Hangzhou missing woman killed

Hangzhou lost woman husband: 36 hours later report, Department of veterans, work in the property
After 19 days of bizarre “disappearance” of a woman from her home in Hangzhou, new progress has been made. On July 23, according to the surging news, Ms Lai’s husband is suspected of committing a major crime and has been controlled by the police.
Where is lady Lai now? What is the deep hatred between husband and wife? Why is there a serious suspicion of killing his wife, and how to avoid more than 40 surveillance to leave the community?
At present, the known information is that he is 55 years old, two years older than his missing wife, is a second marriage, and works in the community property. He and his ex-wife had a son who wanted to give his son a house in the name of his current wife as a wedding room, which caused conflicts after being rejected. On the afternoon of the next day after his wife’s disappearance, he received his wife’s online purchase of drugs for insomnia and called the police at about 7:00 p.m., that is, 36 hours after his wife’s disappearance.
36 hours after missing, her husband called the police
“She can’t get out alone.”
This is what her husband said to the media after she lost contact with the woman from Hangzhou. He said that with her IQ, it was impossible to escape from the numerous monitoring in the community. The last time she appeared in the monitoring screen was at 17:10 on July 4, when she was taking her little daughter in the elevator and her behavior was normal.
According to the “find someone” column, the husband recalled the activities of the family that day:
On the morning of the 4th, she and I went to Hangzhou Red Cross Hospital. I pulled out my tooth. She had high blood pressure and went to get the medicine every two months.
At noon, I came home to eat, I cooked, she washed clothes to see her daughter.
In the afternoon, I rushed to my new house, which was being renovated. It is more than 100 square meters, which is much larger than the current home. It is expected that it will be installed in August and our family will be able to move in by the end of the year.
Around 4 p.m., she took her little daughter to Qingchun Yintai to buy books and cakes.
At 7 p.m., we had dinner at home.
At 10 p.m., I went to bed.
The loss occurred on July 5. According to him, when he went to the toilet at 0:30 in the morning, his wife was still in the room. When she got up at 5:30, she found that she was no longer at home. She did not think much: “after careful investigation, there was also a coffee colored suspender Pajama that disappeared with her. But I can’t imagine how she could go out in her pajamas? It’s so strange.
After his wife disappeared, although he felt that “this has not happened before”, he still did not care. Alarm is not selected until 36 hours later.
“On the afternoon of July 6, the person in charge of the mother’s unit suddenly called and said that her mother had not been on duty that day. After receiving the call, the whole family found things very strange and rushed to the police station to call the police. ” The eldest daughter of Lai said.
Family members also searched for her whereabouts everywhere. “Notice for missing” shows that she was wearing a brown suspender nightdress and black shoes when she was lost, and did not bring her mobile phone and ID card. “No matter what clues there are, whether she is alive or dead, once confirmed, she is willing to provide 100000 yuan in cash.”. It is worth noting that the contact number left above is her eldest daughter and son-in-law, and there is no contact information of her husband.
I had a fight with my husband before I disappeared
Ms. Lai, 53, is a cleaner in an accounting firm. This is her “favorite job”. Her monthly income is more than 4000 yuan and she is about two kilometers away from home.
She lives in Sanbao Beiyuan community, Jianggan District, Hangzhou. The area is only more than 50 square meters. It is very compact. The living room and kitchen are connected closely. The couple live in the master bedroom, and the 11 year old daughter lives in the second bedroom. There are also pots of succulent plants on the small balcony window.
Under the name of Ms. Lai, this house is a return house obtained from demolition. There is also a large house with a height of more than 100 square meters, which her husband mentioned is being decorated and is expected to be installed in August.
It is reported that she and her husband Xu are remarried and have a daughter, 11 years old. In addition, she and her ex husband have an older daughter, and Xu has a son with his ex-wife.
“Her husband is not a native of Hangzhou. I heard that he used to be a soldier.”. Residents of the community told reporters that Ms. Lai had quarreled with her husband about the relocation and allocation of houses before her disappearance. “Her husband wanted to give her son a set, but she didn’t agree.”.
Why did lady Lai leave home? The husband said that the family has a certain amount of savings, and his wife will not run away from home due to economic problems. Wife sleep quality is not good, sometimes insomnia, but mental state is very good, also did not appear sleepwalking phenomenon.
The eldest daughter usually does not live with her mother. Afterwards, she finds that her wallet and mobile phone are still at home, and there is no change in bank flow. She was very puzzled and anxious. She suspected that her mother had been taken away by force and called on the criminal to surrender as soon as possible.
She also mentioned that parents’ income is stable and their feelings are good at ordinary times. Even if they have conflicts and quarrels and run away from home, they will not have the idea of avoiding monitoring. “Although my parents quarrel, my mother will tell me, for example, a few years ago, my parents quarreled, my mother came to my house for a night and then went back, but this time my mother is no different.”.
And mother social simple, do not dance square dance, weekdays basic two line, work and family. Even if an acquaintance commits a crime, he needs to be very familiar with the monitoring, and the 24-hour monitoring of the community, “as long as you go out of the door of our building unit, it will be monitored. But after inspection and monitoring, not only did not find the mother’s figure, even did not find any suspicious figure. “.
At present, all the exit and surrounding road monitoring of the community have not found the picture of the lady leaving the community. Search and rescue experts found that Lou

