Us first lady suspected of double

Melania: atypical first lady of the United States
“The shape of the nose is obviously wrong” “the height is at least 6 inches shorter” U.S. President trump and his wife, Melania, went to Alabama in early March for a visit to Hurricane stricken areas, which caused a stir in American social media. Standing beside trump and wearing oversized sunglasses, the “first lady” is regarded by many netizens as not a real Melania, but a stand in.
Trump tweeted the rumor on March 13, saying such speculation was false news. He believed that the media had modified the photos of Melania, and then triggered conspiracy theories, saying that the real Melania was not standing beside him, and that Melania was not in Alabama, but somewhere else. “As time goes on, these people get more crazy!” trump said.
This is not the first time that Melania has been suspected of having a double. In August 2018, Melania and trump went to Ohio to attend the event. There are also rumors on the Internet that Melania, who visited the children’s Hospital, was totally different from the one who showed up on the tarmac the same day.
Speculation on the Internet has something to do with Melania’s low profile and frequent “disappearance.”. As the first “first lady” of Eastern European origin who was not born in the United States, Melania is known as one of the most “low-key” first ladies in the history of the United States, although she is a frequent visitor in the fashion circle, which is in sharp contrast to trump, who has a high profile. According to a survey released by YouGov and the economist on March 7, 2019, the first lady Melania is the favorite of American people among the trump family.
According to the poll data regularly released by CNN, Melania’s support rate has been relatively satisfactory, which has remained close to 50% to nearly 60% for most of 2018. Only the poll support rate published in December dropped to 43%, while Trump’s support rate has been hovering around 40%.
“Reserved, elegant and calm”
Melania moved to the White House six months after trump took office, and her “predecessors” usually moved to the White House in about a month. The reason she gave was to stay in New York to wait for her 11 year old son, Baron, to complete the school year.
During the six months of Melania’s “Absence” from the White House, Trump’s daughter Ivanka filled the vacuum created by the absence of “first lady”. As an adviser to the president, Ivanka not only has his own office in the West Wing of the White House, but also attended Trump’s meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, and presided over and arranged a series of important activities in the White House.
Even after Melania moved into the White House, Ivanka often helped trump prepare for celebrations and social events. Although Ivanka has repeatedly said that it is inappropriate to make any connection with the title of “first lady”, she is still regarded by the media as playing a part of a similar role.
Not only did she move into the White House belatedly, but Melania’s team building and public events were not slow. In her first year in the White House, she spent most of her time in a low-key and inaction state. So far, Melania’s office has only about 10 staff and lacks experts in policy research and public relations. Previously, the first lady’s office team usually included more than 20 professionals.
In an interview with GQ magazine, a close friend of Melania said that Melania’s personality is completely different from her husband trump. She is reserved, elegant and calm. “She is rich, but she is not a socialite but a housemaid.”
Among the previous first ladies in the United States, Melania’s experience is quite unique. She was born in 1970 to a civilian family in sevnita, a Slovenian town. Her father was a marketing manager in an automobile factory and her mother worked in a clothing factory. She studied design and architecture at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia for a year. Because of her outstanding appearance, she began to model for fashion photographers at the age of 16, and then made a living in cities such as Milan and Paris. This experience allowed her to speak French, Serb and German in addition to English and Slovenian.
In the impression of Melania university students, she has always been a quiet person, not smoking, not drinking, not shuttling around the party. Even after she started her modeling career, she likes to go home immediately after work and stay with her equally quiet sister. Her college classmate Petra sedge told GQ that at that time, boys liked party girls, but they were not. Parties were usually held in Melania’s or Petra’s dormitories, drinking juice and chatting.
In 1995, Melania met Paul zampori, a famous partner of metropolitan model company in Milan, and under his encouragement, she went to the United States to develop in 1996. In an interview with the New York Post in 2005, Paul zampori also said that Melania didn’t go out often, didn’t go to clubs or bars, just went to the movies and the gym. Before trump, she had never dated anyone in New York. “This is a girl who models camel cigarettes on a huge billboard in Times Square, but she stays at home all the time.”
Many years ago, Melania told the media that if trump was elected president, she would be a “very traditional” first lady. Today, although living

