Safety can be exercised, life can not be restored

The Great Forest School is an animal school, which was built and established three years ago. The school is built between the two mountains. It is surrounded by beautiful scenery and pleasant air.
At this time, the sky is gloomy, although some cold, but in the playground of Dalin School, all the teachers and students of the school are still insisting on doing intervening exercises.
Look, the orderly animals are under the command of the headmaster and sports teacher, Mr. Xiong. They are doing it conscientiously, stretching their arms, stretching their waists and kicking their legs. Mr. Xiong’s command is also very serious and strict. He has a stiff and eyeful whistle in his mouth and a very dedicated expression.
But while doing it, I wonder who sent out a sharp scream from the exercise team: “Look, everybody, what’s that?”
Everyone listened, immediately stopped doing exercises, all brushing along the direction of the little animal’s finger looked: “Oh, dear! That’s great.
Originally, because the Great Forest School is located in the middle of the two mountains, but also at the foot of the mountain, so at this moment, I do not know where the flow of a torrent is wantonly pouring down from the top of one side of the mountain, it is about to rush to the Great Forest School here.
The situation was very critical. All the teachers and students were stunned by the sudden and terrible scene. For a moment, they did not know what to do. The playground was in chaos. You know, this big forest school has just been established for only three years. Once flooded, not only the buildings will be damaged, but also the most important thing is how the lives of the teachers and students can be done, especially the small animals walking on the ground, they can not climb trees, nor fly…. Obviously, in the face of this torrential flood, their lives are vulnerable.
Just when everyone was in a mess, I didn’t know why, in a very critical moment, the principal, Mr. Xiong, shouted a loud cry. He asked everyone to calm down first, then ordered some seemingly weak animals to withdraw in an orderly manner, and let them run to the other side of the mountain. Then he immediately called some powerful animals together to discuss measures to deal with the crisis. Shi.
In this way, under the arrangement of President Xiong, everyone retreated, leaving behind.
Some of the tougher animals left behind talked to each other, and some said, “Make boats now.” Some immediately patted the small animal’s head melon seeds, saying that the guy’s head must say that the door was squeezed, how can this be? How can this come in time? This is just nonsense.
As soon as the animal listened, yes, some said, “It’s too late to build a boat. It’s OK to make a few swimming circles as soon as possible.” Obviously, it’s too late. It’s also a piece of nonsense.
In contrast, Principal Xiong seems calm. His mind is thinking quickly about the way to deal with it, but his eyes are cold and unawares. He touches the dangerous houses in the school. The so-called dangerous houses were built at the time of the original building. Because the builders cut corners and were irresponsible, they were built into dangerous houses. Until now, everyone has not been here. Some houses have classes. Seeing this kind of dangerous house, Mr. Xiong can not help but shine in front of her eyes and immediately think of ways.
So he ordered everyone: “As the saying goes, Turkish water, we immediately demolish those dangerous houses, and then let them play the role of closure, so that the flood will change direction, will not disturb us!”
As soon as the order was issued, everyone applauded and thought it was a wonderful way to do it.
“There’s no time to applaud now. Let’s start demolishing the house.” Principal Xiong shouted orders to everyone.
“Yes, principal!”
After receiving the order, President Xiong ordered us to remove all the spades, hammers and other working tools we used in our daily work. We immediately went to the house and dismantled them. Just in the process of demolishing the house with all hands and legs, the flood had passed the school gate and was about to spread to the playground. Some small animals that had not yet run away had already been removed. The flood flooded the waist, and they were frightened to cry, and then there was a great chaos…
In this most critical moment of life and death, those dangerous houses collapsed one after another, and the flood was immediately blocked, temporarily cut off, and turned to another place to spread away. All the little animals were saved, and there was a cheer! __
Some animals even jokingly said, “Looks like we have to build dangerous houses in the future, or dangerous houses to make it work!”
“Don’t talk nonsense!” When President Xiong listened, he shouted angrily, “How can it be a good thing to build dangerous houses? It’s clearly a matter of harm to us. In addition, the location of our University of Forestry is not quite right. It’s the middle of the two mountains. After that, we must move our school to a safe place. In this way, when danger suddenly comes, we can reduce the risk. It’s safe. With practice, life can not be restored, so in order to consider our future security issues, I decided that our big forest school, now move immediately.
“Well, move, move.” After hearing the principal’s command, the animals immediately responded, and the shouts were overwhelming.
Since then, under the leadership of President Xiong, the Great Forest School has moved to a relatively safe location. Shortly afterwards, with the concerted efforts of all of you, the new Great Forest School has taken on a new look and ushered in a new semester once again.

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