Heilongjiang epidemic prevention doggerel

On January 15, loudspeakers in villages of Baoqing County, Heilongjiang Province began to play “epidemic prevention doggerel”. Jingle was created by Liu Chunxiang of Xuma village publicity team in Baoqing county. Baoqing County deputy director of the Propaganda Department told reporters that the village loudspeakers are a way of spreading information inherited from the village. The scope of each village is not large, which is suitable for spreading information in the village. It is also a form of communication that the villagers like. Using this way to carry out propaganda has a good effect.

Inner Mongolia hospital environment positive

Hulun Buir, novel coronavirus pneumonia, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, January 14 (reporter Zhang Wei) 14, the new Hulun Buir crown EQ control group, the new Ewan ki banner, is issued by the circular. The environmental monitoring of the people’s Hospital of Beijing found that the new crown virus nucleic acid test was positive.
According to the announcement, on January 13, the people’s Hospital of Ewenki banner, in accordance with the principle of nucleic acid detection of “should be detected as much as possible”, found that the nucleic acid test of new coronavirus was positive after the nucleic acid monitoring of the hospital environment, and then carried out the second nucleic acid test of new coronavirus, and sent the samples to Hulunbuir Health Commission for review, and the results were all positive.
According to the arrangement of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of the banner, the people’s Hospital of Ewenki banner was closed for the first time, and nucleic acid examination and flow of personnel in the hospital were carried out.
“Notice” requires that since December 31, 2020, the personnel going to the hospital take the initiative to report and conduct medical observation of home isolation.
At the same time, bayantohai town of Ewenki banner (including some new town areas) will adopt closed-loop management to minimize personnel flow and control traffic flow.
Ensure that the vehicles that must enter and leave the town for epidemic prevention and control, urban operation, production and living, and transportation of epidemic prevention materials can operate in an orderly and fixed way.
According to the announcement, since 8:00 on January 14, 2021, the bus from Hailar to Bayan Tuohai town and the passenger bus passing through or arriving at Bayan Tuohai town in the flag area will be suspended, and the time for resuming operation will be notified separately.

Charged with domestic violence, divorced and killed

Recently, Huangshi, Hubei Province. A 36 year old woman in Yangxin County died after her husband slashed her head with an axe. Ms. Kan’s sister said that her sister was sued for domestic violence, and the relationship between the two sides became increasingly tense after the divorce. Her sister even wrote a suicide note in advance. One week before the crime, Ms. Kan found an axe at home. Unexpectedly, she fell under her husband’s axe.
The reporter learned that Ms. Kan often encountered domestic violence. After every domestic violence, her husband confessed his mistake with a good attitude, wrote a letter of guarantee, and even knelt down.
Ms. Chen is a law enforcement officer in Yangxin County. She recalled that in July 2020, when she was coordinating Ms. Kan’s domestic violence, her husband first bowed his head and did not say a word, then knelt down in front of Ms. Kan and promised not to do it again.
In response to domestic violence, the man’s parents said: “they often fight. My son fought back after she beat him. “
The upstream reporter asked, “Ms. Kan is 1.6110 Jin tall; your son is 1.7130 Jin tall. Can you win?” The man’s parents did not answer.
Perhaps, we have already expected that Ms. Kan will encounter unexpected events. On January 12, Ms. Kan’s family found a suicide note written on May 22, 2020 when they were sorting out Ms. Kan’s relics in Zhulin village. The note said: if something happens to me, all my property belongs to my mother, including half of the property rights of room 2902, accident solace money and personal account property. There is no need to deal with the future affairs. After cremation, the remains can be put into a crematorium box Then put in a big coffin and bury it on the top of the mountain of kaijiachong reservoir. Go up along the stone steps on the left side. The higher, the deeper, the better.

Pinduoduo staff post resigned

A pinduoduo employee was dismissed because he posted photos of his colleagues being carried to an ambulance in Maimai.
In this regard, @ Maimai issued a statement that in terms of user information management, under the premise of strictly abiding by relevant national laws and regulations, it will not provide any third party with user information posted in the professional speech area in any form, and will provide extremely strict and complete security guarantee for personal information. In order to ensure the security of posting, the user’s publishing identity is strictly encrypted by asymmetric encryption technology. Even the internal staff can not obtain any personal information.

