Pregnancy after plastic surgery

Recently, 23-year-old Xiaomei had plastic surgery under general anesthesia in a cosmetic and plastic surgery institution in Chongqing. Two days after the surgery, she found that she was pregnant. However, to her anger, she had a pre-operative physical examination at the beauty agency, which showed that she was not pregnant. Xiaomei felt that the result was caused by the beauty agency that gave her anesthesia. But beauty agencies say
Two days after augmentation rhinoplasty under general anesthesia, the woman found no sign of pregnancy
Xiaomei is a young girl who loves beauty and has a high demand for her beauty. On December 4 last year, she came to a beauty agency in Chongqing for rhinoplasty.
But two days after the operation, she found that her body was different: she always had nausea after eating. Her boyfriend asked her to buy a test paper to test whether she was pregnant. The result showed that she was pregnant.
Two days after augmentation rhinoplasty under general anesthesia, the woman found no sign of pregnancy
Afraid of the error of the pregnancy test stick, Xiaomei immediately went to the hospital for examination, and the results showed that she was really pregnant.
Get this result, Xiaomei can’t believe it, because before the beauty surgery, the beauty agency also made a special physical examination for her.
Two days after augmentation rhinoplasty under general anesthesia, the woman found no sign of pregnancy
Although she hasn’t planned to get married and have children yet, Xiaomei thinks her body will definitely be hurt. Therefore, she feels that the above beauty agencies have unshirkable responsibilities in this matter.
According to the later pregnancy test, Xiaomei’s accurate pregnancy time should be around November 19, which is exactly half a month from the day of her operation. After consulting the doctor, Xiaomei learned that she could find out whether she was pregnant in half a month.
The reporter also inquired about the information and found that through the blood test, pregnancy can be determined in 7 days. Xiaomei later learned that the so-called urine test of Xingzhi beauty agency is actually carried out with ordinary pregnancy test stick, which seems not reliable.
Two days after augmentation rhinoplasty under general anesthesia, the woman found no sign of pregnancy
“The hospital has proved that I am pregnant. After I found the beauty agency with the hospital’s checklist, they still didn’t believe it. They took out their pregnancy test stick and asked me to test it. The result showed that I was not pregnant. At that time, they told me to go to the manufacturer and said that there was something wrong with the test paper! “
Two days after augmentation rhinoplasty under general anesthesia, the woman found no sign of pregnancy
But the head of the beauty agency said that when asked before the operation, Xiaomei had said that at the end of November, she had signs of menstruation.
Xiaomei said that now it seems that her previous two days of false menstruation should be a pregnancy reaction, but unfortunately the pregnancy test stick did not successfully detect it.
The head of the beauty agency said that originally they had a strict testing process, but they didn’t have a blood test machine here. “If you do a blood test, the result is the most accurate.”.
The two sides decided to settle the matter through the judiciary because of the big difference in the amount of compensation.

Bribery 240 million sentenced to reprieve

On December 31, 2020, Qingyang intermediate people’s court declared in accordance with the law that Lei Zhiqiang, director of Gansu Rural Credit Union, had accepted bribes and had an unidentified source of huge amount of property. The defendant, Lei Zhiqiang, was sentenced to death, suspended for two years, deprived of political rights for life, and confiscated of all his personal property. After his death sentence was reduced to life imprisonment after two years of suspension, he was sentenced to life imprisonment without commutation or parole. The seized and seized stolen money, booty and fruits were confiscated according to law and sentenced to death Property that has not yet been recovered shall continue to be recovered and turned over to the state treasury.
According to the trial, from 2000 to 2017, Lei Zhiqiang, the defendant, took advantage of his position as vice mayor of Tianshui City in Gansu Province and director general of Gansu Rural Credit Cooperatives Union to seek benefits for others and close relatives in the process of loan approval, bill acceptance, credit business, cadre selection, etc., and illegally accepted the property given by others alone or in collaboration with his son, which amounted to 20% More than 241 million yuan, and more than 82 million yuan of property can not be accounted for.
Qingyang intermediate people’s court held that the defendant Lei Zhiqiang, as a state functionary, took advantage of his position to illegally accept other people’s property alone or with his son for many times to seek benefits for others, and his behavior constituted the crime of bribery, with a huge amount, causing a particularly heavy loss to the interests of the state and the people; the defendant Lei Zhiqiang’s property obviously exceeded his legal income, with a huge difference As a result, his behavior constitutes the crime of unidentified source of huge amount of property. In view of the fact that the defendant Lei Zhiqiang truthfully confessed part of the criminal facts that the case handling organ had not yet mastered after he arrived at the case, and there was a confession plot. The whereabouts of the stolen money and goods confessed have been verified, and some of the stolen money and goods have been recovered. He pleaded guilty and repented in court. The above judgment was made.

