Survivors of acid soup poisoning

Recently, a family dinner party in Jidong County, Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province caused poisoning, killing eight people. Today (October 19), the Red Star News reporter learned from Mr. Zhang, the son of Ms. Li, the only survivor of “sour soup” poisoning in Jixi, Heilongjiang Province, that her mother had died at noon today. So far, all the 9 poisoned people in Jixi “sour soup” poisoning event have died.
On October 5, Wang Mou, a community resident in Xingnong Town, Jidong County, Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province, and nine of his relatives had a dinner at home. They ate homemade sour soup (a kind of coarse noodle staple food fermented by corn mill), which caused food poisoning.
It is reported that after local police investigation, it was found that the sour soup was made by the family members and had been frozen in the refrigerator for nearly a year. It was suspected that the food had caused food poisoning. After the local public security organs Criminal Technology Department on-site extract detection, ruled out the possibility of artificial poisoning.
Eight of the nine people who had been poisoned have died. Only Ms. Li, 47, who was treated in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, survived.

47 anchors banned

The network performance (Live) branch of China Performance Industry Association announced the seventh batch of anchor blacklist to the society. 47 anchors suspected of illegal activities were included in the blacklist.
The network performance (Live) branch of China Performance Industry Association disclosed that, in accordance with the Interim Provisions on Internet culture management, the administrative measures for online performance business activities, and the provisions on the management of internet live broadcasting services, and other relevant laws and regulations, and in accordance with the “blacklist” management system of network performance (Live) industry anchor and the “blacklist identification work process”, the China Performance Industry Association disclosed that it had announced to the public No Seven groups of anchor blacklist, 47 blacklisted anchors will be banned in the industry registration and live broadcast, the ban period of five years.

Calling on Taiwan media

On the evening of October 2, Taiwan media sent good news that she gave birth to a daughter, about 7 pounds (3180 grams), to his wife Guo biting
Guo biting gave birth to her first daughter on the national day double festival of the Mid Autumn Festival (October 1). After Xiang Taihe and Xiang Huaqiang arrived in Taiwan, she took good care of her daughter-in-law. Now she is happy to welcome her granddaughter. They built a villa for Guo biting’s mother and daughter in advance and fulfilled their original promise.
First of all, congratulations on Guo biting’s becoming a mother and Xiang Zuo Dang’s father. Their love has been controversial all the way, and now they have finally ushered in the crystallization of their love. The two men’s and women’s genes must not be bad, but we still hope that girls like Guo biting are better, and with Xiangzuo’s rich family background, it is estimated that they will continue to make efforts to open up branches and leaves for Xiangzuo’s family.
However, Xiang Zuo and Guo biting have not made public the good news, including Xiang Tai and Guo biting’s father and wife both kept silent and did not respond. Until October 7, I sent an article to the head of Jordan’s father. Instead of expressing his joy, he sent a letter to the Taiwanese media: a Taiwanese media, please let us go. It’s no more than three things.
In the article, to Zuo sent three inverted thumbs expression, and released a black and white stills, expressed anger. Although Xiang Zuo didn’t point out the reason, netizens understood it and comforted Xiang Zuo to be angry. He wanted to accompany the little princess happily.
It turns out that in the early morning of the day when Xiang Zuo sent the article, Taiwan media had exposed Guo biting’s 72 hour prenatal picture and took a full-length picture of Guo biting’s belly as big as a basket.
The media continuously filmed 72 hours in the hospital. From September 27, Guo biting went to the hospital for examination, and on October 1, the couple visited the hospital. The whole process was recorded, just like “live broadcast”, which greatly affected the mood of the puerpera.
However, Xiangzuo didn’t get angry that day. Instead, he waited for his wife to give birth to the baby. He endured for nearly ten days for his wife and daughter. He was worthy of being a good husband.
In fact, last month, some Taiwan media exposed Guo biting and Xiang Zuo going out. The shooting time should be within half a month. At that time, Guo biting’s belly was as big as a basket, and her pregnant belly was round and big. She was once suspected of being twins. And Xiang Zuo is very considerate. He helps his wife with care. He is a perfect model husband, and he keeps his mouth shut with patience.
As a matter of fact, everyone in Xiang zoubi wanted to accompany Guo biting, but she was not allowed to come to Taiwan because of the epidemic situation and visa problems. Xiang Zuo did not fly to his wife until early September to celebrate their first wedding anniversary and the mid autumn national day.
The only regret is that Guo biting failed to sign the marriage application in Hong Kong within three months, which led to the two missing the validity of their first paper marriage. Later, the agent revealed that they had applied twice and asked Taiji to register in Taiwan to finish the marriage before the baby was born.
However, some Taiwan media said that Guo biting had to finish her confinement to get the certificate, which seemed to imply that the two were unmarried and had children first.
Xiang Tai’s daughter-in-law was also questioned because she was too tight. Two months ago, she was admitted to the hospital for treatment of myocardial infarction. She recovered after one month of treatment. At that time, some fans were dissatisfied because she did not disclose it in time. To too after discharge from the hospital, the first time to restore the illness, the outside world just wake up. Xiang Tai, who is concerned about his daughter-in-law, also arrived in Taiwan in early September and took her granddaughter in the first place.
As a matter of fact, since their marriage, they have been questioned. This time, anger towards Zuo rare is probably unbearable.