President Biden is not the king

US President elect Biden strongly condemned trump at an event held in Wilmington, Delaware, on the 7th local time, NPR reported. On the 6th, a group of trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol.
Biden said Wednesday (6th) was one of the darkest days in American history, adding that “no president is the king, and there is no house of Lords in Congress. The judiciary does not serve the will of the president, nor will it protect him or her. “Our president is not above the law. Justice serves the people and does not protect power. The goddess of justice is blind. What we saw yesterday is obviously another violation of the basic principles of this country. “

How to spend the Spring Festival this year

As of 10:00 on the 4th, a total of 45 areas across the country have been adjusted to medium risk areas. Shunyi District of Beijing and Shijiazhuang city of Hebei Province entered the “wartime state”, and Dalian appeared the phenomenon of super communication. At present, China’s local epidemic situation is sporadic and local aggregation, and the prevention and control situation is severe and complex.
In this context, how to keep the safety of the festival? Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control system was released recently by the comprehensive defense and control mechanism group of the State Council, and the family members’ private party dinner was controlled under 10 people. More than 50 people should develop a prevention and control plan to implement the new crowns vaccine task before the Spring Festival in 2021.
It is suggested that family private gatherings and dinners should be limited to less than 10 people
A few days ago, a certain case in Dalian participated in 11 family gatherings when it did not occur, causing all other people to be infected later. He Qinghua, a first-class inspector of the disease control and Prevention Bureau of the National Health Commission, said that family private gatherings and dinners should be limited to less than 10 people, and personal protection should be done well. People with cough, fever and other symptoms should not participate.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control system was released in 2021 by the comprehensive unit of the State Council joint defense and joint control mechanism. It is advocated to hold online meetings or video conferences as far as possible. More than 50 people should develop prevention and control programs and strictly implement relevant preventive measures. The novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine is completed before the Spring Festival.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention committee has already issued the relevant guidelines for prevention and control of new crown pneumonia in key places, key units and key groups in the epidemic prevention and control of the catering industry. It has also made clear requests for epidemic prevention and control measures including catering industry, with special emphasis on the implementation of the “five requirements” at all levels, including restaurants, namely, epidemic prevention and control. There should be a prevention and control management system and responsible person, an appropriate amount of protective materials reserve, guidance and support from local medical and health forces, as well as measures for isolation places and transport arrangements.
No outbound travel is necessary
During the festival, the public’s willingness to travel began to increase. In this regard, Liu Kezhi, director of the market management department of the Ministry of culture and tourism, reminded us to reduce unnecessary travel, not to arrange outbound tourism when it is unnecessary, and not to travel to high-risk areas in China.
Liu Kezhi said that the Ministry of culture and tourism has mainly taken five measures. First, continue to temporarily not resume the business of travel agencies and online travel enterprises’ inbound and outbound team tourism and “air ticket + Hotel”. The second is to continue to promote the normalization of scenic spot booking, and realize limited, booking, and off peak visits. Third, continue to implement the “75%” policy. That is: the number of tourists in the scenic spot does not exceed 75% of the maximum carrying capacity, the number of spectators in theatres and other performance places does not exceed 75% of the seats, and the number of consumers accepted in Internet service places, song and dance entertainment places and entertainment places does not exceed 75% of the approved number. Fourth, continue to postpone the new batch of foreign-related, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan related business performance activities (except for performers who are already in China). Fifth, continue to guide local cultural and tourism administrative departments and cultural and tourism business entities to strictly implement various prevention and control measures according to relevant epidemic prevention and control guidelines.
Personal protection should not be lax
Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist of CDC, said that we should continue to maintain the awareness of normalized prevention and control. It is still very important to keep ventilation, wear masks, wash hands frequently and keep social distance. Under the background of normalized prevention and control, masks are equivalent to the “standard configuration” of ordinary people. The public should always prepare masks and insist on wearing masks in crowded places and places with poor ventilation.
Liu Kezhi reminds us to arrange the itinerary reasonably during the festival. Specifically:
First, strengthen protection and travel healthily. Pay close attention to the epidemic risk situation released by local epidemic prevention and control departments, do a good job in self-protection, wear masks, wash hands frequently, and form a good habit of one meter noodles. When traveling in the park by means of transportation, consciously keep a distance with other tourists, open the distance between tables and chairs when dining, and use public spoon and chopsticks.
Second, avoid getting together and traveling off peak. Before traveling, it is necessary to know the latest epidemic prevention and control policies of the destination through authoritative channels, inquire about the opening of scenic spots and current limiting measures, especially the ticket booking, time travel and other measures, timely understand the ground traffic conditions during the journey, and reasonably plan the travel route and time. During the tour, according to the regulations of the scenic spot, you can enter the park at intervals and travel at different peaks.
Third, we should strengthen prevention and travel safely. When you join a group tour, you should choose a qualified travel agency. During self driving tour, do a good job in vehicle condition inspection, consciously abide by road traffic regulations, and drive safely and civilly. According to the individual’s age, health, psychological situation, according to their ability to participate in tourism projects.
Fourth, we should abide by order and travel in a civilized way. Consciously abide by the epidemic prevention and control system of tourist destinations and scenic spots, accept the temperature measurement, check the health code, divide the time flow, and maintain the distance requirements. We should pay attention to hygiene, refuse game, implement CD-ROM action, put an end to the waste on the tip of the tongue, consciously reduce the use of disposable items, and establish a new trend of civilized, healthy and green tourism.

