Li Jiaqi shop punished

According to media reports on November 30, Shanghai Zhuangjia e-commerce Co., Ltd., which is 49% owned by Li Jiaqi, has been given administrative punishment for publishing false advertisements.
According to Tianyan, Shanghai Zhuangjia e-commerce Co., Ltd. was fined 10000 yuan for “publishing false advertisements” on June 10 this year.
According to the decision on administrative punishment, the informant bought feishikou shampoo in the tmall online store (exclusive store of Li Jiaqi) set up by the company, and the store falsely publicized the anti hair loss function of the shampoo on the Internet, but the company was unable to provide relevant basis.
At present, we can’t find “feishikou ginger shampoo” in “Li Jiaqi exclusive store”.
It is worth noting that Li Jiaqi was named by the China Consumer Association a few days ago, because the products sold in the live broadcasting room “can’t be changed after buying”.
Li Jiaqi studio issued a statement saying that the manufacturer had already sold out the goods at that time and could not replace them, so they made a refund. The studio has been actively coordinating with the brand side to do a good job of after-sales. If there are still any opinions on the current after-sales solutions, they will be responsible to the end.