The cadre lost contact after his wife died

On August 2, a video and a post appeared on the Internet of Pingxiang county that “the cadres of the township government were exposed to cheating and domestic violence during their marriage, and their husbands lost contact after their wives died unexpectedly”. According to investigation, on April 11, the day of the incident, the county public security organs conducted an on-the-spot investigation, and the provincial and county public security organs on April 21 and June 4 conducted two on-site investigation and joint autopsy, and the expert opinion was “in line with sudden cardiac death caused by fatty heart”. According to the relative of Yao’s family, the material evidence identification center of the Ministry of public security made a new appraisal. The county public security organ has started the reevaluation procedure according to the regulations. Wang Mou, the deceased’s husband, is a staff member of Hegumiao Town, Pingxiang county. For the situation of Wang’s derailment reflected on the Internet, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision started the investigation. The progress of the investigation will be released to the public in a timely manner.

Traffic police respond to bus crash

In response to the incident that a bus in Shenzhen killed a pedestrian, on the afternoon of July 28, a staff member of the traffic police detachment of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau told the surging news that the bus driver was picking up a water cup for his own use. At present, the driver in the traffic police brigade to cooperate with the investigation. The section where the accident happened was an overpass section, and pedestrians were not allowed to pass.
According to a video released by the official microblog of the traffic police detachment of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau in Guangdong Province, the bus involved was in motion at 6:31 on the 28th. The driver suddenly bent over and suspected of picking up the goods. He then ran into a pedestrian.
Shenzhen traffic police reported that pedestrians died on the spot. The result of breath alcohol test was 0 mg / 100 ml.
The surging news search found that the bus involved was affiliated to Shenzhen West Bus Co., Ltd.
A relevant person in charge of the above-mentioned company told surging news that at present, the company is cooperating with the traffic police to assist in the investigation, and the driver involved has made a record in the traffic police team. The traffic police are investigating and analyzing the cause of the accident.

Divorce of a woman who jumped from a building due to domestic violence

Zhecheng County People’s Court issued a notice on July 25, 2020, saying that on June 5, Ms. Liu filed a case online and sued for divorce with dou. On July 14, Zhecheng County People’s court heard the case. According to Article 32 of China’s marriage law, “the people’s court shall conduct mediation in the trial of divorce cases; if the feelings have broken and mediation is invalid, divorce shall be granted.” Due to the great difference of opinions between the two parties, the court will no longer carry out mediation and the case will be sentenced on a selective basis.
Extended reading: court’s response to the woman’s failure to divorce due to domestic violence
The court responded to the woman’s beating up by a domestic violence and failed to divorce. A forenoon of a woman who was attacked by a domestic violence in Henan was arrested. On the morning of 24, a member of the Political Department of the Zhecheng County People’s court said that Miss Liu had not been divorced for a year because she had not filed a lawsuit against the court at the first time after being subjected to family violence. In accordance with the divorce proceedings, the parties concerned need to be mediated before the litigation. “Shangqiu Mediation has ended and the case is under trial.
Ms. Liu told Peng Pao that on June 8, she filed a divorce lawsuit with the local court; on July 14, after the court’s first hearing, the court said that the two sides had different opinions, and that they should mediate in private, and then make a decision together after the criminal judgment had the result. At present, the local court has contacted her to re submit the injury identification report and beat monitoring, and will make a divorce judgment as soon as possible. “There is no need for a second hearing, and a direct judgment.”
The above-mentioned staff said that at present, Ms. Liu’s divorce case and Dou’s intentional injury case are both tried by Zhecheng County People’s court. But for the specific progress of the case, the staff said it was not clear.
“There won’t be another court session. A verdict will be issued soon.” Ms Liu said.

Abe kneels down to apologize

Recently, a statue of Abe kneeling down to apologize has been erected in the Korean botanical garden, causing controversy. According to Japanese media reports, the statue, based on Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, depicts Abe’s kneeling posture in front of a comfort woman statue. The botanical garden originally planned to unveil the statue on August 11. But the ceremony has now been suspended due to constant criticism from South Korea’s conservative party.
According to Japanese TBS television reported on the 28th, the South Korean botanical garden announced on the 25th of this month that a “Abe’s apology image” built at the foot of Wutai Mountain in Jiangyuan road will be opened to the public on August 10. The statue shows that a man about 1.8 meters tall is lowering his head, touching the ground with his hands and kneeling devoutly. A “girl image” symbolizing the issue of comfort women was sitting in front of him.
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On the left is the statue of “kneeling to apologize” and the right is the statue of a girl
The kneeling male statue, based on Shinzo Abe, was named “eternal atonement” and also known as “Abe’s apology image”, the report said.
“Such things are not allowed in international etiquette. If the report is true, it will have a decisive impact on Japan ROK relations. ” On the 28th of local time, Japanese Chief Housing Minister Kan Yiwei held a press conference to make the above response to the recent establishment of “Abe kneeling to apologize” in Korea’s own botanical garden.

