Iran receives a letter from the United States

The Swiss Foreign Ministry confirmed Thursday that when the Iranian government summoned the charg é d’affaires of the Swiss Embassy in Iran, the Swiss side transmitted a letter from the United States. Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammed Jawad Zarif, said Iran had “responded unequivocally” to “bold letters” from the United States.
A woman attends a memorial service for Sulaimani in Tehran, Iran.
After the U.S. broke off diplomatic relations with Iran in 1980, Switzerland represented the U.S. interests in Iran. Iran’s government summoned the temporary agent of the Swiss Embassy in Iran on the morning of the 3rd to protest against the US air strikes. Switzerland’s Foreign Ministry confirmed Thursday that the charg é d’affaires A.I. of the Swiss Embassy in Iran had transmitted a letter to the United States at that time.
Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Zarif told Iranian media on the evening of the 3rd that Swiss officials conveyed “stupid messages from the US side” on the morning of the 3rd. Iran summoned the official that night to “respond decisively” in writing to a “bold letter” from the United States.
Zarif did not specify the specific content of the message from Switzerland or the specific response from Iran.
Major general Ali fadawi, a senior official of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard, told Iran’s state television that the U.S. side “resorted to diplomatic channels” after the 3-day air raid. Through this channel, the US even said that if Iran wants to retaliate, the retaliation should be “proportionate” to the US action.
Fadawi said the US side has no right to dictate. It’s going to be a tough response from the United States, not just Iran.

Death of academician Jiang Hongde

Jiang Hongde, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and professor of Tsinghua University, died in Beijing on January 4 at the age of 78. Jiang Hongde was born in Hunan Province in 1942. He graduated from Tsinghua University in 1965 with a master’s degree from Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1981. He was elected academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1999.
He has been engaged in the theoretical and experimental research, technical development and engineering application of the internal flow of turbomachinery for a long time, and has made great contributions to the technical progress of power generation equipment manufacturing industry and power industry in China. Once won the second prize of national science and technology progress award, and four provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards. As a teacher, he often teaches students to be reassured by scientific research and focus on China: “as one of the national pillar industries, the energy industry’s market cannot be completely occupied by foreign countries, and it needs continuous independent innovation. It will take us more than ten years to create a gas turbine with independent intellectual property rights through digestion, absorption and innovation, and occupy a place in the market. This is a long process, which requires diligence, perseverance and perseverance, not to be tempted by the immediate interests, and finally to give the country a satisfactory answer. “

Cook’s pay is down

What’s the matter with cook’s pay cut? Apple’s sales performance has declined in the past 2019, which has led to a drop in executive pay across the company, while cook, as Apple’s president, saw an annual pay drop of about $4 million compared to 2018. Cook’s total compensation in 2019 was $11.6 million, compared with $15.7 million in 2018, so why has it fallen so much?
According to the report, Apple CEO cook’s total salary in 2019 is US $11.6 million, with an annual salary of US $15.7 million in 2018; Apple CFO Luca Maestri’s total salary in 2019 is US $25.2 million, with a total salary of US $26.5 million in 2018; and CEO Jeff Williams’s total salary in 2019 is US $25.2 million, with a total salary of US $26.5 million in 2018.
In 2019, Apple CEO cook’s annual compensation to company median employee ratio was 201:1.
But for Apple executives such as cook, the annual salary is only a part of their income. If the performance meets the standard, the board of directors will give them stock awards, which will be a huge wave of rewards.
Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook donated 6880 privately owned company shares to an unnamed charity, worth about $2 million as of the trading day.
Cook regularly attends charity events, such as a one-on-one meeting auction through charitybuzz. In 2014, for example, lunch with cook at Apple’s headquarters cost $330000. Revenue from online sales usually goes to the Robert Kennedy Center for justice and human rights. Like other high-tech executives, cook has pledged all of his personal money to charity, and in 2015 said he plans to take a “systematic approach” to charity.
This week, Apple’s share price rose 2.28% to a record high above $300. Apple’s share price soared nearly 90% in 2019, leading faang. For such performance, industry analysts are generally optimistic about Apple, most of whom believe that Apple’s stock will soar further in 2020, and its stock is expected to rise to $350, or even $400.

