When will Beijing respond

Last night, CCTV news channel “news 1 + 1”, host Bai Yansong connected with Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiology expert of China CDC, to interpret the latest epidemic situation.
Wu Zunyou said that in the next week, the reported cases in Beijing may be cleared. This judgment is mainly based on the timely prevention and control measures taken by Beijing. The cases discovered later mainly come from the isolators at the centralized isolation points, accounting for about 90%. Some of these people were found by nucleic acid screening, some by close contact tracking. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has the longest incubation period of 14 days. The average duration of the disease was from 4 days to 13 days. Judging from the time, the next seven days or so, the epidemic situation in Beijing will be cleared.
When will Beijing adjust its response level?
Wu Zunyou said that after the first clearance, there will be sporadic cases. When the sporadic cases are cleared again, it can be judged that the epidemic situation has been completely controlled in three to four weeks. Adjusting the response level also requires expert and multi department analysis to make decisions. “The closer we get to the final victory, the more we have to bite our teeth and not relax. All prevention and control measures have been strengthened as before, even more carefully than before,” he said
Millions of people are diagnosed as a disaster facing mankind
Wu Zunyou said that the total number of confirmed cases in the world has exceeded 10 million, and the cumulative number of deaths has reached 500000. The diagnosis of millions of people shows that human beings are facing the disaster of new epidemic situation. At present, it has not reached the peak, and it will rise in the future. It’s still in the first wave of the global epidemic. NCV is the most intractable virus encountered by human beings, regardless of gender, age, region, winter and summer. As long as the prevention and control measures are relaxed, it may revive at any time.
From 10 million to 20 million cases worldwide, it will be shorter
Judging from the current global prevention and control efforts, most countries in the world have not effectively controlled the epidemic except China and a few countries. In terms of prevention and control measures and the number of basic cases, it will take less time from 10 million to 20 million. Some countries have been out of control, and this situation is getting worse and worse. We must respect science, rely on science, and implement scientific prevention and control measures. Some countries violate science and cannot reverse the rising trend of epidemic situation in a short time.
Vaccines may not be everything
Wu Zunyou introduced that the outside world placed high hopes on the vaccine. Prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia is particularly difficult. Traditional measures can not establish immune barriers, but only isolate patients from healthy people and block transmission. With the increasing awareness of the new coronavirus, it is necessary to remind that the vaccine may not be universal, or that the vaccine can not provide lifelong immunity.
Based on the following considerations, first, no vaccine has been developed for coronavirus. Second, other coronaviruses, such as SARS, Middle East respiratory syndrome and other coronaviruses, can not produce long-term immune protection after human infection, and the protection effect usually lasts from 6 months to 1 year. The prevention of infectious diseases with vaccines is based on immunity after natural infection. All vaccines imitate the natural immunity of human body. If human beings are infected with new coronavirus and can not produce long-term immunity, it is less likely to expect the vaccine to produce long-term immunity. But one thing, if you can produce immunity for a certain period of time, you need to be vaccinated regularly.
The virus doesn’t mutate. It’s a good sign
Wu Zunyou said that from the global monitoring situation, the virus did not mutate, which is a good sign. Good news for vaccine research. If the virus mutates quickly, it is more difficult to develop a vaccine.

5 newly diagnosed cases in 31 provinces

From 0:00 to 24:00 on June 4, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 5 newly confirmed cases, all of which were imported cases from abroad (4 cases from Shanghai, 1 case from Sichuan); no new deaths; no new suspected cases.
On the same day, 8 cases were cured, 508 close contacts were released from medical observation, and 1 case of severe cases was reduced.
61 confirmed cases (no severe cases) and 2 suspected cases were imported from abroad. There were 1768 confirmed cases and 1707 discharged cases.
As of 24:00 on June 4, according to the reports of 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, there are 66 confirmed cases (including 1 severe case), 78327 cured and discharged cases, 4634 dead cases, 83027 confirmed cases and 2 suspected cases. There were 746349 close contacts and 4117 close contacts still under medical observation.
31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 3 new cases of asymptomatic infection (1 case imported from abroad); 1 case converted to a confirmed case on the same day (1 case imported from abroad); 31 cases of medical observation relieved on the same day (2 cases imported from abroad); 297 cases of asymptomatic infection still under medical observation (41 cases imported from abroad).
A total of 1587 confirmed cases have been reported from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Among them, 1099 cases were discharged from Hong Kong SAR (1042 cases, 4 deaths), 45 cases were discharged from Macao SAR, 443 cases were discharged from Taiwan SAR (428 cases, 7 deaths).