Drunken ride harassment male driver

Sina science and technology news on the afternoon of August 27, Didi released the “drunk passenger safety transparency report” in the second quarter of 2020, and actively publicized the in car conflicts and data caused by drunken car Hailing passengers on the Internet, and reminded users to use safety functions and enhance safety awareness in view of drunk riding scenes.
This is the sixth safety transparency report released by Didi. In the second quarter of 2020, Didi received a total of 10130 complaints related to drunkenness, which is equivalent to one complaint received by customer service every 12 minutes.
Among them, 364 complaints (quarrel, fight, fight, etc.) caused by drunk passengers; 477 complaints about verbal harassment or physical harassment caused by drunk passengers (asking for wechat, vulgar language, physical touch, etc.).
The complaint rate of physical conflict caused by drunk passengers decreased by 66.4% year on year
The management of drunken scene of online car Hailing is complex, which may lead to conflicts between drivers and passengers, as well as potential safety hazards such as drivers or passengers being injured.
In 2019, the platform received more than 12 million complaints about uncivilized behavior, 19% of which were caused by drunkenness. In July 2020, Didi public Council invited netizens to vote on the “top 10 uncivilized behaviors of online car Hailing”, and drunken trouble making ranked first among the uncivilized behaviors of passengers.
According to the report, in the second quarter of 2020, there were 364 complaints about physical conflicts caused by drunkenness, accounting for 17.6% of the total number of complaints.

Gaud responds to navigation congestion

On October 4, the official micro blog of Qingcheng Mountain Dujiangyan scenic area, a famous tourist attraction in Sichuan Province, said that recently, the Qingcheng Mountain Dujiangyan scenic area has received frequent feedback from tourists. The “Gaode map” is used to navigate to the Qingcheng Mountain Scenic Area, which leads to wrong positioning and leads to serious traffic congestion and great difficulties for tourists and scenic area management Disturbing.
The problem of “Gaode map” in the navigation of Qingcheng Mountain scenic area has existed for many years. The scenic area contacted with “Gaode map” for many times and asked to modify and optimize the navigation route of Qingcheng Mountain Scenic Area, but none of them was successful.
Therefore, it is suggested that self driving tourists should use other navigation platforms to avoid misleading and inconvenient travel.
In response, Gaode said that at present, the navigation arrival point of Qingcheng Mountain scenic area has been optimized from the ticket office to the parking lot, so you can rest assured that you can use the navigation. Thank you for your supervision and feedback. We will continue to improve and provide better navigation services for you. The official account of WeChat public in Dujiangyan, Qingchengshan, and Chengdu.

