Deputy Secretary of Shandong Province

According to the official account of the official account of the city’s Public Security Bureau in Jining, Shandong, in January 6th, 8 p.m. on January 6, 2021, the WeChat public No. 3, Shandong city Jining branch of the City Public Security Bureau issued a police intelligence bulletin.
At 8:49 on January 6, 2021, Rencheng District branch of Jining Public Security Bureau received an alarm: someone fell from a building in huicuiyuan community. 110 police and 120 ambulance personnel rushed to the scene. Confirmed by medical staff, the person who fell from the building was dead.
According to the investigation and investigation by the criminal investigation technicians and forensic experts, it was confirmed that the deceased was Hu, deputy secretary of Rencheng district Party committee of Jining City, who died of falling from a height, excluding criminal cases. At present, the relevant situation is under further investigation.

The prosecutor Lao Rongzhi has not repented

On December 22, after two days of trial, Lao Rongzhi was suspected of intentional homicide, kidnapping and robbery. Part of the trial ended, and the case will be sentenced at an optional time.
At the stage of court debate, the procuratorial organ held that the main culprits of the series of crimes of Lao Rongzhi were robbery, kidnapping and intentional homicide. Lao Rongzhi refused to plead guilty in court, and his subjective evil was very deep. In order to protect himself, he did not sincerely repent and break through the bottom line of human nature and law.
Lao Rongzhi’s defender also said that he did not accept the prosecution’s accusation of intentional homicide, recognized robbery, kidnapping and facts, but believed that Lao Rongzhi played a minor role in these crimes and did not recognize the aggravating circumstances of causing death.

Women miss the plane and make a big noise at the airport

Recently, a woman couldn’t board the plane late and caused a lot of trouble in the waiting hall. The related video triggered a heated discussion on the Internet.
The woman couldn’t board because she was late
At about 6:30 a.m. on December 4, a woman at Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, was unable to board the plane due to being late, causing a big disturbance in the airport waiting hall.
The ticket inspector told the woman that she was one minute late. The woman responded loudly: “I’m not late! Your airline is so inhumane! I’m a lactating mother waiting to feed her baby
The woman asked the airline to co-ordinate a ferry bus for her to board and yelled to the onlookers: “shoot quickly, I want the largest number of hits in the country!”
At that time, Mr. Wang, the manager on duty, explained to the woman that the company carried out check-in according to the unified regulations of the airport. There were more than 100 passengers on the plane, and she could not delay the travel of other passengers because of her. I hope she can understand. But the woman is still emotional, simply lying on the ground. Because of the impact of subsequent flights passengers boarding, the staff can only choose to alarm.
The staff on duty accompanied the woman to check the monitoring. The surveillance video showed that the boarding gate was closed at 6:30, and her arrival time was 6:32:30, and the woman’s mood gradually stabilized. In the end, the officer on duty returned the ticket to the woman and advised her to buy another flight.
Mr. Wang also put forward suggestions to the vast number of passengers: passengers taking domestic flights had better arrive at the airport 2 hours in advance, and those taking international flights had better arrive 3 hours in advance. After checking in and exchanging boarding passes, please go through the security check as soon as possible, and then arrive at the boarding gate as soon as possible to wait for boarding, so as not to miss the boarding time.

Live broadcast income of female county magistrate: one million yuan

Recently, he Jiaolong, deputy county chief of Zhaosu County, Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, has become a popular network platform and circle fans for tourism promotion of Zhaosu county.
According to Tianshan network, He Jiaolong’s trembling platform has more than eight hundred thousand fans, and the reward income of tiktok has exceeded 100 million yuan, and all these reward income are used for public utility purposes.
He Jiaolong said: “all the sound wave income is used for public welfare and charity, mainly concerned about the poor children and the poor elderly in our frontier minority areas. These fans in my studio are members of my public welfare team. They give me love and I pass it on. “
According to the previous reports of the surging news, he Jiaolong, deputy county magistrate, once calmly talked about his thoughts after his popularity through the article of today’s headline authentication account “He county magistrate says Zhaosu”.
“Thank you for your attention,” he wrote. I really didn’t expect that the video of horse riding would be hot. I heard different voices, some of whom I like and some I don’t understand. As a public official, I hope to be able to do things in my own post in a down-to-earth manner. I am not used to such a big network heat, and I even have some trepidation. In the past, I just wanted to promote Zhaosu’s agricultural products by 1000 or 2000 people in the live broadcasting room, so as to help us promote the public brand of Zhaosu agricultural products to the whole country. “

Girls were beaten up in the park by 12 people

According to Xi’an Commercial Daily – whirlpool video news, recently, Yanbian, Jilin Province. A video of a girl student being beaten up by several people in Dunhua City caused heated discussion. In the picture, a girl is pushed, kicked and pulled by several people.
On November 7, the Public Security Bureau of Dunhua City issued a police information circular, saying that 12 beaters had arrived at the case. Because they were all minors, the public security organs temporarily suspended their administrative detention. At present, the accident is under further investigation and treatment.