Fan Bingbing suddenly published a paper

Fan Bingbing said in a late night article that she was “strong and alive”. Her face was haggard and her mental state was worrying
Qing Feng watching entertainment
Today, 01:26
Hi, a new day begins again. I’m your little one.
Fan Bingbing was forced to quit the entertainment circle because of some things. After all, she has been popular in this circle for a long time. Therefore, even if she hardly appears in this circle, she can still often get news about her. Moreover, her social platform has been updated all the time, and every updated thing attracts much attention. Therefore, after a long time, almost all netizens are interested She had forgotten what she had done, and many people even wanted her back.

Circle of friends helicopter screen

On July 14, wechat’s “circle of friends helicopter” suddenly swiped the screen, and wechat officials were also confused. They asked in the microblog: where are so many friends? Circle helicopters? Online and so on. The author found that these “circle of friends helicopters” are a template, only changed the text. The main body of the aircraft is composed of various symbols, with “go! Take you to Aidou, take you to the mountain climbing, miss me And so on. The tail of the plane says, “I’ll send a helicopter to pick you up.”.
There is also a robot cat animation character version of the “ball collision momentum conservation experiment.”.
At present, “circle of friends helicopter” has become a hot microblog search, and spread in the microblog.

New crown of infection of newborn triplets

The triplets born in the northeastern state of San Luis Potosi were positive for the new coronavirus within a few hours after birth. They may have contracted the virus in their child’s palace, the Mexican health department said Tuesday.
“On the day of their birth (the 17th), they tested for the virus because they were premature,” state health official Monica Langer told a news conference. The results were positive. “
Only one infant has novel coronavirus pneumonia, and the other two babies may be asymptomatic as well as their parents, the report said. Parents are still waiting for their test results.
Lanhel said it was “impossible” for children to get the new coronavirus after birth because they had been tested within hours of birth.
“That’s what we’re looking at, maybe the virus is spreading through the placenta,” she said. Now we can’t confirm it. This case is shocking and we will study it. “
Mexico’s novel coronavirus pneumonia is in a severe situation. 22 local health authorities reported 4577 new confirmed cases and 759 deaths. The total number of novel coronavirus pneumonia cases has reached 185122 cases and the total number of deaths has reached 22584 cases.

20 soldiers died in India

Late last night, Beijing time, the Indian military said that another 17 Indian soldiers injured in a physical conflict in the valley of garwan died from exposure to high altitude areas below zero, and the death toll of Indian soldiers increased from three to 20. This incident aroused strong repercussions of Indian public opinion.
After seeing the news, Lao Hu tweeted two tweets in the middle of the night, respectively:
First: “this is certainly not the news that a Chinese like me would like to hear. The lives of Chinese and Indian soldiers are precious. India’s political forces, which have pushed these young soldiers into deadly physical conflict, are responsible for their deaths. India has to stop taking border risks. “
The second article: “as many as 17 wounded soldiers in India have been reported dead due to lack of timely rescue, which reflects the serious lag of India’s army in emergency rescue capabilities. This is not a real army capable of fighting on the modern plateau. India’s public opinion needs to be sober. “

