Credit card overdraft rate new deal

The central bank recently released the upper and lower limit management of credit card overdraft interest rates. Some people in the industry believe that the central bank is loosening the interest rate management of bank credit cards, which means that while further promoting the marketization of loan interest rates, the competition in the bank credit card market will intensify, and it may even shake the “quack status” of consumer credit products on Internet platforms such as Huabei and Baitiao.
In fact, the overdraft interest rate of bank credit card is one of the main income sources of bank credit card business, which is mainly the interest generated by the bill amount not being paid in full and on time, and the interest payable by the cash withdrawal of credit card.
According to the notice of the people’s Bank of China on promoting the market-oriented reform of credit card overdraft interest rate, the overdraft interest rate of credit card will be determined by the card issuing institutions and cardholders through independent negotiation from January 1, 2021. The upper limit and lower limit management of credit card overdraft interest rate will be cancelled, that is, the upper limit is 0.5 times of the daily interest rate and the lower limit is 0.7 times of the daily interest rate.
“It is expected that the central bank will abolish this interest rate. In the future, there may be two kinds of differences in the bank’s credit card overdraft interest rate. ” Dong ximiao, chief researcher of Zhaolian finance, told the financial association that first, the pricing of different institutions will be different. Some small and medium-sized banks are likely to adopt lower interest rates to attract more users due to their low popularity; second, different customers may also enjoy different interest rates in the same bank, and some high-quality customers may enjoy lower investment interest rates 。
Different pricing will also bring further competition. In addition to intensified competition among banks, some industry insiders said that banks will also start to fight back against Internet consumer credit products such as Huabei.
Dong Zheng, a senior credit card expert, said that the central bank’s move is equivalent to liberalizing the constraints of bank credit card interest rates. In the future, bank credit cards can use different interest rate strategies to attract customers, which will also strike back at the credit products like credit cards provided by Huabei and other Internet companies.
“Before, the overdraft interest rate of credit card basically had no way to compete with these Internet products, and after releasing the shackles, the bank credit card will seize the development space of these products. “Dong Zheng said that the bank itself has a lower capital advantage.
It is understood that although the overdraft rate of credit card was allowed to float within a certain range before, the overdraft rate was generally 5 / 10000 per day, and only a few individual credit cards of banks had an overdraft rate lower than 5 / 10000. Previously, the content of ant group’s prospectus disclosed that the daily interest rate of Huabei could be as low as 2 / 10000 during the 12-month period ending June 30, 2020, and the daily interest rate of most loans was about 4 / 10000 or less.
Dong ximiao also believes that after the central bank’s deregulation, the overdraft rate of bank credit cards will probably show a downward trend. However, there will be no vicious price competition for bank credit cards. Deregulation does not mean that there is no regulatory constraint. However, China’s consumer credit market is large enough, and the future “small profit but quick turnover” of bank credit cards may further increase the revenue of this business.
In addition, the documents of the central bank also require that card issuers should fully disclose and timely update the overdraft interest rate of credit cards through their official websites and other channels, and prominently prompt the overdraft interest rate and interest settlement method of credit cards in the credit card agreement, so as to ensure that card issuers fully know and confirm their acceptance.

Shijiazhuang Metro bus outage

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has just been released by Shijiazhuang bus General Corporation. To ensure the safety and health of the people, the bus routes of Shijiazhuang bus stop operation since January 9th at 9:40. Meanwhile, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been released in Shijiazhuang to prevent and control the epidemic of new crown pneumonia and ensure the safety and health of the people. Since 9:40 on January 9th, the Shijiazhuang metro lines have been closed. Please follow the official account of micro-blog Metro and WeChat public address of Shijiazhuang metro for your subsequent operation. Please understand.