Global vigilance on the new crown of variation

“This new strain is very worrying because it’s more infectious.” On the 23rd local time, British health secretary Hancock said that two patients with new coronavirus in the country were infected with the mutated strain in South Africa. “Compared with the new strain in the UK, its degree of variation seems to be higher.”. The Financial Times said on the 24th that more than 20 mutations have been found in the UK and South Africa, and the number is “extraordinary”, which has aroused the vigilance of the scientific community. On the same day, the African Center for Disease Control and prevention also said that new coronavirus variants different from those in Britain and South Africa may appear in Nigeria. This week, Switzerland, Mexico, Germany, Italy and a number of other countries have started or plan to start large-scale vaccination. In this context, whether the existing new crown vaccine can “resist” the mutated virus has attracted much attention. The British government and relevant enterprises are quite confident, but some analysts believe that it is too early to make a judgment, “the core of the problem is not whether the vaccine is effective, but how effective they can be.”. The epidemic is still spreading in many countries in the world. In addition to the risks brought by the mutated virus, international public opinion also focuses on the situation of vaccines in China. On the 23rd local time, the state government of Sao Paulo, Brazil announced that the new coronal vaccine developed by Beijing Kexing Zhongwei Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is effective. However, due to the delay in the release of specific data, Western media began to hype “China is not transparent”. The director of Brazil’s Butantan Research Institute said that the delay had nothing to do with the effectiveness of the vaccine. Kexing hopes to integrate the test data of Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey. After all, “the same vaccine can not get three effectiveness results.”.
British health secretary Hancock said at a press conference on the 23rd that two patients in the country were infected with a new strain of coronavirus that appeared in South Africa. They were contacts of cases recently returned from a trip to South Africa. Britain decided to suspend flights with South Africa from 9:00 on the 24th.
The new strains in the UK and South Africa are known as “b.1.1.7” and “501.v2”, respectively, which are believed to be related to the recent surge in confirmed cases in South Africa – the number of new cases in a single day rose from less than 3000 to more than 10000 in less than a month, Deutsche Welle said on the 24th. A record of 231000 new cases were reported in South Africa on a single day. The new coronavirus belongs to the virus that mutates slowly and appears once or twice a month on average. However, genetic analysis showed that there were more than 20 mutations in the varieties found in the UK and South Africa, the Financial Times said on the 24th. Susan Hopkins, executive director of the UK public health agency, said on the 23rd that the mutated viruses in South Africa and the UK are very different and belong to different mutations.
“The virus seems to be spreading faster in the first wave than in the second.” Karim, CO chairman of South Africa’s new coronavirus task force, said on the 24th that the severity of the second wave of the epidemic “is not yet clear.”. “We are entering a particularly dangerous stage in this pandemic.” Andrew Preston, a microbiologist at the University of bath in the UK, said, “a large number of unusual mutations appear in both new varieties almost at the same time, which makes the effective implementation of vaccination more urgent.”
On the 23rd, the number of new cases and deaths in a single day in the UK reached a new high of 39237 and 744 respectively. On the same day, Hancock announced that from the 26th, Sussex, Oxfordshire, Cambridge and other places will be upgraded to the fourth level of prevention and control, and the number of residents affected by the “closure” is expected to increase to 24 million. Hancock said the number of new cases in the UK rose by 57% last week, with nearly 19000 new crown patients hospitalized. “We can’t have the Christmas we all want.”.
And University College London Professor Christina Pagel told the times that it was too late to start putting more areas into level 4 prevention and control on the 26th. “We are in a very dangerous situation. If we just wait for the virus to spread to the north, the whole country will be caught in a sea of epidemic. We are always behind Why let people have big parties at Christmas? It’s asking for trouble. “
British housing, community and Local Government Secretary Patrick told the BBC on the 23rd that the government is evaluating the epidemic prevention measures to determine whether more stringent measures need to be taken in more parts of England. He said there were no plans for a full blockade in England, but the government wanted to ensure that the grading system was “sufficiently robust.”. However, the British “Manchester Evening News” disclosed on 23 that government officials discussed the plan to implement the national blockade from 26 at a senior meeting on 22. “The situation is developing very fast, we need to deal with it at the same speed.” The source said.
At the end of last week, the British government said that after the 70% increase in the infectivity of the mutated new coronavirus in the country, European countries first responded by introducing measures such as restricting flight entry, followed by countries from other continents. Now, “b.1.1.7” has “invaded” Asian countries and regions. Israel’s Ministry of Health said on the 23rd that four cases in the country were infected with the new strain. On the same day, a 17-year-old Singaporean girl who had studied in the UK was confirmed to be infected with the mutated virus, while Malaysia’s health director, nohishan, also said that a new strain appeared in the new crown samples collected in Sabah. On the 23rd, the Hong Kong Centre for health protection said that the viral gene sequencing of two patients was consistent with that of “b.1.1.7”. They were all returned students from the UK.
In the case of the United States, the head of the Department of ecology and evolutionary biology at Arizona State University