Switch crossing in Chongqing

Chongqing is the top 10 tourist destinations in China for the Mid Autumn Festival. Although this year has experienced the “test” of epidemic situation and flood, when the long holiday comes, Yuzhong District of Chongqing, which gathers many popular scenic spots, is still popular and “pet powder” is still the same.
Yuzhong police deployed in advance, took various measures simultaneously, closed the bridge traffic, convenient for tourists to take photos and punch in; opened the “on-off” wall to escort tourists to cross the road safely. In this series of hard core operations, the police continued to escort the safety of the holiday with professionalism and perseverance, presenting the deepest confession to the motherland and the people.
Special police unit “man wall” switch crossing road to ensure the safety of tourists
At about 7:00 p.m. on October 1, with the fall of night and the lighting, the flow of people in popular scenic spots such as Hongya cave and Chaotianmen square began to increase gradually. In Hongya cave, tourists from Jiabin road and Cangbai road enter and leave the scenic spot in an endless stream. However, when people punch in here, they also find a special scenic spot.
When the pedestrian green light is on, more than 10 special police members quickly stand on both sides of the zebra crossing, which is like two “human walls”, separating pedestrians from motor vehicles, creating a safe area for pedestrians crossing the road. Another group of on-site police guides and escorts a batch of tourists to pass quickly and orderly in the crowd. When the signal light turns to red light, the police standing in the middle of the road will change their “formation” and return to both sides of the sidewalk to isolate pedestrians from crossing the road. Although there are many tourists and vehicles, the scene is still in good order.

Pushing his son into the sea

The father pushed his mentally retarded son into the sea for cheating on his security

The father pushed the mentally retarded son into the sea for the purpose of fraud: on September 28, Haikou, Hainan Province, the father pushed the mentally retarded son into the sea for the purpose of fraud. According to the father involved, the son was born 38 years ago and didn’t do a single day’s work. He gave birth to three children. He didn’t pay for milk powder. His family was in debt of 800000. He didn’t obey orders and fought with his family. If he was obedient, he didn’t need much money. “It’s his own, but there’s no way.”.

I admire such parents very much, but when they have no money, they cheat their children’s lives. Although they are free, can they live morally and conscientiously?
No matter what you think, I feel that this father is great. Every family has a difficult book to read. If you don’t participate in other people’s life, don’t judge others. But it was a mistake for the father to push the child into the sea, contrary to the law. But when the father made this decision, the moment he started, we put ourselves in a different position to think about the father’s mental activities. Mental activities do not judge. After reading the article, I feel it.
First of all, children. Now the children which is not the treasure in the palm, which is not in the home with the little emperor general existence. As a father, you should feel how you treat your children. He is also a father, like you, his dedication to the children is selfless, and he would like to give everything to his own children. What delicious food, father and mother always because I do not like to eat, I am full, want to give their children more to eat. An era of material scarcity, not to mention the era of everything now. Delicious, easy to wear are first for their own children. Have you ever found a toy while doing another thing? Your first thought is to buy one for your own children. All for the children, for all the children. This is not to say, as every child’s parents should have their own feelings.
Talk about father. Father is the pillar of a family. With a mentally retarded child, what is the father’s heart like? But my own son at that time. Take care of it no matter what. But for a mentally retarded child, there are many things that we can’t understand. Some mentally retarded children are aggressive. You should have seen this. They sometimes appear on certain occasions, will be driven by others, they will be aggressive in order to protect themselves.
Finally, the family. It is very unfortunate that there is a mentally retarded child in a family. Not to mention mental retardation, even a disabled person will be very different. Look at my nickname, you should know how many disabled people I contact. My nickname is a public platform. I believe you have all seen that some parents have no choice but to lock their children in chains and confine them inside. This is the parents’ helpless move. Mentally retarded children will get into some troubles because of various reasons and often cause some economic compensation. Whether or not the wrong party, will think about the things their children have caused. Children can be controlled when they are young. As their parents grow older, their children will grow stronger and stronger. It’s going to get out of hand one day. The parents are worried about who will take care of their children after they leave. They bring their children into the world, but they can’t take care of them all their lives. Always want to let their children in the future can have a meal to eat, have a place to sleep. How many of these families can afford to send their children to the mental health center.
But the father pushed his mentally retarded son into the sea. His behavior really violated the law and must be subject to corresponding consequences.
Father is great, father is difficult, father is illegal.
To all the fathers in the world say: Dad, you have worked hard!

