Killing his wife and best friend on the way to divorce

According to a local police report on July 25, Lai Huili, a missing woman from Hangzhou, has been killed. Her husband, Xu Guoli, is suspected of committing a major crime and has been taken criminal coercive measures.
He was born in Huali, Zhejiang Province.
In 1983, 19-year-old Xu Guoli left Qiushan village to join the army, and retired three years later. Several years after his retirement, Xu worked in a glass factory in Anhua town and taught himself futures, according to Hangzhou Daily.
Liu Xiaoxiang, Xu Guoli’s neighbor, met in the early 1990s. Liu Xiaoxiang recalled to China News Weekly that at that time, both of them were engaged in feed business in Shanghai. “A lot of our fellow villagers did duck and pig business in Shanghai. There were five or six families in our village alone.” Also in Shanghai, Xu Guoli met his ex-wife, Ms. Guan. They fell in love and got married.
Xu Guoli and his ex-wife’s marriage problems began when Xu Guoli returned to Hangzhou and met Lai Huili again. Liu Xiaoxiang once heard his and Xu Guoli’s common friends say that to Huili is Xu Guoli’s first love. They wanted to get married, but their parents didn’t agree, so they broke up. Many years later, the two people who had already married each other and reorganized their families after divorce.
Liu Xiaoxiang’s sister, Ms. Liu, is also a friend of Xu Guoli and his ex-wife. Ms. Liu got to know Xu Guoli and his ex-wife through her brother Liu Xiaoxiang. Later, Ms. Guan, Xu Guoli’s ex-wife, went to work in Zhuji. The official had no relatives in Zhuji. She had a lot of contacts with Ms. Liu and became a good friend.
On July 26, flowers were placed in the community where the murdered lady lived. (Photo by our reporter / Kan Yanzhang)
Ms. Liu remembers that before Xu Guoli and Ms. Guan divorced, the official once told her that Xu Guoli had domestic violence. “At first (Xu Guoli’s ex-wife) may not agree to divorce because they have a common son. Later, Xu Guoli family violence, pinched her neck. Her mother told them to divorce Ms. Liu recalled China Newsweek.
Around 2009, Xu Guoli was relocated from a duck farm in Shanghai. He and laihuili returned to Hangzhou to live. Liu Xiaoxiang remembers that Xu Guoli was in a good economic situation at that time. Only when the duck farm was demolished, the compensation was more than 1 million yuan. Around that year, Liu Xiaoxiang also borrowed 1 million yuan from Xu Guoli, and paid off in succession after five or six years.
From 2015 to 2017, Liu Xiaoxiang had a project in Anhua Town, Zhuji City. He asked Xu Guoli to be responsible for the management of accounts and procurement. “Xu Guoli” is very conscientious and diligent Liu Xiaoxiang told China News Weekly.
After the completion of Liu Xiaoxiang’s project, Xu Guoli returned to Hangzhou and was said to have worked as a didi driver. Later, he drove an engineering car in Hangzhou Metro Company. Three or four years ago, Xu Guoli and Lai Huili wanted to divorce, but Liu Xiaoxiang advised them not to leave. In Liu Xiaoxiang’s impression, the contradiction between the two is related to Xu Guoli’s loss in stocks.
Liu Xiaoxiang said that in recent years, Xu Guoli and laihuili would take their son and daughter to his home to pay New Year’s greetings. In his impression, Xu Guoli has a good relationship with the eldest son and youngest daughter born to his ex-wife.
After Xu Guoli was identified by the police as an important suspect in the “Hangzhou women’s missing case”, another outstanding case was raised: Liu Xiaoxiang’s elder sister, Ms. Liu, the best friend of Xu Guoli’s ex-wife, whose 16-year-old daughter Lou Meijie, was killed at home in 2002, but the murderer has not been found.
After learning that Xu Guoli is an important suspect killed in Huili, Ms. Liu thinks about her daughter’s case. After lunch that day, she went shopping with her friends on the street. Her daughter was the only one in the family. When she returned home at night, she found her daughter lying on the floor of the bathroom and had died. There was a hole on the right side of her daughter’s neck, and there were no signs of damage to the doors and windows of the room at that time.
According to Ms. Liu’s recollection, during the police investigation, a witness, a resident on the fifth floor, said that between 3:30 and 4:00 p.m., she saw a man walking out of Ms. Liu’s house, a little more than 1.70 meters tall and thinner.
The police investigated the suspect who had conflicts with Ms. Liu’s family, but failed to find the killer. Since then, the murder case has become a pending case. Five days after Lou was killed, her body was cremated. On the day of the funeral, Xu Guoli went to attend and bought a shroud for Lou Mou Jie.
Recently, some netizens have posted about the old case 18 years ago, suspecting that Xu Guoli was involved in the case.
Ms. Liu told China News Weekly that she also went to the local police and said she suspected that Xu Guoli was related to her daughter’s murder and hoped that the police would investigate the possibility. “I learned from Hangzhou public security and our local police in Zhuji that my daughter’s case is under re investigation.” She told China News Weekly.
After Xu Guoli’s wife came to Huili and disappeared, the police once asked Liu Xiaoxiang to understand Xu Guoli’s situation. He told China News Weekly that he did not think Xu Guoli killed his niece. He said, “I didn’t have any conflict with him at all, and there was no economic contact at that time. How could he do it?”