Swimming with milk

A famous swimmer can swim without a drop of milk on his head
Swimming with a glass of milk on top of your head and not sprinkling a drop is not an impossible task. On August 4, Olympic swimming champion ledky launched a social networking challenge.
On August 3, American swimmer ledky shared a video on his personal social media, in which he swam with a glass of milk on his head and swam a 50m one-way without sprinkling a drop. “It was probably the best swim of my career,” she wrote For ordinary people, there is not a drop left in this glass of milk.

Discovery of mysterious plants in Sichuan

At about 11:00 p.m. on July 29, Zhao Li, curator of Huaxi Insect Museum, discovered the rare plant green pod leaf in Qingcheng Mountain, Sichuan Province. The green pod leaf is very special, the fruit bears on the leaf, also known as “leaf bead”.
Sichuan green pod leaf — the genus of the green pod leaf family, is a unique plant species in Western Sichuan. According to records, the leaves of Sichuan green pods grow under the forest at an altitude of 1900-2600 meters. The location of Zhao Li’s discovery is Qingcheng Mountain, about 1100 meters above sea level, which is also the lowest known altitude distribution of Sichuan green pod leaves.
Red Star News reporter through the photos taken by Zhao Li, in the green leaves, clearly visible vermilion fruit. “The plants of this genus are very special. The fruit is located in the middle of the midvein of the leaf surface, and the flower is also in the middle of the leaf vein Zhao Li introduced that the green pod leaf is mainly used as a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, and can be used as medicine in the whole plant. Its stem pith is called “xiaotongcao”, which is included in the Pharmacopoeia of the people’s Republic of China (2010 Edition). It has the effect of clearing away heat, detoxification, promoting blood circulation and detumescence.

Yi Nengjing teaches Jinsha to fall in love

The 30 female stars in “the elder sister of the wind and the waves” are not only disagreements, but also cherish each other.
Zhang Yuqi introduces her boyfriend to Jinsha in the latest issue of “sister riding the wind and waves” on July 16.
The world knows that Jinsha wants to fall in love and has been single for three years.
In the eyes of LAN YingYing and Zhang Yuqi, Jinsha is gentle, kind and lovely. As a girl, she thinks Jinsha is a woman worthy of marriage.
Zhang Yuqi is no exception. Zhang Yuqi’s own emotions are not smooth. After divorce, she raised her children alone and became a single mother. However, Zhang Yuqi was never afraid to start a new relationship.
Zhang Yuqi is eager to help Jinsha introduce her boyfriend.
Even using all of their personal connections, it seems that the sisters can not only realize the dream of the women’s League, but also have the hope of getting rid of the single.
Jingjing wants to introduce Yu Kewei’s boyfriend, Zhang Meng wants to introduce Wu Xin, and now Zhang Yuqi wants to introduce Jinsha and does what she says.
It’s a pity that Zhang Yusha doesn’t want to talk to the boy.
Jinsha claims that she will take the initiative only if she likes it very much. This is the reason why she has been single for many years. The main reason is that Jinsha doesn’t know how to chat with boys. She directly shows Zhang Yuqi the chat record and asks how to reply.
Zhang Yuqi is also a silly elder sister. She doesn’t know the routine of male chatting.
At this time, Yi Nengjing should be on the stage. In the eyes of girls, Yi Nengjing loves to cry and express her love. However, in the eyes of boys, Yi Nengjing is more worthy of protection.
The other side told Jinsha that she was working, and Jinsha replied that she was practicing dancing. After that, there was no following.
Watching Yi Nengjing teach “reserved” chatting, most boys are used.
Yi Nengjing teaches Jinsha to reply with two words “tired”
And not much, to be reserved, just reply two words, then the topic will be transferred to boys, Yi Nengjing frankly said that this is the flow of emotion.
Judging from the way Yi Nengjing communicates with boys, it’s no wonder that she can marry Qin Hao. She is older than Qin Hao and has children with her. However, he understands the psychology of boys and indulges in hard to get. Boys all like Yi Nengjing. Moreover, from his ex husband Yu Chengqing to Qin Hao, his family background is very good and excellent.
So it’s not that Jinsha is not beautiful enough, nor that she has no chance to meet boys. The key is that she doesn’t know how to chat with boys and see that Yi Nengjing is familiar with her and has a plan in mind.
And the boys are very interested in Jinsha. Although Zhang Yuqi has a bad eye for men, most of the people she meets are rich and successful men. Such a man should have more skills to control.
Yi Nengjing teaches Jinsha to chat online. The boy replies to Jinsha with a lot of words, which shows the possibility of communication.
It’s good to make friends with Zhang Yuqi. I don’t know how to be polite. I can help introduce my boyfriend.
It’s good to be friends with Yi Nengjing. Preaching in the program is a disadvantage, but there are many advantages.
Like Jinsha, she likes to be friends with strong people like Yi Nengjing and Zhang Yuqi.
You can learn from Yi Nengjing and communicate with boys, you can learn from Zhang Yuqi to expand your circle of friends, and wish Jinsha get married soon.