Freud will be tried

Protests in many major cities of the United States remain, and Washington, the capital, ushered in the largest recent protests. There has been a growing call for “the police’s funds to be withdrawn,” and some protesters have even called for the police station to be withdrawn. Xiao Wan, the chief criminal of Freud’s death, will appear in court for the first time on the afternoon of June 8 local time (the early morning of June 9 Beijing time).
Beijing news local time on June 6, the United States “Freud’s death” triggered large-scale protests into the 12th. Some 43300 members of the National Guard have been deployed in 34 states and Washington, D.C., to help police cope with the protests.
Tens of thousands of people took to the streets, and the largest protest broke out in Washington
In Washington, D.C., more than 10000 people took to the streets to protest Saturday, the largest protest in the city since Freud’s death, CNN reported. The protests were peaceful as a whole, and there were no reports of clashes between demonstrators and police.
On the same day, mayor bauzel of Washington also participated in the protest. “The federal police are pushing for peaceful protests in front of homes,” she said. If you, like me, see what happened to George Freud and see that life is not what the world sees, you should shout out for justice and peace. “. “We should all focus on developments in Washington, D.C., because we don’t want the federal government to do the same to other Americans,” he added.
The day before, bozel ordered that block 16 in front of the white house be renamed “black lives matter Plaza”, and painted the slogan “black lives are lives” on the road floor with bright yellow paint. She also denounced the White House’s order to send troops to Washington, shouting at trump for “withdrawing your troops.”.
However, President trump tweeted that night that “there are fewer D.C. protesters than expected. The National Guard, secret service and D.C. police are doing a great job. Thank you! ” Previously, he accused bauzer of confronting the National Guard, saying she was “very incompetent” and “not qualified to run a city as important as Washington.”.
According to the previous report, in response to the protests and riots, the security situation around the White House continued to upgrade, not only erecting a 2.5-meter-high barbed wire fence and adding isolation fences, but also blocking the streets and Lafayette Park until June 10. The Atlantic Monthly commented that trump had “imprisoned” himself in the White House.
“The life of the black man is the life of the black man,” the protesters shouted as they danced
Since a few days ago, violent riots in various parts of the United States have gradually turned to peaceful protests. But by the end of last week, protests continued in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Washington and other areas, and protests in some cities continued beyond the curfew.
In Atlanta, the protests were once live performances. Some of the demonstrators began to dance during the protest, and the streets were filled with laughter and applause. Meanwhile, a band even played music live in a parking lot. CNN reporter Martin savage said, “some people turn from street protests to street parties, but they still remember why As they danced, they chanted, “black lives are lives.”.
In Seattle, police clashed with protesters. According to CNN, police said some demonstrators threw stones, bottles and fireworks at the police, and several police were injured. Just a day ago, the Seattle Sheriff ordered that tear gas be banned in response to the riots.
In Buffalo, New York, two police officers were photographed pushing down a 75 year old protester during a protest, before they were suspended and charged with assault. The incident also led to the resignation of 57 police officers from the city’s emergency response department.
In addition, three policemen in Freud’s death case have appeared in court for the first time on June 4. The three did not plead guilty and will appear again on June 29. Xiao Wan, the chief criminal of the case, will appear in court for the first time on the afternoon of June 8 local time (the early morning of June 9 Beijing time), China International Television reported.
Focus 1
More and more protesters support “withdrawal of police funds”
In the second weekend, more people took to the streets to protest against the violent law enforcement by the police and the systematic racism in the United States. However, in addition to the slogan of “the life of black people is also the life” spreading around the world, another slogan gradually gained more and more support – “withdraw the police fund”.
As protests continue to fester across the country, more and more people are beginning to believe they can live better without law enforcement, CNN reported. Some protesters believe that the solution to such problems as violent law enforcement by the police and racial inequality in the police system is simple: to “withdraw police funds”.
In fact, in recent years, the voice of “withdrawing police funds” has existed in the United States. Supporters of the campaign believe that funds allocated to law enforcement systems, such as police stations and prisons, should be withdrawn and invested in more important areas of community services, such as housing, employment, community health and education.
In 2014, Michael Brown, an 18-year-old African American, was shot dead by white police in Ferguson, which triggered a large-scale demonstration in the United States. At that time, it was proposed that “police funds should be withdrawn”. In March this year, Brunei, a black woman

Us suspension of Chinese passenger flights

The U.S. Department of transportation issued an order on June 3, saying it would suspend the regular passenger flights between China and the United States held by China Airlines from June 16, involving many airlines, including Air China, Capital Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, etc. Reuters said the U.S. order is to pressure China to adjust its policy and allow American Airlines to resume business in China. The effective date of the order is adjustable.
The order accused the Chinese government of “failing to allow U.S. carriers to operate scheduled passenger air services to and from China and to exercise the full scope of their rights.”. According to the previous flight plan issued by Chinese airlines in June, the order will affect Air China’s Beijing Los Angeles route, China Southern’s Guangzhou Los Angeles route, China Eastern’s Shanghai New York route and other routes.
U.S. airlines such as delta and United Airlines suspended their services in the Chinese market due to the new crown epidemic earlier this year, CNBC said Wednesday, but they have yet to obtain approval from the Chinese aviation authorities. The U.S. Department of transportation said Wednesday that its primary goal “is not to make this situation permanent.” if the Chinese aviation authority can adjust the policy and improve the operating environment of the U.S. airline, the U.S. side is ready to adjust the policy. “.