Why Zeng Chunliang killed cadres

At 8:30 a.m. on December 21, Zeng Chunliang was suspected of intentional homicide and other cases in Fengcheng detention center of Yichun City, Jiangxi Province.
On the morning of the 21st, the upstream news reporter learned from the victim’s family member Ms. Kang and her lawyer Hou Shichao that the Yichun City procuratorate had accused Zeng Chunliang of robbery, intentional homicide and theft.
According to the indictment, the defendant Zeng Chunliang, nicknamed “chunliangzai”, was born in 1976, illiterate, and lives in one household, No. 49, xinhoufang group, houfang village, Shandang Town, Le’an County, Fuzhou City.
In the past 18 years, Zeng Chunliang was twice jailed for theft: on December 5, 2002, the Luqiao District Court of Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, sentenced Zeng Chunliang to 10 years’ imprisonment and a fine of 30000 yuan. He was released on May 8, 2010. On March 17, 2013, the Luqiao District Court of Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province sentenced Zeng Chunliang to 8 years and 6 months’ imprisonment and a fine of 20000 yuan. He was released on May 12, 2020.
On August 8, 2020, a major criminal case occurred in Shandang village, Shandang Town, Le’an County, Jiangxi Province, in which a man killed two people and injured one.
Kang Leying, the victim’s family member, said the man had entered the house on July 22 to fight and flee with his brother Kang Guoshuai.
Local police reward notice said that after investigation, Zeng Chunliang is suspected of major crimes. On August 13, Zeng Chunliang suspected of committing another crime in the process of escape, and brutally killed GUI Gaoping, a poverty alleviation cadre of the county’s Medical Insurance Bureau in houfang village.
During this period, Le’an County twice issued a reward notice, in which the police will increase the reward amount from 50000 yuan to 300000 yuan for directly capturing suspects or providing direct clues.
After thousands of armed police, police and militia searched mountains and roads for eight consecutive days and nights, Zeng Chunliang was arrested near hangqiao village, Shandang Town, Le’an county at 4:30 p.m.
In the indictment, Yichun City procuratorate disclosed the criminal process and motive of Zeng Chun suspected of the above-mentioned two intentional homicides: Zeng Chunliang went to his friend Chen Guofu and sold eggs with him after entering the house on July 22, 2020. Later, he heard that the police in Le’an county were looking for him. He was afraid that Kang Guoshuai had called the police to make him unable to live a normal life, so he began to think of killing Kang Guoshuai. So he sneaked into Kang’s House late at night on August 7, and did not wait to come to Kang Guoshuai the next morning. He killed Kang’s mother Xiong Xiaomei, Kang’s father Kang Qiguo, and seriously injured Kang Guoshuai’s nephew.
On August 9, Zeng Chunliang bought sharp knives and daily necessities in Fengcheng City and fled to the cup mountain near sanxingnao village, Yinfang village, Gongfang Town, Le’an county. During this period, Zeng Chunliang thought that he had no place to hide because Hao Yuanping, the first Secretary of houfang village in Shandang Town, did not solve the requirements for quarrying and housing, so he wanted to kill Hao Yuanping. Shortly after his release, Zeng Chunliang approached Hao Yuanping to solve the housing and quarry issues.
On the evening of August 12, Zeng Chunliang carried a flashlight over the wall and entered houfang village committee. After eating in the kitchen on the first floor, he climbed the window on the second floor of the office to enter the rest room for cadres stationed in the village (mistakenly thought it was Hao Yuanping’s residence, but it was GUI Gaoping’s residence).
At about 8:00 am on August 13, the victims GUI Gaoping, Hao Yuanping and Chen Chuan went to work in houfang village committee. After hearing the news, Zeng Chunliang hid behind the door with a sharp knife. After GUI Gaoping entered the lounge, he covered his mouth with his left hand from behind, and stabbed GUI Gaoping with a knife in his right hand through his left neck, causing GUI Gaoping to fall to the ground.

