Strengthen the sense of marriage certificate issuing ceremony

[China will strengthen the sense of marriage certificate issuing ceremony] recently, the Ministry of civil affairs and the all China Women’s Federation jointly issued the guiding opinions on strengthening the guidance and education of marriage and family in the new era. According to the guidelines, it is necessary to explore the introduction of certificate issuing ceremony into the marriage registration process and realize the normalization of certificate issuance, and announce marriage in a solemn and sacred ceremony by guiding the marriage parties to read marriage vows and get marriage certificates Conclusion, let the parties understand and bear in mind the responsibilities of marriage and family. It is suggested that if conditions permit, outdoor certificate issuing places can be set up, local leaders and social celebrities issuing system should be established, humanized certification service should be actively promoted, certificate issuing words with rich cultural connotation should be designed, and parties should be encouraged to invite relatives and friends to witness together.