Microsoft suspends takeover talks

Recently, it was reported that Microsoft intends to acquire tiktok, a short video interactive entertainment product under bytecomb. It is said that the two sides have even entered the final stage of negotiations, and the decision will be announced as soon as next Monday.
However, the wall street side said that Microsoft temporarily gave up the consultation and the cooperation was suspended. It seems that whether there is the possibility of a subsequent rekindling, it still needs to consider the external situation.
Before that, Microsoft had planned to change the name of tiktok to Microsoft teens. Moreover, the company believes that the takeover of tiktok by an American company after the dispute is a transaction that can be approved by the upper level, but all this has now come to nothing.
According to foreign media, tiktok has as many as 100 million users in the United States, but the company has not yet made a profit due to frequent acquisitions. This year’s revenue is expected to be about $1 billion, and may reach $6 billion next year.
In addition, it is said that tiktok has also released a sincere signal of increasing 10000 local jobs. Even Zhang Yiming is willing to sell his own shares in tiktok, but it is not clear whether this can reverse the current situation.

Fake advertisement of news app

In the process of daily reading, do you encounter any annoying advertisements? On July 26, a “CCTV exposure news app on fake advertising” news on the hot search, triggered the attention of many netizens.
CCTV exposes fake advertisement on news app
Recently, a reporter found that many commercial news and information apps published illegal advertisements, and even filled with a large number of counterfeit products. When a reporter clicks an advertisement on a news app, the page will jump to the overseas table selling website. All the “top famous watches” sold are high imitations, not genuine ones! However, after the complaint, there was no obvious effect, and the fake advertisement still existed.
Relevant lawyers have indicated that for illegal advertising, even if the relevant article is “soft”, it must be clearly indicated in the document or prominent position that it belongs to advertisement, otherwise, it will be illegal in the form of publication. Experts from China’s Consumer Council said that market regulators can confiscate advertising fees to operators who know they should know to publish false advertisements and impose fines of more than three times and less than five times the illegal income from advertising fees. If there are several more false advertisements published within two years, they will also bear criminal responsibility for the crime of false advertising.

11 US states refuse mask orders

According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 17:33 on July 18 (5:33 on July 19, Beijing time), the number of confirmed cases of new coronavirus in the United States has exceeded 3.67 million, reaching 3676942 cases, and the cumulative death cases are close to 140000, reaching 139748. In the past 24 hours, there were 50442 new cases and 769 new deaths.
At present, most state and local governments in the United States have asked people to wear masks in public places to prevent the spread of the virus. Today, 39 states have implemented some form of “mask order”, but there are still 11 states that are still in dispute.
According to the internal documents of the White House, Georgia is one of the 18 states in the “red disaster area” of the new coronavirus, but the governor and mayor of the state have been in constant conflict over the issue of masks, which has aroused the attention of the United States.

