Hilary’s hair is plain and self portrait

According to the latest data from the World Health Organization, up to now, the number of people infected with the virus in the United States has exceeded 1.1 million. After the failure of one million US Customs passes, the number of confirmed cases has increased by 100000 within three days, and the number of deaths has exceeded 60000. The numbers are terrible. US President Donald Trump still refuses to wear a mask, and approval ratings plummet. Now his longtime rival, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is on social media calling for people to wear masks to protect themselves.
Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton posted a self portrait on her social media on May 2 local time, local media reported. In the photo, Hillary is wearing a black dress, a black mask, and the words “vote” are written on it. This collocation takes a little thought. “No makeup, no clothes, but no masks. This is my essential item in spring. I wear masks for my country, my community, my grandson (vote).”
In order to match her own words, the 72 year old Hillary put aside her image burden and appeared in front of the audience, which is quite a struggle. Hillary under the plain face is really old. In fact, when Hillary was young, she was charming and intellectually beautiful.
According to the media, Hillary’s “vote” implied that she was voting for candidate Biden. This is an election year in the United States. The impact of the epidemic makes the trend of the election more confusing. Former US presidents Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been supporting Biden in public several days ago, and the three old friends are back together. When Barack Obama was president of the United States, Biden was vice president, while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of state. Now the three are once again united. Biden’s approval ratings in several key states have surpassed Trump’s ever since Trump’s talk of syringes.
After her defeat in 2016, Hillary Clinton’s political ambition has not weakened, and she has been active in public political opinions. As for whether she will run this year, Hillary Clinton has always chosen the strategy of “attack, retreat and defend”, declaring that everything is possible. But the US media once reported that Hillary had too many scandals, which was one of the important reasons why she had been afraid to go to the campaign stage.
In the wake of Hillary’s appeal to wear masks, some netizens teased her and asked: did you wear masks when you and your husband were on Epstein’s Island?
Hillary Clinton and her husband Clinton have been involved in the Epstein scandal since last year, and there have been claims that Epstein died in prison, Hillary Clinton is the most suspected. Cui WA, a famous American talk show host, also asked Hillary directly on the show how did you kill Epstein?