Women cry three nights after wedding

Ms. Fang in Hangzhou has just finished her wedding ceremony
For the wedding banquet
But I was angry
Feel that life has left a stain
For this matter, for the three days after marriage, I couldn’t sleep with tears every night, because marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime affair, which has left a great stain on my life.
Hangzhou women cry for three nights after their wedding: life has left a stain! Because at the wedding
Speaking of her wedding banquet, Ms. Fang cried bitterly. On October 5, Ms. Fang and her husband married at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Hangzhou. Banquet is 4500 yuan a table standard, a total of 30 tables, the total price of about 140000 yuan, but the actual dishes, they are very disappointed.
Hangzhou women cry for three nights after their wedding: life has left a stain! Because at the wedding
Ms. Fang
One is Boston lobster, but the lobster has more noodles than lobster. There are many noodles on the bottom. There is also an old duck pot with dried bamboo shoots, a stewed chicken, and a turbot. These four dishes are all meat, and the rest are half meat and half vegetarian. I have consulted my classmates in Hangzhou, and this dish must be less than 4500 More, the most is 2000 yuan, only because it is only 2000 yuan in five-star hotels. If it is a small place, 1000 yuan is not needed.
Hangzhou women cry for three nights after their wedding: life has left a stain! Because at the wedding
Ms. Fang thinks that the dishes provided by the hotel are far below the standard of 4500 yuan. Ms. Fang blames herself for this and feels that she has not treated well the relatives and friends who come to the wedding on the same day.
Ms. Fang
Most of my relatives come from Jinhua or Taizhou, because I’m from Jinhua and my husband is from Taizhou. Relatives from afar point out why you are such a good hotel and such a poor dish. Some people even say that my dish is not as good as that of other people’s “tofu rice”.
After that, Ms. Fang went to Four Points Sheraton Hotel for advice, and the hotel said there was a third party in the middle. Ms. Fang knew that the salesperson who had been connecting with her banquet was not from Four Points Sheraton Hotel, but from the third party Hangzhou man Li Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou women cry for three nights after their wedding: life has left a stain! Because at the wedding
Ms. Fang said that she had left her information and phone number online before ordering a banquet, and then someone contacted her on her own initiative. However, every time the salesman met with her, she was in Sheraton and did not tell her that he was a third party.
On the spot, the reporter contacted the salesman by telephone.
Mr. Yu, sales manager of Hangzhou Manli Hotel Management Co., Ltd
We are a hotel management company that undertakes wedding banquets and annual meetings of all hotels. We are not only four points Sheraton, but also other hotels. They give us a set meal at the bottom price. We increase the price and then sell it. Then we help them to promote and help them bring guests.
Have you told the consumers about this situation?
Mr. Yu, sales manager of Hangzhou Manli Hotel Management Co., Ltd
This certainly can’t be told to consumers, after all, it involves business secrets.
Is his banquet worth more than 4000?
Mr. Yu, sales manager of Hangzhou Manli Hotel Management Co., Ltd
I have no way to answer you. Whether it is worth it or not is different from person to person.
The salesman said that how much money Ms. Fang’s banquet was worth and how much money he made was a trade secret, which is not convenient to disclose. However, the signed contract has indicated that it is Hangzhou manly hotel management company.
In the banquet contract signed by Mr. Yu and Ms. Fang, it can be seen that there is no Party A, Party B is Ms. Fang and her husband, the hotel is marked as “four friends Sheraton”, and the seal at the signature is indeed “Hangzhou Manli Hotel Management Co., Ltd.”.
Hangzhou women cry for three nights after their wedding: life has left a stain! Because at the wedding
In response, Ms. Fang said that the company name on the seal was the company name of Sheraton brand. And the salesman in oral communication with her, has never indicated the identity.
Hangzhou women cry for three nights after their wedding: life has left a stain! Because at the wedding
Subsequently, the reporter found the relevant person in charge of the Four Points Sheraton Hotel. On the scene, the other party provided several sets of unified external package, which did not include the one on Ms. Fang’s wedding banquet.
Four Points Sheraton said that they did have cooperation with the Hangzhou manly hotel company, but how much the banquet cost and how much it was sold to customers by a third party were not disclosed. At the scene, the relevant person in charge of Sheraton Hotel called Mr. Yu, a salesman of Mary company. Both sides agreed that they would sit down together, negotiate face to face, and give Ms. Fang an explanation.