New crown vaccine or not

In September 16th, novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic was concerned with Zhang Wenhong’s advice on the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation.
The third phase clinical study is of great significance
Both China and the rest of the world are looking forward to the launch of the new cap vaccine by the end of this year. Zhang Wenhong said that people hope to gain global group immunity through vaccines, so as to realize world intercommunication. Moreover, with the introduction of vaccines, many problems may be solved gradually. For example, the mortality caused by new coronavirus will be greatly reduced.
Is the vaccine safe and effective enough? Zhang Wenhong believes that the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine will need to be evaluated for a whole year next year. On the issue of new coronal vaccine marketing, Zhang Wenhong emphasized the importance of phase III clinical research. He explained that the vaccine that can be injected has not completed the phase III clinical trial study, which belongs to the emergency vaccination of vaccine.
“The phase III clinical study is of great significance. It is necessary to conduct a comparative study on two populations (who have been vaccinated and who have not been vaccinated). For example, every adverse reaction of people who have been vaccinated needs to be compared with those who have not been vaccinated to find out which adverse reactions are related to the vaccine. “Zhang Wenhong said that the results of the phase III vaccine clinical study will also provide a key data – vaccine protection rate and incidence of adverse reactions.
On the issue of whether or not to fight the vaccine, Zhang Wenhong suggested that ordinary people should wait for the vaccine to be officially approved for marketing, and then measure it from three aspects: the risk of epidemic situation import in China, the vaccine protection rate and adverse reaction rate given by the results of the third phase clinical Research of vaccine, and the vaccine price.
The identification of secondary infection needs strict scientific process
“Novel coronavirus pneumonia is cured after the virus is detected again, does not mean that it is infectious, or there are living viruses in vivo. “Zhang Wenhong said that the identification of secondary infection requires a very strict scientific process. In other words, there must be enough evidence to prove that the same patient was infected with the new coronavirus twice.
“So far, I know that only two cases of secondary infection have been reported from an academic point of view. “Zhang Wenhong said that there are nearly 30 million infected people in the world, and only two cases of secondary infection among 30 million people. Therefore, further evidence is needed to prove the ability of the new coronavirus to have secondary infection. “I don’t think it’s an established scientific judgment. “
From another perspective, Iceland has carried out antibody tracking tests on more than 1000 infected people for four months. The results showed that the antibody level of these people remained at a very stable level after 4 months. China has also monitored the antibody levels of participants in inactivated vaccine trials for several months. The monitoring results also show that the neutralization antibody level induced by inactivated vaccine has always maintained a high and stable level.
“These results are good signs that both natural infection and vaccination can provide effective and stable antibodies. “Zhang Wenhong said that so far, the performance of the new coronavirus is still normal, and there is no rapid change, or the rapid decline of human immunity to the new coronavirus.

The mystery husband of Wanxi exposed

Since Wanxi joined the “sister in the wind and waves”, the exposure has increased greatly. Although the netizens’ evaluation of her is totally polarized, she seems to not mind too much. After the program, she continues to live her life.
On September 23, a video with Wanxi was released by the media. From her departure from the airport to meeting her husband to meet her daughter from school, the contents were detailed and aroused hot discussion in an instant.
In the picture, Wanxi is wearing a white baseball cap, a purple sports coat and a casual dress. When she arrives at the airport, there are many people waiting to take over. However, Wanxi lowers her head and chooses to leave in a low key. Then she goes to a private clinic to see orthopedics.
After watching her arm, Wanxi went to her daughter’s kindergarten to meet her husband. All the parents around her hugged her child in her arms. Wanxi was no exception. She had a laugh and talked about her daughter. Her husband and an older woman followed her.
It seems that wancy’s arm is no longer in the way, holding her daughter is effortless.
For a while, her daughter walked down to the ground. Wanxi and her husband kept looking at her daughter, and walked very slowly.
After a bakery, Wanxi went in and picked some food, and kept asking her husband’s advice. When she left the store, Wanxi immediately fed the dessert she bought into her husband’s mouth. Her husband was also very skilled, and she ate it with her mouth open. The two people probably often do it at home.
Wanxi and her husband are not publicly feeding on the street, sweet and enviable. In the picture, Wanxi husband has a long Liuhai, small eyes, no too high nose, slightly convex mouth, and ordinary appearance.
Wanxi has been out for many years without disclosing her husband information, nor marketing good mom settings. Many people think she is single, but her fans should know she is married.
It is reported that husband Wanxi is a famous photographer.
When Wanxi is in motion, if she puts on the small label “he takes”, then it is the picture taken by her husband.
The first one goes back to 2017, but it’s not sure which year they married.
In the husband’s lens, Wanxi is free, the plain face also does not matter, sloppy also does not matter, but no exception is beautiful.
On November 9th, 2017, Xuansheng, Wanxi official, gave birth to her daughter, without disclosing her husband’s information.
A few months later, Wanxi wrote “that year, we two; this year, we three”, and the first picture was sent in 2016, so it shows that she and her husband have been in love for several years.
On November 9, 2018, Wanxi first disclosed her daughter’s appearance, long eyelashes on her eyes, and the little princess was very beautiful.
A year later, her daughter was two years old, and Wanxi basked her back to celebrate her life.
Wanxi, while basking her daughter, and her husband, was secretly sprinkled with dog food. The latest “he took” was on the seventh night of August 25. Only Wanxi was in the picture, but actually she was very kind.
In “sister in the wind and waves”, Wanxi rarely talks about family, saying she thinks it is better to have a career before marriage, does not want to marry or not want children, but after marriage, she says she must witness every step of her child’s growth.
This time, the media met Wanxi to pick up her children from school, and her husband appeared with the frame, in fact, it was not the first time to expose. On September 14, there were three pictures of the family, which was very warm.
Netizens have different opinions on the exposure, some say privacy should not be exposed, and some say stars can’t help themselves in the entertainment industry.
Anyway, Wanxi has been married for many years, and she doesn’t want to expose her husband and daughter more. She must have her intention. She should support her. I hope she will be happy all the time.