Armed exchange of fire in Central Africa

On December 3, 2020, the Constitutional Court of the Central African Republic made a ruling to cancel the candidacy of former president Bozize. Boyn was dissatisfied with this and attracted some armed groups to confront the government. Since December 15, armed confrontation broke out between Chinese and African armed groups and government forces in yaloke area. In the chaos, eight cars and other properties of four Chinese private mining enterprises were robbed. Fortunately, no casualties were found. After that, Chinese citizens began to leave the area. On December 16, after receiving a report from a Chinese citizen, our library immediately negotiated with the commander of the Chinese and African gendarmerie, asking him to carry out an investigation immediately to protect the safety of the local and Chinese citizens on the way out. On December 17, due to the increasingly tense situation, most of the 250 local Chinese citizens had withdrawn to the safe area by themselves. Therefore, we contacted some Chinese citizens staying in the area to withdraw as soon as possible, and contacted relevant protection forces for their evacuation. In the early morning of December 18, the armed groups exchanged fire with the Central African defense forces, and the evacuation of stranded personnel was hindered. The museum made urgent representations to the Central African Ministry of defense, the Ministry of the interior, the United Nations multidimensional integrated Stabilization Mission in Central Africa and other relevant parties, asking them to take immediate action to properly settle down our stranded citizens, send forces to protect them, and assist them to evacuate from the local areas. Due to the intervention of UN peacekeeping forces, the exchange of fire between the two sides gradually subsided on the same day. Although there were still sporadic exchanges of fire between the two sides on December 19, the situation was under control. At present, the stranded personnel have been safely evacuated.
China and Africa are suffering from poverty and war, and illegal armed groups have been operating in other provinces. Since 2018, our consulate has repeatedly issued consular reminders asking our citizens not to go to areas outside Bangui, the capital of Central Africa, and the Pk5 area of Bangui. The Chinese Embassy in Central Africa once again reminds Chinese institutions and citizens in Central Africa that the presidential and parliamentary elections in Central Africa will be held on December 27, and factors of social instability are on the rise. In the future, the possibility of armed exchange of fire between some armed groups and government forces and attacks on polling places cannot be ruled out. Chinese citizens in China and Africa should pay close attention to the local security situation and strengthen prevention. Citizens in Bangui area should avoid going out as far as possible, stay away from the crowd gathering site, and store necessary living materials and emergency supplies in the residence. In areas outside Bangui, Chinese citizens are requested to evacuate as soon as possible to ensure personal safety. In case of armed robbery and other emergencies, be sure to keep calm, life safety first, report to the police in time and contact the Chinese Embassy in Central Africa for consular protection.
Central African Republic bandit police emergency call: 117
Ministry of foreign affairs global consular protection and service emergency call center Tel. + 86-10-12308 or + 86-10-59913991
Tel. + 23675248688

Ordering is wasted or will be charged

Ordered a table of dishes, left more than half, the results were thrown away. Diners, please don’t be too self willed in the future! On November 22, the draft of the anti food waste law appeared at the Standing Committee meeting of the National People’s Congress for the first time. It is clear in the draft that catering service providers can charge consumers who cause obvious waste the corresponding fees for the treatment of kitchen waste. The draft also stipulates that catering service providers should take the initiative to remind consumers to prevent food waste, provide different specifications such as small meals, and shall not induce or mislead consumers to order in excess.

Maradona rescue details

In the early morning of November 26, Beijing time, Maradona, a legend of Argentina, passed away, and many foreign media timely followed up the final details before the king left. According to TYC, a well-known media in Argentina, Maradona only had 12 minutes from coma to death.
Previously, Maradona, 60, has been in poor physical condition. He also underwent head surgery in early November. It can be said that the Argentine player has been in a rather bad situation both physically and psychologically.
At 12:50 p.m. local time on November 25 in Argentina (23:50 Beijing time), Maradona suddenly lost consciousness and suffered cardiac arrest at his home in San Andr é s. Because of the “old horse” health concerns, his family had arranged for a number of ambulances nearby, and the hospital was the first time to enter the Maradona residence for rescue.
But despite the help of up to nine ambulances at the scene, there was still no way to stop Maradona from leaving. At 13:02 p.m. local time on November 25, Argentina, Maradona failed to rescue and died. A generation of football King left his last life.
After Maradona left, Portuguese superstar Ronaldo also sent his blessing to the legendary elder for the first time. Although Maradona is the compatriots of Messi, the “enemy of life” of President Ronaldo, it can not hide the respect of the Portuguese superstar to Maradona. “Today, I say goodbye to a friend, and the world says goodbye to the eternal genius. One of the best in history. An incomparable magician. You leave too early, but leave an endless legacy and gaps that will never be filled. Rest in peace, you will never be forgotten. “
The Brazilian legend Pele, also known as the king of the ball together with Maradona, wrote for the first time: “it is sad news that I have lost a good friend and the world has lost a legend. I have a lot to say, but for now, may God give strength to his family. I hope we can play together in the sky one day