Man jumps over bridge and kills pedestrian

@At about 11:00 on October 12, a man fell from the houqiangou bridge on Dudu Avenue, Wan’an street, Shizhu County, and hit Zou, a pedestrian under the bridge (male, 79 years old, from Wan’an street, sishizhu county).
Through on-the-spot investigation, video surveillance, investigation and visit, the police initially found out that Qin (male, 47 years old, from Huangshui Town, Shizhu County) committed suicide by jumping off a bridge, and the criminal case was ruled out. It is under further investigation.

Rich merchant’s granddaughter died of plastic surgery

South Korea’s MBC television station quoted a police report on October 9 that Luo Beier, granddaughter of a wealthy Hong Kong businessman in China, died of plastic surgery in South Korea, which was a serious medical negligence.
Police investigation found that there were no anesthesiologists on the scene of adverse reactions caused by propofol, a controlled drug used as a sedative during the operation.
According to reports, Roebel had previously gone to a plastic surgery clinic in Seoul’s Jiangnan District for surgery, which was part of her birthday celebration. However, she fell into a coma during the operation and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, but she still died. At that time, the operation was performed by Jin Chengri, who claimed to have 10 years of experience, assisted by surgeon Jung Tae Gwang and nurse Park Mi soo. Robel was undergoing liposuction of her upper arm and upper pelvis and developed complications while preparing for autogenous breast augmentation.
Seoul police have conducted a criminal investigation into the case, but the clinic’s website shows that it is still in operation, and the surgeon, Kim Sung RI, is still available for renewal.
Danny Chi has been married to Robel for 10 years and has a 7-year-old son. He filed a lawsuit in the Hong Kong court today against the clinic, two doctors and a nurse, alleging that they were suspected of manslaughter and forgery of pre-operative documents, resulting in financial losses, including Luo’s annual income and one-third of his father-in-law’s estate.

Swearing parrots quarantined

Five African Grey parrots in London, UK, were forced to be quarantined by zoos and taught to be “birds” again, British media reported. In August, a British Wildlife Park adopted five African Grey parrots. During the outbreak, they were kept in the same room, teaching each other swearing and laughing at each other. At first, the zoo attracted more tourists, but on weekends, a large number of minors would come to play. In order to avoid teaching bad children, the five gray parrots could only be separated.

Alert to recruitment information in North Myanmar

Recently, domestic public security organs have received reports of several criminal cases in which Chinese citizens were cheated to the northern part of Myanmar and then kidnapped, illegally detained, extorted and forced into prostitution, according to the consular through train wechat on the 3rd. Many Chinese citizens believed in the recruitment information of “going to Myanmar to work” and were forced to engage in Telecom fraud, gambling and other illegal and criminal activities after they went to Myanmar. If the victim refuses or fails to complete the “performance”, the suspect will commit such criminal acts as beating, detention, extortion, forced prostitution and so on.
At present, there is a high incidence of criminal cases involving our personnel in northern Myanmar. The Consular Department of the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of public security remind Chinese citizens to be vigilant and work outside through regular and legal labor agencies. They should not trust the recruitment information in northern Myanmar. In case of emergency, please call the police to the local and domestic public security organs and contact the Chinese embassy or consulate in the local area for help.
According to the law of our country, it is an illegal and criminal act to illegally cross the border, cheat on telecommunication network and gamble, which will harm others and yourself. The public security organs will severely crack down on it. Please do not engage in relevant activities.

