She is my teacher.

There is a person who is the first teacher I deserve in my life. She is the encouragement of my study, the perseverance of thrift and the struggler of labor. She is like an all-embracing book. When my thoughts are slightly deviated, she will persuade me with wisdom, gentle words and unkind advice, correct my thoughts, and let me thrive on the innocent earth; she is like a hard-working and complaining old scalper, diligent all her life, and never complains at all. She is the greatest, the most selfless, the most sincere lover in the world – the mother who is so kind to us.
In ancient times, there were legendary historical stories of “Meng Mu’s moving home to teach his son”, but in the new century of modernization, a story of “mother’s good advice to teach his son” emerged.
I still remember that terrible thing. It was like a sharp steel file, stabbing me in the heart. So far, there are still some dull pain.
It was a national celebration of the Spring Festival, the night of the first day of the New Year. Our family gathered for New Year’s Eve dinner. There are many delicious dishes on the table, which make people dazzled: red-roasted carp with color and fragrance, and red-roasted meat that makes people covet three feet. By the way, there’s a fat, fat, greasy roast chicken. I just took a sip of water, and in that instant, it poured up again. I was not interested in other dishes, but fell in love with that well-coloured roast chicken at first sight. My eyes stared like a copper bell, and my nose smelled and smelled the fat chicken. However, the table is not full, according to the rules, the family has not arrived, especially the elders can not sit down, my younger generation can not move chopsticks at will. Because of this, I begged my mother for my big fat chicken several times. But the result is a mother’s words with a long focus: “This is the fine tradition of our Chinese nation for 5000 years, which can not be destroyed because of personal interests.” I listened to the disheartened, staring at the roast chicken, hoping to swallow it in one gulp. I thought to myself, “Well, it seems that I can only feast my eyes.” Looking at it, I am a little anxious, eyes like burning a hot flame, staring at the burning chicken, anxious.
After 20 minutes, this long time of suffering, the family slowly swallowed the talent to sit on the seat in turn. “Thanks to God, I can finally eat the big fat chicken I dreamed of there.” Regardless of etiquette, I reached out and grabbed the chicken leg. I held my head in my left hand and the tail in my right hand to fight for the relief of my appetite. I wolfed down, desperate. I ate and ate, inadvertently glancing at the roast chicken, which did not matter. I suddenly found that the other leg was about to change the fate of my eating. I screamed in my heart. I left that chicken leg with half of it on the table, ignored it, and freed up my hands to grab another chicken leg. While I was enjoying my meal, my mother suddenly stopped me and said to me with profound meaning, “Shuai, did your teacher ever teach you: Who knows how hard it is to eat Chinese food on the plate?” While eating, I said, “My dog hasn’t eaten meat for months, so let him eat more meat!” “Can man and dog compare?” Mom changed her breath. “Today’s happy life is not easy for me!” Some heartbeat, the moonlight outside the window gently sprinkled on mother’s benevolent face. Mother hit the iron while it was hot: “You deserve it…” Before my mother finished, I picked up the meat, washed it with water and continued to gobble it down.
There is a proverb: “The so-called genius refers to the perseverance and diligence of the people.”
Enchanted people and selfless people.” My mother is a selfless worker, as the saying goes.
One morning, when I opened my sleepy eyes, my parents had already gone to work in the field. I looked at my watch and it was only six o’clock. As a carp meditated, I threw aside the bedding and dressed in a hurry to hide my ears. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. In a twinkling of an eye, the hour hand had pointed to seven o’clock. Zhuge Liang in my stomach is ready to sing the empty city plan. I first withstood, but by eight o’clock the “empty city plan” had to enter a white-hot stage. I was so anxious that I thought, “Why isn’t Mom back yet?” I had no choice but to drink a few glasses of water to hold the position, and then to ride down.
I Leap Three steps, across the mud beach… After the ninety-eighty-one difficulties, finally came to the ground.
When I got to the field, it was not far from my mother. I shouted to my mother, “Mom –” Mom didn’t seem to hear me. She didn’t raise her head, stooped down and concentrated on her work.
I went over and shouted again. Mom heard this, raised her head and asked in bewilderment, “Why are you here?” I said with some complaints, “It’s nine o’clock, and I’m starving to death!” Mom was surprised. “It’s almost nine o’clock!” Mom suddenly realized and hurried home…
Mother has a good quality of thrift, although she does not have a high degree and rich knowledge. Although the mother has no strength to stand up to the heaven and earth, she can devote herself to her work. Mother, you are really my teacher!

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