Collective resignation is actually poached

In response to media reports that more than 90 scientific researchers in the Institute of nuclear safety technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the “Institute for nuclear safety”) resigned collectively, on July 16, a staff member of the personnel department of Hefei Institute of material science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, told surging news that more than 90 researchers collectively proposed to leave the Institute in June, “they all left voluntarily I have already completed the procedures for leaving the post. “
Institute of nuclear safety is a subordinate Institute of Hefei Institute of material science, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
The above-mentioned staff disclosed that more than 90 scientific research personnel were indeed poached, but their resignation was a normal flow of personnel.
On the same day, a researcher from the Institute of nuclear energy safety technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences told the surging news that his resignation occurred last month and he did not know the specific reasons for his resignation and other relevant information.
On the 16th, media reports said that more than 90 scientific researchers of Hefei Institute of material sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences left. The report quoted an insider as saying that the departures were concentrated in the Institute of nuclear energy safety technology of Hefei Research Institute, most of whom graduated with doctorates and had a career establishment. All of them are within this year. The reason for leaving the company seems not directly related to the salary.
The staff of the personnel department mentioned above confirmed to the surging news that the news that more than 90 scientific research personnel had left was true. However, the above-mentioned media reports exaggerate the facts and “facts speak louder than words”.
According to the official website of the Institute of nuclear safety, Wu Yichan is the director of the Institute of nuclear safety technology, responsible for the strategic planning of the Institute. On November 22, 2019, the Chinese Academy of Sciences officially announced the results of the re election of academicians in 2019, and researcher Wu Yichan was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
On the 16th, surging news repeatedly called the relevant functional departments of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, but so far, no effective response has been received.
According to the information on the website of the Institute, the Institute is an Innovative Research Institute for basic, forward-looking and strategic research in the fields related to nuclear safety and advanced nuclear technology. Its goal is to build an internationally advanced basic research base for nuclear safety technology, an innovative high-end talent training center for nuclear safety, and a comprehensive support platform for safety technology of nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities Third party evaluation institutions. The Institute is located on the science island of Hefei City, Anhui Province.
With the support of IAEA and ITER international cooperation program, national 973 / 863 program, national key R & D program, National Natural Science Foundation major program, national magnetic confinement fusion project and Chinese Academy of Sciences strategic pilot science and technology program, the Institute always pursues the concept of “ensuring nuclear safety from the source”, deeply integrates “research, learning and production”, and takes It has won a number of original scientific and technological achievements with world leading level. It has won more than 20 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological awards, including the second prize of the National Natural Science Award, the first prize of the national science and technology progress award, the first prize of the national energy science and technology Progress Award, the first prize of the innovation achievement award of China’s industry university research cooperation, and the major scientific and technological achievement award of Anhui Province International awards include achievement award, international outstanding contribution award of fusion nuclear technology, etc.

When did the new crown first appear

With the deepening of novel coronavirus pneumonia research in the world, the time line of the epidemic development in many countries has been rewritten, and the time points for the diagnosis or the local spread of the disease have been rewritten. When can the new coronavirus first appear?
Japan: antibody positive in blood donation samples in early 2019
Two out of 500 blood samples collected from January to March 2019 in shinyue, Kanto, Japan, were determined to be positive for antibodies against new coronavirus.
As the blood preserved before the outbreak of the new coronavirus, there was also a positive phenomenon of antibody against the new coronavirus. Therefore, houlao province believed that it was difficult to determine the performance of the kit and the proportion of antibody existed only from this result. It was planned to carry out a large-scale antibody test for 10000 people starting from next month. In addition to Tokyo and Osaka, where the number of infected people was relatively small, it was also listed Enter the candidate.
Novel coronavirus infection was first identified in Japan, China’s more than 30 year old Chinese man who had traveled to Wuhan and is currently living in Kanagawa, Japan, in January 16, 2020.
Spain: detection of new coronavirus in wastewater in March 2019
On June 26, a team from the University of Barcelona in Spain announced that there were traces of the new coronavirus in the wastewater collected on March 12, 2019, while Spain did not report the first confirmed case until February 25 this year.
Alvette bosh, a biology professor at the University of Barcelona, who led the study, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency on the 29th that the results of the study showed that the new coronavirus may “have started to spread without people’s awareness”, but because its infection symptoms are similar to those of respiratory diseases such as influenza, people did not realize its existence at that time.
The results of the study have been submitted for peer review, but at the same time, many scientists have questioned the use of a single sample, which weakens the reliability of the results and makes it impossible to conduct repeated tests to confirm the results.
Brazil: a new coronavirus was detected in November last year, three months earlier than the first confirmed case
In July 2nd, the novel coronavirus pneumonia was detected in the sewage samples of the water samples of the sewage water in October last year in March, which was found in the state of Brazil, Santa Catarina, Brazil. The expert group of the Federal University of Santa Catarina announced that it had found a new crown pneumonia virus in the sewage samples of November last year. The results of this study have now been submitted for peer review.
On February 26, Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, confirmed the first new crown case in the country and the first case in Latin America.
Dr. giselene fongaro of the applied Virology Laboratory of the Federal University of Santa Catarina, who was involved in the study, explained that the sample was collected on November 27 last year, and it took weeks for the virus to infect humans, which means that people were already infected 15 to 20 days before the samples were collected.
Gislenni said that the virus detected in the wastewater samples was compared with the genome of four new coronavirus groups, and each sample was tested at least eight times before the virus was confirmed as a new coronavirus. The team came to the conclusion from the applied virology laboratory, and then went to the molecular, microbiological and serological Laboratory of the Federal University Hospital of Santa Catarina, and came to the same conclusion.
France: suspected cases hospitalized in November 2019
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reproduced in the Albert Schweitzer hospital in early May this year. The total of 2456 chest radiographs taken from November 1st last year to April 30th this year showed that the earliest cases of pneumonia with typical new crown symptoms can be traced back to November 16, 2019.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the first case in France to be found in the eastern part of the great eastern region. The first confirmed case was previously reported in February 27th.
UK: the virus may have begun to spread by the end of 2019, the team said
Research teams from University College London and other institutions have analyzed genome data of more than 7500 viruses from people infected with new coronavirus worldwide, and believe that the same ancestor of these new coronaviruses came from the end of 2019. This may be the time when the new coronavirus jumps from nature to human hosts, i.e., the new coronavirus has been widely spread around the world by the end of 2019.

