Man immersed in pig cage

On November 20, a netizen posted that a man in Dianbai County, Guangdong Province, was “soaked in a pig cage” by several men, suspected of emotional disputes. According to the video, a man was tied into a bamboo cage with hemp rope and thrown into the water by people around him. The man was crying for mercy on the spot. On the evening of November 20, the Dianbai branch of Maoming Public Security Bureau issued a police information circular saying that one suspect had been arrested and the others were in full pursuit.
According to the circular, the police immediately investigated and dealt with a short video of a man trapped in a bamboo cage circulated on the Internet. After investigation, the video content reflects a case caused by emotional disputes in lingmen Town, Dianbai District, in the early morning of November 20.
At present, the police have filed a case according to law, and arrested the suspect suspect Lai Ming (male, 41 years old, electric Bai Ling men), and other suspects are in full pursuit.