On the three parts of American TV series

Recently, Netflix (hereinafter referred to as Netflix) suddenly announced that it would shoot the “three body” American drama, which quickly attracted widespread attention. Some netizens even said excitedly, “I can finally see a film of” three body “in my lifetime.
Photo source: screenshot of microblog
As a work of Cheng Bei style of Chinese science fiction, the film and television of “three body” has always been concerned. However, after the film was launched in 2015, news of the “three body” TV series came out in August this year. However, no works have been seen with the audience. In contrast, in recent years, overseas sci-fi films such as the avenger alliance, spider man, Jurassic century and transformers have been reaping the wallets of Chinese audiences. Meanwhile, American TV series “game of power” and “western world” have also attracted numerous Chinese fans.
However, China’s science fiction films and TV are also making great strides forward. The 4.6 billion box office “wandering earth” has ignited the hope of the public. Last month, the launch of the “ten science fiction” support policy has also stirred up the whole science fiction circle.
Trisomy will be jointly developed into an American drama by trisomy universe, Youzu group and Netflix, and a luxurious production lineup will be assembled: David Benioff and d.b.wes, creators of game of thrones, will join hands with Alexander wood to co write and supervise the play Instantly became a hot topic. (point
Photo source: screenshot of microblog
“I think it’s a very good thing.” “Science fiction world” magazine deputy editor in chief Raz in an interview with the daily economic news reporter said.
It is reported that “three bodies” was first published in science fiction world (issue 5, 2006). Raz believes that “three bodies” is the best IP in the field of science fiction in China, “but its current development situation is not very good. The cooperation between Youzu group and nefei can mobilize everyone’s expectations and improve the possibility of developing high-quality works.”.
Up to now, it has been five years since the film adaptation of “three bodies” came out, but no works have been published. Not only “Santi”, but not many Chinese science fiction films and TV dramas can sell well. Although “wandering the earth” reached the third place in Chinese film history with a box office of 4.655 billion yuan last year, there is still a certain distance between China’s science fiction films and overseas films.
What causes the gap between Chinese and foreign science fiction films? “
Indeed, science fiction literature and science fiction film and television face different groups of people. It is difficult to turn what is written to science fiction fans into works acceptable to all levels of audiences. “
Last year, “wandering the earth” started the pace of science fiction movies in China’s heavy industry, which attracted more people’s attention to the science fiction industry, and the state is gradually increasing its support for the science fiction industry.
Not long ago, it was printed and distributed by the state film administration and the China Association for science and technology
When it comes to science fiction in China, the four words “science fiction world” can never be bypassed. “The launch of the science fiction ten is very timely.” From an ordinary editor of science fiction world to deputy editor in chief, Raz grew up with Chinese science fiction. He told every reporter that the promotion of science fiction industry in the past was mostly through exhibition conferences, such as the China science fiction conference, “which is a demonstration of existing achievements on the national platform, but its functionality has not been greatly reflected.”.
Photo source: science fiction world official microblog
Now, “ten science fiction articles” have a very strong landing. It is no longer a programmatic or conceptual emphasis on the importance of science fiction, but has specific implementation measures. For example, encouraging film festivals to set up science fiction units, ways of tax and financial subsidies, and personnel training have more detailed provisions. ” Raz said happily.
So, how can we have more wandering earth to meet the audience? In this regard, Raz thinks,
“Although the quality of our science fiction has been improved, the overall scale and quantity have not yet reached the level of developed countries.” Raz further told reporters,
“Wandering earth” still photo source: cat’s eye professional
“The so-called industrial talent training is more cross-border. China has a good foundation in this respect: it has a large number of science fiction fans. But science fiction groups need a certain amount of time to enter the professional field of film and television, such as music, art modeling, computer special effects learning Raz said that now the state has increased the encouragement of science fiction industry, “I think it will promote the cultivation of professional talents in Colleges and universities, vocational and technical training schools, etc
In addition, Latz saw that film and television institutions gradually precipitated from the early (2015 ~2016) impetuous bubble mood. “Now more and more organizations can settle down and really want to make some high-quality sci-fi products.”