Seoul mayor’s last 24 hours

What did he experience in his last 24 hours? Why did he suddenly disappear and finally die?
All arrangements were cancelled in the morning of the incident
South Korea’s “Chosun Ilbo” reported on the 10th that park had cancelled all his schedule in the morning of the 9th. A source within the Seoul municipal government said on the 9th that although Park yuan Chun canceled his schedule and did not come to work because of his “physical discomfort”, he still wanted to meet with Prime Minister Ding Shijun for a time and have lunch together.
The source stressed that at that time, it seemed that park Yuanchun would have lunch with the Premier as scheduled, “he also asked us to be ready.” However, park eventually cancelled the arrangement and called Ding Shijun in person, confessing that he was “too tired. I’m very sorry. “
Seoul police revealed that after cancelling the morning schedule, park Yuanchun left the mayor’s residence at jiahuidong, Zhonglu District, Seoul, at 10:44 local time (9:44 Beijing time) on the 9th, got into a taxi, and then arrived at Wolong Park in Chengbei district at about 10:53 am. After getting off, he walked on foot and monitored the Wolong park The last picture of him was taken.
After investigating park’s use of mobile phones, Seoul police found that park had been talking to acquaintances in Wolong park at about 14:42 on the 9th. At about 16:00 on the 9th, park Yuanchun’s mobile phone signal appeared in the Beiyue golf driving range of Beiyue mountain in the Northern District of the city, and then his mobile phone signal disappeared.
Due to the delay in contacting her father, park Yuanchun’s daughter called 112 police call at about 17:17 on the 9th, claiming that her father left a message of suspected last words when she left home four or five hours ago (i.e. around 11:00). She dialed her father’s mobile phone but found that it had been turned off. After receiving the report, the Seoul police and fire department immediately invested more than 770 police forces, and sent UAVs and police dogs to carry out the search work.
According to South Korea’s “Central Daily” on the 10th, as of 8:00 p.m. on the 9th, about three hours after the police received a report that park yuan Chun was missing, most of his personal social accounts had been changed to private accounts. At present, when you click Park yuan Chun’s YouTube channel, it will display “this page cannot be displayed”, click on instagram account will display “private account”, and its kakao channel will directly display “unable to find this page”.
However, park’s Facebook and twitter remain public accounts. Park has been publishing policies and programs of the Seoul municipal government and his personal views on various aspects of society through Facebook. The last post on his Facebook account was about “Seoul’s Green New Deal” at 11 a.m. on the 8th.
There is no apparent suspicion of homicide
At about 0:20 am on the 10th, Seoul police found Park Yuanchun’s body near sujingmen in the Northern District of Seoul. According to an article in the Korean daily, if you walk all the way from the place where Pu Yuanchun was last monitored and photographed to the place where his body was found, it will take at least 5.9 kilometers, 1 hour and 29 minutes, and at most 8.6 kilometers, which will take 2 hours and 9 minutes.
Police in Seoul pointed out that the first person to find park’s body was the fire rescue dog. After that, firefighters and police found the body. At the scene, Pu Yuanchun’s purse, business card, kettle and some money were also found. After the body was found, Seoul police held a press conference near Wolong park at 2 a.m. on the 10th, announcing the above information. At about 3:20 am on the 10th, park Yuanchun’s body arrived at Seoul University Hospital in Chung Lu district.
When talking about the specific cause of death of Park yuan Chun, the police said that considering the reputation of the deceased and his family members, they could not specify the situation at the scene for the time being, “but we think that the cause of death can be confirmed by the appearance of the body.” Police pointed out that as of the early morning of the 10th, no suicide note was found at the scene. “In the future, we will investigate the death of Pu Yuanchun by analyzing the route and other information captured in the surveillance video.” “For his last call and the information on his mobile phone, we will also release it in the subsequent investigation,” police said “So far, there is no apparent suspicion of homicide in park yuan Chun’s death.” Seoul police said.