50 years of marriage

  1. In the impression of Zhang Jianguo, the eldest son, on December 17, 2019, Han Fang and her mother discussed how to escape from home through a video phone call? There is no one in my mother’s family, so I can’t be picked up. ” At that time, it was near the end of the new year, and Zhang Jianguo wanted to talk about it after the new year. But Han Fang hung up without a few words, “the madman is back.”. Later, Zhang Jianguo recalled that this was his mother’s last call for help. Only three days later, the tragedy happened.
    “My elder sister said that she wanted to get a divorce, but later she was soft hearted. How could there be a divorce in the village at that time?” Han Qin said that her parents also advised her sister not to leave. She said that “if a woman marries her child again, her child will be aggrieved.” moreover, my father thinks that Zhang Maorong is my sister’s favorite, so he can’t live a happy life after divorce
    In the former home, the two brothers and two daughters in law advised their father not to fight against their mother, and sometimes they would stop him. However, whoever advised Zhang Maorong would hit him, slapping him in the face or kicking him with his feet. Once, he chased Zhang Jianjun with an axe. Zhang Jianguo said, “for so many years, one is afraid of him, afraid of him; the other is our old man, I can’t beat him.”
    According to local customs in Heilongjiang Province, the dead can only enter the earth after five years. Zhang Maorong’s ashes are still in the brown red box of the funeral home in Nenjiang city. Zhang Jianguo came to the funeral home and put steamed bread, meat, cigarettes and apples on the memorial platform. He also brought a bottle of wine for his father who didn’t drink before he died, but he didn’t kneel down. Instead of going to the funeral home, Zhang Jianjun burned some paper money at the crossroads of the village.
    Han Maofang, who had just served a year in Heilongjiang Province, was convicted of intentional killing her father and brother.

Chang’e falls to the ground

In the early morning of the 17th, the chang’e-5 reentrant successfully landed in Siziwang Banner, Inner Mongolia. The air search unit quickly finds the reentrant and captures it with an infrared camera. In the process of the ground search and recovery team members rushing to the landing site, the live screen showed that a small animal suddenly appeared, and “stopped” for a moment in front of the “Chang 5” reentrant, and then ran away leisurely, successfully catching the camera.