Man dies from Tencent

It home, August 27, according to surging news reports, on August 25, Tang Ren (pseudonym), a citizen of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, reported that his brother’s business was affected by the blocking of wechat. He complained repeatedly that he had fallen from Tencent and died.
It home learned that the 21-year-old man who fell to his death was on the 11th floor of Tencent user reception center. Brother Tang Ren said that his younger brother had been blocked by wechat before, and his complaints failed many times. His store could not normally collect money after the title was sealed. His younger brother went to complain to find out why the account number was blocked.
Tang Ren said Tencent believed that the matter had nothing to do with it. After adjusting with Tencent for four times, the other party signed a letter of commitment with Tang Ren and compensated 150000 yuan for humanitarian reasons. Tang Ren said Tencent told other brothers that the reason for being banned was that chatting involved pornography and harassment and was reported.
A Tencent insider said the ban could be lifted in a few days after his brother’s illegal activities were blocked, and the matter is being dealt with internally. Don’t know the reason why Tang’s younger brother’s name was unsealed was related to pornography.
At present, the police have been involved in the investigation.

Hangzhou missing woman killed

Hangzhou lost woman husband: 36 hours later report, Department of veterans, work in the property
After 19 days of bizarre “disappearance” of a woman from her home in Hangzhou, new progress has been made. On July 23, according to the surging news, Ms Lai’s husband is suspected of committing a major crime and has been controlled by the police.
Where is lady Lai now? What is the deep hatred between husband and wife? Why is there a serious suspicion of killing his wife, and how to avoid more than 40 surveillance to leave the community?
At present, the known information is that he is 55 years old, two years older than his missing wife, is a second marriage, and works in the community property. He and his ex-wife had a son who wanted to give his son a house in the name of his current wife as a wedding room, which caused conflicts after being rejected. On the afternoon of the next day after his wife’s disappearance, he received his wife’s online purchase of drugs for insomnia and called the police at about 7:00 p.m., that is, 36 hours after his wife’s disappearance.
36 hours after missing, her husband called the police
“She can’t get out alone.”
This is what her husband said to the media after she lost contact with the woman from Hangzhou. He said that with her IQ, it was impossible to escape from the numerous monitoring in the community. The last time she appeared in the monitoring screen was at 17:10 on July 4, when she was taking her little daughter in the elevator and her behavior was normal.
According to the “find someone” column, the husband recalled the activities of the family that day:
On the morning of the 4th, she and I went to Hangzhou Red Cross Hospital. I pulled out my tooth. She had high blood pressure and went to get the medicine every two months.
At noon, I came home to eat, I cooked, she washed clothes to see her daughter.
In the afternoon, I rushed to my new house, which was being renovated. It is more than 100 square meters, which is much larger than the current home. It is expected that it will be installed in August and our family will be able to move in by the end of the year.
Around 4 p.m., she took her little daughter to Qingchun Yintai to buy books and cakes.
At 7 p.m., we had dinner at home.
At 10 p.m., I went to bed.
The loss occurred on July 5. According to him, when he went to the toilet at 0:30 in the morning, his wife was still in the room. When she got up at 5:30, she found that she was no longer at home. She did not think much: “after careful investigation, there was also a coffee colored suspender Pajama that disappeared with her. But I can’t imagine how she could go out in her pajamas? It’s so strange.