Tencent response cheated

On the evening of July 1, Tencent responded to the “being cheated” incident on its official microblog, saying it was impossible to say a word. In order to prevent similar incidents from happening again, Tencent took 1000 bottles of Laoganma as gifts to solicit similar clues.
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[three people forged the seal of Lao Ganma and signed a contract with Tencent]

Prior to this, Shenzhen Nanshan District People’s Court issued a civil ruling, the court agreed to support the plaintiff Tencent’s request to seal up or freeze the bank deposits worth 16.2406 million yuan of two companies owned by Guiyang Laoganma, or other equivalent properties.
But then Lao Ganma declared that they had never had any commercial cooperation with Tencent, and Tencent suffered fraud.
On July 1, Guiyang public security Shuanglong branch reported that three people forged the seal of Laoganma company and pretended to be the manager of the company’s marketing department to sign a cooperation agreement with Tencent. At present, the three people have been detained.
Netizen: Tencent is really naive
Zhang Jun, the public relations director of Tencent, also replied in the microblog message @ Tencent: you are so naive.

Emergency statement of USTC

Recently, netizens revealed that a student suspected of being a University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences made improper remarks. Today, the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences issued a statement: if it is true that the improper comments made by Chinese university students will be dealt with seriously according to the rules and regulations of the University. At present, the party concerned has issued an apology letter to delete the relevant content and sincerely accept the criticism and query of netizens. ​

The 17th son of gambling king’s obituary

On June 27, according to the latest Hong Kong media report, after the death of gambling king Stanley Ho last month, Ho’s family published an obituary in the newspaper today (27), in which the wives of four rooms were called “wives”, and about the number of children, it was revealed for the first time that the gambling king had 17 children, not 16 in public, which caused a heated discussion.
The mysterious man appeared on the list of obituary children for the first time, adding a son of why you bang, who was the youngest son in the third room after you Qi and the youngest son in the fourth room before Qi Heng.
In fact, the gambling king had heard that four tais had another son, he Youjia, many years ago. It has been rumored that he had died, but it has not been confirmed. Now on the list of Mr. Ho’s obituary children, Lu Shan’s true face finally appeared, revealing the real situation. There is indeed another son who has not been exposed, but the official name of his son is he Youbang.
Since the news of the death of gambling king Yuyang and the hospital at the age of 98 on last month’s 26th was exposed, it has aroused heated discussion among netizens. Both the family and the heritage have become the focus of everyone’s discussion. On the same day, he chaoqiong, the eldest daughter of the second bedroom, announced that the fourth bedroom would work together to manage the funeral of his father. It seems that the four bedroom family had orderly discussions about the funeral of Ho Hongshen.
Official announcement of obituary content: the funeral will be set up in the Hong Kong Funeral Home in North Point on the 9th of next month, and the funeral will be held the next day, and the coffin will be buried on a lucky day. The obituary also lists the members of the three generations of gambling king. Among them, the deceased Tai Lai Wan Hua and the two Tai LAN Qiong Ying are in the same row, while the three Tai Chen Wan Zhen and the four Tai Liang An Qi are also in the same row. The four are called “wives”.
It can be seen that about this part of the problem, several housewives have all reached an agreement. For the four housewives, they are all called “wives”, which can be said that the three and four housewives have achieved their wishes. Earlier, the disputes over the four housewares have been surging secretly, which makes netizens guess one after another, especially the disputes over the big housewares are getting more and more fierce. I don’t know what kind of disputes will happen next!