Cancellation of provincial toll stations

From 0:00 on January 1, 2020, 487 provincial highway toll stations in 29 connected provinces have been cancelled, and the target task of “basically canceling provincial highway toll stations within two years” proposed in the 2019 government work report has been completed in advance. This will effectively improve people’s travel experience, help energy conservation and emission reduction, reduce costs and increase efficiency.
“After the provincial toll station of expressway is cancelled, the people’s expectation of” stepping on the accelerator to the end “can be realized.” Sun Wenjian, spokesman for the Ministry of transport, said.
It takes only 2 seconds for the bus to pass
On the evening of December 31, 2019, the grid connection switch of the provincial toll station project was cancelled as scheduled, and the reform of toll road system was deepened. Li Xiaopeng, the leader of the leading group of the provincial toll station work and the Minister of the Ministry of transport, directed the switch and announced that the grid connection switch of the provincial toll station project was successfully cancelled.
The data shows that under normal traffic conditions, the average time for passenger cars to pass through the provincial boundary is reduced from 15 seconds to 2 seconds, and the time for freight cars to pass through the provincial boundary is reduced from 29 seconds to 3 seconds.
In less than nine months since the general office of the State Council printed and distributed the implementation plan for deepening the reform of toll road system and canceling the provincial toll station of expressway, the Ministry of transport has successively formulated more than 90 implementation plans, held five industry wide deployment and scheduling meetings, conducted more than 30 special investigations, supervisions and symposiums, and improved and optimized the freshness The “green passage” for agricultural products transportation and other supporting measures for toll reduction and exemption policies, the adjustment of freight car toll by car (axle) type, the implementation of highway entrance does not stop weighing test.
In China, 24588 sets of etc gantry systems have been built, 48211 etc lanes have been reconstructed, and 11401 sets of freeway non-stop weighing detection systems have been completed. At the same time, 12000 toll collectors have been properly resettled.
Etc has more than 200 million users
Etc promotion and issuance is the core measure to realize the fast charging without stopping, and also the key factor to ensure the smooth implementation of the station withdrawal task. From the practical experience of developed countries, if the etc installation rate does not reach a certain proportion, fast access cannot be achieved.
By the end of 2019, China’s etc promotion and issuance had reached 123 million, with a total of 204 million users.
After the provincial toll station is cancelled, a small number of manual toll lanes will remain at the entrance and exit toll stations. At present, there is no etc vehicle installed, so we can continue to use the way of parking at the entrance toll station to collect the card and parking at the exit toll station to pay the card to drive the expressway.
More reasonable truck tolls
With the cancellation of toll stations across the national highway and provincial boundaries, from January 1, the freight car toll will be charged by the number of axles instead of the original weight. At present, freight car weight charging is widely used in expressways in China, and parking weighing affects freight car traffic efficiency. The adjustment of truck charging method from weight charging to vehicle (axle) charging will be beneficial to the realization of fast and non parking of trucks and the improvement of quality and efficiency of logistics industry.
“From the current situation, the charging level of standard loading trucks and trucks close to the standard loading trucks in different regions has been reduced to different degrees.” Sun Wenjian said that charging by truck (axle) is an international practice. Under the premise of legal loading, no matter how much cargo the same axle truck carries, the occupation and loss of road resources are basically the same. Therefore, collecting tolls according to unified standards is conducive to improving the real load rate and transportation efficiency of expressway transportation.