Killing his wife and best friend on the way to divorce

According to a local police report on July 25, Lai Huili, a missing woman from Hangzhou, has been killed. Her husband, Xu Guoli, is suspected of committing a major crime and has been taken criminal coercive measures.
He was born in Huali, Zhejiang Province.
In 1983, 19-year-old Xu Guoli left Qiushan village to join the army, and retired three years later. Several years after his retirement, Xu worked in a glass factory in Anhua town and taught himself futures, according to Hangzhou Daily.
Liu Xiaoxiang, Xu Guoli’s neighbor, met in the early 1990s. Liu Xiaoxiang recalled to China News Weekly that at that time, both of them were engaged in feed business in Shanghai. “A lot of our fellow villagers did duck and pig business in Shanghai. There were five or six families in our village alone.” Also in Shanghai, Xu Guoli met his ex-wife, Ms. Guan. They fell in love and got married.
Xu Guoli and his ex-wife’s marriage problems began when Xu Guoli returned to Hangzhou and met Lai Huili again. Liu Xiaoxiang once heard his and Xu Guoli’s common friends say that to Huili is Xu Guoli’s first love. They wanted to get married, but their parents didn’t agree, so they broke up. Many years later, the two people who had already married each other and reorganized their families after divorce.
Liu Xiaoxiang’s sister, Ms. Liu, is also a friend of Xu Guoli and his ex-wife. Ms. Liu got to know Xu Guoli and his ex-wife through her brother Liu Xiaoxiang. Later, Ms. Guan, Xu Guoli’s ex-wife, went to work in Zhuji. The official had no relatives in Zhuji. She had a lot of contacts with Ms. Liu and became a good friend.
On July 26, flowers were placed in the community where the murdered lady lived. (Photo by our reporter / Kan Yanzhang)
Ms. Liu remembers that before Xu Guoli and Ms. Guan divorced, the official once told her that Xu Guoli had domestic violence. “At first (Xu Guoli’s ex-wife) may not agree to divorce because they have a common son. Later, Xu Guoli family violence, pinched her neck. Her mother told them to divorce Ms. Liu recalled China Newsweek.
Around 2009, Xu Guoli was relocated from a duck farm in Shanghai. He and laihuili returned to Hangzhou to live. Liu Xiaoxiang remembers that Xu Guoli was in a good economic situation at that time. Only when the duck farm was demolished, the compensation was more than 1 million yuan. Around that year, Liu Xiaoxiang also borrowed 1 million yuan from Xu Guoli, and paid off in succession after five or six years.
From 2015 to 2017, Liu Xiaoxiang had a project in Anhua Town, Zhuji City. He asked Xu Guoli to be responsible for the management of accounts and procurement. “Xu Guoli” is very conscientious and diligent Liu Xiaoxiang told China News Weekly.
After the completion of Liu Xiaoxiang’s project, Xu Guoli returned to Hangzhou and was said to have worked as a didi driver. Later, he drove an engineering car in Hangzhou Metro Company. Three or four years ago, Xu Guoli and Lai Huili wanted to divorce, but Liu Xiaoxiang advised them not to leave. In Liu Xiaoxiang’s impression, the contradiction between the two is related to Xu Guoli’s loss in stocks.
Liu Xiaoxiang said that in recent years, Xu Guoli and laihuili would take their son and daughter to his home to pay New Year’s greetings. In his impression, Xu Guoli has a good relationship with the eldest son and youngest daughter born to his ex-wife.
After Xu Guoli was identified by the police as an important suspect in the “Hangzhou women’s missing case”, another outstanding case was raised: Liu Xiaoxiang’s elder sister, Ms. Liu, the best friend of Xu Guoli’s ex-wife, whose 16-year-old daughter Lou Meijie, was killed at home in 2002, but the murderer has not been found.
After learning that Xu Guoli is an important suspect killed in Huili, Ms. Liu thinks about her daughter’s case. After lunch that day, she went shopping with her friends on the street. Her daughter was the only one in the family. When she returned home at night, she found her daughter lying on the floor of the bathroom and had died. There was a hole on the right side of her daughter’s neck, and there were no signs of damage to the doors and windows of the room at that time.
According to Ms. Liu’s recollection, during the police investigation, a witness, a resident on the fifth floor, said that between 3:30 and 4:00 p.m., she saw a man walking out of Ms. Liu’s house, a little more than 1.70 meters tall and thinner.
The police investigated the suspect who had conflicts with Ms. Liu’s family, but failed to find the killer. Since then, the murder case has become a pending case. Five days after Lou was killed, her body was cremated. On the day of the funeral, Xu Guoli went to attend and bought a shroud for Lou Mou Jie.
Recently, some netizens have posted about the old case 18 years ago, suspecting that Xu Guoli was involved in the case.
Ms. Liu told China News Weekly that she also went to the local police and said she suspected that Xu Guoli was related to her daughter’s murder and hoped that the police would investigate the possibility. “I learned from Hangzhou public security and our local police in Zhuji that my daughter’s case is under re investigation.” She told China News Weekly.
After Xu Guoli’s wife came to Huili and disappeared, the police once asked Liu Xiaoxiang to understand Xu Guoli’s situation. He told China News Weekly that he did not think Xu Guoli killed his niece. He said, “I didn’t have any conflict with him at all, and there was no economic contact at that time. How could he do it?”

Suyuan wanted to see the victim

The main criminal of Suyuan case said that he must see the victim [Zhao doushun, principal criminal of Suyuan case in South Korea: let me meet the victim] Zhao doushun, the principal criminal of Suyuan case, will be released from prison this weekend. According to South Korea’s jtbc news report, during his sentence, Zhao doushun repeatedly said in a petition that he could not remember anything about the circumstances of the crime at that time, and also said that he “sincerely hope to see the victims.”. It is reported that in his petition, Zhao doushun once said that the charges were “disgraceful” and that he did not disclose them to other prisoners once. Zhao doushun has submitted more than 100 petitions so far since he was put into prison. The most common content is that he claimed that he was drunk from the beginning to the end and could not remember it. Because he was drunk, he felt that he was not guilty. At the same time, Zhao doushun often wrote at the end of the petition: “finally, please. I sincerely hope you will let me meet the victims.” The main criminal of Suyuan case pleaded to meet the victim