Xi Mengyao mourns Stanley Ho

At 1 p.m. on May 26, Stanley Ho, Macau’s gambling king, died at the age of 98. At six o’clock on the morning of May 27, he Youjun shared his family’s happiness in memory of his father, Stanley Ho, with a cry on his face. Xi Mengyao, who was silent for a day, left a heartbroken expression in the text of ho you Jun.
It is reported that Xi Mengyao gave birth to his son “Ho Guangshen” last year and made a great contribution. He was not only named “Shen” by the gambling king, but also sent out a 500 million house by the fourth Taitai. It is said that the house was purchased in the name of Ho Youjun, who once said he would reward his wife.

Qiaojia county earthquake with m S5 in Yunnan Province

Xinhua news agency, Kunming, May 19 (Reporter Lin Bifeng) the Information Office of Qiaojia county government in Yunnan Province reported that as of 5:00 on May 19, a 5.0-magnitude earthquake in Qiaojia county had killed 2 people, injured 13 and buried another one. At present, the public security, fire fighting, emergency and other rescue forces are carrying out emergency rescue work.
On the way to Xiaohe Town, Qiaojia county, the epicenter of the earthquake, the reporter saw that the road to Xiaohe Town was smooth, and a small number of people in Xiaohe Town were sheltering in open places. The fire brigade is building a rescue and relief headquarters on the first floor of Xiaohe Town Government Square. The local walls of the town government office building are cracked and the walls fall off.
It was reported that after the earthquake, Qiaojia county immediately arranged to deploy 16 townships to do well in earthquake rescue and relief, disaster verification and mass transfer, so as to fully guarantee the safety of people’s lives and properties. Qiaojia county public security bureau special patrol brigade, fire rescue brigade, Emergency Management Bureau and other rescue forces rushed to the disaster area immediately to carry out rescue work.
Yunnan Seismological Bureau launched the level-4 emergency response, established the emergency command center to carry out the emergency response and disposal work, sent the first group of on-site team members to the disaster area, carried out the on-site earthquake monitoring work, and assisted the local government to carry out the earthquake emergency disposal work.
Qiaojia county meteorological observatory reported that in the next three days, Qiaojia county will mainly have cloudy weather in sunny days, and Xiaohe Town will have showers when sunny days turn cloudy.

New crown 12 minutes in the air

A novel coronavirus can be suspended for more than 10 minutes in the enclosed space, a new study shows, which highlights the importance of voice transmission in the dissemination of new coronaviruses.
A team of researchers at the National Institute of diabetes, digestive and kidney disease (NIDDK) asked people to repeat the phrase “stay healthy” loudly in a closed box for 25 seconds, AFP reported. The laser that is projected into the box illuminates the droplets so that they can be seen and counted.
The study is published in the latest issue of the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAs). Studies have shown that saliva droplets produced by speech stay in the air for an average of 12 minutes.
Given the known concentration of the new coronavirus in saliva, scientists estimate that speaking loudly every minute can produce more than 1000 droplets containing the virus, which can stay in a closed space for 8 minutes or more.
“This direct visualization shows how normal speech produces droplets in the air that can be suspended for a few minutes or longer and are very capable of spreading the virus in a limited space,” the researchers concluded
In another study, published in the New England Journal of medicine in April, the team found that the smaller the voice, the less droplets it produced.
If the infectivity level of the new coronavirus can be confirmed by voice, it can scientifically promote many countries to recommend people to wear masks and help explain the rapid spread of the virus.

