Trump recall resolution passed

Foreign media just reported that the house of representatives of the United States voted on 12 local time to pass a resolution in support of the request for vice president burns to use the 25th amendment of the United States Constitution to recall President trump. The result of the vote was 222 people supported and 204 people opposed. Before the resolution was passed, burns had written to House Speaker Pelosi to refuse to use the 25th amendment.
According to previous reports, Burns said before the resolution was passed that he refused to use the 25th amendment. House Speaker Pelosi said on the 10th that House Democrats will propose a resolution to ask vice president burns to use the 25th amendment of the U.S. Constitution to recall President trump. If burns refuses, the house will advance the process of impeachment of trump.
The 25th amendment to the constitution of the United States amends and stipulates the succession procedure of the president and vice president of the United States when there are vacancies for various reasons, and adds a new clause that the vice president and cabinet members judge whether the president can continue to perform his duties. According to the U.S. Constitution, if the impeachment clause against the president is passed by a simple majority in the house of Representatives, it means that the president is impeached. Next, the Senate will hear the impeachment case. If two-thirds of the senators support the impeachment clause, the president will be convicted and step down.

Details of doctor’s death in the United States

Fan Yiran, a 30-year-old Chinese doctor studying in the United States, was shot and killed on January 9, local time. Lars Peter Hansen, a professor of economics at the University of Chicago and Nobel Laureate in economics, lamented the loss of his best student, the world daily reported Monday. In addition, Chicago police also disclosed the details of the crime.
At about 2:00 p.m. local time on January 9, the police received a report about the shooting of fan Yiran’s girlfriend. Her girlfriend said that she went to the dentist, and fan Yiran was waiting for her in the car. After that, she sent a text message to fan Yiran, but she didn’t reply. When she thought it was wrong, she immediately ran to the parking lot and found that fan Yiran had been shot in the car. The large caliber. 45 pistol cartridge used by the killer fell into the driver’s seat.
Police said that according to the cartridge case found at the scene, other information and evidence, as well as the suspect’s use of the gun that killed and wounded six other people, all showed that it was the same. 45 caliber pistol, of which fan Yiran was killed at close range.
On the 11th, the University of Chicago, where fan Yiran studied, issued a memorial letter. Many teachers and students were saddened and shocked by his accidental death. Madhav Rajan, President of Chicago Booth business school, said that fan Yiran was very smart and talented, and loved and respected by everyone.
After hearing the bad news, Lars Peter Hansen, Professor of economics at the University of Chicago and Nobel Laureate in economics, lamented, “fan Yiran is my best graduate student, my best colleague and a very good person.” Hansen said that fan Yiran is a valuable knowledge resource in the field of economy and finance. He has always been committed to helping his students and classmates learn. Moreover, he uses the tools and insights of corporate finance theory and economic dynamics to study the role of financial institutions and market regulation, and is writing an excellent paper.

