Rich merchant’s granddaughter died of plastic surgery

South Korea’s MBC television station quoted a police report on October 9 that Luo Beier, granddaughter of a wealthy Hong Kong businessman in China, died of plastic surgery in South Korea, which was a serious medical negligence.
Police investigation found that there were no anesthesiologists on the scene of adverse reactions caused by propofol, a controlled drug used as a sedative during the operation.
According to reports, Roebel had previously gone to a plastic surgery clinic in Seoul’s Jiangnan District for surgery, which was part of her birthday celebration. However, she fell into a coma during the operation and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, but she still died. At that time, the operation was performed by Jin Chengri, who claimed to have 10 years of experience, assisted by surgeon Jung Tae Gwang and nurse Park Mi soo. Robel was undergoing liposuction of her upper arm and upper pelvis and developed complications while preparing for autogenous breast augmentation.
Seoul police have conducted a criminal investigation into the case, but the clinic’s website shows that it is still in operation, and the surgeon, Kim Sung RI, is still available for renewal.
Danny Chi has been married to Robel for 10 years and has a 7-year-old son. He filed a lawsuit in the Hong Kong court today against the clinic, two doctors and a nurse, alleging that they were suspected of manslaughter and forgery of pre-operative documents, resulting in financial losses, including Luo’s annual income and one-third of his father-in-law’s estate.

Hu Tongming responds to the crash

Wang Yibo’s car fall caused by Hu Tongming’s personal behavior in motorcycle competition has aroused a lot of attention. Wang Yibo found the other side’s theory at the first time after leaving the track, but the other side’s attitude not only did not apologize, but also made provocative remarks. When the conflict was about to break out, Wang Yibo was pulled away by the staff.
And after the event, the network discussion about this matter is also intensified. Some media pointed out that Hu Tongming also clapped hands with his teammates after returning to the track, and seemed very proud of his achievements.

Calling on Taiwan media

On the evening of October 2, Taiwan media sent good news that she gave birth to a daughter, about 7 pounds (3180 grams), to his wife Guo biting
Guo biting gave birth to her first daughter on the national day double festival of the Mid Autumn Festival (October 1). After Xiang Taihe and Xiang Huaqiang arrived in Taiwan, she took good care of her daughter-in-law. Now she is happy to welcome her granddaughter. They built a villa for Guo biting’s mother and daughter in advance and fulfilled their original promise.
First of all, congratulations on Guo biting’s becoming a mother and Xiang Zuo Dang’s father. Their love has been controversial all the way, and now they have finally ushered in the crystallization of their love. The two men’s and women’s genes must not be bad, but we still hope that girls like Guo biting are better, and with Xiangzuo’s rich family background, it is estimated that they will continue to make efforts to open up branches and leaves for Xiangzuo’s family.
However, Xiang Zuo and Guo biting have not made public the good news, including Xiang Tai and Guo biting’s father and wife both kept silent and did not respond. Until October 7, I sent an article to the head of Jordan’s father. Instead of expressing his joy, he sent a letter to the Taiwanese media: a Taiwanese media, please let us go. It’s no more than three things.
In the article, to Zuo sent three inverted thumbs expression, and released a black and white stills, expressed anger. Although Xiang Zuo didn’t point out the reason, netizens understood it and comforted Xiang Zuo to be angry. He wanted to accompany the little princess happily.
It turns out that in the early morning of the day when Xiang Zuo sent the article, Taiwan media had exposed Guo biting’s 72 hour prenatal picture and took a full-length picture of Guo biting’s belly as big as a basket.
The media continuously filmed 72 hours in the hospital. From September 27, Guo biting went to the hospital for examination, and on October 1, the couple visited the hospital. The whole process was recorded, just like “live broadcast”, which greatly affected the mood of the puerpera.
However, Xiangzuo didn’t get angry that day. Instead, he waited for his wife to give birth to the baby. He endured for nearly ten days for his wife and daughter. He was worthy of being a good husband.
In fact, last month, some Taiwan media exposed Guo biting and Xiang Zuo going out. The shooting time should be within half a month. At that time, Guo biting’s belly was as big as a basket, and her pregnant belly was round and big. She was once suspected of being twins. And Xiang Zuo is very considerate. He helps his wife with care. He is a perfect model husband, and he keeps his mouth shut with patience.
As a matter of fact, everyone in Xiang zoubi wanted to accompany Guo biting, but she was not allowed to come to Taiwan because of the epidemic situation and visa problems. Xiang Zuo did not fly to his wife until early September to celebrate their first wedding anniversary and the mid autumn national day.
The only regret is that Guo biting failed to sign the marriage application in Hong Kong within three months, which led to the two missing the validity of their first paper marriage. Later, the agent revealed that they had applied twice and asked Taiji to register in Taiwan to finish the marriage before the baby was born.
However, some Taiwan media said that Guo biting had to finish her confinement to get the certificate, which seemed to imply that the two were unmarried and had children first.
Xiang Tai’s daughter-in-law was also questioned because she was too tight. Two months ago, she was admitted to the hospital for treatment of myocardial infarction. She recovered after one month of treatment. At that time, some fans were dissatisfied because she did not disclose it in time. To too after discharge from the hospital, the first time to restore the illness, the outside world just wake up. Xiang Tai, who is concerned about his daughter-in-law, also arrived in Taiwan in early September and took her granddaughter in the first place.
As a matter of fact, since their marriage, they have been questioned. This time, anger towards Zuo rare is probably unbearable.

