quick, quick.”
As she spoke, Nini pushed her mother monkey out of the house and urged her to leave quickly.
Mother monkey laughed. Think about it, she and her brother, Nini’s uncle, have not seen each other for several years, and they are very missed. So, it is very happy to think of meeting their brother.
In this way, the two women packed up their things and went on their way in a hurry. After several twists and turns, Nini and her mother finally came to Peach Blossom City breathlessly. By this time, it was noon.
In summer, when the sun was shining and she was tired, Nini and her mother were walking in the streets of Peach Blossom City, sweating heavily.
“Mom, I’m hungry!” Nini shouted as she sweated.
“Nini, hold on a little longer, and you’ll be at your uncle’s house in a minute.” Nini’s mother felt hungry too, but she persisted in reassuring Nini.
“Do uncles have peaches?” Nini asked, thinking of the delicious peaches, his mouth watering at the moment.
“Yes, of course. Nini, you know, this is Peach Blossom City. Can peaches be missing here?’ Nini’s mother touched her child’s head lovingly and laughed.
Just as the two women were talking to each other, suddenly, a very beautiful convertible wooden car was coming in front of them. There were two monkeys dressed very cool and wearing sunglasses. One was a male monkey, the other was a female monkey. One was driving, the other was snuggling beside the male monkey in the car. It was very sweet, like a couple of loving husbands. Wife.
Although the driver was wearing sunglasses and was very well dressed, Nini’s mother recognized at the moment that the man was her brother whom she had not met for a long time, namely, Nini’s uncle. So Nini’s mother was so excited that she shouted, “Brother, Brother!”
When the driver of the convertible heard the call, he immediately stepped on the brake and stopped. When he took off his sunglasses and stepped out of the car, Nini’s mother immediately threw herself into her brother’s arms. She saw his brother’s curious eyes and said, “Brother, I’m your sister. Don’t you know me?”
“Sister… Sister…” After some hard thinking, the wealthy driver seemed to be reluctantly reminded of the other party, and said, “Oh, it was my sister, I really can’t recognize it.”
The wealthy driver finished, looked at Nini again and asked, “This child is…”
“This is your little nephew.”
Just as the rich driver wanted to hug his nephew, he didn’t expect the monkey to jump down from her seat. She was dressed up with a very strong and pungent perfume on her body, and an arrogant gesture. She shouted at the rich driver and said, “look at the poor look of your relatives. Don’t ignore them.”
“Well, they are poor, but they are my sister and nephew after all. Please, you aunt, don’t look like that!” The wealthy driver scolded his wife’s way.
“Speak less nonsense, you loser, hurry up and follow me. If it weren’t for me, would you be able to live such a rich life today?” Speaking of this, the arrogant mother monkey pinched her waist and rowed at Nini’s mother and Nini’s Bi and said, “You two ruffians, get back to your hometown, this Peach Blossom City is not your place to climb dragons and phoenixes. Get out of here!” After that, he gave Nini and her mother a fierce stare. Then, pulling and pulling at the wealthy driver, he drove a luxury car and went on. The only thing left for Nini’s mother and Nini’s mother was a long smoke.
When Nini’s mother saw this, she could not help but understand everything at this moment. She felt very sad and tears of pain came out of her eyes. No wonder his brother has stopped seeing her sister in the countryside in recent years. It turned out that he became a local tyrant by eating soft food in the city. Now, he has reached the level of six relatives do not recognize.
The more she wanted to be angry and sad, the more she wanted to be. At this moment, Nini helped her crying mother wipe away her tears. He sensibly said to her, “Mom, let’s go home, uncle like this, let’s not leave it alone.”
In this way, the two women returned to their poor home hungry, although they went home, but the scene happened in the Peach Blossom City is forever engraved in Nini’s memory.
Since then, Nini has not been depressed, on the contrary, she vowed to study hard and become a real aristocrat in Peach Blossom City.
Years later, Nini made remarkable achievements in her study and career through her unremitting efforts, such as cold winter and hot summer. She realized her original dream and received her *** personally into the beautiful Peach Blossom City. The two women lived a happy life without worries about food and clothing.
His so-called aunt, however, was imprisoned and betrayed for life for fraud in business.
Nini’s uncle returned to her old poverty, facing her sister and nephew with no face. Eventually, he returned to Nini’s former home alone, that is, the big forest, until he died alone…