883 nurseries now have new crown

Novel coronavirus pneumonia occurred in 883 nurseries in Texas, and 1335 people were positive, according to the US Department of health and human services 6, July 7.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in the United States continues to spread in the United States, according to CNN. Texas parents are worried about whether the child is safe to send to the nursery. According to the U.S. Department of health and human services, of the 1335 cases reported in nurseries, 894 were staff and 441 were children. The cases come from 883 child care facilities currently open in Texas. As of June 6, 12220 nurseries were opened in the state.
It is reported that as of May 15, Texas has reported 59 cases in 53 nurseries. At that time, a total of 36 staff and 23 children were infected with the virus. As of June 15, 210 cases have been reported in 177 nurseries in Texas, including 141 staff and 69 children. After June 15, the number of new cases increased significantly.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia in New York has reached 204694 cases, with 2679 deaths, according to the statistics of the post of the 6 people’s Republic of China.

Rush downstairs with 26 newborns

On July 2, an earthquake of magnitude 4.5 occurred in Hezhang County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province. At the critical moment of the earthquake, the obstetric and nursing staff of Hezhang County Hospital rushed to the neonatal ward at the first time, and completed the 1-to-1 arrangement between the medical staff and the newborn within 3 minutes to avoid holding the wrong baby.
They quickly completed the organizational arrangements, carried all the newborns downstairs, set up a sunshade umbrella in the safe open space, and nursed and cared for the babies.
About 2 hours after the earthquake, the newborns were taken back to the hospital building. No one was injured in the earthquake. At present, the hospital work order has returned to normal.