After his wife disappeared, although he felt that “this has not happened before”, he still did not care. Alarm is not selected until 36 hours later.
“On the afternoon of July 6, the person in charge of the mother’s unit suddenly called and said that her mother had not been on duty that day. After receiving the call, the whole family found things very strange and rushed to the police station to call the police. ” The eldest daughter of Lai said.
Family members also searched for her whereabouts everywhere. “Notice for missing” shows that she was wearing a brown suspender nightdress and black shoes when she was lost, and did not bring her mobile phone and ID card. “No matter what clues there are, whether she is alive or dead, once confirmed, she is willing to provide 100000 yuan in cash.”. It is worth noting that the contact number left above is her eldest daughter and son-in-law, and there is no contact information of her husband.
I had a fight with my husband before I disappeared
Ms. Lai, 53, is a cleaner in an accounting firm. This is her “favorite job”. Her monthly income is more than 4000 yuan and she is about two kilometers away from home.
She lives in Sanbao Beiyuan community, Jianggan District, Hangzhou. The area is only more than 50 square meters. It is very compact. The living room and kitchen are connected closely. The couple live in the master bedroom, and the 11 year old daughter lives in the second bedroom. There are also pots of succulent plants on the small balcony window.
Under the name of Ms. Lai, this house is a return house obtained from demolition. There is also a large house with a height of more than 100 square meters, which her husband mentioned is being decorated and is expected to be installed in August.
It is reported that she and her husband Xu are remarried and have a daughter, 11 years old. In addition, she and her ex husband have an older daughter, and Xu has a son with his ex-wife.
“Her husband is not a native of Hangzhou. I heard that he used to be a soldier.”. Residents of the community told reporters that Ms. Lai had quarreled with her husband about the relocation and allocation of houses before her disappearance. “Her husband wanted to give her son a set, but she didn’t agree.”.
Why did lady Lai leave home? The husband said that the family has a certain amount of savings, and his wife will not run away from home due to economic problems. Wife sleep quality is not good, sometimes insomnia, but mental state is very good, also did not appear sleepwalking phenomenon.
The eldest daughter usually does not live with her mother. Afterwards, she finds that her wallet and mobile phone are still at home, and there is no change in bank flow. She was very puzzled and anxious. She suspected that her mother had been taken away by force and called on the criminal to surrender as soon as possible.
She also mentioned that parents’ income is stable and their feelings are good at ordinary times. Even if they have conflicts and quarrels and run away from home, they will not have the idea of avoiding monitoring. “Although my parents quarrel, my mother will tell me, for example, a few years ago, my parents quarreled, my mother came to my house for a night and then went back, but this time my mother is no different.”.
And mother social simple, do not dance square dance, weekdays basic two line, work and family. Even if an acquaintance commits a crime, he needs to be very familiar with the monitoring, and the 24-hour monitoring of the community, “as long as you go out of the door of our building unit, it will be monitored. But after inspection and monitoring, not only did not find the mother’s figure, even did not find any suspicious figure. “.
At present, all the exit and surrounding road monitoring of the community have not found the picture of the lady leaving the community. Search and rescue experts found that Lou