Only when a man sees a doctor can he know that he is a woman

According to the Daily Star on November 17, a miracle happened in the United States.
A man was raised as a boy from childhood, but when he was an adult, he had a complete set of female reproductive system. In terms of biology, his real gender should be female.
Mikey Chanel, 18, was born with a little legend. When his mother was doing a birth check-up, the results showed that the fetus should be female, but Mikey had obvious male characteristics after birth
At that time, the family members were also shocked, but they just thought that it might be that the prenatal examination was not accurate enough, so they didn’t carry out in-depth study on this, and directly raised Mikey as a boy.
Mikey felt that he was a little different from other boys when he was young. He liked all kinds of feminine things.
At the age of five, Mikey liked to play with her aunt’s beautiful purse and sometimes secretly tried her mother’s lipstick.
“I’ve never behaved like a boy, adolescence is different from other boys, and I’ve always been thin.”
Although there are various abnormalities, Mikey just thinks that his sexuality may be a problem. He once considered that he would simply go to sex when he grew up.
However, a physical examination last year completely changed his life. After examination, he realized that he was actually a daughter.
“Sometimes I feel strange when I pee, so they check my urethra and they find that I have a complete female reproductive system and I can even get pregnant if I want to.”
“I thought it was the doctor who was joking, but they showed me a picture of my uterus, and I was shocked…”
After in-depth examination, Mikey realized that he was suffering from a rare disease called PMDS. This disease is characterized by two sets of reproductive systems in the body, which is male externally but female internally.
Considering that Mikey was raised as a boy when he was young, the doctor suggested that Mikey simply take hysterectomy to completely become a man. Moreover, people with this rare disease are prone to cancer and cancer. After hysterectomy, the risk can be greatly reduced.
But the final examination found that Mikey’s male reproductive system is incomplete, so if he wants to have his own offspring, he needs to use his own female reproductive system.
“I thought for weeks that I still wanted my own children.”
After thinking it over, Mikey made a test tube baby, now four months pregnant.
Mikey was very excited about being a mother. “When they did the test tube, they told me that there was only a 20% success rate, and I won the bet.”
Mikey also hopes that you can be more tolerant of people suffering from this rare disease. After all, although the story is a little strange, it is a normal medical condition. Anyone born with this disease may suffer from it.

Zoo responds to lion drowning

On November 12, netizens revealed that an African lion had died in the Foshan wildlife park in Handan, Hebei Province. The video shows the lion lying in the pool, motionless, with most of his body and mouth and nose submerged.
Zoo responds to suspected death of lion in water pool: sick and drowned
In response, the zoo manager said that there are some wild areas in the park, which are contracted. It is the park that has such a problem. Because the lion was sick and had been sick for a long time. Today, I let it out to let out the wind and bask in the sun. It fell into the water pool and was exhausted, leading to drowning.
At present, the zoo has been reported to the forestry bureau, the regulatory department, and the details will be released later.
According to the data, the lion is the only cat of both sexes in the world. Lions have the largest skull and shoulder height of cats, and males are generally larger than females. The head length of male animals is 35-38 cm, and that of females is 28-32 cm.
Lions were originally distributed in all parts of Africa, South Asia and the middle and near east regions except tropical rainforests. Except Gil in India, lions in other parts of Asia have disappeared, and there are no wild lions in North Africa. Lions are mainly distributed in the grasslands of sub Saharan Africa, so they can be regarded as a specialty of Africa.
In the past, except for the cold and sub frigid zones, lions were found in all ecological environments. Today, their living environment has been greatly reduced. They prefer grasslands and inhabit savanna and grassland, and may also appear in shrubs, arid forests and semi deserts.