Extortion and punishment for secretly photographing the chairman of the board

Yuan Liqiang, the former risk director of Guizhou Tongzi rural commercial bank, collaborated with others to secretly photograph Yu Mou, chairman of the bank and fan, the person in charge of the management, playing mahjong. Later, he blackmailed 4 million yuan with a video of two people playing mahjong.
Upstream news reporters noted that Yu and fan, who were blackmailed in the case, are still holding leading positions according to the official website of Tongzi rural commercial bank.
On December 16, Tongzi rural commercial bank office staff responded to reporters that Yu and fan are still working in the bank, and whether they will be punished for playing mahjong, the higher authorities and the regulatory authorities have not given a conclusion.
According to the official website of Tongzi rural commercial bank, the two victims still hold the posts of chairman and management of the bank. /Official website of Tongzi Rural Commercial Bank
In October 2019, Yuan Liqiang, then the risk director of Guizhou Tongzi rural commercial bank, contacted Liang Yuangao, another defendant, to discuss extorting money by secretly photographing videos of fan and others gambling. Yuan Liqiang informed Liang Yuangao of the living place of fan, who was then the head of Tongzi rural commercial bank’s management, in Tongzi County. Liang Yuangao went to fan’s residence for observation and took pictures of the door and sent them to Yuan Liqiang for confirmation. Liang Yuangao also purchased shooting equipment. After learning from Yuan Liqiang about fan’s work and rest time, he took advantage of fan’s absence and sneaked into the room to install the shooting equipment.
Fan Gao will take the equipment again in January 2020. Liang Yuangao and Yuan Liqiang checked the video taken secretly and found that there were videos of fan and Yu playing mahjong as chairman of Tongzi rural commercial bank. After discussion, Yuan Liqiang and Liang Yuangao sent short messages to Yu and fan, threatening to send mahjong video to the superior units of Tongzi agricultural commercial bank, the CBRC and major websites, demanding 4 million yuan from them. The threatened fan then called the police, and the public security organs arrested yuan Liqiang and Liang Yuangao.
Upstream news reporters found that Yuan Liqiang and Liang Yuangao made clear confessions during the investigation. They originally planned to blackmail Yu and fan for 6.5 million yuan, which was reduced to 4 million yuan after discussion. The two sent photos of Yu and fan playing mahjong to Yu and others through SMS, but they were arrested by the public security organs before they succeeded. The testimony of Yu and fan also confirmed that they had received threatening messages and were blackmailed for 4 million yuan. Zunyi City Intermediate People’s court decided that the amount of crime determined by Tongzi County Court was clear. Yuan Liqiang and his defender’s appeal grounds that “the original judgment did not determine the amount of crime in this case” were not accepted.
Tongzi rural commercial bank, established on July 6, 2017, is restructured from the original Tongzi Association. It has 31 branches under its jurisdiction, with a registered capital of 265 million yuan. According to the bank’s previous publicity reports, Yuan Liqiang has been participating in the activities as the bank’s risk director since 2017. According to the annual report of Tongzi agricultural commercial bank in 2019, Tongzi agricultural commercial bank was fined 300000 yuan by Zunyi banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau for its loan risk, and 5 senior managers and 15 relevant responsible persons were given economic punishment. Yu, fan and Yuan Liqiang involved in the case were fined 50000 yuan, 2000 yuan and 2000 yuan respectively.

Ding Zhen bumps into his face

Ding Zhenyuan is a super handsome man! The same thing as like as two peas in a face.
Recently, some netizens pointed out that Ding Zhen accidentally bumped into a slovenly King’s face, and some people made some contrast pictures. From these contrast pictures, we can see that there are too many similarities between two people, such as the same hairstyle, and the same brilliant smile. The radian outlined by the smile is not much. Even the teeth seem to be very similar, and even the more they look, the more they look, the more they see, the more they understand Ding Zhen is a super handsome “tearing man”, perhaps because of this, Ding Zhen will produce such a big energy bar, fame is also growing, far from what many people imagine, such as fireworks disappear in a flash.