Man kills his parents in law

On November 6, the intermediate people’s Court of Fuyang City, Anhui Province, publicly tried the defendant Wu Hongliang’s intentional homicide case and pronounced a judgment in court.
The court sentenced the defendant Wu Hongliang to death for intentional homicide, deprived his political rights for life, and compensated the plaintiff with a total of 197592.5 yuan of funeral expenses.
It was found that:
After drinking, the defendant, Wu Hongliang, had conflicts with his wife, brother-in-law and his brother-in-law and held a grudge against him. He was angry at his father-in-law, his mother-in-law and his family members, resulting in murderous thoughts. From March 21 to March 31, 2020, he went to the victim’s residence with a knife at night for many times, but failed to commit the crime. In the early morning of March 31, 2020, the defendant Wu Hongliang went to the victim’s residence again with a knife. Taking advantage of the victim’s family’s sleeping opportunity, Wu Hongliang killed his parents in law and his grandchildren on the spot. Three of them were minors. The youngest victim was only 3 years old. The defendant, Wu Hongliang, fled the scene after committing the crime.
After hearing, Fuyang intermediate people’s court held that:
The defendant, Wu Hongliang, was dissatisfied with his parents in law due to family disputes. He deliberately retaliated and took violent means to illegally deprive others of their lives, resulting in the death of five people. His behavior has constituted the crime of intentional homicide, and should be punished according to law and bear the corresponding civil liability for compensation. The defendant, Wu Hongliang, committed a very bad crime with extremely cruel means, extremely serious consequences and great personal danger. Although he confessed the facts of the crime truthfully after he arrived at the case and had confessed, it was not enough to give him a lighter punishment. According to the facts, nature, circumstances and harm to society of the defendant Wu Hongliang, the court made the above judgment after discussion and decision of the judicial committee of the court.

Secretary of Sanya Municipal Party committee investigated

Tong Daochi, member of the Standing Committee of Hainan Provincial Committee and Secretary of Sanya Municipal Party committee, was investigated!
Tong Daochi, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee and Secretary of the Sanya Municipal Party committee, is suspected of serious violations of discipline and law, according to the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission.
Source: People’s daily
Resume of Tong Daochi
Tong Daochi, male, Han nationality, was born in October 1967 in Pingjiang, Hunan Province. He joined the Communist Party of China in December 2004 and began to work in July 1991. He graduated from the Graduate School of administrative management of Renmin University of China and public management major of Carlton University of Canada. He has an in-service doctoral degree.
September 1984 to July 1988: majored in national economic management, Department of economic management, Peking University
July, 1988 to July, 1991: graduate student of administration, Institute of administration, Renmin University of China
July 1991 to July 1992: Assistant Researcher, Institute of world economics and politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
July 1992 to August 1994: Master of public administration, University of Carlton, Canada
August, 1994 to April, 1999, Ph.D. candidate in policy analysis, Graduate School of RAND Corporation, USA (during which: researcher, Asia Pacific Research Center, International Department, Rand Corporation, USA)
April 1999 to October 2000: corporate governance expert, corporate governance Bureau, corporate development department, World Bank headquarters
From October 2000 to November 2000, cadres of the planning and Development Committee of China Securities Regulatory Commission
2000.11-2001.04 member of planning and Development Committee of China Securities Regulatory Commission (vice bureau level)
April 2001 to August 2006 deputy director of Supervision Department of listed companies of China Securities Regulatory Commission
August 2006 April 2007 deputy director of issuance Supervision Department of China Securities Regulatory Commission
2007.04-2008.02 deputy director of International Cooperation Department of China Securities Regulatory Commission (in charge of work) and deputy director of issuance supervision department
2008.02-2014.04 director of International Cooperation Department of China Securities Regulatory Commission
April 2014 to December 2016: Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, member of the Party group, member of the poverty alleviation and development leading group of the State Council (October 2015)
From December 2016 to October 2018, vice governor of Hubei Province, member of the poverty alleviation and development leading group of the State Council (April 2018 exempted)
Member of the Standing Committee of Hainan Provincial Committee from October to November, 2018
November, 2018 — member of the Standing Committee of Hainan Provincial Committee and Secretary of Sanya Municipal Party committee