A big event happened in China, the United States and Europe

The world is making history every day, and we are part of it.
In the past 2020, we will never forget, because we have witnessed too much history.
Fortunately and unfortunately, we will witness a new history in 2021.
Because just this new year, something happened in China, the United States and Europe. There is no doubt that it will have a far-reaching impact on a region, an industry and a country.
Of course, there are many things in this world every day. These three things are personal perspectives. Let’s talk about the United States first, then Europe, and finally China.
First, trump called for “king of diligence”.
“January 6. See you in Washington. “
On the first day of 2021, trump called again.
There are two key words: January 6, Washington.
This is not trump’s first time.
He tweeted on December 19: “there will be large-scale protests in Washington on January 6. Go there, it’ll be crazy! (Be there, will be wild!)”
He tweeted on December 28: “see you in Washington, D.C., on January 6. Don’t miss it. Wait for the news
He tweeted on December 31: “see you in Washington, D.C., on January 6!”
what do you mean?
Call on the king of diligence!
On January 6, Congress will count the electoral votes and announce who will be the president in the end. This is all procedural. Even Burns said he would not overturn the election results.
But trump refused to accept. He called on people to take to the streets and come to Washington to put pressure on members of Congress. If a member of Congress raises a clear objection, Congress must vote on who is the real winner.
Trump’s efforts have yielded some results.
In the early morning of January 3, Beijing time, the most explosive news in the United States was that 12 Republican senators, including Cruz, publicly announced that they would challenge the results of electoral votes and demanded the urgent establishment of a committee to investigate election fraud.
Looking at American social media, some people call them “Heroes”, and more people call them “traitors”!
But there is no doubt that on January 6, a big play will be on.
Second, the French have a good time.
This new year is unusual, considering the characteristics of the French, the French police decided ahead of time: curfew!
There are more than 100000 police officers in France, but they still can’t stop the French who love to play.
The latest news, only in the western region of Brittany in France Rennes, 2500 people participate in illegal New Year Carnival.
People revel, sing, dance, just don’t wear masks. The police who tried to stop the activity also met with fierce resistance from revelers.
Until more than 5 a.m. on the 2nd, the revelers gradually dispersed. It is estimated that 1200 people will be punished.
Are the French afraid of punishment?
You know, this new year, in Strasbourg, there was arson in the new year, at least 26 cars were set on fire. Smoke billowed on the scene, and explosions rang out in the streets from time to time.
New year’s Carnival and arson are reserved programs in France.
There is still no exception in 2021. Similar situations have occurred in the United States, Britain and other countries.
But now, after all, is an extraordinary period. What will be the consequences of such a carnival?
Taking a look at the latest data of France, although it is better than that of the United States and the United Kingdom, it also makes people take a breath. More than 2.7 million cases have been diagnosed and more than 65000 people have died.
About 20000 new cases are diagnosed every day!
You need to know what kind of response posture there are in Beijing and Shenyang. I have to say that in this world, there is no harm without contrast.
Third, the box office of Chinese films has made a good start.
According to the statistics of relevant institutions, on the first day of 2021, the box office in mainland China reached 592 million yuan, a record high.
Before that, the highest single day box office record on New Year’s Day was in 2018, 368 million.
Don’t forget, this is still during the epidemic period, and some local cinemas are somewhat limited, but the total number of cinemas in the whole country is still higher than that in previous years.
Last year, for well-known reasons, Chinese cinemas only opened for half a year, with a box office of 20.4 billion, ranking first in the world. On the first day of this year, it was a good start.
On the one hand, it shows the huge market in China; on the other hand, it reflects the achievements of anti epidemic in China. Cinema is also a microcosm of the return of China’s economy.
Good omen!
Of course, a lot of things have happened in this world, this new year.
On the first day of the new year, there were more than 20 million confirmed cases and 347000 deaths in the United States. Alas, I feel that Americans are numb to this number.
On the first day of the new year, trump also suffered an unprecedented humiliation. His veto of the defense bill was vetoed by Congress. This is the first time in his four years in power that the veto has been overthrown by Congress.
Of course, Americans are not idle.
With the exception of B-52 bombers cruising in the Middle East, the US Navy has entered the Persian Gulf. The Gulf situation continues to be tense, and the Iranian navy is on high alert
NYSE delisted three Chinese telecom companies. Forcing China’s Ministry of Commerce to work overtime on January 2 to respond: this us practice of suppressing Chinese enterprises does not conform to market rules and violates market logic, which will seriously weaken the confidence of all parties in the US capital market.
In addition, this new year, China’s domestic vaccines began to be vaccinated in Beijing, Shandong and other places. The ultimate victory over the epidemic depends on vaccines and innovation.
The world is making history every day, and we are part of it.
Finally, let’s not say more. Let’s make it three simple points.

  1. Makelong finally realized the problem. Not long ago, he sighed: “in order to protect others, especially the weak, we should make concessions freely and United, and give up some entertainment and convenience. This is the real humanitarianism.” Unfortunately, not every Frenchman or westerner has makron’s consciousness. Ignorance is not an obstacle to survival, pride is.
  2. Trump is still very excited, and he is constantly calling on Americans to be “king of diligence”. You know, this is an extraordinary period. What are the consequences of such a large-scale gathering? Last year, there were three major events in the United States: epidemic situation, riots and general election. Each of them was shocking, and it also showed us the worst side of the United States. No matter how powerful a country is, once it falls into the trap, the result will be very tragic.
  3. China should be sober and calm. No matter how good the movie is, after all, it’s a very special time. There’s nothing wrong with being careful. No matter how good the world situation is, we still have to think of danger in times of peace. The result of negligence is the disaster of the people and the tragedy of the country. In the world of 2020, the lessons are too painful.
    2021, a historic year. We have to be on the right side of history.