Trump daughter vice president

According to US media reports, according to the contents of a book, President trump repeatedly hinted in 2016 that he hoped his eldest daughter, Ivanka trump, could become his running mate.
According to the Washington Post, excerpts from a new book “the game of evil: how trump wins, why Mueller failed, and America’s lost” by Rick gates, the vice presidential candidate for trump, described in detail the dialogue between the president who won the Republican primary and his aides about choosing his running mate in June 2016, according to the Washington Post.
“I think it should be Ivanka. How about making Ivanka vice president? ” Gates said trump recommended the vice president to the campaign at a meeting. “She’s smart, she’s smart, she’s beautiful, people will like her!”
According to reports, the White House did not immediately comment on considering taking current White House staff member Ivanka trump as vice president. Ivanka trump himself is said to have rejected the proposal in a dialogue with his father.
The book, due to be released next month, is the latest work by a former aide to the president, giving a highly critical account of Trump’s first term. It should have been announced a few weeks before the election.
Author and legendary Post reporter Bob Woodward shocked the white house when he published an angry book in early September that analyzed Trump’s tenure.
In February 2018, gates pleaded guilty to his conspiracy and charges of lying to investigators, telling the Washington Post in an interview that he would accept Trump’s pardon.
“I mean, who wouldn’t?” he told the Washington Post. “We haven’t made any proposals yet But if you look at it objectively, I would say that it was politically motivated at the beginning, and people got involved in the investigation in a way that wouldn’t have happened if it had been done more properly. “

Female gun Wang Guangrong retired after 00:00

When the arms and shoulders lose weight, it’s all over… “
This is August 31, Shen mengkefa’s circle of friends, in her way, to say goodbye to the army.
On the morning of September 2, Shen Meng can bring her information to the County Veterans Service Center to handle the retirement registration procedures.
It is understood that Shen Meng was born in shenzhai village, Huzhen Town, Jinyun County. She was a standard girl born after 00. She used to serve in a synthetic brigade of the 71st group army of the army.
At the scene, she took off her camouflage clothes and wore military uniform. She was not tall, but she was tall and straight.
It’s hard to believe that such a skinny girl can stand out from the 80 person sniper training team and become the “gun king” who can suppress male soldiers!
China’s tiktok was reposted by people’s daily, universal characters, China Youth Daily, not only on micro-blog’s hot search, but also on her platform, and she got about 4000000 hits, even became the “WeChat official account” of the people’s daily. 》The cover character of.
Shen Meng can say that glory has become the past and she will continue to write brilliance in her own way in the future.
“I decided to retire from the army because I wanted to realize my dream of University. I didn’t experience a day’s campus life. I’m afraid I’ll have regrets in the future.”
Shen mengke said that with these two years of military experience, no matter what I do in the future, “I will certainly be able to do the best!”
According to her sister, Shen mengke was very self-discipline since childhood, and has been in the class as monitor, deputy monitor and other positions.
“When I was in primary school, I was ready to go to school at 6 o’clock every day. I also insisted on running every day. I was a very self disciplined person.” Such tenacity and high requirements continued into the military career. As the first female soldier to leave the class, Shen Meng can not only recite thousands of messages every day, but also carry a sniper gun to compete with male soldiers.
In fact, before joining the army, Shen mengke had been admitted to university. Her two years of military experience not only tempered her will, but also added confidence to her future life.
“When I learn cultural knowledge well, I may choose to join the army again and restart my military journey!” Shen mengke’s future is still limitless.
“Sniper” Shen mengke, goodbye!
Hello, Shen mengke, a college student!

