Bribery 240 million sentenced to reprieve

On December 31, 2020, Qingyang intermediate people’s court declared in accordance with the law that Lei Zhiqiang, director of Gansu Rural Credit Union, had accepted bribes and had an unidentified source of huge amount of property. The defendant, Lei Zhiqiang, was sentenced to death, suspended for two years, deprived of political rights for life, and confiscated of all his personal property. After his death sentence was reduced to life imprisonment after two years of suspension, he was sentenced to life imprisonment without commutation or parole. The seized and seized stolen money, booty and fruits were confiscated according to law and sentenced to death Property that has not yet been recovered shall continue to be recovered and turned over to the state treasury.
According to the trial, from 2000 to 2017, Lei Zhiqiang, the defendant, took advantage of his position as vice mayor of Tianshui City in Gansu Province and director general of Gansu Rural Credit Cooperatives Union to seek benefits for others and close relatives in the process of loan approval, bill acceptance, credit business, cadre selection, etc., and illegally accepted the property given by others alone or in collaboration with his son, which amounted to 20% More than 241 million yuan, and more than 82 million yuan of property can not be accounted for.
Qingyang intermediate people’s court held that the defendant Lei Zhiqiang, as a state functionary, took advantage of his position to illegally accept other people’s property alone or with his son for many times to seek benefits for others, and his behavior constituted the crime of bribery, with a huge amount, causing a particularly heavy loss to the interests of the state and the people; the defendant Lei Zhiqiang’s property obviously exceeded his legal income, with a huge difference As a result, his behavior constitutes the crime of unidentified source of huge amount of property. In view of the fact that the defendant Lei Zhiqiang truthfully confessed part of the criminal facts that the case handling organ had not yet mastered after he arrived at the case, and there was a confession plot. The whereabouts of the stolen money and goods confessed have been verified, and some of the stolen money and goods have been recovered. He pleaded guilty and repented in court. The above judgment was made.