Hiding AIDS from your partner

Recently, the 21st Meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th people’s Congress of Yunnan Province passed the regulations on AIDS prevention and control in Yunnan Province (hereinafter referred to as the regulations).
Next year (2021) March 1, Yunnan will implement new AIDS prevention and control regulations.
The regulations clearly state that:
Colleges and secondary vocational schools in Yunnan Province should incorporate AIDS prevention knowledge and sexual health knowledge into school education curriculum, examination content and credit management to ensure necessary class hours.
Yunnan provincial organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions should include HIV testing into the medical service package.
Residents in areas with severe AIDS prevalence should be given free AIDS screening and testing before marriage.
Service personnel in commercial public places shall be tested for AIDS every six months.
Yunnan Province issued a new regulation: concealing AIDS from partners will be prosecuted for criminal responsibility
Among them, Yunnan Province AIDS prevention and control regulations Article 20 stipulates that: the infected person and the patient shall timely inform their spouse or sexual partner of the fact of HIV infection. If he / she fails to do so, the medical and health institutions shall have the right to inform; Article 57 stipulates that if the infected person fails to timely inform his / her spouse or sexual partners of the facts of HIV / AIDS infection, and other people at risk of exposure, they shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

Wrong abortion medicine nurse suspended

On November 4, Mr. Shi accompanied his wife, Ms. Cheng, to stay in Feidong Anzhen Hospital to protect the fetus. At about 6:30 in the morning of November 6, the nurse took the temperature of Mr. Shi’s wife as usual, and took the medicine to her. Out of their trust in the nurse, Mr. Shi and his wife, Ms. Cheng, did not think much about it. However, after taking the medicine, what they were waiting for was the nurse’s sentence “taking the wrong medicine”.
Abortion medicine was taken as a birth protection medicine. These two drugs made Mr. Shi realize the seriousness of the problem. After three hours, Mr. Shi rushed to the people’s Hospital of Feidong County with his wife who had taken the wrong medicine. But the result of gastric lavage was not ideal.
More than half a month has passed since Ms. Cheng took the wrong medicine. Mr. Shi said that a few days after taking the wrong medicine, the hospital also gave Ms. Cheng B-ultrasound, but now the medical staff only take the temperature and blood pressure every day, and urge them to leave the hospital. The hospital has never given a solution or specific reply.
Mr. Shi said that his wife was a little bit psychologically stimulated by taking the wrong medicine. “The fetus is about 17 weeks old. If you take it by mistake, it becomes an abortion drug. The fetus doesn’t want to take it any more. Now I just want the hospital to give a corresponding statement and compensation.” Mr Shi said.
“The birth protection medicine has been sent into the abortion medicine.” Feidong Anzhen Hospital obstetrics and Gynecology director said that the medical staff serious work errors are deeply regretted.
How can a good birth protection medicine be sent into a abortion drug? The head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the hospital said that due to the large number of inpatients and the shortage of hospital beds, there was no spare bed to be vacated, so the medical staff arranged for patients with abortion and birth protection to live in the same ward.
The misused abortion drug was mifepristone, a total of three pills. On November 6, the nurse who found that the wrong drug was delivered reported to the relevant person in charge of the hospital in time. The hospital doctors also took measures to induce vomiting and dilute the patient. Due to the ineffectiveness, the medical staff of anzhen hospital accompanied Mr. Shi and his wife Ms. Cheng to the people’s Hospital of Feidong County for gastric lavage.
“The hospital did B ultrasound a few days ago, from the imaging point of view, the overall condition of the fetus is good.” Feidong County Anzhen Hospital obstetrics and Gynecology director said, “Mr. Shi and his family members for the amount of economic compensation is slightly higher, the hospital side is still actively coordinating with patients’ families.” For Mr. Shi’s wife, Ms. Cheng’s hospitalization, birth examination, and even if she has a child or abortion later, she can also apply for exemption.
The relevant person in charge of Feidong County Health and Health Commission said that the Feidong Health Commission attached great importance to the problems caused by the work errors of medical staff in Feidong Anzhen Hospital, and the nurses who took the wrong medicine on the day of the incident had been suspended. “We have coordinated with the patients’ families and the relevant responsible persons of Anzhen Hospital for many times. At present, the high compensation proposed by Mr. Shi, the family member of the patient, has not reached an agreement with the hospital, and is still in the process of coordination.”
If it is difficult for both sides to reach an agreement on compensation, Ms. Cheng and her family members can take judicial proceedings and Sue Feidong Anzhen Hospital.