Apple sales down 28%

Apple released its fourth quarter performance report in 2020 after hours on October 29, Eastern time. Although the fourth quarter revenue, profits are higher than market expectations. But iPhone sales, at $26.44 billion, were the only major product sales decline in the quarter. In the same period last year, it was US $33.362 billion, with a year-on-year decrease of about 20%. In addition, sales in Greater China in the fourth quarter were $7.95 billion, down 28.57% from $11.13 billion in the same period last year. Affected by this, Apple shares fell nearly 5% after hours.
In response, Apple CEO Cook said that since Chinese consumers had been waiting for 5g iPhones, fourth quarter sales would certainly be weaker. 5g is quite advanced in China, and the company is very confident in this, and has confidence in Greater China sales in the first quarter of fiscal year 2021.
Red Star News noted that Apple industrial chain fell sharply, huanxu electronic limit fell, LANs technology fell 6.47%, golfer shares and Changying precision fell more than 3%.

Two yuan for thousands of face photos

“Brush face” payment when shopping, unlock “brush face” when using mobile phone, and “brush face” open door when entering the community Nowadays, more and more things can be “washed” and solved by face recognition technology.
According to a report released recently, more than 90% of the respondents have used face recognition, but 60% of the respondents think that face recognition technology is likely to be abused. Another 30% of the respondents said that they have suffered privacy or property loss due to the leakage and abuse of face information. So, is our face information safe in the “face brushing” era?
What are the risks of face recognition?
For face recognition, most people love and hate it. What they love is that it is convenient and fast, and what they hate is security risks.
Suspect “Ai face changing” deceives face recognition to commit crime
In the two cases of police embezzlement of citizens’ personal information this year, it is worth noting that the suspects used the “AI face changing technology” to illegally obtain citizens’ photos for preprocessing, and then generated dynamic video through “photo activation” software, deceived the mechanism of face verification, so that they could commit crimes.
Can masks replace faces to unlock mobile phones?
In the test, researchers put a mask on the opposite side of the mobile phone and then adjusted the light, color temperature and angle. After several comparisons, the phone was successfully unlocked.
Experts say the cost of making this mask is not high, and 3D printing technology can produce face masks or headgear with acceptable accuracy. As long as it is not in a very dark or bright background, the success rate of face recognition by mask or headgear is as high as 30%.
How to enhance the security of face recognition?
Experts say that the simplest face recognition at present only needs to collect and extract six or eight feature points on the face. For complex face recognition, it needs to collect and extract dozens or even hundreds of feature points on the face. Compared with unlocking the mobile phone, “face brushing” payment and “face brushing” into the community, the collected face feature points are more, and the security is naturally higher.
In addition, we have developed a biometric based in vivo detection technology, which can effectively identify the vital signs of the scanned object, and greatly reduce the risk of the recognition system using photos or masks as faces.
2 yuan can buy thousands of photos, how is the face information leaked?
According to the survey, on some online trading platforms, thousands of face photos can be bought for only 2 yuan, while the price of more than 5000 face photos is less than 10 yuan.
The store’s material library is full of personal privacy, such as real life photos and self photos. When the reporter asked the customer service whether the pictures involved copyright, the customer service denied it, but could not provide any material to prove the copyright of the photos.
If these face photos containing personal information fall into the hands of criminals, the photo owners may not only encounter accurate fraud and suffer property losses, but also be involved in criminal proceedings because their face information is used for money laundering and other illegal and criminal activities.
In the opinion of experts, the risk point of face recognition technology is more concentrated in the storage link. Due to the diversity of face recognition applications and the lack of a unified industry standard, a large number of face data are stored in the centralized database of application operators or technology providers.
Whether the data is desensitized, whether the security is in place, what is used for algorithm training, and which will be shared by partners is unknown to the outside world. Moreover, once the server is intruded, the highly sensitive face data will face the risk of leakage.
The draft of personal information law is issued, and the protection of face information is more standardized
In order to plug this loophole, experts put forward a variety of technical improvements, and further pointed out that face data storage should establish more stringent standards and norms, technology developers and app operators should collect, use and store data under more stringent supervision, laws and industry standards.
In view of the phenomenon that face information is abused, embezzled and collected at will, legal experts point out that the network security law explicitly includes personal biometric identification information into the scope of personal information. China’s “Civil Code” stipulates that the collection and processing of personal information of a natural person should follow the principles of legality, legitimacy and necessity, and obtain the consent of the natural person or his guardian, and the consent of the adoptee can also be withdrawn.
At present, the personal information protection law of the people’s Republic of China (Draft) is open to the public for comments. The draft proposes that the installation of image acquisition and personal identification equipment in public places should be necessary for the maintenance of public security, comply with the relevant national regulations, and set up prominent prompt signs. The collected personal images and personal identity information can only be used for the purpose of maintaining public security, and shall not be made public or provided to others, except with the individual’s individual consent or otherwise provided by laws and administrative regulations.