Safety can be exercised, life can not be restored

The Great Forest School is an animal school, which was built and established three years ago. The school is built between the two mountains. It is surrounded by beautiful scenery and pleasant air.
At this time, the sky is gloomy, although some cold, but in the playground of Dalin School, all the teachers and students of the school are still insisting on doing intervening exercises.
Look, the orderly animals are under the command of the headmaster and sports teacher, Mr. Xiong. They are doing it conscientiously, stretching their arms, stretching their waists and kicking their legs. Mr. Xiong’s command is also very serious and strict. He has a stiff and eyeful whistle in his mouth and a very dedicated expression.
But while doing it, I wonder who sent out a sharp scream from the exercise team: “Look, everybody, what’s that?”
Everyone listened, immediately stopped doing exercises, all brushing along the direction of the little animal’s finger looked: “Oh, dear! That’s great.
Originally, because the Great Forest School is located in the middle of the two mountains, but also at the foot of the mountain, so at this moment, I do not know where the flow of a torrent is wantonly pouring down from the top of one side of the mountain, it is about to rush to the Great Forest School here.
The situation was very critical. All the teachers and students were stunned by the sudden and terrible scene. For a moment, they did not know what to do. The playground was in chaos. You know, this big forest school has just been established for only three years. Once flooded, not only the buildings will be damaged, but also the most important thing is how the lives of the teachers and students can be done, especially the small animals walking on the ground, they can not climb trees, nor fly…. Obviously, in the face of this torrential flood, their lives are vulnerable.
Just when everyone was in a mess, I didn’t know why, in a very critical moment, the principal, Mr. Xiong, shouted a loud cry. He asked everyone to calm down first, then ordered some seemingly weak animals to withdraw in an orderly manner, and let them run to the other side of the mountain. Then he immediately called some powerful animals together to discuss measures to deal with the crisis. Shi.
In this way, under the arrangement of President Xiong, everyone retreated, leaving behind.
Some of the tougher animals left behind talked to each other, and some said, “Make boats now.” Some immediately patted the small animal’s head melon seeds, saying that the guy’s head must say that the door was squeezed, how can this be? How can this come in time? This is just nonsense.
As soon as the animal listened, yes, some said, “It’s too late to build a boat. It’s OK to make a few swimming circles as soon as possible.” Obviously, it’s too late. It’s also a piece of nonsense.
In contrast, Principal Xiong seems calm. His mind is thinking quickly about the way to deal with it, but his eyes are cold and unawares. He touches the dangerous houses in the school. The so-called dangerous houses were built at the time of the original building. Because the builders cut corners and were irresponsible, they were built into dangerous houses. Until now, everyone has not been here. Some houses have classes. Seeing this kind of dangerous house, Mr. Xiong can not help but shine in front of her eyes and immediately think of ways.
So he ordered everyone: “As the saying goes, Turkish water, we immediately demolish those dangerous houses, and then let them play the role of closure, so that the flood will change direction, will not disturb us!”
As soon as the order was issued, everyone applauded and thought it was a wonderful way to do it.
“There’s no time to applaud now. Let’s start demolishing the house.” Principal Xiong shouted orders to everyone.
“Yes, principal!”
After receiving the order, President Xiong ordered us to remove all the spades, hammers and other working tools we used in our daily work. We immediately went to the house and dismantled them. Just in the process of demolishing the house with all hands and legs, the flood had passed the school gate and was about to spread to the playground. Some small animals that had not yet run away had already been removed. The flood flooded the waist, and they were frightened to cry, and then there was a great chaos…
In this most critical moment of life and death, those dangerous houses collapsed one after another, and the flood was immediately blocked, temporarily cut off, and turned to another place to spread away. All the little animals were saved, and there was a cheer! __
Some animals even jokingly said, “Looks like we have to build dangerous houses in the future, or dangerous houses to make it work!”
“Don’t talk nonsense!” When President Xiong listened, he shouted angrily, “How can it be a good thing to build dangerous houses? It’s clearly a matter of harm to us. In addition, the location of our University of Forestry is not quite right. It’s the middle of the two mountains. After that, we must move our school to a safe place. In this way, when danger suddenly comes, we can reduce the risk. It’s safe. With practice, life can not be restored, so in order to consider our future security issues, I decided that our big forest school, now move immediately.
“Well, move, move.” After hearing the principal’s command, the animals immediately responded, and the shouts were overwhelming.
Since then, under the leadership of President Xiong, the Great Forest School has moved to a relatively safe location. Shortly afterwards, with the concerted efforts of all of you, the new Great Forest School has taken on a new look and ushered in a new semester once again.