Trump responds to the diagnosis of the eldest son

[World Wide Web news] just now, U.S. President trump said on twitter that his son Trump’s new crown test results were positive, saying, “my son Donald has done a good job, thank you!”.
[] according to sources familiar with the situation, trump Jr., the son of President trump, has been tested positive for the new coronavirus earlier this week and is currently in quarantine.
British Sky News, the associated press just reported that a spokesman for little trump confirmed that his new crown test results are positive, and is currently in self isolation, but there are no symptoms.

Six people killed in a farm in Henan Province

On November 15, more than one member of the Chai family was killed in loufengmingzhuang village, Jintang Township, Yuanyang County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province. Upstream news reporter learned from Jintang township police station that sun Hengfei, the suspect and villager in the same village, is still at large.
A villager surnamed Meng in the village said that on November 15, just before dawn, a number of police cars stopped near the villagers’ home surnamed Chai. He went forward to find out that Chai and several of his younger generation were killed. Later, he saw a message sent by village cadres in the villagers’ wechat group.
According to the news, at about 5:00 a.m. on November 15, Zhao reported to the police that a homicide case occurred in loufengmingzhuang village, Jintang Township, Yuanyang County. The police arrived at the scene at 5:20 and learned that three adults and three children had died. After preliminary investigation, the suspect was sun Hengfei, 31, from loufengmingzhuang village. He drove a white Pentium SUV when he fled.
In response to the above news, the village cadres told the upstream news reporters: “it is not clear whether six people (victims) are still under investigation. The suspect locked in is sun Hengfei.”
The family members of the suspect sun Hengfei told reporters that they did not know what contradiction made sun Hengfei have a murderous heart. They are also actively searching for its whereabouts.
Yuanyang County Public Security Bureau officials said that the matter will be issued as soon as possible.

Us first lady suspected of double

Melania: atypical first lady of the United States
“The shape of the nose is obviously wrong” “the height is at least 6 inches shorter” U.S. President trump and his wife, Melania, went to Alabama in early March for a visit to Hurricane stricken areas, which caused a stir in American social media. Standing beside trump and wearing oversized sunglasses, the “first lady” is regarded by many netizens as not a real Melania, but a stand in.
Trump tweeted the rumor on March 13, saying such speculation was false news. He believed that the media had modified the photos of Melania, and then triggered conspiracy theories, saying that the real Melania was not standing beside him, and that Melania was not in Alabama, but somewhere else. “As time goes on, these people get more crazy!” trump said.
This is not the first time that Melania has been suspected of having a double. In August 2018, Melania and trump went to Ohio to attend the event. There are also rumors on the Internet that Melania, who visited the children’s Hospital, was totally different from the one who showed up on the tarmac the same day.
Speculation on the Internet has something to do with Melania’s low profile and frequent “disappearance.”. As the first “first lady” of Eastern European origin who was not born in the United States, Melania is known as one of the most “low-key” first ladies in the history of the United States, although she is a frequent visitor in the fashion circle, which is in sharp contrast to trump, who has a high profile. According to a survey released by YouGov and the economist on March 7, 2019, the first lady Melania is the favorite of American people among the trump family.
According to the poll data regularly released by CNN, Melania’s support rate has been relatively satisfactory, which has remained close to 50% to nearly 60% for most of 2018. Only the poll support rate published in December dropped to 43%, while Trump’s support rate has been hovering around 40%.
“Reserved, elegant and calm”
Melania moved to the White House six months after trump took office, and her “predecessors” usually moved to the White House in about a month. The reason she gave was to stay in New York to wait for her 11 year old son, Baron, to complete the school year.
During the six months of Melania’s “Absence” from the White House, Trump’s daughter Ivanka filled the vacuum created by the absence of “first lady”. As an adviser to the president, Ivanka not only has his own office in the West Wing of the White House, but also attended Trump’s meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, and presided over and arranged a series of important activities in the White House.
Even after Melania moved into the White House, Ivanka often helped trump prepare for celebrations and social events. Although Ivanka has repeatedly said that it is inappropriate to make any connection with the title of “first lady”, she is still regarded by the media as playing a part of a similar role.
Not only did she move into the White House belatedly, but Melania’s team building and public events were not slow. In her first year in the White House, she spent most of her time in a low-key and inaction state. So far, Melania’s office has only about 10 staff and lacks experts in policy research and public relations. Previously, the first lady’s office team usually included more than 20 professionals.
In an interview with GQ magazine, a close friend of Melania said that Melania’s personality is completely different from her husband trump. She is reserved, elegant and calm. “She is rich, but she is not a socialite but a housemaid.”
Among the previous first ladies in the United States, Melania’s experience is quite unique. She was born in 1970 to a civilian family in sevnita, a Slovenian town. Her father was a marketing manager in an automobile factory and her mother worked in a clothing factory. She studied design and architecture at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia for a year. Because of her outstanding appearance, she began to model for fashion photographers at the age of 16, and then made a living in cities such as Milan and Paris. This experience allowed her to speak French, Serb and German in addition to English and Slovenian.
In the impression of Melania university students, she has always been a quiet person, not smoking, not drinking, not shuttling around the party. Even after she started her modeling career, she likes to go home immediately after work and stay with her equally quiet sister. Her college classmate Petra sedge told GQ that at that time, boys liked party girls, but they were not. Parties were usually held in Melania’s or Petra’s dormitories, drinking juice and chatting.
In 1995, Melania met Paul zampori, a famous partner of metropolitan model company in Milan, and under his encouragement, she went to the United States to develop in 1996. In an interview with the New York Post in 2005, Paul zampori also said that Melania didn’t go out often, didn’t go to clubs or bars, just went to the movies and the gym. Before trump, she had never dated anyone in New York. “This is a girl who models camel cigarettes on a huge billboard in Times Square, but she stays at home all the time.”
Many years ago, Melania told the media that if trump was elected president, she would be a “very traditional” first lady. Today, although living

