My Dream

On the evening of August 8, 2008, this exciting moment. At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, Lin Miaoke’s tender voice resounded over the bird’s nest. When the five-star red flag was flying in the wind, how loud the victory song was…. When the song sounded, 90,000 audiences boiled and many of them collapsed their lacrimal glands. The sound sounded through the hearts of 4 billion audiences and the whole world.
The perfect performance made the two girls famous overnight. This is an oboe. The voice that shocked countless audiences came from 7-year-old girl Yang Peiyi. This performance changed their lives: Lin Miaoke became the top child star in China and Yang Peiyi became a singer. I really envy them! I want to go on TV, I want to be a child star, a dream is sprouting in my heart.
In 2008, like Lin Miaoke, I was 9 years old, but my life was so different. I stood on the top stage and the world watched, while I was just sitting in front of the TV.
How I wish I could go on the show, even if it was just a small role. Every time I see children’s stars on the screen, I don’t envy them much.
Open the website and enter the names of the children’s stars. The whole page is their information: text, pictures, videos, Mp3… Countless, they can be known. There are many things that record them bit by bit. Enter your name again. Nothing. A trace of sadness arose in my heart.
How did they get the qualifications and opportunities to make movies and TV dramas? What course did they go through before they became child stars? After collecting, they all went to the movie and TV city and gradually became famous by directing directors to shoot advertisements. They all live in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Beijing is the capital and the center of many activities. All kinds of large-scale programs, movies and TV programs are held in Beijing. Of course, there are many opportunities, and many child stars have appeared. In Yunnan, where I live, outsiders seem poor and backward. There has never been a child star since ancient times. If I can become famous, it will be the first child star in Yunnan. But in this despised place, cameras are hard to see, and it’s even harder to get to the screen. No matter how talented and diligent you are, you can’t be a child star.
In the spring evening, actors and children stars perform on the stage. They are all in Beijing. Unfortunately, I am not from Beijing. I can only be an ordinary audience in front of the TV set. 90% of the competitions on children’s channels are from Beijing. Opening a magazine, the authors are all from XX School in Beijing. Looking at their performances, how brilliant they are, how envious, jealous and hateful they are!
In my hometown, Yuxi, a small city that can be familiar with by bicycle for a day, it is impossible to compete on the big stage. Opportunities are 2945 kilometers away from me.
No, I don’t want to be buried because of regional differences. Whether in or out of school, I will not miss the opportunity of all kinds of competitions. Mom and Dad said, “You want to be a child star. It’s fantastic. Ha-ha!”
Some people disappear into the long river of history after they have gone through their lives, but child stars are known from childhood. Although they are forgotten, the Internet and the screen will record their footsteps step by step.
My child star dream can only be a dream, now I am a 13-year-old junior high school student, in the small town, it can only become my childhood regret.

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