European and American stars send pure black pictures

Everyone’s life is life, we should respect, not ignore. *** It seems that this incident can’t be settled in a short time. Now it’s dark to open ins.
Sports stars such as Messi, Beckham, Neymar, Jordan Jr., leville, and Dwight dinwick have also shown pure black photos on INS, supporting the “black life is life” activity. Among them, sweet tea is the most heartwarming. Sweet tea sends three ins in a row and praises Sea King Jason MoMA. Before that, sweet tea also attended the parade at San Monica Wharf in Los Angeles.
I think everyone’s life should be respected, there should be no discrimination, and I hope everyone can be treated equally. In the fight against racial discrimination, there is no essential difference between people and everyone is equal.
It is reported that since George Freud, a black American, died of violent law enforcement by the police, protests have broken out in various parts of the United States. Many stars also went to the battle in person, raising their cards to join the public’s parade line-up and using their appeal to drive the scene.

Shulan municipal Party Secretary removed

Late on the night of May 15, according to Jilin daily, Jilin provincial Party committee decided that Zhang Jinghui, deputy mayor of Jilin City, would concurrently serve as secretary of Shulan municipal Party committee, and Li Pengfei would be removed as secretary of Shulan municipal Party committee.
According to the public resume, Zhang Jinghui was born in March 1966. He used to be the deputy mayor of Huadian City, the member and deputy mayor of Huadian Municipal Committee Standing Committee, the member and deputy head of Changyi District Committee Standing Committee, the deputy secretary-general of Jilin Municipal government, the director of Changji integration office (at the level of head office), the deputy secretary-general of Jilin Municipal Government (at the level of head office), the deputy secretary, deputy mayor and acting mayor of Panshi Municipal Committee, the Deputy Secretary of Panshi Municipal Committee and the city Director, Secretary of Panshi municipal Party committee, etc.
In March 2019, Zhang Jinghui was appointed Vice Mayor of Jilin City, so far the adjustment has been made.
Li Pengfei, who was removed as secretary of Shulan municipal Party committee, was born in August 1964. He once served as deputy mayor of Panshi City, director of Panshi Economic Development Zone Management Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee, member of the Standing Committee and deputy mayor of Panshi municipal Party committee, executive deputy director, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Secretary of Longtan District Party committee.
In 2015, Li Pengfei became the mayor of Shulan, and three years later, he was the Secretary of Shulan municipal Party committee in 2018.
Before that, there were clustered cases in Jilin City. As of 24:00 on May 14, there were 26 local confirmed cases in Jilin City, including 16 cases in Shulan City, 9 cases in Fengman District, 1 case in Chuanying District, and 2 cases with asymptomatic infection.
In May 10th, novel coronavirus pneumonia classification standard was adopted in May 10th. The risk level of the city has been adjusted to high risk and the only high-risk area in the country.
On May 15, at a press conference on epidemic prevention and control in Jilin City, Yang Limin, Deputy Secretary General of Jilin City, said that up to now, 5568 people have been identified and 686 close contacts with 26 confirmed cases have been traced, including 408 people in Shulan City, who have taken corresponding isolation medical observation as required.
Yang Limin said that Jilin city carried out nucleic acid detection to the maximum extent. The national health and Health Commission supported Shulan to build the national P3 mobile laboratory, which arrived in Shulan on the evening of May 13 and built a tent type biosafety level III laboratory overnight. As of 8:00 on May 15, 2217 nucleic acid tests have been completed. Jilin city cooperates with the third-party sampling institutions of Jilin Province to ensure all samples are submitted for inspection on time. Shulan city organized 352 medical staff to increase the power of nucleic acid detection.