Drunken ride harassment male driver

Sina science and technology news on the afternoon of August 27, Didi released the “drunk passenger safety transparency report” in the second quarter of 2020, and actively publicized the in car conflicts and data caused by drunken car Hailing passengers on the Internet, and reminded users to use safety functions and enhance safety awareness in view of drunk riding scenes.
This is the sixth safety transparency report released by Didi. In the second quarter of 2020, Didi received a total of 10130 complaints related to drunkenness, which is equivalent to one complaint received by customer service every 12 minutes.
Among them, 364 complaints (quarrel, fight, fight, etc.) caused by drunk passengers; 477 complaints about verbal harassment or physical harassment caused by drunk passengers (asking for wechat, vulgar language, physical touch, etc.).
The complaint rate of physical conflict caused by drunk passengers decreased by 66.4% year on year
The management of drunken scene of online car Hailing is complex, which may lead to conflicts between drivers and passengers, as well as potential safety hazards such as drivers or passengers being injured.
In 2019, the platform received more than 12 million complaints about uncivilized behavior, 19% of which were caused by drunkenness. In July 2020, Didi public Council invited netizens to vote on the “top 10 uncivilized behaviors of online car Hailing”, and drunken trouble making ranked first among the uncivilized behaviors of passengers.
According to the report, in the second quarter of 2020, there were 364 complaints about physical conflicts caused by drunkenness, accounting for 17.6% of the total number of complaints.

Gaud responds to navigation congestion

On October 4, the official micro blog of Qingcheng Mountain Dujiangyan scenic area, a famous tourist attraction in Sichuan Province, said that recently, the Qingcheng Mountain Dujiangyan scenic area has received frequent feedback from tourists. The “Gaode map” is used to navigate to the Qingcheng Mountain Scenic Area, which leads to wrong positioning and leads to serious traffic congestion and great difficulties for tourists and scenic area management Disturbing.
The problem of “Gaode map” in the navigation of Qingcheng Mountain scenic area has existed for many years. The scenic area contacted with “Gaode map” for many times and asked to modify and optimize the navigation route of Qingcheng Mountain Scenic Area, but none of them was successful.
Therefore, it is suggested that self driving tourists should use other navigation platforms to avoid misleading and inconvenient travel.
In response, Gaode said that at present, the navigation arrival point of Qingcheng Mountain scenic area has been optimized from the ticket office to the parking lot, so you can rest assured that you can use the navigation. Thank you for your supervision and feedback. We will continue to improve and provide better navigation services for you. The official account of WeChat public in Dujiangyan, Qingchengshan, and Chengdu.