Fire at Jiamusi Airport

On January 1, a netizen released a video saying that there was a fire at the eastern suburb airport of Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province. The video shows the scene was ablaze with fire. An airport staff reminded that “passengers, due to the special circumstances of the airport, please wait outside the terminal for a while.”
On the evening of January 1, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily contacted the airport by telephone. The staff said that the accident had been handled. At present, other normal flights at the airport have resumed normal operation, and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. No one was injured in the accident, the staff said.
On the evening of January 1, the Emergency Management Bureau of Dongfeng District of Jiamusi City issued a news introduction. At 16:22 p.m. on January 1, 2020, there was a fire at the construction site of the entrance passage project of Jiamusi east suburb airport. The rescuers put out the open fire within 10 minutes after arriving at the site. The fire did not cause casualties and major property losses, and the flights in and out of the port were normal.
Next, the fire department will conduct serious investigation and treatment.

Wanda no longer supports one side

On December 31, a media person said on Weibo that there would be a big earthquake in a northern Club of CSL, and it was speculated that Wanda would withdraw its capital from one side. Today, Wanda Group issued an official statement:
Recently, the Internet media hyped Wanda’s withdrawal of a football club and its withdrawal from Dalian football. Some self media maliciously slander Wanda for not really engaging in football, but for enterprises. In order to clarify the facts, the following statement is made:
At the beginning of 2018, the shareholders of Dalian Football Club no longer contributed to the club. According to the research and decision of Dalian City, one football club is entrusted by Dalian Football Association, and the two sides have signed a custody agreement. At this time, less than 2 weeks before the start of the Chinese Super League, the main leaders of Dalian city made a special trip to Wanda Group, proposing that Wanda Group should pay the fund needed by one football club in the current year in advance, promising to coordinate and solve several problems in the development of Dalian football in 2018, including the account of one football club that was frozen by the judiciary, the transfer of equity and the huge amount left over by the former shareholder of one side Debt issues.
In the past two years, Wanda Group has paid a huge amount of operating funds to a football club, and invested 2 billion yuan to build a football youth training center in Dalian; invested nearly 1 billion yuan to build a dozen football youth teams aged 12 to 21 with about 350 people; signed an agreement to support 10 key football primary schools in Dalian with 500 million yuan in a decade. If Wanda doesn’t really play football, can we make such a long-term layout!
However, due to various reasons, Wanda has not obtained the equity of a football club, and the problems left over by the history of the club have not been solved, even the club account can not be used. In this case, Wanda Group cannot continue to support one football club in the current way.
Wanda has built the world-class football infrastructure in Dalian, and China’s first-class youth football team also has a long-term commitment to support Dalian campus football. Therefore, Wanda will not quit Dalian football and will seek to rebuild its professional club and continue to support Dalian football.

King glory S18 season

The S18 season of King glory is coming soon: Valley adjustment, modification of tyrant killing reward, segment inheritance, free trial of new cool products for the first time, as well as many high-quality talents sharing unique life experience, come to Sina public beta, experience the most cutting-edge, interesting and fun products in all fields ~! Download client can also get exclusive benefits Oh!
Home of it December 31 news King glory S17 season is coming to an end, now King glory official exposure first-hand information. The new version comes, S18 season will start.
Xuanyong information film will be launched soon
In 2020, Xuanyong information film “the road to the strong” will go online in January. Explore Xuanyong, summoners, please wait! (in other words, the height difference between Meng Yu and sister Jing is cute.)
S18 season exploration theme
The new season inherits Fengyi’s imperial edict theme
When the sun is dim, the sky is dim~
Chang’an sets thousands of bright lights to add color to mountains and rivers!
The imperial edict of Fengyi was specially given by the empress to prepare for the “Lantern Festival” to win the championship. When you are in the prime, you will see thousands of lanterns.
All the participants of the banquet and tour can get the corresponding rewards with the phoenix pattern objects they are looking for!
In S18 season, the exploration entrance is directly displayed in the qualifying interface. When you reach the milestone, you can unlock the object and get bonus. Wait for you to explore together!
S18 season limited skin
Square is like a chessboard, circle is like a chessboard, go is like heaven and earth, and black and white represents chaos. The chess player comes with the imperial edict of Fengyi. In the challenge arena, the black and white sons are arrayed against the enemy. The layout is unpredictable, the fall of the son is strange and difficult to know, and the view is like the view of chaos, which is called “chaos chess”.
S18 season limited skin: chess star chaos
S18 season segment succession
The following is the segment inheritance of S18 new season. The summoners should check the table below to see what segment they will be in the new season~
Adjustment of wangzhe Canyon
Wang’s new version of Rongyao’s adjustment hopes to further strengthen the construction of regional characteristics, mainly in the adjustment of line branches and wild areas. Let’s see what changes have taken place?
Alignment and shunt adjustment
Through the adjustment of line diversion, we hope to make the level advantage of the confrontation road more obvious, cooperate with the income supplement of the middle road and the economic advantage of the development road, and make the characteristics of each region more prominent.