Beijing News reporter noted that on the same day, Bayin Chaolu, Secretary of Jilin provincial Party committee, presided over the meeting of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee and the meeting of the leading group for epidemic prevention and control.
According to Jilin’s announcement, on May 15th, Ba Antsoru, head of the Jilin provincial Party committee and the Provincial Leading Group on epidemic prevention and control, chaired the meeting of the provincial Party Committee Standing Committee and the epidemic prevention and control leading group meeting, conveying the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping at the May 14th session of the Standing Committee of the Central Political Bureau and the non party personages held by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and conveyed the study of Xi Jinping. Secretary, Li Keqiang, Wang Huning and sun Chunlan gave important instructions on Shulan’s epidemic prevention and control, and listened to the report on the key work of the province’s epidemic prevention and control. He stressed that we should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and important instructions, promptly grasp the prevention and control of fine epidemic situation, quickly curb the epidemic trend, stabilize the epidemic situation as soon as possible, and do our best to win the epidemic prevention and control, and tackle tough battles. Jing Junhai, deputy secretary of Jilin provincial Party committee, governor and leader of leading group attended the meeting.
Ba Antsoru pointed out that the important speech and important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping fully reflected the Central Committee’s great attention to the epidemic prevention and control work in Jilin, the deep concern for the safety and health of the people in Jilin, and pointed out the direction for us to accurately grasp the epidemic situation at home and abroad, do a solid job in external defense input and prevent internal rebound. Touchstone and the important instructions and instructions are the key to the overall efforts of the whole province. The epidemic prevention and control should be regarded as the priority among priorities in the province’s work. The effectiveness of prevention and control should be tested as a touchstone of “Four Consciousnesses”, not strong and two maintenance. Xi Jinping should consciously carry forward political responsibility and continue to grasp the importance of careful external defense and internal defense. Work. We should draw lessons from others, be brave in introspection, learn from them, tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control at all times, resolutely overcome the thoughts of paralysis, weariness of war, fluke mentality and relaxed mentality, re compact the responsibility of prevention and control, re investigate the loopholes of prevention and control, re strengthen the key points of prevention and control, and re implement the requirements of prevention and control. We should take pressure as the driving force, race against time in an urgent manner, fight against diseases, stabilize the situation as soon as possible, never delay the aircraft, and never have local outbreaks. Premier Li Keqiang, Comrade Wang Huning and Comrade Sun Chunlan put forward specific requirements for the epidemic prevention and control work in our province, which should be studied and understood in depth and implemented well.
Bayin Chaolu pointed out that the epidemic situation in Jilin City and Shulan city is related to the overall situation of national prevention and control work, which is concerned by the central government and the whole country. All levels of Party committees, governments and all departments and units should fully understand the importance and urgency of epidemic prevention and control, further improve their political positions, strengthen their responsibilities, take more strict measures and more pragmatic style, comprehensively increase prevention and control efforts, quickly fill up weaknesses, resolutely reverse the passive situation of work, and win the hard battle of epidemic prevention and control. We should adhere to the principle of no delay and quick decision, integrate resources, fight as hard as possible, find out the source of infection and the transmission chain, quickly contain the epidemic momentum and stabilize the epidemic situation; we should adhere to the principle of two-line operation and overall defense; Jilin and Shulan should