Thank you, friend

Thank you, my friend in life. It’s good to have you.
Thank you, my dear, for spending ten years of my life with me. In the second grade of elementary school, I met you for the first time; in the fourth grade of elementary school, I met you; until now, we have been good friends. Although we are not in the same city, we have always been best friends. Some people say that keeping in touch is often more intimate, but it’s not. Sometimes between us, light, maybe more lasting.
For ten years, we have been delivering “letters” unchanged. So far, I still like this way. However, with the development of the times, we are changing. The frequent “messaging” in the past has gradually become “zero” today. I remember that the last time I received your letter was on my birthday.
We all need to keep up with the times, but I still like our “traditional” way of delivering letters and keeping in touch. I know. You like it, too. Due to the limitation of time and space, network communication is more convenient. However, it seems that because of its rapidity, the emotion in the letter has been reduced a lot, or at least lost the feeling of the past.
It’s almost New Year’s Day. I thought I could see you. As a result, you said, you won’t go home in New Year’s Day. Well, I’m not sorry. Next time, we’ll see you again. I’ll wait for you next time.
There are many friends in my life. My best friend is my best friend from childhood to adulthood. In addition, I also have many good friends, pen friends, music friends, classmates friends…
I have several pen pals. They are literary pen pals, including those who write poems and plays. Among them, my girlfriend is the best pen pal who accompanies me all the way. In addition, I also thank my other pen pals, thank them, accompany me all the way, on the road of literature, running side by side… Hopefully, we can always persist!
I have a music friend whose name is Chopper. Let’s see, we’ve known each other for half a year. I am a person who likes music very much, but I can’t sing to myself because of my incomplete five tones. However, since I met this music friend, I have been able to let go of myself and sing loudly! I used to suffer from “singing is ugly, dare not sing”, but later, he said to me, do not feel inferior, just practice more. I listened to him, and as a result, really, I found that I had made a lot of progress, and I became more and more confident in singing. Later, I learned a truth: in fact, many things, not that we can not do, but that we are “intimidating” ourselves in our hearts; not that we are “incompetent”, but that we lack self-confidence. So, I want to thank Chopper, let me find the confidence of singing!
I’ve always wanted to learn a musical instrument, but I’m suffering from no one to teach it. Later, I found a “self-taught instrument” – Taodi. Compared with other instruments, self-study is more possible. Chopping pottery flute plays very well, and often blows to me, I am also learning, I hope to learn it well!
Thank you, Professor, for your music!
Besides pen friends and music friends, I have many friends. In fact, nature is also a good friend of mine.
Nature is beautiful. I yearn for freedom and nature. Flowers, trees, mountains and rivers are the most beautiful portrayal of nature. And the morning light, the setting sun, the blue sky and the white clouds, the hopeful view of the sky, are also beautiful structures of nature. I like nature. I regard nature as my good friend for life. Thank nature, thank this friend, let me be sad when she can suddenly open up!

Everyone’s life will make many friends, they will always give us help or spiritual comfort at some time, without them, life will lose its due significance. Because our life is based on interpersonal communication, friends are an important part of our life circle. I hope we can cherish our friends and everyone around us.
Thank you, my friends. It’s good to have you.