Or mixed exposure

Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work in Beijing on June 24th afternoon was held in the 131st press conference. The Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the meeting that from June 23rd to 0 o’clock, 7 cases of new crown pneumonia confirmed in the city, and 7 cases from June 11th to June 23rd 24. Beijing has reported 256 confirmed cases. In human mixed exposure mode, cases mainly rely on three ways: active medical treatment, detection from close contacts and nucleic acid screening. The epidemic situation of the exposed population before the closing of the new market has shown a downward trend.
7 new confirmed cases in June 23
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 7 cases in Beijing from 0 to 24 June 23rd, including 4 males and 3 females, with an average age of 49, with a minimum age of 19 and a maximum of 74 years. According to the residential areas, 6 cases in Fengtai District and 1 cases in Daxing District were found in Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the CDC. Six confirmed cases have been investigated and one is under investigation.
Pang Xinghuo introduced the specific situation of the case. The deliveryman of the first company confirmed the case as case 6, male, 19 years old, living in Lucheng West Street, Huangcun Town, Daxing District. His working unit is Beijing Tongniu distribution company, deliveryman. On June 11, I went to the underground floor of Xinfadi market for shopping. From June 18 to 21, he visited his parents in bazhuangzi village of Huaxiang (region) every day. During that time, he went to Xiangxiang breakfast and Laotang Ramen for dinner, and shopped in the nearby shops. He had frequent contact with his parents and girlfriend. On June 22, the nucleic acid test was positive. On that day, 120 ambulances were transferred to Daxing District People’s Hospital for treatment. On June 23, the diagnosis was confirmed. The clinical type was common type.
A confirmed case worked in a noodle stewing restaurant in Xinfadi, specifically case 4, male, 52 years old, with the address of Datun village, Lugouqiao Township, Fengtai District. The working unit was the old noodle stewing restaurant in Zhengzhou, southwest of hall a, underground floor of Beishui Jialun market in Xinfadi, and also the operator of Xinfadi market. No work since June 17, isolated at home. At 10 o’clock on June 21, fever and other symptoms appeared. On that day, 120 ambulances were transferred to Fengtai Hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine for treatment. On June 22, nucleic acid test was positive, and on June 23, the diagnosis was confirmed. The clinical classification was light.
More than half of 256 cases were screened by three ways
At yesterday’s press conference, Lei Haichao, director of Beijing Municipal Commission of health and health, introduced that since the newly confirmed cases appeared in Japan on June 11, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government attached great importance to it. Professional organizations quickly determined the newly developed beef and mutton comprehensive trading hall as a high-risk point according to the epidemiological investigation results of the first two cases. The municipal Party committee and the municipal government set up a special working group to Fengtai District to dispatch and command in Fengtai District.
According to Lei Haichao, from the perspective of case discovery mode, the current case discovery mode has changed from the original fever outpatient screening to fever outpatient, from the close contacts to the combination of active nucleic acid screening, which plays an important role in early detection, and the effect of the gateway moving forward and early detection is emerging. At present, among 256 confirmed cases, 137 were screened by nucleic acid, accounting for 53%, 81 by active medical treatment, accounting for 32%, 38 by close contacts, accounting for 15%. In the past two days, among 20 cases, 3 cases went to hospital actively, accounting for 15%; 8 cases were close contacts, accounting for 40%; 9 cases were nucleic acid screening, accounting for 45%. The proportion of cases under management has increased significantly.
The epidemic situation of the exposed population before the closing of the new market has shown a downward trend
According to Lei Haichao, the epidemic spread rapidly and a large number of cases appeared in a short period of time. From June 11 to 24:00 on June 23, 256 confirmed cases were reported in Beijing. From the first case to 100 cases, it took only 5 days, while at the beginning of the year, it took 11 days. There were 253 cases (98.8%) clearly related to the new outbreak, and another 3 cases need further investigation.
From the time of diagnosis and onset, 79 cases were confirmed from June 11 to 14, accounting for 30.9% of the total 256 cases; 126 cases were confirmed from June 15 to 19, accounting for 49%; 51 cases were confirmed from June 20 to 23, accounting for 20%. From the time when the cases appeared symptoms, the earliest date of the outbreak was June 4, which increased significantly since June 7, and reached the peak on June 13. The incidence time was mainly from June 9 to 15, accounting for 61% of the total cases. It is suggested that there may be a mixed exposure model of homologous exposure and human to human exposure.
Leihai tide also brought gratifying news, he said, at present, before the closure of the new market in the exposed population epidemic has shown a downward trend. Compared with the confirmed cases reported in the mainland of China as of March 31, 2020, the current epidemic cases in Beijing are relatively high in the common type, and relatively low in the severe and critical cases.
102 medical staff were transferred to the city to take part in the treatment of Hubei
Lei Haichao introduced the treatment situation of patients. The city focused on improving the treatment capacity. At present, all cases are treated in Ditan hospital. The Department of Ditan hospital has concentrated resources and energy on the treatment of confirmed patients. The treatment capacity has reached 1070. The city has actively deployed human resources. 102 medical staff from 18 municipal hospitals have been transferred to Ditan hospital for treatment. Some medical staff have participated in the treatment of Hubei medical team and Xiaotangshan Hospital with rich experience.
In terms of fully treating patients with severe and critical diseases, the city has enriched the strength of the municipal expert group for severe treatment, and has enriched the experts such as Tong Zhaohui, Jiang Li and Liu Qingquan who participated in the anti epidemic work in Wuhan to the expert group for medical treatment. According to the principle of evidence-based medicine, stable and reliable treatment methods should be adopted

Phase III of new crown vaccine

On June 23, the launching ceremony of Sinopharm Group China new crown inactivated vaccine international clinical (phase III) in the United Arab Emirates was held in Beijing, Wuhan and Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates in the form of video conference. The health minister of the United Arab Emirates issued the approval document of clinical trial to China bio. At the ceremony, the two sides signed relevant clinical cooperation agreements on the spot, marking the official launch of the world’s first international clinical trial (phase III) of the new inactivated coronal vaccine.

Restore all cell cards

Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention forenoon held in Beijing on June 18th morning. The 124th press conference was held. The Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the meeting that after resuming the two level response, the city will strengthen the closed management of community villages, restore all the cell blocks, and observe the 24 hours’ duty. The entrance and exit strictly enforce the temperature protection, verification, code checking, registration and other protective measures. In and out of the community.
The community under the jurisdiction of low-risk towns and the personnel such as the express delivery agency who move their homes are allowed to enter only after they have registered without any abnormality with the health treasure. The entry of the outsiders and vehicles in medium and high-risk towns is prohibited.

British Prime Minister’s car involved in the accident

On June 17, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suffered a rear end accident outside the parliament building in London.
It was reported that the British Parliament had just concluded its activities. Johnson was on his way back when a protesting man burst out of the crowd on the side of the road. Johnson’s car braked in an emergency, but the following security vehicles failed to stop in time, causing a collision with the prime minister’s car.
Local police said the protesting man had been arrested at the scene for violating the public order law and obstructing road traffic.
According to a British spokesman, the accident did not cause injuries.

Mei’s founder is under siege

Beijing News Express according to the official micro blog of Foshan police, at about 17:30 on June 14, Foshan police received the alarm: an alien broke into a house in Junlan life village of Midea Group, threatening the personal safety of the people in the house. It is reported that Foshan police have arrested 5 people, no one was injured in the process of disposal.