Eddie van Helen dies

Eddie Van Halen, founder of the famous rock band Van Halen, died of throat cancer on October 7 at the age of 65.
Eddie van Helen was born in Holland on January 26, 1955. He is known as one of the most outstanding guitarists in the 20th century. He is also the promoter of the heavy metal wave in Europe and the United States in the 1980s. He is also the pioneer of electric guitar Stringing Technology. His representative works include beat it, eruption and ain’t Talkin’bout love
Among the top 100 guitarists selected by guitar world in 2012, Eddie van Helen beat out many other guitarists, such as Queen’s Guitarist Brian May, rush’s Alex lifeon and Jimi Hendrix.

Swearing parrots quarantined

Five African Grey parrots in London, UK, were forced to be quarantined by zoos and taught to be “birds” again, British media reported. In August, a British Wildlife Park adopted five African Grey parrots. During the outbreak, they were kept in the same room, teaching each other swearing and laughing at each other. At first, the zoo attracted more tourists, but on weekends, a large number of minors would come to play. In order to avoid teaching bad children, the five gray parrots could only be separated.

Gaud responds to navigation congestion

On October 4, the official micro blog of Qingcheng Mountain Dujiangyan scenic area, a famous tourist attraction in Sichuan Province, said that recently, the Qingcheng Mountain Dujiangyan scenic area has received frequent feedback from tourists. The “Gaode map” is used to navigate to the Qingcheng Mountain Scenic Area, which leads to wrong positioning and leads to serious traffic congestion and great difficulties for tourists and scenic area management Disturbing.
The problem of “Gaode map” in the navigation of Qingcheng Mountain scenic area has existed for many years. The scenic area contacted with “Gaode map” for many times and asked to modify and optimize the navigation route of Qingcheng Mountain Scenic Area, but none of them was successful.
Therefore, it is suggested that self driving tourists should use other navigation platforms to avoid misleading and inconvenient travel.
In response, Gaode said that at present, the navigation arrival point of Qingcheng Mountain scenic area has been optimized from the ticket office to the parking lot, so you can rest assured that you can use the navigation. Thank you for your supervision and feedback. We will continue to improve and provide better navigation services for you. The official account of WeChat public in Dujiangyan, Qingchengshan, and Chengdu.

Switch crossing in Chongqing

Chongqing is the top 10 tourist destinations in China for the Mid Autumn Festival. Although this year has experienced the “test” of epidemic situation and flood, when the long holiday comes, Yuzhong District of Chongqing, which gathers many popular scenic spots, is still popular and “pet powder” is still the same.
Yuzhong police deployed in advance, took various measures simultaneously, closed the bridge traffic, convenient for tourists to take photos and punch in; opened the “on-off” wall to escort tourists to cross the road safely. In this series of hard core operations, the police continued to escort the safety of the holiday with professionalism and perseverance, presenting the deepest confession to the motherland and the people.
Special police unit “man wall” switch crossing road to ensure the safety of tourists
At about 7:00 p.m. on October 1, with the fall of night and the lighting, the flow of people in popular scenic spots such as Hongya cave and Chaotianmen square began to increase gradually. In Hongya cave, tourists from Jiabin road and Cangbai road enter and leave the scenic spot in an endless stream. However, when people punch in here, they also find a special scenic spot.
When the pedestrian green light is on, more than 10 special police members quickly stand on both sides of the zebra crossing, which is like two “human walls”, separating pedestrians from motor vehicles, creating a safe area for pedestrians crossing the road. Another group of on-site police guides and escorts a batch of tourists to pass quickly and orderly in the crowd. When the signal light turns to red light, the police standing in the middle of the road will change their “formation” and return to both sides of the sidewalk to isolate pedestrians from crossing the road. Although there are many tourists and vehicles, the scene is still in good order.

Alert to recruitment information in North Myanmar

Recently, domestic public security organs have received reports of several criminal cases in which Chinese citizens were cheated to the northern part of Myanmar and then kidnapped, illegally detained, extorted and forced into prostitution, according to the consular through train wechat on the 3rd. Many Chinese citizens believed in the recruitment information of “going to Myanmar to work” and were forced to engage in Telecom fraud, gambling and other illegal and criminal activities after they went to Myanmar. If the victim refuses or fails to complete the “performance”, the suspect will commit such criminal acts as beating, detention, extortion, forced prostitution and so on.
At present, there is a high incidence of criminal cases involving our personnel in northern Myanmar. The Consular Department of the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of public security remind Chinese citizens to be vigilant and work outside through regular and legal labor agencies. They should not trust the recruitment information in northern Myanmar. In case of emergency, please call the police to the local and domestic public security organs and contact the Chinese embassy or consulate in the local area for help.
According to the law of our country, it is an illegal and criminal act to illegally cross the border, cheat on telecommunication network and gamble, which will harm others and yourself. The public security organs will severely crack down on it. Please do not engage in relevant activities.

