Suyuan wanted to see the victim

The main criminal of Suyuan case said that he must see the victim [Zhao doushun, principal criminal of Suyuan case in South Korea: let me meet the victim] Zhao doushun, the principal criminal of Suyuan case, will be released from prison this weekend. According to South Korea’s jtbc news report, during his sentence, Zhao doushun repeatedly said in a petition that he could not remember anything about the circumstances of the crime at that time, and also said that he “sincerely hope to see the victims.”. It is reported that in his petition, Zhao doushun once said that the charges were “disgraceful” and that he did not disclose them to other prisoners once. Zhao doushun has submitted more than 100 petitions so far since he was put into prison. The most common content is that he claimed that he was drunk from the beginning to the end and could not remember it. Because he was drunk, he felt that he was not guilty. At the same time, Zhao doushun often wrote at the end of the petition: “finally, please. I sincerely hope you will let me meet the victims.” The main criminal of Suyuan case pleaded to meet the victim