Qin Hao won’t make bad movies for money

Netease Entertainment reported on June 26 that on the night of June 25, Qin Hao said in the live broadcast: “I will never make bad movies for money, you have to believe me!” Make complaints about Annie Yi’s wife, Tucao, but “for money, variety!” Then they laughed together, and the scene was quite loving. It is reported that Qin Hao recently starred in the hit drama “the secret corner” has been widely acclaimed, and Yi Nengjing has once again attracted attention through “sister riding the wind and waves”.
Secret corner is popular. Qin Hao: my daughter’s school won’t let me attend the parents’ meeting
Qin Hao, an actor who recently made a hit on the Internet with “secret corner”, said that he was not afraid of being the psychological shadow of the audience because of playing villains, but his daughter’s school might not allow him to hold a parents’ meeting.
Qin Hao said in the interview: “in fact, I have a big concern in my heart that after I have a daughter, I only took one negative role, which is the story of the demon cat directed by Chen Kaige, and I will never take it again. Because I have to think about whether my daughter will watch this play, how she will be after watching it, and how she will not be affected in the future. I think a lot. “
However, he was finally moved by the main creative team, joined in the good play, and added a lot of points for his works with excellent performances. When talking about whether he is afraid to be the psychological shadow of the audience, Qin Hao replied: “I don’t mind. I am worried about my daughter. She will go to school in the future, and I don’t know if she will be told. I have nothing to mind personally. “

New crown will be popular in summer

Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist of China Center for Disease Control and prevention, said in an exclusive interview with CCTV news 1 + 1 on June 15 that the number of cases reported in Beijing in the next three days determines the trend of the epidemic. Three days have passed, how to judge? Will the prevention and control measures be adjusted? What is the latest progress in virus traceability? Will local outbreaks occur again? For this reason, CCTV news “relativity” reporter Zhuang Shengchun exclusive interview with Wu Zunyou. Wu said the new coronavirus will also be popular in summer and places with high temperatures.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia, China’s Center for Disease Control and prevention, Wu Zunyou, chief expert: respiratory infectious diseases generally decrease in summer, but the new crowns pneumonia has greatly affected our traditional understanding. Especially in places with high temperature, including our neighboring countries, India and Africa, there are also serious outbreaks in places with high temperature, which is one aspect.
On the other hand, low temperature is more suitable for the survival and spread of virus. Take Beijing as an example. In terms of the local outbreak point, the new market is also concentrated in a humid and low temperature area. Selling seafood or ice, the local temperature is still relatively low, so it is not completely against our understanding. It’s just on the basis of our original understanding that we have gained knowledge. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is not only prevalent in winter, but also popular in summer, where temperatures are high.

Salmon culture exposed by foreign media

Salmon meat is fresh and tender, and is loved by countless “foodies”. However, the media recently exposed “several evils” in the Norwegian salmon breeding chain, which surprised consumers who like salmon.
In order to find out the cause of the death of more than 50 million cultured salmon in the world in 2018, the reporter of arte conducted a field investigation in Norway, the hometown of salmon, according to a report on the 14th. As a big producer and exporter of salmon, Norway’s annual sales of salmon reach 50 billion euros. In the northern sea area of Norway, there is a huge sea salmon “farm”, each farm has tens of thousands of fish. “I know fish can’t breathe because of crowding, but the sight is more terrible: a large number of fish are crowded in the dirty sea water full of their waste. Many sick salmon are covered with ulcers as large as the palm of the hand, and some have become S-shaped deformed fish. Statistics show that the mortality rate of cultured salmon is as high as 20%. In addition, high-density culture also causes the infestation of ticks.
In addition to the poor breeding conditions, the cultured salmon also threaten the survival of wild salmon. According to skara, a researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Oceanography, there are about 530000 wild salmon in Norway and 400 million farmed salmon. Every year, about 183000 farmed salmon escape from farms and enter the ocean. They not only compete for food with the latter, but also infect the latter. What’s worse, the adaptability and reproduction ability of their offspring are poor, which directly contaminates the gene of wild salmon. In the past 35 years, the number of wild salmon has declined by 50%.
According to the report, people like salmon mainly because of its meat quality and nutrition. Wild salmon eat shrimp and crab in the ocean, which makes them rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Astaxanthin makes salmon meat have a bright color. However, in order to make the cultured salmon grow rapidly, people put in the feed mixed with soybean plant protein and astaxanthin, so the quality of cultured salmon is far lower than that of wild salmon.
Several Norwegian farms have confirmed that the export of salmon to China has been temporarily suspended due to the detection of new coronavirus in the chopping board of imported salmon in Beijing’s Xinfadi market, Reuters reported Friday.