Recommend suspension of fake milk powder doctor

China online finance and economics may 13 news according to the website of the State Administration of market supervision, recently, media reported that aiyingfang mother and baby shop in Yongxing County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, sold a solid drink to children with milk allergy as special medical food, falsely publicized special functions and suspected of consumption fraud. The General Administration of market supervision attaches great importance to it, and instructs the market supervision department of Hunan Province to thoroughly investigate the businesses involved, impose strict and severe punishment according to law, and timely announce the investigation results to the society.
Solid beverage is a common food, not infant formula milk powder, not to mention formula food for special medical use. Its protein and nutrient content is far lower than infant formula milk powder and formula food for special medical use.
According to the food safety law, infant formula milk powder and formula food for special medical purposes are special food. In China, strict registration management and factory batch inspection are carried out to ensure the quality and safety. When purchasing infant food, consumers should pay attention to check the label and choose the right products.

The 12th anniversary of Wenchuan earthquake

Unconsciously, 12 years have passed since the Wenchuan earthquake!
Time flies, time flies, and in an instant it will be 12 years.
At that moment, the mountains and rivers trembled and the whole country was sad.
At one time, the whole country was in full swing.
I still remember that in May 2008, I was still in senior two of the key high schools in my hometown. At that time, there was no mobile phone, computer or iPad. There are no communication tools or electronic devices on hand to receive external messages.
I remember very clearly that day, at noon, Wang and his classmates had hu la Tang in the canteen, which was a little spicy. I didn’t eat much. When I left the canteen, I bought two steamed buns to take back to the classroom.
High school is a heavy burden, especially for our children in Henan, the pressure is greater. So we will be arranged a lot of homework at noon. To be honest, I didn’t know how I survived at that time. If I want to study so hard now, I’m afraid my body won’t be able to bear it.
When I came back from the canteen, I took three minutes to eat the two steamed buns I bought with soybean paste from my hometown. He began to do his homework without stopping.
In summer, the small town of Southwest Henan in May is already very hot. Moreover, there are more than 100 people in the class, which is extremely crowded and the air is not hot.
After writing the paper for a while, I was a little sleepy. The time was 14:05. I remember it very clearly because I had a watch at that time.
I want to lie on my desk and squint for a while, because we have class at 14:30 in the afternoon.
I just felt like I was being pushed (not aware of the earthquake) just after I lay down. I still thought, which one is not interesting, just when I fell asleep, I came out to make trouble for me.
At this time, I didn’t realize what had happened, and I didn’t straighten up, because I thought maybe they were just pranks, and I just ignored them.
I don’t know who it is. At this time, I shouted. It was an earthquake. Everyone ran out of the teaching building and stood on the open space beside the teaching building. One or two brave students were still in the classroom at this time, and didn’t escape from the danger because of the earthquake.
Half an hour later, I was told by a smart classmate that there was an earthquake in Sichuan that his sister told him in Beijing.
At this time, I realized that an earthquake really happened, but it’s not clear how big the magnitude and the scope of the impact are.
After two hours in the open space, at 16:38 p.m., the teacher informed us that we could go back to the classroom to study. We started the boring high school life as usual.
It seems that this earthquake has nothing to do with us.
The next day, a picture of the earthquake was shown on the TV in the canteen, at which time the seriousness of the situation was known.
Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the whole country worked together to help Wenchuan.
Under the leadership of the teacher, our school also organized a fund-raising activity. The cyst shy me, only donated 20 yuan, although the money is few, the heart is sincere.
Time really passed quickly. I was a senior high school student at that time. I experienced college entrance examination, from bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, to doctor’s degree now. In 12 years, for my family, there have been earth shaking changes.
In the past 12 years, great changes have taken place in Wenchuan, which is not Wenchuan yesterday. Home reconstruction, life restart, the strong flavor of life in the past Wenchuan has restored vitality.
Wenchuan, nice!