March broke out in Washington

On August 28 local time, tens of thousands of Americans gathered in Washington, D.C., to hold the largest demonstration in Washington since the outbreak of the epidemic. The protestors gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial Hall to denounce a series of vicious incidents of recent violent law enforcement by American police against African Americans and called for ethnic equality.
On August 28, local time, tens of thousands of protestors gathered in Washington, D.C., denouncing police violence in law enforcement and calling for ethnic equality (photo: Reporter Wang Shuguang)
The US media pointed out that the parade coincided with the 57th anniversary of the famous speech “I have a dream” delivered by Martin Luther King, leader of the civil rights movement. At present, the United States is in a “nightmare”. At the same time, the media criticized that the performance of the White House and the U.S. government was “heartbreaking” despite strong public protests against racial discrimination and police violence.
According to the Washington Post, the United States is now in a “nightmare”
Now, like the American Nightmare, democracy is strangled
The march was carried out at the call of the older generation of civil rights leader, African American Baptist pastor Al Sharpton. The theme of the march was “take your knees off our necks” to protest against the recent vicious incidents of racial discrimination, violent law enforcement and even the killing of African Americans by the police.
Families of victims, including Jacob Blake, George Freud, Rashad Brooks, Ahmed aberry, Trevor Martin and Eric Garner, were invited to participate in the demonstration. Speaking at the Lincoln Memorial Hall, Sharpton called for a dialogue on racism
The theme of the protest in Washington on August 28 was “take your knee off our neck” (photo: Reporter Wang Shuguang)
Martin III, the son of black leader Martin Luther King, also made a speech at the rally. He said that the American people are now in a “broken” society. Although the day was the anniversary of the speech “I have a dream” by Martin Luther King, the United States is actually in a “nightmare” and “democracy is being locked in the throat by its knees”.
People participating in the March said that the discrimination and injustice in the United States must be “made public” and be tortured by the people. “This is not only a struggle between the two races, but also related to future generations. In order to ensure the safety of the next generation, the United States” must make changes. “.
According to the Wall Street Journal, protestors have said that the current discrimination and injustice in the United States must be tortured by the people
The victim is often unarmed when the law is locked and the back is attacked
Freud, an African American civilian, was subjected to violent law enforcement in Minnesota on May 25 this year. The white police put his knee on his neck for nine minutes and finally suffocated to death. The incident triggered large-scale protests across the United States, with major cities joining the fight for African Americans’ equal rights. However, one wave was not smooth, and another wave was repeated. On August 23, serious violent law enforcement incidents occurred again. On the same day, Jacob Blake, an African American resident in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was shot at least seven times by the police when he opened the door of the car and fell in front of three children and fiancee in the car.
After the exposure of the incident, protests broke out immediately in Kenosha, and the confrontation between the protestors and the police escalated sharply. As of August 26, the chaos in Kenosha city has lasted for three days, and many buildings in the city have been burned. In addition, demonstrations broke out in Madison, Wisconsin, Manhattan, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and other places.
According to media reports, about 50000 people attended the day’s march in Washington (image source: The Wall Street Journal)
Public opinion generally believed that it was the inaction of local officials in kinosha that infuriated the public. According to reports, the local government made its first statement three days after the victim was attacked, and almost all the local authorities couldn’t get through to the phone. Zano Rodriguez, inspector of Kenosha’s City Council, said: “people call us and ask what the mayor is doing? What’s the sheriff doing? And we can only tell them that we don’t know because they didn’t inform us. “
In addition, media reports said Blake was taken to the hospital with upper body paralysis, but was still handcuffed to the hospital bed by the police. Blake’s father was “heartbroken” when he saw the picture. Blake’s uncle, Justin Blake, angrily asked, “he is paralyzed and can’t walk. Why should he be handcuffed to his bed?” Justin believes that it is a great “insult” to Blake in this way.
Blake was taken to hospital with upper body paralysis, but was still handcuffed to his bed by police, CNN reported
NBA strike to protest racial discrimination, White House officials said: absurd, stupid
In support of Blake, NBA teams announced a strike on August 27. Up to now, many American sports stars have denounced racial discrimination and violent law enforcement in the United States. CNN commented that it is rare for professional sports teams to make a decision to withdraw before the competition.
Although there are NBA teams in such a high-profile way to arouse people’s attention to the civil rights movement and social injustice, the White House officials even scorned to comment on this, thinking that the player’s protest is “absurd” and “stupid”. Former head of White House legislative affairs and head of the office of current Vice President Mike burns