Trump secondary shelter avoidance

Protests and demonstrations caused by the “Black Death” in the United States continue. CNN just revealed that on the night of May 31 local time, President trump was once again taken to shelter.
Not long ago, according to a White House official and a law enforcement source, when protesters gathered outside the White House on the night of May 29 local time, trump was briefly taken to the underground bunker of the White House. He spent less than an hour in the underground bunker then was taken back upstairs. According to the latest CNN report on June 1, trump was taken into the body again on the night of May 31 local time
The Sydney Morning Herald reported on June 1 that trump entered the bunker at night again after Friday, as violence continued near the White House. But the report did not mention the exact time.
According to CNN, when trump was covered again, the protests swept across the United States. From Minneapolis, Minnesota to Miami, Florida, from Portland, Oregon to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the violence caused by the death of George Freud, an African-American man, by the white police “knee lock throat” still continues in the United States.
The anger of the demonstrators also went straight to the front of the White House. After two sleepless nights of continuous demonstrations, Washington, D.C. entered its first curfew night on the 31st. As the night deepened, tension grew between the demonstrators and the guards. Then something rare happened – the White House extinguished its iconic Washington, D.C. night lights and plunged into darkness. But at this time, many places outside the White House were ablaze: protesters set fire to their flags, and even St. John’s church, the national historical landmark, was lit.
In addition, CNN noted that the American public is currently waiting for trump to make a televised speech as president on the mass protests triggered by Freud’s death.
Trump tweeted at Biden in the morning: sleepy Joe’s supporters are radical left!
In the early morning of June 1 local time, trump targeted his opponent, former Vice President Biden, on twitter. He wrote: “the sleepy Joe (Biden) people (supporters) are so radical on the left, they are trying to free the anarchists from prison, maybe more. Joe knows nothing about it. He’s too ignorant, but they’re going to be the real force, not Joe. They will give orders. A big tax increase for all. “
In another tweet on the 1st, trump wrote down the meaningful “November 3”, the US presidential election day 2020.
At the time of many protests in the United States, trump had earlier called some of the protesters “anarchists”, and he also accused “radical left” such as Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey of failing to deal with the protests.

Golden Eagle found while herding sheep

Recently, when Chen Mou, a resident of red flag horse farm in Qiqihar, was herding sheep, he found an eagle lying motionless in Caodian. Worried about an accident, he put on cotton gloves and carried it home, fed it about 1 jin of beef, and immediately called Yian police station of Qiqihar Branch of the Public Security Bureau of reclamation area for help.
The eagle has a wingspan of about 2 meters and is very big and strong. Wu Guoliang checked it carefully and found that there was no obvious trauma on it, but there was no spiritual leader for unknown reasons. So he contacted the development center of Heilongjiang wuyuhe shuangyanghe Provincial Nature Reserve and asked professionals for help and guidance. When it is put into the cage, it is also very cooperative, as if knowing that people are helping it. Later, the police sent the eagle to the nature reserve overnight and planned to release it to nature after treatment.
According to Professor Xu Qing of the school of wildlife and nature reserves of Northeast Forestry University, the “big bird” is called Golden Eagle, which is a national first-class protected animal and is rescued by an adult.
It is understood that golden eagles belong to the hawk family. Large Raptors are rare and precious because of their small number. They are regarded as the “king of raptors” because of their powerful appearance. Their status in birds is like the Northeast tigers in animals. The average wingspan of adult golden eagle is more than 2 meters, and its body length can reach 1 meter.