Seoul mayor’s last 24 hours

What did he experience in his last 24 hours? Why did he suddenly disappear and finally die?
All arrangements were cancelled in the morning of the incident
South Korea’s “Chosun Ilbo” reported on the 10th that park had cancelled all his schedule in the morning of the 9th. A source within the Seoul municipal government said on the 9th that although Park yuan Chun canceled his schedule and did not come to work because of his “physical discomfort”, he still wanted to meet with Prime Minister Ding Shijun for a time and have lunch together.
The source stressed that at that time, it seemed that park Yuanchun would have lunch with the Premier as scheduled, “he also asked us to be ready.” However, park eventually cancelled the arrangement and called Ding Shijun in person, confessing that he was “too tired. I’m very sorry. “
Seoul police revealed that after cancelling the morning schedule, park Yuanchun left the mayor’s residence at jiahuidong, Zhonglu District, Seoul, at 10:44 local time (9:44 Beijing time) on the 9th, got into a taxi, and then arrived at Wolong Park in Chengbei district at about 10:53 am. After getting off, he walked on foot and monitored the Wolong park The last picture of him was taken.
After investigating park’s use of mobile phones, Seoul police found that park had been talking to acquaintances in Wolong park at about 14:42 on the 9th. At about 16:00 on the 9th, park Yuanchun’s mobile phone signal appeared in the Beiyue golf driving range of Beiyue mountain in the Northern District of the city, and then his mobile phone signal disappeared.
Due to the delay in contacting her father, park Yuanchun’s daughter called 112 police call at about 17:17 on the 9th, claiming that her father left a message of suspected last words when she left home four or five hours ago (i.e. around 11:00). She dialed her father’s mobile phone but found that it had been turned off. After receiving the report, the Seoul police and fire department immediately invested more than 770 police forces, and sent UAVs and police dogs to carry out the search work.
According to South Korea’s “Central Daily” on the 10th, as of 8:00 p.m. on the 9th, about three hours after the police received a report that park yuan Chun was missing, most of his personal social accounts had been changed to private accounts. At present, when you click Park yuan Chun’s YouTube channel, it will display “this page cannot be displayed”, click on instagram account will display “private account”, and its kakao channel will directly display “unable to find this page”.
However, park’s Facebook and twitter remain public accounts. Park has been publishing policies and programs of the Seoul municipal government and his personal views on various aspects of society through Facebook. The last post on his Facebook account was about “Seoul’s Green New Deal” at 11 a.m. on the 8th.
There is no apparent suspicion of homicide
At about 0:20 am on the 10th, Seoul police found Park Yuanchun’s body near sujingmen in the Northern District of Seoul. According to an article in the Korean daily, if you walk all the way from the place where Pu Yuanchun was last monitored and photographed to the place where his body was found, it will take at least 5.9 kilometers, 1 hour and 29 minutes, and at most 8.6 kilometers, which will take 2 hours and 9 minutes.
Police in Seoul pointed out that the first person to find park’s body was the fire rescue dog. After that, firefighters and police found the body. At the scene, Pu Yuanchun’s purse, business card, kettle and some money were also found. After the body was found, Seoul police held a press conference near Wolong park at 2 a.m. on the 10th, announcing the above information. At about 3:20 am on the 10th, park Yuanchun’s body arrived at Seoul University Hospital in Chung Lu district.
When talking about the specific cause of death of Park yuan Chun, the police said that considering the reputation of the deceased and his family members, they could not specify the situation at the scene for the time being, “but we think that the cause of death can be confirmed by the appearance of the body.” Police pointed out that as of the early morning of the 10th, no suicide note was found at the scene. “In the future, we will investigate the death of Pu Yuanchun by analyzing the route and other information captured in the surveillance video.” “For his last call and the information on his mobile phone, we will also release it in the subsequent investigation,” police said “So far, there is no apparent suspicion of homicide in park yuan Chun’s death.” Seoul police said.

Tencent response cheated

On the evening of July 1, Tencent responded to the “being cheated” incident on its official microblog, saying it was impossible to say a word. In order to prevent similar incidents from happening again, Tencent took 1000 bottles of Laoganma as gifts to solicit similar clues.
More news

[three people forged the seal of Lao Ganma and signed a contract with Tencent]

Prior to this, Shenzhen Nanshan District People’s Court issued a civil ruling, the court agreed to support the plaintiff Tencent’s request to seal up or freeze the bank deposits worth 16.2406 million yuan of two companies owned by Guiyang Laoganma, or other equivalent properties.
But then Lao Ganma declared that they had never had any commercial cooperation with Tencent, and Tencent suffered fraud.
On July 1, Guiyang public security Shuanglong branch reported that three people forged the seal of Laoganma company and pretended to be the manager of the company’s marketing department to sign a cooperation agreement with Tencent. At present, the three people have been detained.
Netizen: Tencent is really naive
Zhang Jun, the public relations director of Tencent, also replied in the microblog message @ Tencent: you are so naive.