Cold day

Before the New Year arrives, there are already loud firecrackers sounding in our ears, and the wind and rain, or the strong or light smell of fireworks, some of our neighbors begin to decorate their lanterns, and the couplets can not wait to stick to our doorsteps as early as possible, all of which constantly show the approach of the New Year’s footsteps. Waiting for the New Year with joy has become my second longing since the beginning of winter vacation and the full sleep of every day.
However, the joy was suddenly stopped by a hasty call and the sad look of her mother, Grandma was ill in hospital. So, a family rushed to the hospital to see their grandmother. After weeping sadly, her mother decided to stay and help her frail grandmother, saying that she would only come home on New Year’s Eve.
On December 14th, I got up earlier than before. I was worried about it, because my grandmother and my mother were also concerned about it. After getting up, I found that my father had already been busy with his work. The family was really a bit “cold and cool”. This day, I spent it in the company of cold rice, instant noodles, books and TV.
On the 15th of December, after getting up, the family was still “cold and clear”, looking around, there were some “miserable and miserable relatives”. No wonder, my mother was absent, and no one cleaned up the house for three days. Dad is tired of traveling outside on weekdays, but as soon as he gets home, he crosses his legs and enjoys the proper treatment of the elders; and I, as a student who gets up early and returns late on weekdays, have to finish all kinds of learning tasks when I get home, and have become a young master at home. Faced with the present, can’t bear to see? At this time, I really feel how serious the dependence on my mother is, and I really appreciate the hard work that my mother faces in the daily housework at home. I asked myself: When did I help my mother sweep the floor? When did you wash the dishes for your mother? When can I help my mother fold the quilt? After self-accusation, do what you say.
First, clean the floor. I recalled my mother’s appearance. First, I swept the floor with a broom. Then I soaked the mop in the water and lifted it to dry. Then I held the handle of the mop in both hands and bowed myself to start cleaning the stains on the floor. On weekdays, it feels simple to look at, but actually it is not easy to dry, because to keep the mop clean in the bucket, and constantly change the water, busy work for a while has not finished cleaning a room, I have been sweating hot. Today, I finally experienced my mother’s hard work, thinking that her mother had to do these housework every day. After feeling, I continued to wipe it up. It took me about two hours to wipe the floor of every room. The floor was bright and I was so tired that I was panting on the sofa. But I was very happy to see the clean floor. Look at the time. It’s 10:30 and the boiling water will pass.
After a short rest, thinking about the messy bedroom I saw when I washed the floor in the morning, I started a new journey, tidying up my mother’s bedroom. Looking at the bedclothes like rubbed paper is really a hindrance, so let’s start with the sheets on the bed. I think, according to the military training instructors to teach that set of methods will work. First, hold the two corners of one side of the quilt and tremble a few times. This tremor does not matter, but pulls the quilt off the bed. No way, I had to put aside the quilt and make the bed cover first. This bed cover is also not an oil-saving lamp. It seems that it was born unwilling to match this bed. It is hard to arrange it. After three or five times, the four corners will be put in place. Then, according to the above method of arranging the quilt, repeat it, and accomplish it easily. Then there is the dressing table. Mother is a simple rural woman. She doesn’t like to dress up. She doesn’t have any cosmetics. Her biggest hobby is reading. The dressing table has become her desk, maybe hereditary, I also love reading, but we both have a bad habit, that is, no matter how wide, narrow, thick and thin the books we read, they will be piled up at will for a long time, until the occurrence of a “book landslide” before starting to tidy up. Looking at the “dangerous building” in front of me, I felt the task came again. I picked up the biggest one, put the same size thick under it, one home base on the other corner of the table, and when they were all selected, pushed it on the edge of the wall, a square “building” was finally completed.
Shortly after his busy schedule, Dad came home earlier than usual. As soon as he entered the door, he saw the clean floor and said in surprise, “Oh, why is the floor so bright today?” “I wiped it!” I jumped off the sofa and could not wait to show my work. Dad patted me on the shoulder and praised me. While I was wondering about his “early retirement”, my father laughed and asked, “Do you think home is important or factory is important? Do you think it’s important to celebrate the New Year or to earn money? I said happily, “Of course, home, and New Year’s Day!” It seems that Dad’s consciousness has improved, but it’s a pity that Mom wasn’t there at that time. Otherwise, another good play of “cynicism” was put on.
To tell you the truth, I miss my mother for two days. I miss her hot meals and hot dishes. I miss her nagging. The most important thing is that I hope she will come home to see my work and have a smile on her face. What could be happier than a parent’s smile and affirmation, even though his whole body aches and pains at the end of the day? At this time, the sound of firecrackers was ringing in my ear. My father suggested that we start to put up couplets and hang red lanterns for the Spring Festival. I immediately echoed him and said, “Okay, while we clean up all the cold in our house, we welcome the Queen Mother’s Mother.”
This day – the fifteenth day of the twelfth lunar month – is cold and warm in heart.