Hilary’s hair is plain and self portrait

According to the latest data from the World Health Organization, up to now, the number of people infected with the virus in the United States has exceeded 1.1 million. After the failure of one million US Customs passes, the number of confirmed cases has increased by 100000 within three days, and the number of deaths has exceeded 60000. The numbers are terrible. US President Donald Trump still refuses to wear a mask, and approval ratings plummet. Now his longtime rival, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is on social media calling for people to wear masks to protect themselves.
Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton posted a self portrait on her social media on May 2 local time, local media reported. In the photo, Hillary is wearing a black dress, a black mask, and the words “vote” are written on it. This collocation takes a little thought. “No makeup, no clothes, but no masks. This is my essential item in spring. I wear masks for my country, my community, my grandson (vote).”
In order to match her own words, the 72 year old Hillary put aside her image burden and appeared in front of the audience, which is quite a struggle. Hillary under the plain face is really old. In fact, when Hillary was young, she was charming and intellectually beautiful.
According to the media, Hillary’s “vote” implied that she was voting for candidate Biden. This is an election year in the United States. The impact of the epidemic makes the trend of the election more confusing. Former US presidents Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been supporting Biden in public several days ago, and the three old friends are back together. When Barack Obama was president of the United States, Biden was vice president, while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of state. Now the three are once again united. Biden’s approval ratings in several key states have surpassed Trump’s ever since Trump’s talk of syringes.
After her defeat in 2016, Hillary Clinton’s political ambition has not weakened, and she has been active in public political opinions. As for whether she will run this year, Hillary Clinton has always chosen the strategy of “attack, retreat and defend”, declaring that everything is possible. But the US media once reported that Hillary had too many scandals, which was one of the important reasons why she had been afraid to go to the campaign stage.
In the wake of Hillary’s appeal to wear masks, some netizens teased her and asked: did you wear masks when you and your husband were on Epstein’s Island?
Hillary Clinton and her husband Clinton have been involved in the Epstein scandal since last year, and there have been claims that Epstein died in prison, Hillary Clinton is the most suspected. Cui WA, a famous American talk show host, also asked Hillary directly on the show how did you kill Epstein?

Wen zaiyin contacts with the diagnosed patient

The novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed novel coronavirus pneumonia on 25 March. The same day, the president of South Korea visited Daegu and visited the new crown pneumonia epidemic conference with the vice mayor. The Daegu municipal vice mayor of the city was also diagnosed with pneumonia. At present, qingwatai has suggested that the relevant people and media reporters attending the meeting should be isolated at home from now on.
It is understood that novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed on the afternoon of 25 in Daegu by Secretary of the vice mayor, while Wen Yin presided over the meeting, and the results of the Secretary’s test had not yet been released.

8 days of non Hubei new consecutive drop

According to statistics from the national health and Health Commission, 377 new confirmed cases were found in areas other than Hubei Province from 0-24 on February 11, with a downward trend for the eighth consecutive day. In the past, there were 890 cases (3 days), 731 cases (4 days), 707 cases (5 days), 696 cases (6 days), 558 cases (7 days), 509 cases (8 days), 444 cases (9 days) and 381 cases (10 days).

Delivery of the first domestic aircraft carrier

China’s first domestic aircraft carrier, the Shandong warship, was delivered to the Navy at a military port in Sanya, Hainan on the afternoon of April 17. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, chairman of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, attended the ceremony.
Sanya, on the coast of the South China Sea, has the same water and the same sky, and the warm wind is clear in the day. In the military port, Shandong warships lie on their backs and the flag is high. About 5000 representatives from the naval forces and aircraft carrier construction units line up neatly at the port. The atmosphere is grand and warm.
At about 4 p.m., the handover and listing ceremony began. The National Anthem of the people’s Republic of China was sung and the five-star red flag was rising. The honor guard escorted the Bayi army flag and the naming certificate, and marched to the rostrum. Xi Jinping awarded Bayi military flag and naming certificate to Shandong warship captain and political commissar respectively. Shandong warship captain and political commissar saluted Xi Jinping and took the Bayi banner and naming certificate from Xi Jinping. Xi Jinping took a group photo with them.
Ding Xuexiang, Liu He, he Lifeng and Li zuocheng attended the ceremony. Zhang Youxia presided over the ceremony and announced the handover of China’s first domestic aircraft carrier and its name and port number.
Lei fanpei, chairman of China Shipping Group Co., Ltd., and Shen Jinlong, commander of the Navy, delivered speeches at the ceremony.
The handover and enlistment ceremony ended with the sound of the PLA Military Anthem.
Subsequently, Xi Jinping boarded the Shandong ship and inspected the guard of honor. Xi Jinping inspected the equipment and understood the work and life of the carrier aircraft pilots. Xi Jinping went to the driver’s cab and had a cordial communication with officers and soldiers.
Xi Jinping met the representatives of the aircraft carrier troops and the aircraft carrier construction unit at the pier. Xi Jinping affirmed the achievements made in the construction of China’s aircraft carriers, encouraged them to make persistent efforts to make new contributions to the party and the people.
With the approval of the Central Military Commission, China’s first domestic aircraft carrier is named “Shandong ship of the PLA Navy” and its side number is “17”.
Officials from the relevant departments of the central and state organs, the relevant departments of the CMC, the southern theater, the Navy, Hainan Province and the aircraft carrier construction unit attended the ceremony.