Pushing his son into the sea

The father pushed his mentally retarded son into the sea for cheating on his security

The father pushed the mentally retarded son into the sea for the purpose of fraud: on September 28, Haikou, Hainan Province, the father pushed the mentally retarded son into the sea for the purpose of fraud. According to the father involved, the son was born 38 years ago and didn’t do a single day’s work. He gave birth to three children. He didn’t pay for milk powder. His family was in debt of 800000. He didn’t obey orders and fought with his family. If he was obedient, he didn’t need much money. “It’s his own, but there’s no way.”.

I admire such parents very much, but when they have no money, they cheat their children’s lives. Although they are free, can they live morally and conscientiously?
No matter what you think, I feel that this father is great. Every family has a difficult book to read. If you don’t participate in other people’s life, don’t judge others. But it was a mistake for the father to push the child into the sea, contrary to the law. But when the father made this decision, the moment he started, we put ourselves in a different position to think about the father’s mental activities. Mental activities do not judge. After reading the article, I feel it.
First of all, children. Now the children which is not the treasure in the palm, which is not in the home with the little emperor general existence. As a father, you should feel how you treat your children. He is also a father, like you, his dedication to the children is selfless, and he would like to give everything to his own children. What delicious food, father and mother always because I do not like to eat, I am full, want to give their children more to eat. An era of material scarcity, not to mention the era of everything now. Delicious, easy to wear are first for their own children. Have you ever found a toy while doing another thing? Your first thought is to buy one for your own children. All for the children, for all the children. This is not to say, as every child’s parents should have their own feelings.
Talk about father. Father is the pillar of a family. With a mentally retarded child, what is the father’s heart like? But my own son at that time. Take care of it no matter what. But for a mentally retarded child, there are many things that we can’t understand. Some mentally retarded children are aggressive. You should have seen this. They sometimes appear on certain occasions, will be driven by others, they will be aggressive in order to protect themselves.
Finally, the family. It is very unfortunate that there is a mentally retarded child in a family. Not to mention mental retardation, even a disabled person will be very different. Look at my nickname, you should know how many disabled people I contact. My nickname is a public platform. I believe you have all seen that some parents have no choice but to lock their children in chains and confine them inside. This is the parents’ helpless move. Mentally retarded children will get into some troubles because of various reasons and often cause some economic compensation. Whether or not the wrong party, will think about the things their children have caused. Children can be controlled when they are young. As their parents grow older, their children will grow stronger and stronger. It’s going to get out of hand one day. The parents are worried about who will take care of their children after they leave. They bring their children into the world, but they can’t take care of them all their lives. Always want to let their children in the future can have a meal to eat, have a place to sleep. How many of these families can afford to send their children to the mental health center.
But the father pushed his mentally retarded son into the sea. His behavior really violated the law and must be subject to corresponding consequences.
Father is great, father is difficult, father is illegal.
To all the fathers in the world say: Dad, you have worked hard!

Trump daughter vice president

According to US media reports, according to the contents of a book, President trump repeatedly hinted in 2016 that he hoped his eldest daughter, Ivanka trump, could become his running mate.
According to the Washington Post, excerpts from a new book “the game of evil: how trump wins, why Mueller failed, and America’s lost” by Rick gates, the vice presidential candidate for trump, described in detail the dialogue between the president who won the Republican primary and his aides about choosing his running mate in June 2016, according to the Washington Post.
“I think it should be Ivanka. How about making Ivanka vice president? ” Gates said trump recommended the vice president to the campaign at a meeting. “She’s smart, she’s smart, she’s beautiful, people will like her!”
According to reports, the White House did not immediately comment on considering taking current White House staff member Ivanka trump as vice president. Ivanka trump himself is said to have rejected the proposal in a dialogue with his father.
The book, due to be released next month, is the latest work by a former aide to the president, giving a highly critical account of Trump’s first term. It should have been announced a few weeks before the election.
Author and legendary Post reporter Bob Woodward shocked the white house when he published an angry book in early September that analyzed Trump’s tenure.
In February 2018, gates pleaded guilty to his conspiracy and charges of lying to investigators, telling the Washington Post in an interview that he would accept Trump’s pardon.
“I mean, who wouldn’t?” he told the Washington Post. “We haven’t made any proposals yet But if you look at it objectively, I would say that it was politically motivated at the beginning, and people got involved in the investigation in a way that wouldn’t have happened if it had been done more properly. “