Believe oneself

In real life, how many people have their own say? I think they are very rare. They are generally collective wisdom. From country to family, democratic consultation is needed. When it comes to personal emotions that need to be paid, you have to weigh the pros and cons and have reasons to convince yourself. We all want to believe in our decisions, even if only once, without regret. However, this is not the case. On the contrary, there are many people who doubt themselves, and finally they come to the point of not believing in themselves.
There’s a voice around us: I believe in myself all my life, but I haven’t done a thing well. I’ve taken a wrong step and blamed myself for being too stubborn and not integrating into the society. Maybe it sounds reasonable. Once you think about the existence of irrationality, I want to ask you what you believe in? A decision or a will? Reasonable or confident? Emotion instead of reason? Or impulse to cover up ignorance? Hearing this voice is like saying to yourself that you cheated yourself for a lifetime. If you have always believed in yourself, you will not say such a thing, because you all know that without a rational division between right and wrong, it is difficult to distinguish between victory and defeat in the world. What you distinguish is your mood and attitude, and how much you know about things.
It is very valuable to have reason to believe in oneself, which is one’s own view and attitude towards things and a sign of one’s own rational judgment. There is a saying that perseverance is victory, but where the power of perseverance comes from is a very important internal factor. You think, a person can have nothing, but can not have no mood, no will, this is noble consciousness that others can influence but can not seize. We integrate into the vast and prosperous society, always feel small and pitiful, this is a very normal rational judgment, but also in line with the laws of nature. As an independent life, we need our encouragement and support. In fact, this motivation is always believing in ourselves. We are not saying who we can trust even if we don’t believe in ourselves. The key is to believe in ourselves. Practice tells us that all achievements are cultivated by time, and time is a rich product accumulated with patience. Man is the master of time or the slave of time, which needs to distinguish the life attitude of active consciousness from passive consciousness.
Believing in yourself is very important because it is a life experience that you can feel. Generally speaking, the process of life is the process of experience and appreciation. The content of the process is very rich and wonderful. Everyone has a world in his eyes, an impulse to try, and a strong desire to show his personality. If you believe in yourself, don’t doubt, don’t mind how others think of you. If you have anything in your heart, boldly show it to the world. This is God’s right to give you freedom. Don’t blame the world for its unfairness, just treat it as a natural phenomenon. If unfairness affects your full mood, it’s the shadow we cast on ourselves. We don’t have to, because we have no ability to change the phenomenon. We can only filter the phenomenon with our mood, so that we can trust our rational judgment and warm our voice.
Strength is the role of human spirit. Believing in one’s own abilities and wisdom can radiate endless passion and achieve the passive factor of overcoming one’s own cowardice. In order to let oneself have no regrets or regrets, one must believe in oneself. Depending on others to believe that others are temporary phenomena, and ultimately depend on themselves, which has been repeatedly proved by practice, no one will never face the reality in his life, nor will that person be willing to listen to slavery all his life. It should be remembered that dependence psychology is a habit formed over a long period of time. It is neither imposed by others nor the original wish of oneself. It is the result of continuous infiltration of environmental consciousness. The reason is clear, that depends on their own needs and choices. But people have compassion and self-esteem. They don’t want to be scolded in the face. That is why the so-called power can take the three armies and not the mind.
How many people don’t hate to die? You can hear from the mouth of the old people, you are young, do what you want to do, we are old, have that heart no longer that strength. They are all regretting that if they can live again, maybe they will change. Let me see, what they regret is not the resurgence, but the failure to persevere in what they believe. To say this is to give oneself a sense of deception under the steps. If it is because the old do not believe in their wisdom and ability, it still belongs to the halfway to give up, because knowledge is not exhaustive, exploration is not exhaustive, living to learn and never stop is the symbol of human pursuit. Obviously, it’s still cheating. It’s a sign of lack of confidence in oneself. Believing in oneself means carrying out what one thinks he likes and blaming any objective conditions for it is unreasonable.