2019 world 5g Conference

The most authoritative views are heard here, the most cutting-edge technology products are displayed here, and the most creative ideas are born here. On the afternoon of November 22, the 3-day 2019 world 5g conference concluded in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center.
This conference is co sponsored by Beijing Municipal People’s government, national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of industry and information technology. Nearly 1500 domestic and foreign researchers, 5g upstream and downstream enterprise personnel and 5g industry users gathered here. Focusing on the theme of “5g changes the world, 5g creates the future”, the conference discussed the cutting-edge technology, industry trend and innovation in 5g related fields New application. At the same time, the conference held several theme exhibitions around 5g related fields such as smart transportation, smart city, smart transportation, smart medical, industrial Internet, etc., showing the latest achievements of 5g development and the latest scene application cases. The conference collected 5g demonstration scenario solutions for the world and held the world 5g conference application design unveiling competition.
Wang Gang, secretary and director of the Party group of Beijing Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, presided over the closing ceremony.
According to the organizing committee, the conference has five major achievements.
First, on the development of ideas, further broaden the strategic vision. The conference invited more than 400 important guests from more than 40 countries and regions, 16 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, more than 80 international guests and more than 100 top experts and enterprise elites from home and abroad to discuss development ideas, explain the inevitable connection between 5g industry development and new communication theory research, landmark application development and cross-border full integration, and discuss standard formulation, safety assurance The important position of network architecture design, cultivation of new and cutting-edge enterprises, sharing and exchanging the most advanced new technologies, applications and schemes in 5g field, broaden our strategic vision of developing 5g industry and solving development problems.
Second, the establishment of an exchange platform has further deepened international cooperation. The rapid and steady development of 5g business in China has greatly promoted the R & D of key technologies in China, Europe and even the world, the manufacturing of network equipment, the upgrading and upgrading of terminals, and the acceleration of industrial integration. At the same time, it has promoted the linkage development of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and provided a new round of “China dividend” for the global economic development. At this conference, international enterprises such as canon of Japan, Riel digital of the United States, skoya of Germany and their counterparts in China have had in-depth exchanges, which has led to the signing of nearly 80 agreements of intention for cooperation in 5g related industrial projects, such as the 5g network infrastructure construction in the airport economic zone of Daxing International Airport and the online cultural product communication service system.
Third, the exhibition of application results further consolidated industrial consensus. In the exhibition area of nearly 20000 square meters, the exhibits from 59 enterprises at home and abroad focus on 5g development and application, adopt immersion, experiential, interactive and other ways, and show the innovative achievements of 5g technology in deep integration with traditional industries in the real 5g network environment, such as industrial Internet, intelligent transportation, health care, smart city, Ultra HD video and other fields, and The broad market prospect it brings further agglomerates the industrial consensus of 5g and traditional industries’ integrated development.
Fourth, the competition innovation plan further focuses on application scenarios. The 5g application design unveiling competition was held to collect 5g application design and scene solutions for the world, attracting more than 200 teams and thousands of competitors. Around 4K / 8K, AR / VR, UAV, industrial Internet of things / intelligent manufacturing, Internet of vehicles / intelligent driving, intelligent city, intelligent health care and other fields, explore and build 5g new era of innovative application scenarios, cultivate and hone the industry development talent team, spawn the intelligent port 5g & MEC smart card application demonstration project, stroke emergency and rehabilitation intelligent management system, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics 5g+ 34 excellent design schemes, including integrated security and intelligent application of cloud robots, further highlight the important position of application scenario construction in 5g industry development, focus on 5g technology to enter thousands of households, and make people’s production and life more intelligent and better.
Fifthly, promote the coordination of production and research, and further cultivate the industrial ecology. With the characteristics of “education industry ecology + exhibition of application achievements”, promote the collaborative innovation of industry and research. China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and other domestic operators have started to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners, set up 5g industrial joint innovation center, industrial innovation alliance, set up 5g joint innovation industry fund, and jointly built more than 200 5g lighthouse projects with the head enterprises to drive the upstream and downstream joint innovation of the industrial chain.
Under the background of 5g era, the communication of the conference follows the rule of “full media, all staff media, holographic media, full effect media”. Through traditional video live, 5g + 4K live, 5g + VR live, live Ultra HD 8K video recording, the online live audience reached 61.35 million times, and the hot reading volume of sina related topics reached 97.38 million. The event was widely reported by people’s daily, Xinhua news agency, CCTV, Guangming Daily, science and technology daily, China News Agency, China Youth Daily, China net, China Science and technology net and other media.
At the closing ceremony, a series of white papers, industrial planning and policies were released, and a number of industrial cooperation projects were signed.
Kong Lei, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, released a white paper on Beijing 5g industry. In order to promote Beijing to strengthen the construction of national science and technology innovation center, build a high-end economic structure, accelerate the cultivation of 5g industrial ecology, and build a 5g industrial innovation and development city with global influence, Beijing Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology organized and compiled the white paper on 5g Industrial Development in Beijing (2019).