Confrontation Road<<
Cancel the life recovery effect of the counter road Ranger, adjust it to an additional experienced soldier, and highlight the level advantage in the early stage of the counter road.
Middle road
The spiritual life of the middle channel is reduced to be the same as that of the side channel to supplement the middle channel income.
Master prophet / Master<<
Adjust the refresh time and interval of dominating prophets, and reduce the basic life and attack of dominating prophets, dominating pioneers and dominating prophets. And adjust the killing income to focus on experience.
In addition, you can also suppress the opponent’s experience by dominating the vanguard. The experience of killing the vanguard is far lower than that of a wave of normal soldiers~
Tyrant / dark tyrant<<
Adjust the tyrant refresh interval, and modify the tyrant’s killing reward to focus on gold coins.
Adjustment of wild area
Increase the economic benefits of the player in the unit time and spare more time; strengthen the red buff effect and balance the field efficiency of red open and blue open; adjust the buff effect of storm Dragon King, optimize the shield effect and increase the promotion ability
Small wild monster / medium wild monster<<
(scarlet stone, blue stone)
Increase the unit time revenue, refresh interval of wild monsters, and health and attack slightly, but at the same time, increase the revenue and refresh interval of all wild monsters, which can allow more time to make other tactical decisions.
Scarlet stone buff<<
The red buff effect is enhanced, the deceleration effect caused by the general attack is slightly improved, and the real burning damage caused by the general attack is also improved, balancing the field efficiency of red open and blue open.
Storm Dragon King<<
The lightning protection effect of stormdragon king is adjusted to be the refresh from war, and the shield effect and propulsion effect brought by buff of stormdragon king are strengthened.

Online car Hailing boss kills himself

The first round of the semi-finals of the dmasia cup of the League of heroes has officially ended. In this competition, the EDG team has regained their dominance over the dmasia cup. Although VG team pulled two games in succession, they refused to be chased by two or three teams in the end. They won the game successfully and reached the final at the same time.
In fact, in the previous transfer period, the operation of the EDG team has made many people quite dissatisfied, it can be said that they did not buy any strong players. However, it’s unexpected that the list that EDG bought from the youth training camp will be so powerful, and the performance of the newcomers, jiejie and hope, will also make fans overjoyed. From this state of view, EDG’s lineup this year is quite good.
As for VG, the opponent of EDG, it’s a pity. Although the three players of Shangshan, Zhongshan and AD are quite good, Yefu and AIX are too “straddling”, especially the player of the field, their performance in these games can be said to be “horrible”, and they have made numerous mistakes, regardless of whether the rhythm or operation is completely blasted on the opposite side, which also leads to VG’s final loss of the game.
What’s more, after seeing the poor performance of Aix, some netizens also went to check the segment of Aix under curiosity. They didn’t expect that there was only platinum in Hanfu. Although rank doesn’t mean everything, for a professional, only platinum is really too bad.
After finding out this, and combining with the performance of Aix in the game before, the fans were also quite angry, blasting the official blog of VG team one after another, asking them to change the field in a hurry. Now it’s just the demacia cup, even if you don’t get a good result, it doesn’t have a great impact, but if the spring match is still like this, it will be really cool.
What’s more incomprehensible is that VG team actually introduced another field player chieftain before, but even if AIX’s performance was so poor, VG still didn’t let the chieftain play. Is it true that the management believed in AIX so much? Or do you want to hide the chieftain as a secret weapon for the spring games?
In any case, after the reorganization of VG team this year, fans still have high expectations for the team, and there is a powerful coach like kkoma in the team. I hope they can adjust their condition well later. Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message.