Two Little Pigs

This year is the Year of Pig. For all the good luck, I purchased a pair of paper-cut piglets from the garden market. Then when I got home, I pasted them on the door glass of my bedroom. One of them looked left and the other looked right. Two of them were cut vividly and vividly. They looked at each other and smiled at each other at the moment. Eye-raising is auspicious.
I am a pig. This year is the year of my life. The more I look at these piglets, the more I think they are lovely.
I used to like the character of the little flower pigs, simple and honest, so I watched during the day and at night, and the more I watched, the more I loved them. That’s why I often dreamed about them in my sleep. Once, I dreamed that the little flower pigs were active from the door glass. Then they came to me, and I kept approaching them. When I was happy, I gave them to the little flower pigs. They named each other, one is Love and the other is Kinship.
Kinship and love do not look the same from the outside, but they have their own personalities. Kinship is extroverted, lively and cheerful, very grim, love is introverted, very restrained in speaking and doing things, and pay attention to discretion.
Affinity, love and I set up for a while, they went home together, back home, that is, in the pigsty, the owner of raising them is a fat man, this man likes to kiss the kind of lively and cheerful pigs, because such pigs are very grim, give people the feeling of heartless, but also can eat, such pigs grow very fast, imagine. Well, which pig breeder doesn’t like such pigs?
But love is different, full stomach is the heart, eat less, lean body, but also very wise, work strategically, so, pig raisers particularly hate this pig, think this pig is too pretentious. But in order to make the pig sell for a good price in the future, just like the pig that can only eat, so the owner of the pig endured for a while, and decided to raise his relatives and love together.
Affinity and love, therefore, fell in love with each other in the pigsty. For a long time, the hearts of the two pigs rose to the level of affection and brotherly friendship. It can be said that no one can live without anyone. Their days are very happy.
But until such a day, when Love was breaking up outside the pigsty, suddenly heard the voice of the owner and a stranger talking in the house, only to hear the stranger say to the owner: “Now the price of pork on the market is a long, hesitant, if you do not sell the fat pig that can eat, you may lose in the future.”
The master listened, thought for a moment, and then made an amazing decision. Well, elder brother, I will listen to you. Tomorrow I will kill the fat pig.
When love is heard, it suddenly becomes bitter in heart. Then somehow, the rustling tears flow out. It’s over. Everything’s over. Tomorrow, its best friends and relatives will be brought into the battlefield of slaughter. They will lie across the slaughter knife. Finally, in a tragic howl, bloody battlefield. What will it be like?
The more you cry about love, the more you think about it, the more you feel sad. Eventually, he returned to the pigsty and watched his relatives eat and drink heartlessly. He couldn’t help kicking his relatives aside. They never did. At first, they thought love was joking with him and didn’t care. But as time went on, their relatives suddenly found out that the situation was wrong. In order to stabilize their feelings, love did not tell them the truth. Kinship, but always prevent the family to eat, Kinship does not understand, ask the reason, love does not say, and Kinship grab food, but love knows deeply that, regardless of how it eats today, it can not fatten up in a day, can not replace Kinship tomorrow’s fate. The next day, when his relatives were inexplicably caught and beheaded, he awoke. He cried and screamed at the moment, but it was obviously too late. In this way, two lovely little piglets died in such a tragic way that only lonely love remained.
Love this day crying is particularly tragic, it is also very self-reproach, self-reproach did not eat properly at the beginning, resulting in the loss of companions, so, he took advantage of the owner’s unprepared, and returned to my front, he said: “I am sorry, we were a good couple, but hand in hand to go home once, back only a lonely me, so, after that, only a lonely me. The door of your bedroom is not beautiful.”
After I heard it, I cried too. This is my piglet. Now I have lost one. Do you think I can not be sad?
Because of crying, I finally woke up in a deep sleep, and I found it was only a dream. So immediately get out of bed to see the pair of little pigs on my bedroom door. God, the original pair of good little pigs, the one on the left actually disappeared. After my investigation, it was my mother who carelessly erased the little pigs while cleaning and cleaning the glass.
So I cried sadly again. Although my mother promised to buy me another pair of beautiful paper-cut pigs from the market, I knew that no one could replace my little pigs.
Hey! I’m in great pain, Xiaohua Pig. You’re really killed. What a misfortune!
But just when I was in agony, my mother advised me like this: “Girl, this is your life year, so we must pay attention to ways and means of speaking and doing things, do not always sigh, do not always cry, it is unlucky.”
The next day, with my mother’s comfort, I was in a much better mood, and my mother put a pair of beautiful new piglets on the door of my bedroom. In this way, I took the lonely piglet down, slept with him every night, and told the piglet: “Your partner is gone, I am your partner, I will take good care of you in the future, sleep, sleep. “
Speaking of that, I and Piglet jointly entered a sweet dream…