Refuse to marry mentally disabled girlfriend

Lao Yu, 52, from Henan Province, who works as a security guard, met Ms. Wang from Hangzhou eight years ago. After they lived together, the man gave his girlfriend 40 yuan a day for living, but he has not yet been able to register for marriage. It turns out that Ms. Wang is mentally disabled, and her guardian is her mother in her 70s.
However, Ms. Wang’s mother did not agree with the two people’s relationship. She had her own concerns and even proposed that if they married, the relationship between mother and daughter would be broken.
So, is Mr. Yu good to Ms. Wang? Ms. Wang thinks it’s OK. Compared with her mother’s attitude, Ms. Wang thinks that Mr. Yu dotes on her more and gives her more material things.
Yu said he wanted to be a family.
Then, the reporter issued a “soul question”:
If the woman’s mother agrees to marry them,
But no inheritance of the house,
Would you still like to marry Ms. Wang?
Mr. Yu replied: live together, die together, no matter what you want her (Ms. Wang).
The reporter also interviewed Ms. Wang’s mother, aunt Tian. When it comes to their love affair, Ms. Wang’s mother got excited and said that Lao Yu had a bad heart and was trying to find her real estate.
Aunt Tian said that they did not know each other for a long time, and Mr. Yu proposed to register for marriage. This raises doubts about his motives.
What makes aunt Tian suspicious and angry is that the other side has repeatedly sent threatening messages.
The first text message content: “you always said I was wishful thinking, dream to it! Let me tell you the truth. It’s about the house and inheritance. Ms. Wang is a disabled person. How to inherit the inheritance for the disabled is regulated by the state. It’s not to say whether you give or not to give it. It’s decided by the judge according to the inheritance law. “
The second message content: “Hello, auntie. In fact, I want to register with Ms. Wang to get married. It’s very easy! To the legal process, you can not stop, not to do so is to respect you, unlike you in court sad, to leave you some face. You think, as soon as I get the marriage certificate, I have the right to speak. Can you stand it? What can you do? I have morality and I don’t want to make you sad. “
Mr. Yu said that the above two messages were not sent by himself, but by Ms. Wang with his mobile phone.
But the third message, he admitted, was sent by himself: “the thing to register is that a lawsuit should be filed in the intermediate people’s court, regardless of the victory or defeat. Legal settlement is the only way. It can’t let you delay for a long time. “

Jay Chou has no neighbors in my family

In the early morning of September 21, Jay Chou shared a picture of him playing the piano on a social platform. In the picture, he was wearing black short sleeves and a black hat, which can be said to be very home. He also wrote an article under the picture to interact with netizens: “late at night piano, guess which song it is. “
But after he posted the news, a netizen questioned it in the comment area. He said, “it’s noisy to the neighbors. “Jay Chou’s aggressive response:” I have thought about it, but my family has no neighbors, thank you. “There are still a lot of people joking that the happiness of the rich is so simple.
After the news and Jay Chou’s comments on the netizen were released, many people left messages in the comment area. Some netizens expressed their admiration and said that they also wanted to have Jay Chou’s happiness. Some people called out: “this is the simplicity of rich people. “There are netizens joking:” brother, there is a lack of lions at the door. “It’s very funny.
Jay Chou belongs to the “king of heaven” level singer, so his life is also very rich. He loves sports cars. He owns a lot of luxury cars of tens of millions. It is said that he has recently owned a new car, or a limited edition. He also often exposes photos with his luxury cars online, which shows that he is very fond of luxury cars.
Some time ago, according to media reports, the tuition fees of his two children each need NT $700000 a year, equivalent to about 160000 yuan. It can be seen that he also attaches great importance to the education of children.
Jay Chou and his wife, Kun Ling, also had a very good relationship. On September 18, Zhou Dong also shared a picture of himself playing basketball with Kunling on the social platform. The girl in the picture was full of feelings, not like the mother of two children. She was jealous because Kunling was cheering others. This wave of dog food was also caught off guard, which can be said to be very cute.
Jay Chou is also preparing a new album recently, which has attracted many people’s attention and expectation. His career and family are full of harvest. With the love and blessing of netizens, their family’s life is also very happy.