Wanyuan xianding Yizhen window

On September 23, the cover news reported that the “Ding Yi Zhen style” payment window in Wanyuan, Sichuan Province? “The chair is put aside by the masses” has aroused great attention and attention of all parties. On September 24, Wanyuan Chuantou water company, an enterprise involved, publicly apologized.
In the letter of apology, the company said that it was sorry for the users who reported the “half squat” payment posture in the video, and had contacted with them to apologize face to face. Through this incident, the company fully realized the shortcomings of its own work, we will face the problems, strengthen the rectification, consciously accept the supervision of all sectors of society, and constantly improve our water supply service.
At the same time, the company held an emergency meeting and made the following rectification measures: to dispatch more staff to do a good job in the service work during the peak period of payment, and timely solve the problems and difficulties raised by users; immediately remove the glass partition of the toll hall and put all the seats in place.
Chen Yiming, the company’s head, said that the purpose of sending more staff to do a good job in the peak payment period is to avoid the recurrence of similar situations. The purpose of demolishing the glass partition of the payment hall is to better serve the masses and enhance the affinity of the people.

The man died when he left the foot massage shop

The man’s foot massage shop fell to the ground for 40 minutes and died. The monitoring screen had early warning. Doctor: it was half an hour early and there was still rescue. What exactly is going on?
Recently, a man in Anshun, Guizhou Province, walked out of the foot massage shop and fell to the ground for 40 minutes and died. What is the situation? The original monitoring screen exposure early warning, to see what is going on?
Two days ago, a man in Anshun, Guizhou Province, fell to the ground after coming out of a foot bath city. Passers-by saw the man’s abnormal behavior and called the police 40 minutes later. The man was sent to the hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, the man did not come back and lost his young life. The doctor told the family that they had been delivered half an hour earlier and that they were still alive.
It is reported that the 36 year old man, divorced, has two children in the family and his father is still a little disabled. He is the pillar of the family. After the death of the man, the family suffered a great blow. At first, they thought that the man was a normal death due to sudden illness. But after watching the video of the action track provided by the police, the family members of the man could not accept it.
Because the man in the fall, is from a foot bath shop out, it seems that just finished the foot bath.
It can be seen from the video that when the man first entered the foot bath shop, he touched his head with his hand a few times, which seemed very uncomfortable. The man often came to the foot bath shop and was considered as an old customer. However, at this time, the staff did not find the man’s discomfort. Almost an hour after the man finished the foot bath, he came to the sofa in the hall. He could see that the man was more uncomfortable and directly lay on the sofa, while the staff took the man’s mobile phone to the front desk to check out.
Finally, through multi-party mediation, the foot therapy shop paid Xiaowei’s family 48000 yuan in one time. After the exposure, many netizens expressed their grievances for the foot bath shop. In my opinion, unless the family members of the deceased don’t make trouble, the foot bath shops will have to break some money more or less. Now people have a strong sense of safeguarding their rights. No matter what you do or do wrong, you should be “responsible” as long as you have something to do with the other party. Therefore, in our daily life, we should be careful and try our best not to cause trouble or get involved in things. Only in this way can we protect ourselves.
So, what’s your opinion on this matter? Welcome to leave a message for discussion

Suyuan criminal wearing 7 years’ Anklet

China xiaokang.com, September 9 (Xinhua) on September 9, according to South Korean media reports, Zhao Douchun, the criminal prototype in the South Korean film Suyuan, will be released from prison after serving his sentence in December.
It is reported that Zhao Douchun, 68, had 17 previous convictions of injuring women. In 2008, he kidnapped and sexually assaulted an 8-year-old primary school girl in Anshan City, capital city. As a result, the victim was disabled for life and had to change into an artificial anus. Since then, he has been living with a defecation bag.

Security officers sniff women’s hair

According to a notice issued by the Public Security Department of Shenzhen public transport on August 30, Shenzhen police immediately organized police forces to investigate the video of “a security officer sniffing a woman’s hair” on the Internet on August 29. After investigation, security officer Wu (male, 19 years old) admitted his illegal behavior in the carriage of Metro Line 3 at about 8:20 on August 26. On August 30, the police imposed an administrative penalty of five days’ administrative detention.

Black leopard male star dies

According to the associated press, manway’s “Panther” man, Chadwick Bosman, died of cancer on Friday at the age of 43. His publicist told the associated press that he died at his home in Los Angeles with his wife and family at his side.
Bosman was diagnosed with colon cancer four years ago and his family said in a statement: “Chadwick is a real fighter.”
Last October, Chadwick Bosman was engaged to his girlfriend Simone Ledward. The two were scheduled to get married early this year.