Live for yourself

“The more people fear humiliation, the more they care about what others think. The more you care about what others think, the more you ignore your feelings. The more you ignore your feelings, the more you try to show them to others like puppets. Finally, step by step, the true self is imprisoned in deep darkness. Losing ourselves is not only the source of happiness and happiness that we can not find, but also the source of all psychological problems. This passage is what I saw in the book “Living is not for others to see”. When reading this book, this passage in this book is deeply engraved in my mind, lingering. I think this passage really tells us the true meaning of life and the feeling of life. At the same time, it really struck a chord with me.
I remember that it was an afternoon just beginning school. I came to school early. My grades are not so outstanding, very ordinary, or even a little bad. At that time, I was more introverted and convergent. I don’t like to contact my classmates very much, and I don’t even talk to them very much. I felt like an island at that time, without any friends, because I had just integrated into the collective and had a very strange and cowardly feeling. I want to be able to integrate into the collective well, but I always miss opportunities again and again because of my timidity and various excuses. A few days after the beginning of the school, the head teacher said that the students in the class were almost familiar with each other and were ready to start running for office. Although I am a little timid, but I very much hope that through the election class to temper their courage, but also hope that through the duties of class cadres and classmates in peacetime contact, so I took the lead in summoning up the courage to raise my hand. I succeeded. I succeeded in becoming a Disciplinary Commissioner.
When I became a disciplinary commissioner, I was very happy. I immediately put myself in the right position and told myself that I could not live up to the ardent hopes of my teachers and classmates. However, contrary to my wishes, everything is not as perfect as I imagined, and the tasks and responsibilities of the class are not so easy to accomplish. The class quickly spread a remark that wasn’t so good for me. Some people said that my new officer took office three fires, usually seems silent, did not think that the governor put on a posture. All the unfavorable remarks were overwhelming, and all kinds of attacks pressed me out of breath. I feel bad, but it’s hard to be indifferent. I began to wonder if I was doing too much, if I was too strict, and I began to control my thoughts, and I became suspicious of myself. My mood dropped sharply, and the joy of being a disciplinary Commissioner at the outset vanished. Gradually, I began to neglect the discipline of managing the class. I wanted to relax a little. I felt that there would be no other bad comments to attack me. Slowly, I heard that others began to be dissatisfied. Some people said that discipline in the class was not good at all. I really did not know that such a disciplinary committee was to be used for decoration. I shouldn’t have chosen me as a disciplinary committee in the first place. Others said that I could not hold on for three days, and it was not long before I became a disciplinary commissioner that I began to neglect management. Speech hasn’t diminished that much. The aggressiveness of speech has not been reduced, I do not know how to do, I put all the dissatisfaction, all contradictions and worries on my face, I became not like the happy me. I don’t understand why there are always such and such words to deliberately hurt people.
For a long time since then, I can’t let go until my father saw me go home all day depressed, his face was full of unhappiness and helplessness. My father asked me what had happened, and I told him exactly what had happened. He told me that if our mouths grow on other people, we can’t control their thoughts or prevent them from doing so. All we can do is to adjust our mindset, balance our mindset, and try not to care about other people’s thoughts deliberately. A thousand people in the world have a thousand ideas. If you care about and refute every one’s ideas, you will never stop. My father’s words were like an alarm bell, which woke me up. I suddenly realized that I should take other people’s words lightly, be good to myself and know more about my inner thoughts. From childhood to adulthood, I was very concerned about other people’s eyes, afraid of some bad comments from others. You thought that you would not be criticized if you only made yourself good enough, but you found that it was just in vain. Others’opinions will not diminish at all, but will become more and more intense. In fact, you also know in your heart, you know that everyone will be misunderstood and criticized in this way or that. All you have to do is to be yourself, that’s all. The rest is not that important. Don’t doubt whether the world is so full of malice, be at ease, don’t think too much, don’t doubt too much, just live for yourself.
As Sanmao said, “Give yourself time, don’t worry, step by step, day by day, believe that the resilience of life is amazing, cooperate with your upward heart, don’t give up your love for yourself.” Give yourself a little time to calm down, to look down on other people’s dissatisfaction with themselves, to their own meanness. When there is no way, please tell yourself, look at yourself more, see your heart, listen to its voice, it deserves to be loved, you have to balance your mind, take good care of it. I know it’s very difficult to look down on the process slowly. I know it’s very difficult for you not to care about other people’s words. But please, slowly learn to calm down, slowly learn to control your emotions, slowly change, slowly become mature. After all, we are not living for others to see. What about other people snickering and other people can’t get used to it, as long as you are sure that you have done a good job of your own, you can live a good life. There is no need to compromise others for this reason, and no need to be the same as others. Please keep your innocence, grow up conscientiously, study conscientiously and return your life to yourself conscientiously, instead of bringing others into your own world and treating yourself unfairly.