The Queen’s status will be abolished

Queen Elizabeth II, 94, is not only the monarch and head of state of Britain, but also the head of state of 15 other sovereign states. However, this number may soon be reduced to 14.
Barbados, an island state in the Caribbean, has announced that it will no longer recognize the queen of England as its head of state from next year and will become a Republic by the 55th anniversary of its independence in November 2021, BBC reported.
Reappear 100 shares trading limit, the reason for the surge has been found!
Barbados will abolish Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. /Screenshot of BBC report
On September 15, Sandra Mason, governor of Barbados, read the speech of prime minister motley, saying that Barbados hopes to “completely get rid of colonial history” and realize “complete sovereignty”.
Barbados, formerly a British colony, declared its independence on November 30, 1966 and became a member of the British Commonwealth. The head of state is the queen of England. The BBC points out that Barbados is the first country in nearly 30 years to renounce the Queen’s status as head of state.
Barbados “want a Barbados head of state”

9-year-old boy chased for 17 years

Twenty years ago, Xiang Mingqian, a 9-year-old boy from Changba Town, Zhenxiong County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, witnessed the scene of his father’s death, which he will never forget.
The murderer who killed his father has been hard to find since then. The 9-year-old boy witnessed his father’s death. At that time, the father put his head on the door frame and tried to wriggle to escape. His last words of “very cold and hungry” made him cry.
Xiang Mingqian, a young man, quit school early in order to get justice for his father who died miserably. Together with his mother, he embarked on the road of seeking revenge for his father.
On September 15, 2020, Xiang Mingqian said with emotion that he had been pursuing the murderer from all over the country for 17 years and had suffered a lot. He finally spent 80000 yuan to find the whereabouts of the murderer who killed his father and assisted the police to arrest him.
At noon 20 years ago, Xiang Mingqian, a 9-year-old, and Zhang’s son, a neighbor, had a conflict over a splash of water from a pebble.
I didn’t expect such a small thing, but it caused a tragic price of human life. If time could go back, xiangmingqian would never throw that little stone again. It was the storm caused by the small stone that finally killed his father.
In a ditch beside the old street of Changba town in Zhenxiong County, the contradiction caused by two children has developed from door-to-door theory to quarrel and to a fight between the two neighbors. Zhang Mou Ming, the son of zhangjiada, rushed out with a machete and slashed several knives on the back of Ming Qian’s father. A chaotic fight is coming to an end. Xiangmingqian, who had caused a disaster, watched his father fall in a pool of blood on the ground, his head resting on the threshold, wriggling to escape. Xiangmingqian’s father, who was carried to the yard, even said “very hungry, very cold”. This is his last last words, which makes xiangmingqian cry in an instant. The mother changed his father’s clothes, and the clothes were collected. The 18 holes pierced by sharp tools told the story of his father’s wounds that day.
Xiang Mingqian’s carefree life ended abruptly. The murderer Zhang Mou Qi ran away, and there was no progress in the case a year later. Xiang Mingqian, a 10-year-old boy, realized that it was up to him to bear the burden of looking for evil for his father, and he resolutely dropped out of school,
Set foot on the road of searching for evil. Under the reward, clues about the murderer continue to come. Xiang Mingqian and his mother embark on the road of constantly verifying information. When he was a little older, Xiang Mingqian set out on his father’s road to seek revenge, spending 80000 Li to pursue the murderer.
Finally, under the guidance of a reliable clue, Xiang Mingqian ambushed in a small forest for three days and nights. He finally helped the police to capture the murderer and absconded for 20 years.