The police watched the girl drown

As we all know, the duty of the police is to protect the interests of the people. Indeed, when our people are in danger of property and life, the police are the first.
While we sincerely admire the police comrades, we also sigh that their adherence to their responsibilities is really harsh. They always put the interests of the people first, which is worthy of our respect.
On December 4, a 17-year-old high school girl committed suicide in Anqing City, Anhui Province, but the police watched her drown. The official has officially issued a notice, and the person involved has been suspended.
Anhui 17-year-old high school girl wanted to commit suicide, police watched her drown, official: the person involved has been suspended
On December 4, the Public Security Bureau of Wangjiang County, Anqing City, issued a police circular saying that at about 1:00 p.m., the local police station received a report saying that there was a woman near Jishui bridge in Wangjiang County preparing to commit suicide in the river.
After receiving the alarm, the local police quickly organized the police to go to the scene for disposal. In the process of persuasion and appeasement, the woman was suddenly out of control, out of control, and turned to dive into the deep water area.
After rescuing, the police at the scene finally rescued the girl, who was declared dead after rescue.
At present, the cause of the girl’s suicide is still under further investigation. The circular also said that many netizens have reflected that there are very big problems in the rescue process of the police and auxiliary police in this incident.
Anhui 17-year-old high school girl wanted to commit suicide, police watched her drown, official: the person involved has been suspended
At present, the local public security bureau has suspended the investigation of the police involved, and will take serious measures according to law according to the investigation results.
Through the videos and photos released at the scene, we can clearly see that the girl was not in the deep water area at first, but standing in the shallow water area. At that time, several police officers were on the shore.
Many netizens said that at that time, the police could pull the women back, but the police did not do so, they were not willing to go into the water.
After a period of negotiation, the girl seemed to have lost her patience and turned around and rushed to the deep water area. At this time, the police still did not make any action, just yelled at the shore, and the girl gradually lost consciousness within a few minutes.
Anhui 17-year-old high school girl wanted to commit suicide, police watched her drown, official: the person involved has been suspended
Finally, the girl gradually lost her voice. The police and auxiliary police on the scene watched the girl drown. The whole process was not long, but the people on the shore were very worried.
At this time, a lot of people on the riverside yelled to go down to save people. The police, hand in hand, prepared to go down the river to save people, and finally salvaged the girl’s body.
After the incident, many netizens condemned the police and auxiliary police involved in the incident. It was too perfunctory to save people. The child could have been saved, but this rescue method is not like the previous police practice.
Some netizens said that the life of a girl is a life, but the life of a policeman is not? If these police comrades could not swim at that time, would they also go down to save people?
Anhui 17-year-old high school girl wanted to commit suicide, police watched her drown, official: the person involved has been suspended
Even if it is to save people, we should also base on the actual situation, and we should not blindly blame the police. This is immoral, and it is typical to stand and speak without backache.
At present, the incident is still in the process of further fermentation, and the police involved have been suspended by relevant departments. Dear friends, what do you think of this matter?
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A major criminal case in Luxi, Jiangxi Province

According to the “Jiangxi public security” WeChat public number, 17, when a criminal case occurred in Nanfang Town, Luxi County on December 1st, Liu Junhui was suspected of having committed a major crime by police investigation. “The official account of the Luxi public security” is a major criminal case. After the incident, the suspect Liu Junhui drove to Luxi County, Nan Keng Town, Zhao Jia village near the big ridge abandoned vehicles along the mountain road fled, vehicles have been seized (GaN J59090 Wu Ling silver van). Luxi County Public Security Bureau hopes that the city’s and county’s public security organs and the masses will notice the traces of the suspect in their work and daily life. If you have any clue, please contact Luxi County Public Security Bureau immediately.

Li Jiaqi shop punished

According to media reports on November 30, Shanghai Zhuangjia e-commerce Co., Ltd., which is 49% owned by Li Jiaqi, has been given administrative punishment for publishing false advertisements.
According to Tianyan, Shanghai Zhuangjia e-commerce Co., Ltd. was fined 10000 yuan for “publishing false advertisements” on June 10 this year.
According to the decision on administrative punishment, the informant bought feishikou shampoo in the tmall online store (exclusive store of Li Jiaqi) set up by the company, and the store falsely publicized the anti hair loss function of the shampoo on the Internet, but the company was unable to provide relevant basis.
At present, we can’t find “feishikou ginger shampoo” in “Li Jiaqi exclusive store”.
It is worth noting that Li Jiaqi was named by the China Consumer Association a few days ago, because the products sold in the live broadcasting room “can’t be changed after buying”.
Li Jiaqi studio issued a statement saying that the manufacturer had already sold out the goods at that time and could not replace them, so they made a refund. The studio has been actively coordinating with the brand side to do a good job of after-sales. If there are still any opinions on the current after-sales solutions, they will be responsible to the end.

[South + November 27] according to Russian and British media reports, the Kremlin threw cold water on a Russian media report that Russian President Vladimir Putin had a secret (third) daughter, and the Kremlin said the evidence was “untrustworthy” and “groundless”. This report was then magnified and widely reported by Western media.
As we all know, Putin is very tight lipped about his family situation, and he did not respond to the report. However, Putin’s spokesman Peskov told the media on November 26 that he had “personally seen the materials” and labeled them “yellow news”. “Nothing special, nothing to comment on,” he insisted
The day before, Peskov told reporters that he knew nothing about the plot, claiming that it was “the first time he had heard of such a woman.”.