Song Yanfei and Zhang Yishan travel together

Recently, some netizens revealed that they met Meng Meiqi and Zhang Yishan in Japan. Some netizens speculated that their relationship was unusual. However, a netizen with knowledge of the matter “pinches the finger and calculates”, and finds that things are not so simple. Song Yanfei, Zhang Yishan’s gossip girlfriend last year, also went together. For a while, the speculation that the two “haven’t broken up” has aroused heated discussion among netizens again.
From the photos released by netizens, the first one on the left is Meng Meiqi, followed by her good friend, Zhang Yishan. Meng Meiqi is wearing a black dress with a black coat and a fisherman’s hat to keep a low profile. Zhang Yishan is wearing a casual sportswear, with a baseball cap to cover, all low-key.
Careful Netizens found that this Japanese tour was not only Zhang Yishan and Meng Meiqi, but also song Yanfei, who had an affair with Zhang Yishan last year. Although Zhang Yishan is not in the same frame in the photo, the time points are all right. These two people suspected to be in love in the guess caused the netizen’s hot discussion again.
Some netizens said, “I thought they broke up, but they didn’t. They were shocked. “And why do netizens think they don’t want to be public? It doesn’t affect their careers. The unsuspecting netizens asked, “have they ever been together?” “when were they together?”
Zhang Yishan’s girlfriend, song Yanfei, was suddenly revealed on the Internet by a netizen. It’s amazing that two people who didn’t have much contact and interaction were suddenly involved in the romance, but it didn’t happen that they would soon be involved in it.
There are careful netizens picking out the details of the same model suspected of two lovers, from many couple T-shirts to couple shoes, many details are suggestive of their love.
Then Zhang Yishan’s friend’s microblog accidentally revealed the whereabouts of their Valentine’s day. It is reported that it was in an indoor basketball court where several friends played basketball together. The friend said, “what Valentine’s day do you have? What kind of amorous people do you have?”. Is it not good to exercise? “Especially @ Zhang Yishan. The photos released by song Yanfei in ins are in the same place. It’s hard to believe the green chair and the same water bottle.
But let netizens pick out how many of the same money, both did not come forward to admit, things fermented for a period of time after people gradually forgotten. Now it seems that it has been two years since they were found traveling together in Japan. If they are really together, they can be regarded as a long-term relationship.
Meng Meiqi and song Yanfei both worked as interns in South Korea. They understood each other’s difficulties very well. They also celebrated their birthday together not long ago, saying that they were each other’s best friends, which shows their deep feelings. This time, she and Zhang Yishan, song Yanfei, traveled together in Japan. They were almost regarded as “shields”. Fortunately, the netizen “has a keen eye”, and found that Meng Meiqi just stepped in to play with them. Some netizens speculated that she was going to cover for them. In a word, she had no special relationship with Zhang Yishan.
This time, Zhang Yishan and song Yanfei were found traveling together in Japan. I wonder if they would come out and admit their love, or are they really friends, like the iron porcelain friendship with Yang Zi?