Ibrahimovic joins AC Milan

Rome, Dec. 27, Xinhua News Agency – after a long wait, Ibrahimovic’s next stop finally came to the surface. Serie A giants AC Milan have announced that Ibrahimovic has joined the club on a free transfer, the second time the Swede has played for the Rossoneri.
After finishing his contract with LA Galaxy, Ibrahimovic has been linked with a number of teams including Napoli and Tottenham, but he finally chose AC Milan. It is reported that Ibrahimovic has signed a six-month contract with his old employer, which can be renewed for another year.
As a famous “Prodigal” in football, Ibrahimovic, 38, has played for Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona and other clubs. In the summer of 2010, Ibrahimovic, who was not successful in Barcelona, came to AC Milan and helped the team win the Serie A title after seven years in his first season. In two seasons, Ibrahimovic played 85 times for AC Milan, scoring 56 goals. In 2012, Ibrahimovic left Serie A for Paris Saint Germain.
At present, AC Milan have a poor record, ranking 11th with only 21 points. The arrival of Ibrahimovic is expected to solve the team’s “weak front” dilemma. He will undergo a medical examination at the club on January 2, 2020.

Chinese Medicine Association apologize

On December 21, Hongmao pharmaceutical and vice president of Hongmao pharmaceutical won the honorary titles of “star enterprise of fulfilling social responsibility in 2018” and “person award of fulfilling social responsibility in 2018” issued by China Association of traditional Chinese medicine. After the “cross provincial arrest of doctors” was revealed at the beginning of 2018, Hongmao pharmaceutical industry caused public concern and doubt due to this matter.
On December 26, the Chinese Traditional Medicine Association, the organizer standing on the cusp of the storm, apologized for the incident, said it sincerely apologized for lax control, and decided to cancel the recognition of Hongmao pharmaceutical industry and correct the mistakes.
The statement made by the Chinese medicine association seems to have put an end to the event. But what the public wants to know more is: why does Hongmao pharmaceutical industry win the award? Can the evaluation standard be put out for drying?
According to media reports, the relevant director of the China Association of traditional Chinese medicine responded that “Hongmao pharmaceutical wine’s past is the past, the past Hongmao pharmaceutical wine has been turned over through laws and media (regulation) and has taken on social responsibility. We encourage enterprises with a sense of social responsibility, looking at its present and future. Is there any mistake in this matter?” The reporter asked about the “selection criteria” of the award, and the other side said, “we have our criteria, which cannot be disclosed.”
In the era of “everyone has a microphone”, if the evaluation standard of an award can’t be transparent and open, it’s no wrong to be questioned about “operation in the dark box”. In the media reports of the incident, it can be seen that paying for the title of Chinese Medicine Association has also become a “normal operation” of rapidly gaining reputation. It is irresponsible to the society and the public to award Hongmao pharmaceutical “star enterprise of social responsibility”.
Although Hongmao pharmaceutical said that it launched a series of public welfare projects such as “micro filial piety action”, which has achieved good social benefits all over the country.
An award-winning organization should be questioned for any reason, regardless of the deep-seated impact of the enterprise on the society.
The Chinese Medicine Association may as well take out the reasons for the review and expose them to the sun. If there is no mistake, it will be more able to confirm the gold content of the award, more able to convince the public and withstand the test.