Monday morning

The bell rang. Someone in the classroom shouted, “What a terrible noise!” Others cover their ears, eyes and backs, and others cover their stomach and suffer from “endorsed gastric ulcer” with a waxy face. I took a deep breath to calm down and recite it silently at last.
“Kaka” teacher’s footsteps are getting closer and closer, the same desk copying speed is faster and faster, more and more typefaces to take off general, comparable to cursive, dragon-flying Phoenix dance. Teachers with Chinese textbooks full of smiles stride in, it seems full of hope ah, I am more and more nervous, do not draw me ah, to draw the first smoke! __ Before I forget it!
The teacher asked us to close the book and start the spot check. I looked around. Classmate A lowered his head and wished to bury his head in the desk; Classmate B looked at him as if he was shaking; Classmate C put his book in the belly of the desk and secretly looked at the text and read words. Several class cadres have a ready-made look.
After checking several classmates, the teacher’s face changed from sunny to cloudy. Several sad and urging ghosts, back to the book is not “lack of arms and legs” or “painting snakes add a foot”, I am nervous like a heart attack, legs can not stop the soft, cold and stiff fingers.
The teacher looked down at the student number: “Ten…” The teacher frowned and chose a difficult pause. I held my breath and dared not come out, thinking never to call me No. 14! Don’t call me fourteen! “Ten… “No. 15” the teacher read out loud. I still dare not relax, in case the back of me did not recite, the teacher called me in time, then I was miserable! The fifteenth jumped up and stuttered and began to recite, half of which was like a repeater. The teacher’s face was as black as the bottom of the pot. Let the fifteenth sit down.
The teacher bowed his head and continued to spot check, “No. 20” I breathed a sigh of relief, No. 20 stood up and looked down at the desk, red face. The teacher sighed and asked her to sit down. “Okay, sit down, don’t choke.” No. 20 sat down and put his hand over his face to cool down.
Looking forward to the stars, looking forward to the moon, finally looking forward to the lovely bell after class. At this moment, I feel that the bell after class is the most beautiful music in the world. After the teacher came out of the classroom, the fish who had leaked the net spread out on their seats, like a salted fish without ideal. Looking at the rotten text, I suddenly felt that if I had recited the teacher’s task earlier, I would not have been so nervous as to do something bad. I would have waited for the teacher’s spot check with a calm smile and a bold spirit like those class cadres. Some regrets in my heart, some are not taste, I made up my mind to finish the teacher’s homework on time in the future! _ Don’t Cower and fear like today!
“Ouch! Incorrect! The teacher didn’t spot check me! Did I copy it three times in vain?! My deskmate was holding a pile of A4 paper and shouting, “Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! It’s written in white. My pen! My Ben! Ah ah…” The exaggerated shouting at the same table caused everyone to laugh, and I laughed with you.