Break out of the siege to oneself

The African bumblebee is an exception to all flying animals, which are generally light and slender in body and have short wings, which are not very suitable for flying. However, they have become champions of long-distance flying in Africa. Sociomorphologists say, “In this life, it must fly up and break out of its encirclement, otherwise it will only have a dead end!”
If fate is unfair to the bumblebee, we should learn from it that “fate” is doomed, but “luck” is in our own hands! When we face endless obstacles, the best way is to break through to ourselves.
To break through to oneself is to open one’s mind and sublimate one’s thoughts in the face of unbearable burdens in life. Su Shi’s life of wandering, from his hometown to thousands of miles away, and then from thousands of miles away to the wilderness, political ambition did not bury him, on the contrary, he gave full play to his talent, so that he reached the peak on the literary road. “The guest also knows the husband’s water and the moon? The deceased are like this, but they have never tasted the past, the empty are like that, and the dead do not grow or fall…” This is Su Shi’s famous sentence in Chibi Fu, and also the most comfortable answer to his numerous setbacks.
Su Shi’s deeds make us understand that life needs calmness. When we are frustrated, we can turn over the other side of life and remain spiritual, but the most fundamental thing is to challenge ourselves. To break out of the encirclement is to break out of the encirclement when I am ambushed on all sides.
To break through the encirclement to oneself is to have a spirit of refusing to lose, to persist in a kind of vigor and to strive for a dream. Wu Shihong, the “working queen”, hesitated when she stood at the door of the IBM recruitment office with her junior high school diploma, but when she thought she had learned English for three years on an old radio, she stepped in firmly and started as a cleaner. Never touched a typewriter for a week, she reached the professional level, and then, with a strong will to defeat, step by step, she became the first president of IBM China, and then the president of TCL.
There are opportunities and obstacles around us, but as long as we overcome them, surpass ourselves and seize them, there will be no obstacles in our life.
Breaking through the encirclement to oneself requires not only strength but also self-confidence. The night before MacArthur Corsey Point, he was so nervous that his mother told him, “Honey, you can’t break through without confidence.” When he became the 34th President of the United States, he said, “Confidence, struggle, surpass.” This is a very concise statement, breaking through the encirclement to make him successful.
In life, it is to accept and overcome obstacles in countless ways. “When you are overwhelmed by boulders, don’t give up. There is still sunshine in the cracks. That’s the proof that God cares for you.” A philosopher said so.
In front of life, we are all a clumsy African bumblebee. Faced with the doomed obstacles and setbacks in life, we can only soar in the blue sky if we learn to break through, overcome ourselves and challenge ourselves. To the place of dreams.

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